It Takes Two To Roleplay! (1x1 Search / Request Thread For Partners).

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  1. Hey there virtual people of Iwaku! I am honestly gladdened that my request thread here as caught your interest! And thank you for taking the time to read it through! Anyway...Just like every other roleplayer out there, I do have my "rules" and what-not...So onward!

    • I do have a job, so I can't always be online. I do however try and make replies before I leave for work and am usually on when I return home if I'm not busy with family or friends.
    • I write in 3rd person paragraph style. 1st person just makes me uncomfortable.
    • I roleplay via the private messaging system only. Threads are another thing that makes me uncomfortable. Site rules still apply though!
    • I can play both male and female characters equally so normally I'm not to picky unless I have something specific planned out.
    • I play submissive type characters only!
    • I do not share characters so for instance if you introduce someone into a roleplay, you must play as them.
    • I also do not take anime / manga images. Sorry but I just have a heck of a time with those.
    • I do no fandoms of any kind.
    • Someone who can reply at least once a day, if not more.
    • Someone who can play as both male and female characters and doesn't use the pre-made character crap.
    • Someone who writes in 3rd person paragraph style.
    • Someone who can play as dominant and cruel and even sadistically evil type characters.
    Anything highlighted in bold text are the roles that I would play as. Anything highlighted in this color are the pairings I have plots for.
    • Vampire & Vampire
    • Vampire & Human
    • Bully & Bullied
    • Sadist & Normal Person
    • Female & Female OR Male & Male
    • Female & Male OR Male & Female
    • Demon & Human
    • Shrink & Patient
    • Good & Evil
    • Master & Slave
    • Werewolf & Vampire
    • Kidnapped & Kidnapper
    • Mermaid & Pirates
    • Human-like Alien & Human
    I do so hope to get some good stories going with you all! Well, maybe not all, but those who fit! Anyway, please don't be shy to send me a private message in regards with your interest! Looking forward to the responses!
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  2. Plots open that need partners!
  3. I'm interested in the werewolf vampire. I'm curious about your plot. I am usually on every day, but sometimes things get crazy I'm gone for a few days. Let me know if that's ok.
  4. im interested in vampire human :)
  5. Still open and seeking!
  6. Anyone up to doing the vampire and human with me?
  7. I can ^.^
  8. To Rebecca002:
    Sent to you a private message! Looking forward to hearing from you.
  9. Still open!
  10. If you're still looking for someone to carry out that vampire x werewol plot, I have a special werewolf baby that would love to play...
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