Iwaku Newsletter: Green With Iwaku

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  1. Sonic also went for Constanza. He just hit Dorian along the way because he contributed.
  2. This made me lol like Asmo did when he watched Socks Are For Your Feet, silly.

    I wuv you guys.

  3. I take full credit for introducing the word 'penish' to TK.
  4. Yep, our shenanigans are successfully reported on.
  6. I was not mentioned once! Time to burn Iwaku to the ground!
  7. *drops a lead box over Isabella*
  8. Why does Psychosis not love Isabellas.. Isabellas love her!
  9. Psychosis not love radioactive fairies that stare at her. *puts boulders on top of the lead box and walks away*
  10. Yay! I was in the newsletter! ^^

    *Proud of ze Video Game Moments Thread*
  11. Soooooooo, job well done? ^_^
    Yay, we've got our team back! >u<
  12. BIG job well done!

  13. *high fives psychosis for a job well done*
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.