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  1. You're new in town and have been only going to this school for a week, and the friends you made here are cool in your mind. While you were hanging out with them you guys were just joking aorund, and that joke lead to a bet. You bet them 30 dollars that you could make the most popular girl in school go out with you, and then you would dump her so she knows what it feels like. You actually end up falling for her as she also falls for you, but to your luck she ends up finding out about the bet whether you decide to tell her or not.

    My character:
    Claire Wilson.
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    Claire is queen bee at school, she knows everything about everyone and she is not afraid to speak her mind. If she thinks something is annoying, ugly, boring, or whatever else then she has no problem saying so. Claire is always getting in trouble with her first period teach Ms. Parker. Why? Claire only locks her out of her classroom the whole period, she doesn't see why she needs to pay attention anyway since it's only match. Despite what people think Claire is a straight A student, and Math happens to be her strongest subject so she feels as if she doesn't need to pay attention. Claire is an aspiring writer, she loves to write and always keeps a book of her stories with her. She sings too, but she does that for fun. Claire can be mean and down right rude to people she doesn't like, but once you get past the stereotypes and her shield if she likes you then you could reach her softer side. She's no heartless after all, but her annoying eight year old brother Caleb thinks differently. Claire never sees much of her dad, and she swears her mother is crazy since she's more of a friend. Claire gets everything she wants at home like in school, but there's one thing she doesn't really talk about that could easily break her. Though it's only between her and him, nobody else knows that anything ever happened because she never told anyone about it.
  2. Michael Masteromatteo


    Michael was sort of cool. He hung around with the jocks, but he also hung out with a lot of other people. So far he is fitting in well with everyone. Mike is originally from Garden City, New York. He lived in a suburb with his mother and brother. When he was younger his dad was a firefighter, and when 9/11 happened he was one of the many casualties. So his mother was left a widow with two children. Mike was a shy kid since his dead died, but he had to pull through since he was the oldest. While he lived in Garden City he went to Garden City Senior High School. He hated going to school there. The system was messed up and he didn't get to be able to do the things he wanted to do.

    A couple words that would describe Mike is fun, devious, and knows how to great time. His strengths are in music and playing instruments. At Garden City they didn't have much of a music department. Mike learned how to play a guitar when he was younger when he bought a five dollar book on how to play guitar. After he learned guitar he learned piano, violin, and ukulele. The reason he is in town now is because his mother wanted to provide a better education for him. The town that they are in now is where his cousins live. He stays in a large three story house with ten or eleven kids running around at most times of the day. Michael is still the oldest of the house so he is always the one who takes responsibility.

    When he finally settled into school he hung out with a couple of guys. There was one girl they talked about quite often. Claire was that girl. After they had talked about Claire for a while they all made a bet. After all of them had tried to ask her out Mike had an idea. "I bet you I could go out with her until prom, then on prom night I would dump her." His friends bet him thirty dollars that he wouldn't be able to do it. Now, he has to win her heart.
  3. Claire planned on waking up to the peaceful sound of her alarm clock, but in this house that was impossible. "Caleb!" Claire yelled since he had woken her up by yelling in her ear, she couldn't have been anymore annoyed right now. "I'm going to kill you!" Claire yelled as she watched him laugh then run, she got out of bed once he ran away so she could chase him. Though he got to his room just in time and locked his door in her face, she tried opening it before lettin gout a sigh of frustration. "Ughhh." Claire said annoyed before stomping off to her own room, she rolled her eyes since so far this day sucks and it better get better at school.

    Once she finished brushing her teeth, she decided what she should do with her hair. Claire just curled it and pinned up one side with a sparkly pink clip, she then put on some mascara and eyeliner since she didn't really cake on her makeup. Claire pulled on a form fitting white tank top, a short but not too short white skirt, and lastly pink heeled boots. Claire smiled at herself in the mirror, she finished off her look with putting on clear lip gloss and her favorite perfume Obsession by Calvin Klein. Claire happily went downstairs and grabbed a bowl of cereal, she washed her dishes before grabbing her book bag and keys. With one last sigh she reluctantly drove to school, she had a red 1965 convertible mustang since believe it or not Claire loved classic cars.

