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    (For best results in reading, please switch your Iwaku page settings to either Dark or Medium. Thank you.)

    The paths of destiny and fate are all determined by the stars of the sky. Our future decisions, the path we walk upon, where our lives take us, the day we take out final breath, and the day we are re-born, these various things in life are written simply in the sky above us. Our Astrological signs a vital piece in what shall become of us. What is your destiny? What does the stars have in store for you?



    Our little story is based on the lives of several young adults taking time off from school and work to relax and find their callings in life. These many different people learn how to get along with one another despite their differences, as they grow closer. Relationships that may be more than a mere friendship will be created, hearts will be broken, betrayal will occur, deception, truth, sickness, possible deaths, births, and new beginnings. What awaits you on this little getaway....


    This beautiful time of following the trails of the stars occurs in a little secluded clearing in the woods. A large cabin awaits you and the several others who will join on this journey. Nearby is a large lake with sparkling clear blue waters that reflect the beauty of the sky above. Many rocky paths are around in the woods as the tall trees remain home to the many woodland creatures. The sunlight delicately peers through the branches of the trees to light the paths during the day. The closest town is about 39 miles south from the cabins, Hope you have an enjoyable time!



    1. Be creative! With both your character and your writing! Maybe switch up the POV while Rping or add a sudden twist to the plot! But don't reveal any suprises to the others!

    2. Please do not control a character that doesn't belong to you!!! The only exception is when the other party has not replied to you in 24-48 hrs.

    3. No fighting in OOC,

    4. Cursing and fighting/Drama are encouraged in the actual IC rp, as for Romance. Feel free to have Romantic relations but refrain from having any sexual content in the IC. Remember this is a PG-13 Rp, so for any sexual content fade to black.

    5. Pregnancy in the Rp is ok, and so is death. But if you are going to involve you char in either one of these two things please notify me.

    6. Have fun!!!! If you don't have fun you can go in the coner and cry! *points to corner and knits together eyebrows* I have no sympathy for haters!

    7. This is a continuation of rule 6. If you don't have fun, all jokes aside, let me know and I can try and see how we can make things more fun for everyone!

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Accepted Characters![/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Cora Whitman[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000] - [BCOLOR=#000000]Polystical[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=#000000][BCOLOR=#000000]Andrea Hollirane[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000][BCOLOR=#000000] - White -- Chocolate[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Tanya May Greenfield[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000] - upscalerat[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=#000000]Glenn Micheal Gressen[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=#000000] - upscalerat[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=#000000]Devon Rask - cephalo[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=#000000]Jayden Alex Parker - Kitsune[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000](More Characters will be added as soon as all Character sheets are copleted and accepted)[/BCOLOR]

    Character Sheet!

    Astrological sign:
    Race/Cultural Backgrounds:
    Job and/or College Minor and Major:
    Current State and Town of Residence:
    Spouse/Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Crush: (clarify what whomever you list is here)
    What else is there to know about you?: (this is basically the other section of the CS where you can give everyone a sample of how your character behaves, speaks, etc.)

    (Now customize this CS and make it your own!)

    My Character(s) (open)

    My Character(s)

    Work in progress

    Lilah Estella Rivers



    April 1st

    Astrological sign:


    Hardworking, Loyal, Honest, Straightforward, Bittersweet, a bit childish, Adventurous, Ambitious, a bit Spontaneous, and open-minded.



    Honest people
    Joking around
    Getting to know people
    Creating Mischief
    Talking about her dreams
    Listening to stories
    Listening to others talk about their goals and dreams
    The city
    Her Kawasaki Ninja white and gold motorcycle her mother bought for her


    Self-centered people
    People who can't accept her for who she truly is
    Those who are unable to face the truth
    Those who backstab her and others
    Those who harm others with their actions
    Those who judge someone on their appearance
    Being alone in the dark
    Tight spaces
    Staying indoors
    Certain parts of her past (that she has faced and accepted)
    Her father


    Race/Cultural Backgrounds:

    Native American, Russian, Argentinean, Irish, Brazilian, and British

    Job and/or College Minor and Major:

    Fashion Design Major at NYU, Minor in Criminal Justice.
    Works part-time at the police station as a artist for criminal descriptions (due to connections) Monday through Friday and Works the weekends as a secretary for a business owner.


