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  1. Well, I for one would be very interested in it. I was late to join the old forum and was then brutally assaulted by the blender known as IRL, so sometimes it seems like I missed all the good times. If you do do a history (doobedoobedoo...) is it going to be a posted thing or like, a book we could purchase?
  2. Heh, posted of course... to make people purcahse something seems a tad off...
  3. I have a pretty good memory of the 'golden age' and other middleguard stuff.

    I'm in.
  4. I'm the only other old guard I know, woody ._.
  5. Tis nawh just talking about stuff from the beginning.

    Though that may be a starting off point.

    I'm talking about doing things from 2005 up until even now. That way, even members that joined only six months ago can aid. I mean, they can help by writing even a few sentences the Forum crash a couple months back and the like. Enough people write a few sentences and a paragraph can be formed.

    Cuz... three people can't write all of the history of Iwaku, it's way too bloody big. We'll spend months and not even be close to being finished on something that always expands. We can’t go in chronological order, we’ll hit what we can remember as high points or things that stood out. Such as when we had that April fool’s joke of merging Moonwings with Iwaku. Or the Iwaku card game…

    Then again, with only 40 views... 5 or so of being mine. 5 posts... I'm seeing this not being all that appealing to members, which I suppose I can understand.
  6. Happy birthday, Pala!
  7. Approved. Another of my favorites.

    I can get you awesome screenshots from Marvel Future Fight too!
  8. Well I'll help with what I can. My memory is foggy in places, good in others. The history of Iwaku is important IMO.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.