It has been a long time...

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  1. I'm glad to (hopefully) get back to the wonderful place Iwaku is. I used to be a somewhat active member on here until some other shenanigans came up.
    Weird how the profiles got reset or whatever anywhos's.

    It's great to see familiar faces and new ones too!
  2. I REMEMBER YOU! Welcome back, man! I hope you're doing well!
  3. Welcome back. Hopefully you can join in RP's that are relative to ones you once knew. *cough* ICSYL 3 *cough*

    And if your still about that Exo City 99 thing you can count me in right away. Been awhile since I played in that.

    Writing in the Moonlight,

  4. "He has her and I don't know where his torture lair is... I want to go anywhere that place." Kunari shudder, "It's all my fault."
  5. Kunari bite her lower lips, "The girl... if she is their child... even if not from here.. she should have that sense."
  6. My favorite lurker! :P

    Welcome back, dude.
  7. Thanks Weavel! Yeah I would definitely be all about ICSYL3 this is one the one in the future with technology advances and neon beasts yeah?

    And thanks for the warm welcome Torsty!
  8. You call that warm?

    I'll give you warm...

    Saint Bernard, I got a fire mission for you. Lazing the target.

    *Carl paints Mask with a laser designator. A B-52H Stratofortress enters the airspace and launches six AGM-109 Tomahawks at him, cratering the area.*

    Feel any warmer?
  9. "You'll be fine."
  10. HEY :D

    Katsugisempai and you and I had this weird roleplay where people or was it angels were running from these other people that were siblings but they didn't know and all this mysterious stuff. x3

    WELCOME BACK :D Let me know if you need help getting around or something ;]