    Getting out of her car she was immediately grouped by her clique, she made people move for her since she wouldn't move for them. Claire didn't even really care for her friends, she thought they were pretty annoying actually. She still talked to them though, she smiled even if it wasn't a genuine one. "Oh you guys go on without me." Claire said with a dismissive wave of her hand, she headed back to her locker since she forgot her books. Claire tried to open the locker but it was stuck, she tried over and over but it was no use. Claire rolled her eyes with a sigh, she so far was not happy with today.
  4. Michael got up from the sound of all of his cousins getting up. His house was filled with family running around and kids getting dressed. Michael slumped out of his bed and put on white T-shirt, jeans and a leather jacket. It was around 5 A.M. when he left his house. He didn't own a car and his mother didn't get back from work until 9 A.M. So, Michael had to walk to school. He lived close enough to the school that if he stood on top of the house he could see it, but otherwise it was a long walk. Michael didn't really have much as far as possessions go. He had a guitar, a bike which at the time was broken, and then he had a small bedroom that he shared with two other children. So, Michael walked to school and got there around 5:45.

    Michael walked up to the school and went to the library. He pulled a book from one of the shelves and began reading. It was a music book that he was trying to understand, but still has no clue. He understood the music but it didn't connect with him. After trying to read it again he marked the page in the book and set it back. He walked around the school for an hour or so until people started showing up. His friends would arrive until later because they were "cool." Michael walked down the Junior hallway to his locker and looked back at all the people coming in. He remembered what he had to do. Thirty dollars could go a long way, maybe gas money for his mom. Something that would be nice for her. Michael soon got into his school mood, where he was happy and acted just like a kid. He'd walk up some girls and run his hands through his hair just to get their attention, but that was just him showing off.

    As he walked down the hallway until he saw Claire. Michael didn't really have an opinion on her because he had never talked to her before. He watched her as she tried to open her locker with some struggle. Michael didn't walk over there to initiate his master plan, but just to be nice since he would be ruining her anyway. Shifting he put his hands in his pockets and walked toward her locker. When he got there he hit the locker and it popped open. "They need to buy better lockers." Michael looked at her and leaned against the locker beside her then looked down the hall. "I've never seen you around, I'm Michael."
  5. "Excuse me?" Claire asked shocked that he would say that to her, and didn't he know better than to talk to her? "How have you not seen me around? I'm pretty sure it's you that I haven't seen around before." Claire said stubbornly before rolling her eyes, she didn't get how he had not seen her around before. She didn't plan on introducing herself since he should know who he was, she looked over Michael curiously since usually Claire knew everyone who was around her school, so she figured this kid had to be knew or something. "How long have to been here Mitchell?" Claire asked turning her eyes to her locker as she looked for the things she needed, she was completely unaware however that she did get his name wrong.

    Claire closed her locker once she got everything out of it, and as she waited she looked at the clock for the time. Claire still had some time to get to class, but she planned on being late to mess with her teacher. She was known to always mess with her first period teacher, she had some pretty interesting plans for today as well. You would think that by now their teacher would see Claire was a trouble maker, but she still is so clueless and is easily duped by Claire. Although she was probably intimidated by her at the same time as well, but she could really care less about that.
  6. Michael looked at her and stuffed his hands in his pockets. "I'm sort of new here I guess, I've been here for a couple of weeks." He looked at her as she closed her locker and he looked at the clock. He had some time left before he had to go to his first period so he could finish this conversation. Michael then realized that she called him "Mitchell" instead of Michael. "My name is Michael, kid." He looked over at her and pulled his hands out of his pockets and folded them. "I guess we both haven't seen each other around."

    He then stood up leaning from the locker and walked toward his class. "See you around." Michael walked to his class and sat down. There was this one girl who was always late for class, and class wouldn't start until everyone was there. So, he pulled out a small book with a couple of songs in it. He started writing down some more song lyrics then put it away to put his head down to sleep. The fact that he had gotten up so early didn't sit that well during first period. Slowly, he drifted into sleep.
  7. Claire glared after him, she rolled her eyes since people should know better than to talk to her like that. Claire messed around in the halls for a few minutes, she then walked into her classroom late like always. Claire saw the new guy but just paid him no attention as she took her seat. "Ms. Wilson you're late." The teacher said and looked at her, she was waiting for an explanation. "Oh I'm sorry Ms. Parks. There was a little Freshman in the halls and they got lost, so I showed them the way to where their class was." Claire said innocently with a soft smile acting as if that's what happened, and the teacher nodded before marking her present. Claire knew she would get away with it, she always does.

