Is breakfast the most important meal of the day?

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Well, is it?

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  2. No

  3. It depends

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  1. Well, do you believe that it is? For some of us, it could be, but some of us also prefer lunch or even dinner. I sometimes forgo breakfast but I make up for it by eating somewhat healthily during lunch, especially when I'm going to be late for class in the morning. @_@ Or in the weekends when I prefer sleeping in to food.

    How do you like to eat your breakfast? Do you prefer a large breakfast, or a small one?
  2. I used to hate breakfasting. Well, to be honest, I dislike food time, period. But I eat breakfast, a small one. I find it gives me energy for the rest of the morning until lunch. When I was working, it was essential o_o
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  3. Personally, no. I just don't have the time to eat before school so early in the morning. I've survived for years, you get used to it after a while, your stomach just adjusts to eating at lunch or whatever.

    But then again recess is at 10:30 sooo..
  4. Research says that it's the most beneficial meal of the day, and I'm inclined to trust science.

    That said, I don't always have breakfast, or by the time I eat it's lunch time, and I don't care for most breakfast foods, so there's that.
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  5. I wake up so late in the morning for my classes that I usually end up forgoing breakfast to get on campus on time...

    Breakfast foods are tasty though.
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  6. I hardly eat anything. One meal a day if I feel up to it and it is never breakfast (unless pure coffee counts, I drink that shite all day).
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  7. That was me for a bit. But usually around the 10 o'clock mark headaches/stomach aches would start if I didn't fill my tank.
  8. Something about kick starting your metabolism... or at least that's what my roommate told me, but he may have just been trying to get me to eat. I hate eating breakfast but I try to have something. Maybe an apple or a granola bar. Yogurt if we have any.
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  9. I rarely, if ever, eat breakfast. I'm supposed to, but unless my sugar is on the verge of crashing I generally don't eat in the morning. I'll drink a cup of coffee....or multiple cups depending on how much energy I need, but that's about it.
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  10. o_o I can't not eat breakfast in the morning. Too hungry. Plus I'll start to feel really weird if I take my medication any more than an hour in advance of my first meal of the day -- sometimes even feeling downright dizzy. I don't think I was ever told that I needed to eat breakfast before taking my meds, that's just my experience with it. And I think it just comes back to the fact that I'm hungry, and low on energy. I can't expect my brain to work properly if I haven't had any calories all day. And consuming nothing but a pill full of stimulants in the morning probably isn't the best substitute for those calories.
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  11. It is the most important meal of the day, bu that doesn't stop me from not eating it XD I can't get myself to be hungry that early in the morning. I generally don't get hungry until about noon. Why force myself to eat before then?
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  12. Yes. I hate skipping out on breakfast, although there are some days where my stomach just won't let me eat in the morning. Most of the time I get too hungry to not eat breakfast, and when I get too hungry my anxiety skyrockets and I almost start to panic.
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  13. In terms of facts over preference, yes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What you chose to put put in your body/not put in your body first thing in the morning sets the pace for your metabolism as well as appetite through out the day. When you eat three consistent meals a day with small snacks in between it keeps your metabolism running. When you eat sparatically, or have long gaps without eating your body goes into store mode. It converts the food into fat stores because it doesn't know when it's next meal will be. Whereas when your metabolism is working properly it will burn up the food, so long as you are eating the right amount of calories for your weight bracket, and are moving around enough to burn off them off. Naturally, if you're sitting all day you aren't using enough energy to burn off the intake of calories and they will in turn be stored.

    A lot of people misunderstand nutrition. Many think if they skip meals it's okay as long as they eat healthy in their other meals. However, that couldn't be farther from the truth. No matter how healthy the food is if your digestive system isn't working properly you are not absorbing a good portion of the nutrients in said healthy meals which makes the whole point rather moot. Many many of the signs for an unhealthy digestive system aren't anything we can notice right away. More often than not it's something small that people brush off as "just a little indigestion, or just a little gas." However, these small signs are clues that something is not right in the digestive system, and left untreated may lead to a bigger complication later.

    In terms of preferences over facts, to each their own.
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  14. Your body just slept and had nothing to consume for a minimum of 8-12 hours. Assuming you eat breakfast at 8, you get lunch 4 hours later, and dinner another 5-6 hours later.

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because the dinner-breakfast gap is (usually) the largest of all of them. Your body is like a car engine, it ain't gonna work properly if the fuel tank is empty.
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  15. Sleep doesn't make up for no food, especially when that period of no food is 6-8 hours, or 11-12 for a kid. Human bodies don't shut down completely during sleep, and they'll need energy upon waking. I suppose some people are used to it, however, and have adapted, but that doesn't change anything.

    I don't eat big breakfasts, but I do always make sure to get my hands on something before doing anything else.
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  16. I don't eat three meals a day and I don't eat breakfast. Something about breakfast, legitimately makes me sick if I eat right away. I also hate feeling fuel. I don't like the feeling of digestion which sounds like a weird sense to not like and I hate being full. So I either snack a lot. Or I eat when I'm the most hungry. Otherwise, no. If humans could survive off of simply a liquid diet, I'd much prefer smoothies all day than food.
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  17. This.

    If you don't have breakfast, muscles have a tendency to eat their selves for energy. Not your fat reserves. Your muscles eat their selves.
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  18. When it's said like that, it sounds pretty scary. Huh, I may share this with some friends.
  19. I cannot digest that early in the morning so I don't tend to eat breakfast, if I try to I almost throw up. I have a hot drink, that is all.
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  20. same thing with me
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