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    Lead Editor: Pirogeth
    Co-writer: Sakura
    Graphics Designer & Illustrator: Tuxedo Mask
    Cult Correspondent: Orochi
    Insanity Reporter: Miru

    Green With Iwaku[/align]

    March has come and gone but the events are well remembered. The Newsletter always is a good way to document such happenings and this month we got a whole bunch for you. Everything from a new mod to a set standard of goals will be covered. So sit back and enjoy the Iwaku Newsletter March edition.


    [align=center]Iwaku Comic



    [align=center]Announcements & News[/align]

    New Mod

    That’s right everyone say hello to Miru, our new moderator on the Staff. He is an eccentric person who loves to post and help out. If you’d like to congratulate him on his new position check out the thread New Mod. Be sure to welcome him warmly as the Staff is here to help you.

    Iwaku Spring/Summer Goals

    Diana is calling upon the lovely community to go out and be the hard workers they are. For the next two seasons she is requesting we meet certain goals and statistics. No not just to make her look good but to make us look good as well. Everyone loves a popular and active forum and what better way to show that than to complete our tasks given to us. You can check out the specifics here.

    ”Can I Be Staff?” Question Answered

    So some of you always are asking “What does it take to be a Staff Member?” Well this explains it all. Not only do you have to be a good active member but also be ready to participate in the community even in down times when you think nothing is happening. All the details are explained here. See if you can become a staffie.


    [align=center]Meet the Staff



    One of the youngest and cutest Staff members is our dear Miss Sakura. She loves the community with a fun and “bubbly” personality. Her words seem never harsh and she has helped the Iwaku in so many occasions. Her efforts even go so far as to helping Piro with this very letter with her Sakura’s Lounge, which covers the happenings in the General Section. You can never go wrong when talking with her and the only thing she hates is downright unneeded pessimism.

    [align=center]Shameless Advertising[/align]

    If you have not gotten a chance you should check out Pirogeth’s work The Last Tower: Iwaku a parody of the real Iwaku. Once there not only can you comment on the story but request cameo’s, add input into the developing RP soon to come from this, or just gossip about how characters have been portrayed.

    But seeing as this is shameless plugging we also are going to advertise a bunch of other things.

    -Roleplay Advertisement Wall
    -Iwaku Comic
    -Acqua’s Writing Thread
    -Iwaku the Musical
    -Iwaku Wallpapers


    Hey there Iwakuans! Guess who's back for this issue of the Newsletter ?
    Yup~ It's the one and only Sakura-chan, here to make your day brighter && turn your frowns inside out!

    I've dubbed this week, SMILES WEEK because this week was Parent-Teacher Conferences week at my school~ and at my post (sitting in a chair and signing parents into a particular room) I made every single parent smile back at me!

    Now its your turn ;]

    Are you ready to start smiling ?



    • [x]Analyzing ASMODEUS - Iwakuans Speak <3


    • [x]Mind&Body Swap:: Iwakuans Decide


    DARKNESS ---> Peter North, Eric Adams, Bruce Dickinson, or Chance Garnett.

    DIANA ----> N/A
    MYRONDYN ----> Sakura.

    SLYEN ----> SLYEN Version 2 (more awesome)

    CAPTAIN NIC ----> A girl.

    Seiji----> Ryan Reynolds.

    Vay -----> A girl.

    • [x]COLOR MY DREAMS :: Iwakuans ZzZz

    Who dreams in COLOR ?

    A Questionnaire Sneak Peek!

    Mhhmm... can you force yourself to dream about something by thinking about it before you sleep?

    Oh, I know how that feels! You're like Oo. What am I doing ? x)
    Have you ever felt like you were falling in your dream ? And then woken up and felt like you fell through your bed ?

    Yeah! That's a great point :D
    Sounds like a good reason for the strange colors~

    Would you agree that might tell us a little bit about yourself ? Do colors matter to you as much as perspective does in real life ? (just drawing random conclusions here :D)

    Yeah, I see what you're pointing out. Figuring out where your dreams come from or what caused them is cool because you get to think deep about your situation.

    Have you ever dreamed something completely random that you couldn't understand yourself ?

    Want to know more ? Check out the thread~!

    • [x]ONE MORE THINGS :: Iwakuans on DETAILS


    • [x]YOUR FAMILIAR :: Iwakuans as Animals

    Vay - wolf ,
    Seiji - monkey,
    Captain Nic - Raven,
    Tegan - Red Panda,
    October Lion - Lion,
    Grandmaster_Karsikan - chinese dragon,
    Tyler Crane - kamodo dragon,
    Levistus - mountain lion,
    Rory -falcon,
    Tain - lemming,
    Darkness -pussies,
    Petunia - germain shephard,
    Jumi - malamute,
    Ocha - tropical bat,
    TK - fennec fox,
    Woodrat - black rat,
    Kitti- white tiger,
    Britty - jaguar,
    Lazy-frog - tree frog,
    Sakura - kitten,
    Orochi - lion,
    Clover - cockatiels,
    Marius - otter,
    Finley - chameleon

    OROCHI'S Sakii's Room:: Entertainment Spotlights


    • [x]Video Game Moments :: Iwakuan Storytime

    Want more ? Read the thread! :)


    • [x]WORST MOVIES :: Iwakuans Debate

    tunnel rats

    The Tuxedo

    The Star Wars Holiday Special.


    The 1983 Heracles movie from Italy

    Lou Ferrigno's version of Sinbad

    "Night of a 1000 Cats"

    "Thank you for not smoking"



    [align=center]CULT QUARTERS[/align]

    Hello, you crazy bastards, bitches and darkness! I am here to promote our latest social oddities groups. And to yell at you(yes, YOU) to JOIN YOUR LOCAL WEIRD-ASS CULTS YOU DERPS.