    Two minutes into the lesson Claire decided it was time to kick her out now, she didn't need to learn something she already knew. "Ms. Parks I think I hear students fighting outside." Claire said seriously even though she wasn't serious, she followed the teacher to the door as she exited. Claire smirked as she closed the door and locked it, she shook her head since she never learns. Claire looked over to her keys on the table and smiled before going over to her desk, she sat in the chair and pulled up the grades. Claire changed the grades in here all to A's since it was her fault they never learned anyway, but she messed with her ex's grade who was in a different class. He deserved it after what he did to Claire though, he deserved jail time but she wasn't saying anything about it. Claire smirked as she thought if there was anything else she wanted to do.
  8. Andrew woke up as the teacher walked in. He pulled out one of his notebook and a pencil. As she began teaching he saw Claire walk into the classroom. He forgot that she was in this class. Maybe he just skipped out on noticing her forever. The class continued and Michael was soon finishing his notes, and Claire said something to the teacher. He had remembered that she was the one who usually stopped the class. As the teacher walked out he knew that this wouldn't end well.

    In a matter of moments she locked the door, and checked something on the computer. He assumed that she was either changing around grades or doing something to her computer. Michael could understand how the teacher hated her because of how she acted. It was obvious why she wasn't expelled by now. She was the most popular chick in school, and barley anyone liked her. Michael felt nothing toward her, he knew he had to win the money but he didn't know how to win the devil's heart.

    He sat back in his chair and waited for her to get kicked out of class, next period would be better. Michael began to drift into a daydream as she typed away at the computer.
  9. Claire finished what she needed to do, she hopped on the teachers desk and sat there. Claire honestly couldn't wait until lunch, she had many many friends sure but that didn't mean they were true. All the popular people were the same they all 'idolized' one person and tried to be like them, and she just happened to be that person. Once Claire graduated though her position would go to whoever the group chose next, or whoever took charge. Honestly Claire didn't really care for her so called friends, she knew they just all used each other so it's not like she even needed them. They were all intimidated by Claire though as most people seemed to be, she just had a dominant personality though it was only one part of her. The only part that people cared to know, so she didn't let them see all of her since they didn't deserve to in her mind.

    Hearing the door unlock Claire smirked, she watched as the teacher and principle walked in. "Well it's about time." Claire said before rolling her eyes unamused, she just smiled at the principle before getting off the desk and exiting the classroom. "Miss Wilson I don't know what to do with you. Detention doesn't even seem to phase you, so until I think of something you're dismissed." He said letting her know she could exit his office, she shrugged since that was a stupid talk. He should have gave her detention, she didn't want to go home. Claire crossed her arms since she was upset he didn't punish her, she just went off to her next class.

    Once lunch finally rolled around Claire took her seat at her table, she packed lunch as usual. Claire stood up in her seat though since she had an announcement. "All girls or guys I guess interested in cheerleading, auditions will be directly after school in the gym. Don't bother coming late. Auditions starts the second we get out, so come prepared." Claire said before sitting back down she ate her lunch not bothering to pay attention to the rudimentary conversations around her. Claire threw away her lunch and slipped outside unnoticed by her table. She headed to her usual place outside on one of the benches, and she took out a book from her bag to read. Yes Claire particularly enjoys reading, she loves writing the most though. That was what she wanted to be once out of this place.
  10. Michael rolled his eyes at the principal and the teacher walked in. Who has the time to do this? School was supposed to be able learning, not messing around the whole time in class. He laid back and watched as she was not given a detention but was told to go home. That's like giving a prisoner a free day, she could do whatever she wanted. That bugged Michael because he was here to learn not to mess around, otherwise he wasn't going to get into college.

