Iwaku is not the best...

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  1. Oh nice.... *signs up to other RP sites*

    ;D @Diana
  2. But what do I get for voting? You've given me no real motivation or incentive, so why should I do it? What's in it for me? I actually already voted, but shhh, I have an image to maintain.
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  3. I'd rather keep this site on the down-low, 'cuz I'm a greedy little bastard.
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  4. Has this thread been forwarded to the admins? They should know. So...out of curiousity, and I am unable to look at the list because it may be blocked due to me being at Job Corps...damn filters...where does Iwaku rank anyway?
  5. Iwaku is sitting at #18 right now, but that'll change if more people vote for it.
  6. I *think* I voted.
    The UI for it was acting funny, so I'm not sure if it actually registered or not.

    While I am living proof of how trying to keep a site on the down-low doesn't work for long. :P
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  7. I better get a backrub if I vote for this terribad site.
  8. This site is not bad in any way. I do not see why someone would not like it.
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. Only #16? ... UNACCEPTABLE!


    We should be #1 @_@
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  11. #15
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  12. Yes, Minibit. 'click'
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  13. I'm with him. It always seems like the bigger you are, the more magnetic you are for attracting awful members and spambots. I'd much rather see Iwaku grow to greater heights from word of mouth rather than some silly poll. :D
  14. }>:( I came from some silly poll, am I an awful member. /jk
  15. UNCLEAN!

    Hold still while I get the fire hose and soap.

    Plz, where you goin stahp come back
  16. Like I pointed out though, if the site is good enough those efforts are only temporary.
    It's gonna grow if people like what they see.
    Can we got a poll for that? :P
  17. Yeah, but then it grows via reputation rather than "oh, the poll says this is a good site. Time to get out my spray paint and start doodling swastikas all over the place!"* Like is.... 5% likely to happen.

    *coming to a theater nearish you. Sometime. Maybe.
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  18. Touche.
    Yea! :3
  19. I always find these voting sites to be hilariously stupid. Most sites in the top-ten are crappy and rely on hardcore means to get a ton of votes that mean absolutely nothing.

    Iwaku is my #1, that's all that matters.