It's been a year now... so much... YAY!

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  1. So, while I don't do roleplays very often, I haven't been on in a while and I have decided to rejoin the service. I am open for most roleplays and I am now able to be on a multi-player RP, instead of one on one RPs. So if you need a new person that is fluent in speech and spelling, I'm your guy. Just send me a message or post on this thread and I can probably join, help, or even write an RP. I just wanted to remind everyone that I am still here and accepting RPs.
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  2. I'm not sure what the traditional reaction is to an "I'm still here" message.

    It's still good to have you :)
  3. Thank you Minibit!
  4. I remember you! Welcome back~ :)
  5. I remember you too. X3
    *Goes to leap hug but realizes she's a pudding*
  6. Welcome to the site! :D
  7. Welcome "back" to the site, but thank you!
  8. Welcome back my comrade even though I do not know you. May you have fun.
  9. Welcome back! I don't know you, nor have I seen you before, but who cares? Now you can help us paint the halls of Iwaku with the blood of sacrificed newbies!
  10. Thank you Darth Unicorn Lightsaber Knight, (has a good ring to it eh?) If you looked in the graveyard, I actually did a lot in the past year that I was here, from fantasy, to sci-fi, and a very dark place too... the Libertine... *shudders*.
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  11. *Takes on a perfectly precise British accent* Hmm, yes, indeed, but a question if I may, madam. To whom shalt we be sacrificing to? It's all fine and dandy until you release an ancient evil from it's prison by spilling innocent blood... Trust me my dear lass, I've done it, and it takes a lot to kill a nameless evil.
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  12. HHHHEEEEEYYYYYyyyyy.....
    Welcome back [insert name here]!
  13. @Necropolis, I think I would be a 'lass', not a 'lad', and we're sacrificing the newbies to @Vay, the Unholy Administrator of the site! To the other admins, and the staff as well, provided she leaves a scrap of soul for them to fight over. She loves fresh souls. (And taking their skulls as trophies)

    Hope you don't mind my tagging you, Mistress! Please don't kill me... *hides behind Necropolis*
  14. What hug? :p
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  15. But...
    Necro isn't fresh...
  16. I never said anything about a hug. >.>
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  17. I is fixed it :p
  18. You are quite right @Ser K+ , I am not fresh at all as my name implies. The reason I am named Necropolis derives from necromancy, in which my master had summoned a neutral undead being from another dimension to do battle for him. However, in order to survive, the creature needed all of his magic. Using magic requires you to give up energy, but necromancers must sacrifice part of their soul, or their life force. The necromancer sacrificed all of his soul to bring the creature to life after summoning it from the other dimension. This left the creature free to roam with nobody giving it orders. Whenever it dies, it's soul goes to the nearest dead body and revives it. If someone kills this creature of never-ending reincarnation, the creature's soul will combine with the killer's soul, and when he dies, his dead body will be taken over and his soul will mend with the creature's soul. After generations, I have become the next host, and I can go without notice if I don't break the law or laws. This also makes a very cool RP character in sci-fi, fantasy, or any other.
    Side note: I am older than Gandhi.
    PSS: Polisser was the name of the necromancer, so in his name, I have become Necropolis.
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  19. I was tagged, payment must be made....
  20. ..I'm going to die, aren't I?
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