    After the class ended he headed to his favorite class, Music Theory. The teacher was understanding of the students, cared how they progressed, and showed them how to play instruments. He loved this class and he wishes it was longer. Mr Wilson was his favorite teacher and he could relate to him. His mom died when he was younger and only had his dad.

    Soon lunch rolled around and he talked to his normal group, who only bugged him about Claire. "No, I haven't really done anything to spark her intrest." He ate lunch then noticed that Claire was walking outside. Who'd be bored with all of her friends that she had. Michael looked at his friends and threw out his lunch heading outside. He stopped at the door seeing where she was heading. As she sat down he moved around her, unnoticed and sat down. He pulled out his music book and began reading. "So, what are you reading?" He said to Claire.
  11. "A book." Claire replied sarcastically, she didn't want to deal with this kid. He obviously didn't understand how things worked around here, she was pretty sure about that by the way he acted towards her. He wasn't even supposed to speak to her, but yet here he was. "It's an old book, you wouldn't know it anyway." Claire mumbled before closing it, she knew it was from 1859 so she doubted he would know it. Charles Dickens was a good writer and she liked his work, so now she was read A Tale of Two Cities. Claire looked at Michael as he just sat down and read his music book, she didn't understand why he was out her. This was her place, she was the only one who ever came out here.

    "What do you want?" Claire asked curiously since he just randomly came out here, and to know what she was reading? She doubted that mattered to him so she wanted to know what he wanted, she usually wasn't approached by people so that was risky. Claire had been approached to and talked to a few people, but they were only trying to be popular too. Claire though turned them away since she wasn't going to be used by them, so that was probably all Michael wanted too. Everyone wanted to be popular for some unknown reason, but she didn't see how people could be so desperate. If they really wanted to be popular then they needed to do it themselves, she did.
  12. "Charles Dickens eh? I didn't know girls like you were into old books." Michael stared into his lyric book writing short verses down as he looked at her through his peripherals. "Sorry to bug you, just wanted to know why you are reading a book instead of talking with your friends." Michael didn't really know why she was not with her friends. If he were that popular he'd never leave the large "posse" that followed her around. Maybe she was different, like a delicate flower among large dandelions. Michael thought that may be the case but then a subtle realization came to mind. She is not that type of girl.

    Michael never knew what popularity was like. Back in Garden City he was always quite. This was most likely because he had no fatherly figure to tell him to buck up and shut up. He looked back at her and shut his book. After setting it on his lap he turned to her. Michael looked at her like he would anyone. She was a young blonde who was sophisticated and was popular, but he didn't make his tone to that. He kept a rather cool tone as he did with everyone else. It was like the whispers of winds on top a a hill, quiet yet loud enough to hear if you listen. "So, what you deal with our first period teacher?"
  13. "Girls like me." Claire repeated though mostly to herself, she shook her head at what Michael said since Claire thought it was judgmental. Did Mitchell even know what girls like her were? Wait, rewind... Michael, yeah Michael. He used the term as if it were so clear to him who Claire was and like he knew all about her but he knew nothing about her. Guess what instead of getting to know her he assumed things, but Claire was used to that by now so she went with it. She wouldn't put up a fight and there was no reason too, she would let people believe what they wanted to about her good or bad. In her mind she could handle it, and it was their loss for not getting to know her not hers. "No I'm not, I'm just clearly reading the book because I have nothing better to do with my time." She replied sarcastically which was evident by her tone, she liked older books and she wouldn't be reading it if she weren't. Sure it seemed maybe rude since it came from her but coming from someone else it would have been a playful joke, she intended it to be that way but people always took her words too seriously.

    "Is it really your business to know what I'm doing? No offense, but I could care less how other people spend their time." Claire said as she looked over to him since she didn't see why it should matter if she was with her friends or not, she didn't see why it would even matter to him. Just because she was popular didn't mean everyone had to know every single thing about their life, and they didn't but if they ever cared to ask it's not like she wouldn't tell them. Claire was pretty much an open book with just about everything except two secrets she only needed to know, but nobody has ever opened her book and she's okay with that. "They are boring, and only talk about gossip or rumors. I could honestly care less about who broke up with you at David's party, and who got together with who this morning." Claire said with a roll of her eyes, she was always bored with her so called friends. They never had any interesting conversations just gossip and rumors in which she didn't involve herself in, and wouldn't either since it wasn't her life so she didn't care.

