Iwaku Member Convention Get-Togethers

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  1. So, I know that a lot of us go to conventions around the country because we're geeky people. lol I was just thinking about this because I'm going to be at a convention this weekend, Geek.kon (Madison, WI). Maybe if there and more than one person from Iwaku going to a convention they can meet up and have a geeky time together! haha.

    So, this thread I'm starting is for people to post what conventions they're going to and see who else is going as well! If you see a convention that someone else is going to that you are, PM them or me and I'll post it up here. ^_^ I'll change out the Con list every once in a while.

    -Daishocon (Steven's Point, WI)-PattyPixie

    -Anime Milwaukee (Milwaukee, WI)-PattyPixie, Rory

    -A-Kon (Dallas, TX)-Ryker

    -Anime Expo (LA, CA)-Celcius
    -CONvergence (Minniapolis, MN)-PattyPixie

    -Gencon (Indianapolis, IN)-Jack Shade, Mabushi

    - Nan Desu Kan (Denver, CO)-<!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->Kitti, Silent-Kiwi, Lady Shan

    Reply to this if you have a con you would like to add. ^_^
  2. Gencon: August

    Jack Shade and probably Mabushi are going.
  3. Possibly A-Kon next year. That's the best bet I've got.
  4. Kitti, Silent-Kiwi, and Lady Shan all attend Nan Desu Kan in Denver every year ^_^
    Though it was smaller this year than previously.
    Anyway, it's in September... so a long time from now xD
  5. Anime Expo 2010, Los Angeles Convention Center, July 1~4 2010.

    If you want to arrange a meeting place, since the center is fairly big, you can PM me. I can make a map with different arranged meeting times or things like that.

    Can get maps, directions to and from, hotels (no price info until a couple months before though), ask and I can try. I wont book for you though.
  6. Sucks no conventions are ever gunna be near Arkansas!