    Only time shall reveal the secrets of ones life.


    A bichon puppy named snow, a German Shepard named Grace, and a small dwarf bunny named Oreo.


    Who knows~~~


    Manhattan, New York.

    Current State and town of residency:

    Manhattan, NY



    What else is there to know about you?:

    She glanced over the form once more before re-reading the final question, she wondered if she should really answer it before deciding to leave it blank. Her small pale hands folded the paper several times before neatly placing it in a white envelope, she fished through her desk drawer before removing her final stamp from the contents of her drawer. Her lips parted slightly as she traced the seal of the envelope before folding it close. She neatly placed the stamp on the front of the envelope before standing up and grabbing her coat from off the back of her office chair. As she exited her small office she draped her coat over arm and passed by her bosses office when she stopped straight in her tracks, an idea appearing in her mind as she spun around on the heels of her red pumps and strode towards his door. It was time for revenge as her hand rested on the doorknob of his office door, she turned the knob and entered pretending to ignore the fact that he had guests.

    "Mr. Maxwell I'm heading to the post office to drop off this letter and pick up your magazines on how to date a woman. Then I'll stop by the pharmacy and pick up your Viagra, ok."

    She smiled watching the amused expressions of his guests as his dark green eyes widened,

    "Oh and don't touch the printer, the fax machine, the coffee maker, etc. because I don't want to return to this floor only to see you created another fire."

    He turned completely red as she finished speaking as he began to glare at her with his 'I'll get you back' look as a proud smile declaring victory stood on the young woman's face. She waved goodbye and left the room only to hear an eruption of laughter fill the room as soon as the door closed. She stood by and listened to her boss defend himself by saying that she was joking, which was in fact somewhat true as one of his guests replied, 'She's an interesting one Maxie.' She smiled proudly as she strode towards the elevator doors.

    It was less than 5 minutes later when she entered the bitter cold of New York at its worst as the white frozen flakes of snow danced all around her. She walked past at least 8 buildings before arriving outside the post office and dropping her letter down the mail shoot, losing it in the sea of envelopes below. As she turned away from the building she stared up at the sky for a moment before closing her eyes and drawing in a deep breath praying that she'd be given the opportunity to get away for a few weeks. Her phones vibration bought her back to reality as a text from her boss who was sort of her frenemy flashed onto the screen, 'I hate you so much! Lil!' It read she smiled and headed back to the office to see what he would do to try and strike her with revenge once more to uneven the score to put himself in the lead of their feud. But too bad for him she already scored quite a few points because before she placed her phone back into her red purse she sent a text to his mother telling her that he couldn't wait for her to visit him and bring him some of her homemade pie, note the fact that the woman was a terrible cook. Lilah chuckled
    As she continued walking among the sea of people in the big city.

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  2. I would love to join...has it started yet? Or am I too late
  3. i might join this it looks like it might be fun!
  4. @Kathrine and @Yuuki_Tatsunohi I would love for you both to join! I'm still working on building this Rp, and thank you both for having interest in this Rp.
  5. Count me in on this :) Sounds like the beginning of something absolutely wonderful. :D
  6. I can't wait for this to be open for characters, count me in :)
  7. Definitely interested!
  8. I'd love to try this out!
  9. Thank you all for showing interest in this rp! The CS is up and I should have the entire Rp up and running in a day or two.
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  10. I will try to get my CS up ASAP.

    It seems like I will be too busy to participate. Good luck with your RP though!
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  11. I'll post mine soon. I won't here Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, but I'll try my best to make it in sometime inbetween. @ - @
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  12. [​IMG]
    Name: Cora Whitman
    Age: 26
    Birthday: December 5
    Astrological sign: Sagittarius
    Personality: Cora is a headstrong young lady who fights for what she believes in and wants to do in life. She keeps a cool head when faced with time sensitive situations but if she's stressed out she can get a bit hectic and make rash decisions. She values family and kindness above all, but she isn't a pushover.
    Likes: Cats, dogs, cars, building things, robotics, racing video games, family gatherings, dancing, hanging out with her dad.
    Dislikes: Rude people, being rushed, dating, pet birds, poetry slams.
    Appearance: See Above
    Race/Cultural Backgrounds: African American
    Job and/or College Minor and Major: Unemployed // Majoring in Mechanical Engineering // No Minor
    Cora was raised in Savannah, Georgia, by her father. Her mother left the picture before Cora was born, but when she found out she was pregnant she signed off the right to Cora's father and never made contact with her daughter. Cora never minded this as she didn't remember the woman and she had an extremely close relationship with her dad. Cora lived a pretty average life, except she was fascinated by her dad's engineer work at a young age and used to always beg for her dad to bring her to work with him. (And he did, a few times.)