    "Our first period teacher? Well let's see. The class is pointless. Everything we are learning we learned last year, so I'm not going to waste my time relearning things I already know for a class full of students who don't even pay attention anyway because the material has already been taught and covered. I would rather have a free period to do as I pleased." Claire admitted with a shrug since she saw no point in teaching things they already knew, so why not just kick the teacher out and do as she wanted. The class didn't even care anyway, and in fact they encouraged her to kick the teacher out. Claire had nothing against her personally, just the fact she's wasting their time teaching them nothing really.
  14. Michael looked at her and nodded as she gave her answers. She seemed snobby, and didn't understand her place yet. Even if she was popular it was hard for him to understand why. He could tell that she was pretty ,but was that all? Nobody cared that she read books, or even had a mind of her own he thought. He looked at her and kept nodding as she went on about why she didn't like the class. It was in his best interest to get close to her but how. Michael has some luck with girls but not up to her standard. If he were to ever go out with her he would have to do something to impress her or change his image completely. So option A was the best way to go.

    "Seems like you have it all planned out." He pulled his lyric book out and started writing again looking up at her once or twice. Michael never did have any luck getting to know people. Since he was shy when he was younger he never got the chance to be real popular. He was the kid that played alone and never had many friends. This was all because his dad died when he was younger. It really had a massive effect on his life. His mom had to go to many therapy sessions and he was usually left at school an hour or so until it ended. He would have played sports but it had never sparked his interest. So, he just sat alone in the small library where no body hung out at.

    Michael put his fingers through his hair and looked back at his book turning to the first page. The book was from his mom earlier in the year. On the inside cover it had, "have a great year," in it. After he flipped back to his page that he marked he looked back up to her. "If you don't like who you talk to maybe you should talk to different people. People are boring, but you can find someone new just by doing something different every once in a while." Michael closed his book and zipped it into his backpack. "It's all up to you."
  15. Claire looked at Michael and shook her head with a small laugh, he obviously didn't understand how things worked around here. "You have a lot to learn about this school. You don't become friends with people because you like them. You become friends with them because their high on the social ladder. If you're low on the ladder don't associate yourself with people on the same level, associate yourself with those on top. If you are on top, stay on top." Claire advised before shaking her head, she didn't think it was a hard concept to learn. Claire had been on the top for a very long time, and she was sure that wouldn't change. People were too scared of her and intimidated by her to try and get above her, so they let her stay on top out of fear.

    Did Claire really care about this? Maybe. She would rather have a whole bunch of friends who didn't really care for her rather than having nobody, she told them what to do and they did it. They worry that they're inferior when it's just that she's superior. Claire gave Michael props for talking to her more than once though, she knew his little friends would never talk to her. Too scared, and plus in her opinion they were annoying. Especially the one that 'secretly' stalks her, yeah she knows he's around. Seriously it was just creepy, and he was her next door neighbor but whatever.

    Leaving her thoughts Claire decided to go back to her friends now, she just needed some time alone. "Bye." Claire said as she picked up her things and grabbed her bag, but her bag got stuck under the table between the seats so that caused her to fall. Claire didn't even take a second to think as she picked up a book and her bag, she then just walked back inside acting as if nothing happened. Though she probably should have paid more attention considering she left her phone, her notebook with her stories she writes in it, and lastly a French book. Claire didn't notice and she just sat with her friends, and of course they didn't even notice she was gone.
  16. Michael understood what she was saying. It was different here. There was a hierarchy at this school that he didn't have at his other school. He never really knew what popularity was. Michael sat there and nodded to her. "I guess I have a lot to learn." He put his backpack on his lap and laid up against the table. This was going to be a hard concept to grasp. Michael wasn't the biggest flower in the patch, nor was he known by anyone in the school.

    He thought that she was a bit odd for saying that. The way he was raised was to be able to love people as you love yourself. It's cliche but it works for Michael. The fact that he was able to talk to her was quite different. He had never really met anyone like her. Was that in a good way? No, but it was something he had never experienced before. The only other reason he was talking to her was because of money. He was poor sure, but that wasn't the only reason he was talking to her.

