Is your desire the real thing? (Supernatural/Mystery)

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    Located on the eastern coast of Japan and enclosed by high mountains, it is a modern town, isolated if not for a few mountain roads and railways leading through the winding mountain. The crows fly overhead, and the sun shines heartlessly over the gray, impressionless city. At night, inhuman shapes flutter in the darkness, the supernatural youkai waltzing under the black sky. The locals keep their homes shut tight, windows and doors plastered with talismans.


    Despite the fear, despite the superstition, despite the unexplained noises, it is a town that is vivid, alive with a melting-pot culture that grows as more visitors become residents. Though the unknown is feared, it is respected, embraced as one of the hundred myths that have already been sewn onto the town’s tapestry. Its festivals are colorful, and its people are alive, filled with energy and imagination in a world that fostered the incomprehensible.


    And now, it is a town of unexplained incidents. A house spontaneously combusted, lighting up without so much as a ‘boom’. A man was found on the mountains, floating inside a van filled to the brim with water. Several residents reported seeing a large eye appear at their windows at night. Children wake up to find their toys floating around them. The trees in a park disappeared without a trace, leaving an empty, grassy field, as if they had never existed. And, one day, an unfinished building appeared in the middle of the city, standing far above any other.

    A series of events, either by coincidence or fate, connects you to this madness.

    And one day, as you live your life, you receive a box from an unknown sender.

    In there is a red cellphone, and a message, written on a yellowed sheet of paper.

    [ Is your desire the real thing? ]

    Interested? I hope you are~ But here's a few things to clarify:
    • This RP is all about the surprise factor. You'll have to trust that I have a fun plot in mind. Meanwhile, feel free to speculate to what's gonna happen. Both of the videos are important-ish.
    • I'd prefer active, quality RPers. Concise, poetic posts are kewl, and they're even cooler if you can do them on a daily basis!
    • Realism is important. You can have the most psychopathic bastard in the world, but don't assume that people will just ignore the fact that you're a blatant threat to society.
    • On the flipside, this is an anime-esque RP. Shit's gonna be crazy.
    • Because of the above point, your character will definitely be a high school student.
    • The atmosphere of this RP will be a mixture. I intend on having light-hearted, 'breather' parts, as well as hyper-tense dramatic parts.
    • This will be in Modern Fantasy.
    • I'm looking for a small group of RPers. Seven max.
    • It is highly recommended that you ask questions. Seriously. Gimme free bumps.
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  2. I'll bite.

    I need more RP in my life.
  3. Stop making RPs that I feel obligated to join, stop having the same taste as me...stop existing ö__ö
  4. >having the same taste
    >calls Yuri Kuma Arashi trash

    Skys pls.
  5. Define active. Are you thinking speed of light, a few a day, or a few a week?
  6. One post per day is what I think is active. It'd be nice if I could get a full round of posts every two-three days.
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  7. I'm game. A few questions though.
    1) Will we be able to play these supernatural bump in the night characters or just normal humans? (I have character ideas formulating)

    2) Is there somewhere I can watch that first link as its 'not available in my country'?

    3) I can probably rattle off (as long as i have something to post against) a post a day quite easily but on the other hand there are some days where I am simply not available to post, if I forewarn about those days will it be okay?
  8. Normal humans, but depending on what I think up, there may be something or the other that has crept into your character's family tree in the past.

    Try this.

    And it's fine if you take 2-3 days. A post a day is just my personal preference (or wish, cause it's never happened in my RPs on a consistent basis before). I get a feeling that Skys would be slow anyways.
  9. Thanks for answering all my questions :)
    It sounds even more interesting now and that video works.
  10. Mmm, I've been wanting to do a more surreal RP anyways, so I have plenty of ideas to steal borrow!

    That being said, @Karo @Skyswimsky @MotherOfCthulhu @Mglo do y'all have any idea of what kind of character you're gonna make? I'd recommend figuring things out early, because I'd like all your characters to be connected one way or the other. And mention your timezones as well, pls.

    Also, OOC's gonna come up if there are two more interested parties.
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  11. I mentioned interest in Skype, I'll make it official now.
  12. I'm guessing this is going to quickly take off into the supernatural, then?
  13. Depends on post speeds, most likely.

    And how suicidally stupid impossibly careless adventurous your characters are.
  14. I don't know what I'm going to do yet for my character, but I will start brainstorming as soon as I can. I currently have company over so I can't do much, but as soon as they are gone I will work on it. As far as timezones, I'm in Central Time Zone.
  15. While this looks interesting and I probably have an amusing character for it, I think I'll sit this one out, as I'm busy enough as it is. Giving it the bump/comment because it's a cool idea.

    And hey, maybe if you guys need a quiet, creepy occultist wannabe who would certainly not generate various forms of trouble from trying things, I could at least throw them out there as an NPC.
  16. Time Zone: Pacific

    Kind of character: Uh... not sure. I tend to make males, but am tempted to try rping a female. BUT since most people make girls... I'd prefer to balance it out by making a boy. So... I don't know the gender I'll go for yet, but I have something vague in mind as to the type of character. I'll mull it over a bit more until I'm convinced and I'll report it.
  17. This seems so cool! I'm totally interested.
  18. Cool, I'll be setting up the OOC in a few hours, seeing how we're now at max capacity. It'll also contain info on a few noteworthy locations in the town, as well as an actual town name (surprise!), so look forward to actually having an idea of how things are~

    Also, bonus points if someone comes up with fun superstitious traditions that the civilians adhere to.
  19. I'm so totally interested and I hope it's not filled up already! :D

    Edit: Just saw the max capacity thing. >:
  20. Well, I plan on killing people regardless, so if it's just one more, I'm sure I can squeeze you in~
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