    Cora would always announce at family gatherings, public places and just about anywhere that she was going to become an engineer like her daddy and that they
    were going to change the world together. Her goal never changed until freshman year of high school when she met Thomas Davis, a sophomore who despite being older than Cora still liked the girl. Cora didn't have experience with boys outside of her family so the attention that Thomas lavished upon her made her feel special and gooey inside. She fell hard for Thomas and he for her. As she spent more time with him, she began spending less time with her father and her desire to become an engineer began to fade. At the end of senior year, Thomas proposed to Cora and she accepted. She was supposed to go to college as soon as she graduated but she chose a happy life with Thomas over that. Her father was saddened by this but he still supported her in her decision.

    A year later, Cora realized that she wasn't happy with Thomas anymore and that she didn't want to be saddled down with marriage. Her desire to become an engineer flared up inside of her like a phoenix, and she broke off the engagement with Thomas.

    She went straight to college as soon as the new semester began.

    Pets: A siamese cat named Kawasaki and a rottweiler named Rocket.
    Family: David Whitman (Father/Alive), Sandra Burner (Mother/Unknown)
    Hometown: Savannah, Georgia
    Current State and Town of Residence: Manhattan, New York
    Spouse/Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Crush: n/a She doesn't date.
    What else is there to know about you?:

    She woke up knowing that she had made a mistake. It took her less than five minutes to run to her father's bedroom and wake him up with urgency. Her father started immediately and automatically looked her over for any injuries. Her heart swelled with guilt and love for the man who had raised her and care for her no matter what she did and chose to do. How could she let him down like that? How could she toss his beliefs to the wind in favor of pursuing love? A fleeting, unsteady love that probably wouldn't last a year. Or maybe ever less than that!

    "Oh, daddy, I made a mistake. A huge mistake." She sobbed, and her father gathered her into his arms as if she were a child again. Though she knew that no matter how old she was her father would always see her as his little girl. He would always be there for her, and she needed to be there for him. Love was--No, it wasn't even love. It was passion and a desire to be admired.

    "Hush, sweetie. No matter the mistake, I'll help you fix it." Her father murmured into her hair and more tears spilled down her cheeks. Oh he was so good. So understanding, so kind!

    "I want to go to college, daddy." Her father drew in a sharp intake laced with surprise. He'd probably thought that she was never going to attend. "I want to go to college and when I graduate I want to become an engineer, just like you." Her dad pushed her back gently and looked into her eyes.

    "Cora, do you mean that? You aren't just saying that to make me happy are you? Because I want you to do whatever makes you happy." He said softly, although his eyes were glittering with hope.

    She shook her head adamantly. "No, daddy. I want to go for me. I've always loved figuring out how things worked. And fixing things! I love the satisfaction that a person gets when they've found the solution to a problem. And I have so many ideas! Ideas to improve the world!" She smiled then and her father mirrored her expression and held her tight.

    "Oh well that's wonderful! But why are you so upset? We've got enough money to send you to any school that you want!" He pointed out, his brow furrowing together.

    Cora let go of her father then and stood up. "I can't marry Thomas. I...I just can't. When I think about it now, I don't even know why I fell for him in the first place. Daddy, he's simple and content with living life at the same pace in the same way without any change! He wears variations of the same thing everyday and he eats the same meals without getting tired of them!" Cora explained, while wringing her hands. Her father stood up and held them.

    "I understand, honey. You can't let anyone or anything hold you back from achieving what you want, and if that means breaking off your engagement, then so be it. I will support you, but it's you who has to speak to Thomas, not me." He said firmly and Cora nodded. They embraced one last time and Cora returned to her room where she did not sleep, but instead waited for the light of day, when she would drive over to Thomas' house and give him back his ring.