    Shifting a bit he put his hands in his pockets. As she said by to her he nodded to her and watched her fall. He was going to get up but she just got up and walked away. As she was leaving he was going to say something but she was gone. Michael sat his book back on the ground and got up to see if she was OK, but then he noticed her phone, her notebook, and her French book. He tilted his head wondering why she would leave these expensive things. That didn't matter now, since he had them he could see what he could do with them. Michael went on for the rest of the day with the things in his backpack watching over them with a watchful eye. As the last period ended he raced home to be able to see what she had written on her phone. He pulled it out and looked at the messages.
  17. Claire stayed after school for since she had to run cheer try outs, she was captain so she couldn't just skip like she wanted to. Honestly Claire felt like just going home and cuddling up with her warm fuzzy blankets on her bed, she smiled at the thought before focusing and quoting High School Musical getting her head in the game. Claire smirked once again at her thoughts but she knew she had to actually focus, so she looked at who all came to try out. "If you can't do the splits, leave. If you can't do a cartwheel, leave. If you can't commit to being here right after school on time, leave." Claire said as she circled around them all and with each word she said some girls left. Now she had eight girls and one guy remaining, she nodded and taught them the basic cheer they needed to learn. Once try outs were over she stayed to score everything up, she looked at her choices then nodded contently with them.

    As for Claire's phone well it didn't have much. She had a few texts mostly from some friends telling her about parties in which she never responded, stupid immature with horrible spelling texts from from her eight year old brother Caleb, and lastly the more important conversation between her and her ex but luckily the important messages were deleted. As for pictures she had a few on her phone, but she always used her camera for the majority of her pictures. The only real important thing other then her and Tom's texts were the videos. Just of her singing covers to songs, but that was just important to her and wouldn't be to anybody else. All in all her phone was pretty boring since the important texts were mostly deleted between her and Tom.

    When Claire was home she rubbed her head a little from a stressful day, but it was nice and sunny outside so she would use that. Claire ran upstairs to her room and changed into a red lacy bikini, she then grabbed some sun glasses and put on tanning lotion before going outside. She grabbed a floaty bed and laid on top of it as it laid on top of the water, she put on her glasses and just enjoyed floating on her little raft bed over the water. Claire relaxed with the warm sun gleaming down on her, she smiled a little since it just took away everything and filled it with warmth.
  18. Michael didn't find anything on her phone which disappointed him. He thought he would be able to find something but there was nothing really worth anything. The fact he didn't find anything made him feel bad. He stole something to be able to find some dirt on her. Michael rolled around in his bed and looked around the room. It had four beds in it all together. The only space he had was his bed. The rest of the house had either children running around in it, or family discussing issues and other things. Michael only had his bed, his guitar, and his schoolwork. After he finished looking over the phone he pulled out the notebook. He had no idea what was in it at all. "Maybe something is in here." Michael opened the book and started reading.
  19. In Claire's notebook there were many stories she had wrote, she just loved writing in general and was quite talented with it. She wanted to go into writing and be an author. She wrote practically anything too. Claire had some romance stories, murder mystery stories, comedy stories, and ones with pretty much everything and lots of twists. She had always been into writing since she was little, and while the other kids were at recess playing she sat by the wall writing things in her hello kitty notebook. Yep that was Claire, she was always the loner with the secretive notebook when she was little. Then middle school hit and she started maturing into her looks, and along came cheer leading. It all just went from there, but she was never made fun of and she doesn't make fun of others either just intimidates them. For being popular Claire wasn't actually all that bad you never saw her making kids cry, bullying them, or purposely making their life miserable. Though people felt inferior to her, but in her mind that was their problem not hers.

    Claire screamed, loudly, when she felt ice cold freezing water hit her and make her flip over in the pool. Her eight year old brother just laughed since he had sprayed her with the hose, he was always messing with Claire as she was him. Claire was not happy so she got out and pulled him in with all of his clothes on and everything, but that just led the two siblings to start fighting in the water. Yeah they were pretty loud usually and the neighbors were used to it, finally their mom had came out and made them separate. Caleb stuck his tongue out at Claire before going inside to dry off, and Claire just glared after him.