It All Started with a Live Chicken?!

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  1. :carousel: A Romantic-Comedy of epic proportions; will you bury yourself in laughter? Will both you and I finally understand how a hen jumped out of a burrow hole from the garden back at campus appeared? Are you ready to be reminded of the endless coursework we have to do after attempting to get it? Then let's get to work! :carousel:

    :cake: Have patience, darling! The virtual world can wait, however the responsibilities you have beyond the screen should be PRIORITISED over this.

    :cake: Contribute to the plot! Following the storyline is all dandy and wonderful, but if you and I, and some other beautiful humans work on this, we will NEED to be CREATIVE.

    :cake: Don't forget to alert others about your absence. Be it via Private Message, Status Update or Post, make sure to give each other a heads-up.

    :cake: Don't stop having a good time, but don't stray away from the natural flow of the story. Yes, all suggestions are accepted BUT, it has to fit with the current scenario. It cannot "just happen".

    :cake: Plot-armours are for comic reliefs. No character is dying anytime soon but don't throw in multiple situations wherein cheating death is HELLA IMPOSSIBLE.

    :cake: Get to know each other! And by that, I mean us, the admins of our pretty characters. It would be a waste if we only converse here.

    :cake: Be open about what you are and you are not comfortable with. No one is a psychic nor a douche-bag here, so being honest is alright!

    :cake: Try not to... Go control-freak on everyone when managing the sequence of replies.

    :strawberry: Protagonist.

    :strawberry: Best Friend (Love Interest/Rival).

    :strawberry: Pets who give good advice.

    :strawberry: Older sibling with a lot of wisdom, but too clumsy in work.

    :strawberry: Younger sibling naturally cock-blocking everyone.

    :strawberry: NPC's, extras.

    { The number of members will be decided in the sign-up comments. }
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.