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  13. @Cephalo - It's fine and understandable! Thank you for showing interest in my Rp and wishing me luck, I really appreciate that! And if you ever decide to join then let me know and I'll reserve you a spot ok! (^ν^)

    @White -- Chocolate - That's fine, thank you for notifying me! And if you can't make time and your busy don't worry yourself too much I'll still save your spot!

    @Polystical (aka Princess of Teacups!) - Thank you for creating a wonderful character! Cora's backstory is bittersweet and I can't wait to see what else you have planned for her, Accepted.

    To everyone - Thank you all once more for liking my idea and wanting to join, I understand that many of you are busy and don't worry I tend to become quite busy myself! So just because your busy doesn't mean you can't join. If you ever find time and you still wish to join this Rp then by all means just fill out the CS and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Finally I hope you all have a pleasant time this holiday, may you be with your family, with friends, or maybe alone, I wish you all a happy holiday and a happy New Year!
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  14. Andrea H., crimson Name: Andrea Hollirane

    Age: 23
    Birthday: May 24
    Astrological sign: Gemini
    Personality: Andrea is a friendly woman who loves her freedom. She has a way with words, a clever mind to pull arguments and conversations in full circles, and not to mention a generally upbeat energy that surrounds her most of the time. While she may seem happy and social most of the time, she does need her own 'alone time' to mull over her life decisions, in times like those, she gets annoyed rather easily.

    Likes: +Intelligent conversation/debates +Daydreaming + Stargazing +Ice Skating +Reading +Napping +Plushies +Cats/Dogs +Snow/Winter
    Dislikes: +Repeating herself +Waking up +Being interrupted while thinking +Constant noise +People who know nothing of modesty

    Race/Cultural Backgrounds: French Canadian
    Job and/or College Minor and Major: [Major] Space Science [Minor] Mathematics ["Job"] Takes part in Ice-Skating competitions when the chances arise

    Bio: In a nutshell, Andrea was naturally a curious child. She sought out answers and asked the questions no body would bother with. Even as an adult, that is the one part of her that never changed. Though she may have mellowed down, her mind is always wondering, always running on a high that makes her want to find out and discover secrets.

    However, as she sits in classes, lectures, and under the instructions of whoever may be there at the time, she came to a realization that she did not desire answers from other people. The answers she wanted were ones that she would conclude on her own. [More to be included]

    "My life? Why don't you ask me something a little more interesting?"

    Pets: snow mink named 'Nikka'

    Family: Alissa H. [Mother/Alive], Vincent H. [Father/Alive], Elena H. [Older Sister/Alive]
    Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
    Current State and Town of Residence: Soho, New York
    Spouse/Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Crush: "No one as of yet...though I'm not exactly ... the straightest arrow around, if you catch what I mean" *wink*

    What else is there to know about you?:

    "It's cold out here. Just what do you think you're doing?!" The worried voice of her mother echoed clearly into her head. With a groan, Andrea rolled onto her side, opening her eyes to the sight of her mother's feet. "It's nearly midnight, you should be in bed by now, dear" the accented voice chided quietly again.

    With a hum, Andrea only nodded sleepily as she hulled herself up to her feet. Swaying slightly, she took a moment to steady herself before she leaned her head back to gaze into the dark abyss that was the night sky. Tonight, it had been a clear view, with no hindering clouds, or the overwhelming glow of a full moon, it was simply the perfect conditions for a night of star gazing. The last high quality one she'd have for a long time.

    The tall buildings of New York ... they just wouldn't give her the same view, the same stars, and same glow as the sights she'd see in Canada. Everything would be different for her, even the sky that she lived under.

    "Maman, je veux rester ici," Andrea muttered quietly to her mother, who watched her daughter with slowly understanding eyes. "juste pour quelques minutes plus."

    [Mother, I want to stay here][Just for a few more minutes]

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  15. Quick question- are we allowed to play more than one character, if we want to?
  16. @upscalerat - Yep! Your allowed you play as many chars. that you can handle!
  17. @Whisper Golly, you're nice. (I've always wanted to say golly.) I think I can try out this RP so reserve me a spot? I'll get my CS up by tomorrow or the day after that.
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