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  1. Alright. No problem. Hmm, I still need to make a post in the dragon rp before I go to bed.


    Good Morning? ^^
  2. Oh Steven Universe -- Adventure Time, how the two of you kept with the epic tradition of focusing on FOOD. And is that original piano music I hear?

    Dang, that sushi rolling animation was so, so, so lovingly created!

    1080ps! That's more ps than the ps in this video! (boohoo Philippine internet)

    Lol PTSD(ish?) jokes.

    Another Crying Breakfast Friends episode = FORESHADOWING. Dunh dunh dunh

    "Yes! Conflict resolved! Sweet catharsis!" See, conflict is good for you!

    So Crying Breakfast Friends has epic fights now? I can't tell if that's the show selling out, it felt so much like an exercise in psychology/existentialism (as if they're exclusive) before, or if that's been an element of the show since day one. Dang, does anyone have a copy of CBF season one?

    "Brunch! They're brunch!" BRUNCH. Dunh dunh dunh

    Steven's wink: sooooo many levels of meta.

    Gem Karaoke! *screams in a great conflagration of embarrassment and love*

    Uhhhh, Estelle's cool, cool voice.....she's so cool. I'm being all Knives Chau over the coolness.

    AHHHH Deedee Magno Hall sounds like she got experience (that is, in karaoke, not just in singing)

    I think this is the first time we hear Connie sing? YEAH

    Pearl's blank stare singing "now everyone can see me burning".....xD

    Naw Amethyst, you're the beast! Dang, all points to them muscles!

    Encore indeed? Hell no -- to earworms!

    If Steven doesn't die/resurrect saving the planet, he's definitely following in his father's footsteps. Aww, and now I miss punk Steven/s, from "Steven and the Stevens".

    Aww, even when he's hurting, he's sweet!

    Monty Python put it so perfectly: "My nipples explode with delight!"
  3. Takumi, reading that story reminded me of something here.

    There is a coworker here that no one likes. They love to tell me the story of how on March 11, 2011, the earthquake struck while he was on Odaiba island and since the trains and transportation stopped, he had to walk for 10 hours to get home.
  4. I'm the only other old guard I know, woody ._.
  5. Okay, to clear stuff up, I have a few "Villain" types that I've sort of laid claim to via my posts in "The Daily..." that I'm not done NPCing just yet.

    Maxwell Lord (DC/DCEU-Supergirl)
    Vaughn Du Clarke (iZombie)
    Mariah Dillard (Marvel's Luke Cage)
    Norman Osborn (Marvel)
    Lex Luthor (DC/DCEU-Smallville)

    Are off the "Dibs" table until I pop back in here and say I am done with them. I wasn't clear enough (my bad). If I mention some off-screen bad guy in "The Daily..." it generally means I got a thread or plot arc cooking for them and they're off the table until some PCs face off with them in some story or another.

    I'm not hogging all the bad guys, but I do have about a dozen pages of notes on the big picture that's going on and if I let these guys go to a player, I gotta let that player in on all the spoilers planned for them and the point of a great story is finding it out along the way, right?

    'Nuff Said
  6. Happy birthday, Pala!
  7. Approved. Another of my favorites.

    I can get you awesome screenshots from Marvel Future Fight too!
  8. @thatguyinthestore welcome to Murder Seies! If you think you're prepared, you're not.
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