It has been a long time...

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  1. Anya lick his neck eagerly, "Ready?"
  2. "I don't like risks."
  3. "He has her and I don't know where his torture lair is... I want to go anywhere that place." Kunari shudder, "It's all my fault."
  4. Kunari bite her lower lips, "The girl... if she is their child... even if not from here.. she should have that sense."
  5. "I drank too much, it's not ok." Anya pull away and kiss his neck gently.
  6. "You worry too much."
  7. "You're not my father and until I figure out how he creates that spell that multiply his blood so that we can keep drinking without killing him, I have to take care of you or your mother really will kill me."
  8. "You'll be fine."
  9. My daughters deserve to grow up unhindered! If I was constantly there they would be weak and children forever! My children need to be strong and resilient so when a certain someone fucks up at her job they won't be killed!"