    Firstly, we have the Cult of Red, who loves the color red! Who doesn't like red?? Imakes things THREE TIMES FASTER!

    Next, we have Gathering Magic, a group dedicated to Magic: The Gathering. Watch as Piro and I have crazy theoretical discussions/speculations and bitch about new cards!

    The Bastard Club - for all you bastards out there(read: everyone but jinx, coz jinx is a bitch[but still a bro])

    We have the Raunch Club, composed of only Krom at the moment. I don't know what it's supposed to be just yet, but check it out!

    The Awesome Marines for those SPES MAHREEENS out there who are AWESOME. Watch out for the MTG guys, coz we're gonna steal your tables!

    And our newest group: Ragnarok Iwaku Knights - play Ragnarok Online with Piro, a game that could possibly be more addicting than WoW.


    Let us have a moment of silence for our beloved ninjer mod: Palonis, who has been BANNED FROM THE INTERNET for a few months and had to flee the lands of Iwaku. We shall miss your very vivid rants and dramatic way of handling things, Paly.

    Palonis can be contacted on MSN, go give him an inappropriate e-hug if you catch him there.


    You all know what time it is! It's ADVENTURE TIME- NO! NOOOO Adventure Time! @-@ Damn Cartoon Network creeping me out, bleh. XD Soooo, it's March, and it's time for the Newsletter you all so richly deserve! So now let's go take a trip to my favorite vacation spot, The Kingdom of Insanity!!

    First up on the list is....a birthday!
    And who is this very important person, you ask? It's Torsty! Everyone get your butts down to this thread and wish him a Happy Birthday! He's 20 now, which means 20 spankings/punches/kicks/whatever else you can think of...APIECE! YOU CANNOT RESIST! And while you're here....Have some spontaneously appearing cake on our spontaneously appearing table inside of our spontaneously appearing house! In all seriousness (What a change, right?), Happy 20th Birthday, Torsty! And may you have many more to come! ^_^

    Iwaku Mardi Gras 2011
    Indeed, it's true, and it's happening! Iwaku shall host the next Mardi Gras, Mardi Gras be damned! But first, it shall require... FUNDAGE! So, right now the plan is... Everyone shall sell a Kilo! We shall rent two hotel rooms and divvy up the members in them! It'll be cramped, but I think that's what GMK wants, anyway. <_< Meanwhile, TK shall be the bewb flash lady, at which point Darkness shall take pictures, sell them on the Internet, and that equals... PROFIT! October, you're her wingman....Or she can totally just pwn you verbally...This shall turn into a bewb-flashing contest!
    Case in point. XD
    Necella shall show up in the drunken bewb-exposing party...(Mooch mooch mooch)...And that's how this got moved into Insanity, where I got to fill in the blanks! Thanks, Saki!

    Hate to break this to you, but that's impossible. Such is the delicate nature of Mardi Gras. From 18 years of life in Louisiana, trust me on this.... I AM THE MARDI GRAS EXPERT-FEAR MEH!

    Next up, is...this....Whatever...this...is...What?
    Excuse me,

    ...But Finley's taking a trip to What? Our experts say...
    On another note, thanks to Chaos, the Newsletter shall soon become a picture book! XD


    This is brought to you by propaganda spam.
    So, right off the bat, Tuxedo shall jump into action as the stereotypical zombeh killer! And also instantly, it appears as though pretty much EVERYONE is following Trance! Ha, charisma FOR THE WIN!

    -Danana's high school fox painting!
    And Danana is the first vic-err..."volunteer"! Let's hear her testament!
    And...and...YES! WMD has made plushies BADASS! He's done the seemingly impossible! EXTRA AUSSIE SNACKS INDEED!
    This is TK's MURPLUSH FORCE! Join...or be mowed down! And now there's mimes?!
    Says Ryker:
    Can the power of Mur be defeated?!
    Who cares- This is freakin hilarious! Plushies versus sailors!
    Oh, wait...What the...PENISH ZOMBIES?! WHAT THE HELL?! >:(
    Ah, who cares, it's not Monday anymore! RALLY AROUND TK'S HAREM, WHERE WE SHALL HAVE A SEXY PARTY!


    HA! All the new people who fear Asmo, READ THIS! XD XD XD
    Don't fear him!
    TK's on a roll this month, eh?
    It makes everyone laugh and cry tears of joy, and then we all become a big gigantic family of love and peace and anime and WHEEEEEEEEEEE ACID TRIP DREAM!!!
    That...actually semi-accurately describes a few anime. ...O_O

    Well, that's all for this month! Stay tuned for next month, where there'll (hopefully) be more insane antics for me to stalk...err...look over quietly... >_>''

    DISCLAIMER:The views expressed in the Kingdom of Insanityy are totally random and spontaneous. Taking them too seriously may result in several individuals ending up incredibly butthurt. Do not visit KoI if you are: Easily butthurt, bruise easily, laugh too much, are a woman, or throw up too much. Also, beware random flying Sakura's and Darkness. He will rape you.
  2. This made me lol like Asmo did when he watched Socks Are For Your Feet, silly.

    I wuv you guys.

  3. I take full credit for introducing the word 'penish' to TK.
  4. Yep, our shenanigans are successfully reported on.
  6. I was not mentioned once! Time to burn Iwaku to the ground!
  7. *drops a lead box over Isabella*
  8. Why does Psychosis not love Isabellas.. Isabellas love her!
  9. Psychosis not love radioactive fairies that stare at her. *puts boulders on top of the lead box and walks away*
  10. Yay! I was in the newsletter! ^^

    *Proud of ze Video Game Moments Thread*
  11. Soooooooo, job well done? ^_^
    Yay, we've got our team back! >u<
  12. BIG job well done!

  13. *high fives psychosis for a job well done*
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