Iwaku is CURSED.

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THAT'S IT! I have never had this many server problems in years! I firmly believe that Iwaku is cursed! This is just getting ridiculous.

Our only solution is to find the culprit an execute them!

Everyone is a suspect. >:[ But here are a few people that have the most vicious of motives!

Being a powerful witch and a double-trap, perhaps Ampoule has slowly enchanted the males of Iwaku for her ultimate goal of destroying us all!

After Isabella was kicked out of the Insanity realm and got a real job, Insanity has been as I quote "totally lame". He could be trying to seek revenge against Iwaku for trying to replace him!

Isabella Hime
Out of pure spite, Isabella might be sitting back in his corner laughing maniacally as all of Iwaku falls to pieces without him here to hate!

Not that ~I~ would ever do such an evil thing, but there is always a chance that I went mad with bitter hated after the death of Moonwings and I may intend to take out every other roleplay forum in the universe - one site at a time!

After being abused, ignored, fired, replaced, and kicked down stairs time and time again, Asmo could be out to crush the very fabric of time just to show Iwaku who is boss!

That's right, even Piro our beloved Newspaper Editor is a suspect. After months and months of unreliable news crewbies, he could have decided to MAKE some news!

What happens when the sole source of MOE gets too busy at school to give Iwaku it's daily dose of super cute? The world ends!

...If YOU have any information on potential suspects, pleased contact the nearest official! D:< This menace must be stopped!
Well, I know it wasn't Piro-sempai or Sakura, and it couldn't have been me...
Darkness, you seem to have a strange fascination with gay men.
Does anyone think It's odd that Rory isn't a suspect?
*Sets up a tourch and pitchfork stand*

DO YOUR DUTY! Help diana find who is resonsible!

(ooooh i'm going to make so much noney ^^ )
*The Boogey man is cut down by a fusilade of gunfire. Ryker steps up, his Bullpup's barrel smoking.*

Ah feel rather appalled 'at Ah, of all people, am no' onna list.

What would you gain from that, Lieutenant?

*Ryker lights a cigarette before answering Carl's question.*

Ae reason ta gun through civilians.

let's see...

i've never seen a forum suffering from quite a lot of glitches in such a short while.... perhaps this forum is Jinxed....
*looks around and pinches self*
I...I'm not in pieces...
I find it odd that SHO is not on this list. And he did show back up recently...
*Gets up dusting self off mumbling something about comander and thier distinktions between soldiers and monsters*

I think ISAF nukes have been flying around long enough to prove iwaku is imune to them. (the server anyway)

*is suddenly wearing lab-coat, and was a large syringe and several sharp objects*

Now, lets get some infomation shall we? whos first?
*Ryker puts Boogey-man into an armbar and injects him with the syringe.*

Who is yer daddy an' whit does 'e do?
Darkness, you seem to have a strange fascination with gay men.


faggots were bunches of kindling tied together before it was an insult to homosexuals.

just as gay was happy.


.......so sayeth the wise Aloundoooooooo
*Archetype beans WMD on the head with a sledge hammer.*

You... me... rape... now...

*Archetype drags WMD off.*
*Laughs manically as he throws a gaudy ring at Ampoule*

*WMD, though concussed, struggles to free himself, wrenching one of Archetypes arms off in the process*
"for..th..em..eror" he mumbles, his brain still swirling.
*The arm wriggles it's way into WMD's armor.*

Gotta hate it when that happens.

Some days my arm just has a mind of it's own.

Just the other day it raped me!

Not that I'm complaining.
My father is dead *shoots look at ampoule* I have sworn eternal vengence, and I will have it.... *glares at ampoule*
I'm sure not counting Rory out. >:[ You always have to suspect the quiet ones.