It's almost over....

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  1. ... my precious weekend.
  2. How dare you laugh at me *spits fire*
  4. Can't you people be more sympathetic?! :biting:
  5. I understand. It's 22:23 here, and by midnight, I'll be sleeping. When I wake up tomorrow, it's Monday morning and I go back to work for another five days.

    ...Then it's the weekend again!
  6. Awh darn that's even a more sucky situation than me. At least it's not midnight here yet.

    We gonna start the weekly countdown again. T_T
  7. Tell me about it.

    Most of the time, at some point on a Sunday evening I'll just start counting it down (e.g. "I'll be going to bed in four hours"/"The weekend ends in four hours") so that whatever I end up doing is just killing time before the inevitable part where I give up on the weekend and go to bed, knowing it will all be over when I wake up. Sometimes, however, I'll fail to notice, and find myself busy with something so that I'll look up at the clock, see that it's about eleven and there's only an hour left and then I'll feel cheated that I let the weekend slip through my hands.

    I honestly don't know which is worse. :/
  8. I know right! You just keep looking at the clock after six o'clock. That feeling just makes you totally counterproductive.

    Sometimes I think just smashing the clock is the solution. -^
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  9. I don't think about the time I'm losing. Instead I focus on the now and enjoy it.

    Otherwise, I'd start doing things like counting down the hours 'til my free time is over.
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  10. That's the thing. It lies in your subconsciousness.
  11. Must be a personal thing then. Hope you figure yourself out.
  12. I just look at my time as fulfillment to my eventual conquest of humanity.
  13. Weekend, week begin.

    It's all a matter of how you look at it. Yeah, working 10hr days and having to get up at 5am m-f is balls, but at the same time dinner wouldn't taste as good if I didn't work so hard. It's all give and take. I'm glad that I have to work, cause the alternative is not being able to provide for my woman and having to do whatever it takes to make ends meet. That would suck WAY worse than having to work. Besides, my job isn't that bad. I get to play with extremely dangerous power tools all day. My life is awesome.

    All that said, time to your self is straight GOLD. Treasure that shit cause it's not in unlimited supply.
  14. It's almost over. . .

    The wait to my BIRTHDAY that is! YEEAAAAHHHH!!!
  15. Nope! I've worked almost every weekend and all holidays for the last eight years. My hours are unpredictable and I'd KILL for a a Monday-to-Friday job with every weekend off.

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  16. Well happy birthday to you
  17. Save it for the 22nd, it'll feel more good today.
  18. Happy birthday!!!!!!!:bananaman:Oh it's 22nd? Just pretend I said it on the 22nd then XDD

    And yeah I can see what you guys are saying >< I suppose some have it way worse than me. I'm actually not working as I'm still a full time student but well, the suck part is that I gotta bring the work home T_T. *sigh* Well... today's monday.
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  19. It is Monday, and that means that you survived THE END OF THE WEEKEND. You're living in a post-weekend wasteland now, struggling from one day to the next with limited supplies, not knowing if you'll make it through...
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