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  1. Hey! So, this is basically a RP of the anime Inuyasha. I'm on episode 7 but I love it so much I had to make a RP about it. I also have all four of the movies. But, enough about me. So you can make a original character or make up your own, I don't really care. I just want everyone to have fun! Well then, let's go! *Jumps into the Bone-Eater's Well*​
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    Sayomi walked through the forest where the Bone-Eater's well was. She was on a quest to find her older brother, Inuyasha. She was told that he could be found in the village outside the forest of which she walked. Sayomi kept her ears up and alert, searching for the village with sound. After a while she heard villagers and turned her head toward the noise. "Finally." She growled under her breath and ran toward the sound. Once she was at the edge of the forest she stopped and stared down at the village. She stayed that way for a short while before she walked down the hill toward the village.
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    Luka followed behind her with a hand on the hilt of his katana. "Why did we come all this way for your brother, sayomi." He looked down upon in at the village in detestment. No matter where they went, humans had always tried to attack them. "Let's hope this village is a bit more receptive to demons."
  4. "What? Is it such a crime to want to see what my older brother is up to? I want him to see me since he doesn't even now me. It'll be fun to see the look on his face." She smirked with a slight snicker. At his other comment Sayomi turned around, stopping. "They say a priestess by the name of Kaede knows Inuyasha and has been helping him and his friends for quite a long time. I have a feeling the village is used to demons. Besides, I may be a half breed but that doesn't mean I have half powers." She told him then turned and kept walking, excitement pulsing through her.
  5. Luka followed closely as they entered the village. He looked around as people began to give them dirty looks. "Well this is going better than expected. Normally by this point people are screaming and attacking us." He still kept a hand on his katana just in case. They neared a wooden hut that looked like it belonged to the priestess. "You go on in I'm going to sit out here."
  6. "What, scared of a old hag?" Sayomi teased but chuckled afterwards. "Do what you please." She told him before entering the hut. She quickly leaped to the left as an arrow flew past her and hit the wood of the hut. "Watch it!' She growled. The old women known as Kaede lowered her bow and arrow, looking Sayomi over. "My bad. I thought a evil demon had come. Please, sit." Kaede said. Sayomi sat cross legged where she was by the door, refusing to go any closer. "Tell me, why are ye here?" Kaede asked. "Inuyasha. I'm searching for Inuyasha. And it's said you know where he is." Sayomi told her, staring directly at the hag.
  7. Luka heard the arrow hit the wood and rushed into the hut with his katana drawn. "Is everything OK in here sayomi?" He looked at the both of them as sayomi asked about her brother.
  8. Sayomi turned her head to Luka and rolled her eyes. "Y'know, I can take care of myself." She told him, her pride a little wounded. "And yes, everything is just peachy." She said in annoyance. "Ye seem a little like Inuyasha. Tell me, are ye related?" Kaede asked Sayomi, curious now. Sayomi turned to look at Kaede and nodded. "Yes. I am Inuyasha and Sesshomaru's younger sister, Sayomi. Inuyash's mother gave birth to me after her and my father did it together. I was born two months before my mother died. I, like Inuyasha, am a helf demon. Born to a dog demon father and a human mother." Sayomi told Kaede.
  9. Luka looked at sayomi, "I'm sorry, but you can be too reckless." He walked towards the door and sat down next. He leaned his head back against the wall, closing his eyes.
  10. Sayomi turned to him with narrowed eyes. "Well thanks." She said sarcastically. "I see. And ye wish to see Inuyasha to ye may get to know one another?" Kaede predicted, nodding. Sayomi turned to her. "Exactly. So, tell me where the idiot is." She said, putting a hand down on the ground in front of her and leaning a little forward. "The Forest of Souls." Kaede told her. "Thanks old hag. Let's go Luka." Sayomi said and stood up. "Is that the nicest thing ye can say?" Kaede asked, a little disappointed. Sayomi made a tch sound and exited the hut.
  11. Luka stood up and watched as sayomi walked out. "I'm sorry for her rudeness priestess." He made his way out of the hut and caught up to sayomi. "So what are you going to do when we find your brother." He eyed sayomi. She was the only friend he had and the only one to bring him out of his bloodlust.
  12. "Test him, of course. I wanna see what he's like and his power." She told him, smirking. "C'mon." She said and ran off. Once they reached the forest they had just left she leaped into the tree's and leaped from branch to branch.
  13. Luka watched as she jumped into the trees and jumped up there after her. He caught up to her quickly going backwards. "Speed has never been your strong point sayomi." He was trying to provoke her into a race.
  14. Sayomi looked over at Luka with a glare. "So what? I'm just as strong as you." She growled. "And it's not up to you." She added, picking up her pace. No way was she going to let him pick on her.
  15. Luka quickened his pace catching up almost instantly. "True strength wise you may be just as strong as me but I'm still faster." He sped up just enough to start pulling away from her.
  16. "Maybe in trees you are faster. I wouldn't be surprised if you were half squirrel. But, how do you do on the ground?" She asked him. Sayomi leaped from the trees and landed on the ground. Almost instantly that her feet touched the ground she pushed off and ran. She let her hands follow behind her and stayed on her upper part of her feet to increase her speed. On the ground she didn't need to slow down to make sure she landed on a branch and she was free to move freely. Her pace quickened with each step she took to propel herself forward.
  17. Luka laughed as sped ahead in the trees to a point in front of sayomi, where he waited for her. When she was about to pass him he jumped out tackling her to the ground. "Told you I was faster than you."
  18. Sayomi felt someone crash into her from above and before she could react they were rolling down a hill. When they stopped Sayomi was on the ground, Luka atop her. She looked up at him, eyes narrowed. "Hahaha." She growled, letting her anger and annoyance show. Sayomi put her feet under his stomach and kicked him off of her then sat up, legs crossed.
  19. "Someone's a bit upset." He chuckled. He noticed 2 people walk up behind sayomi, that looked almost like them. "Looks like we found your brother sayomi."
  20. Sayomi turned around to see Inuyasha and a mortal girl with black hair. She leaped up to her feet and narrowed her eyes at the two. She watched as a monk, a demon slayer, a two tailed cat demon, and a small fox demon appeared behind Inuyasha and the girl. "Brother? How the hell is this girl my sister?!" Inuyasha asked, angry. He pointed a finger at Sayomi who narrowed her eyes. "Watch where you point that thing!" She snapped. Inuyasha turned to her, taking a step forward. "Watch what you say twerp!" He growled. "Make me!" She growled back, taking a threatening step toward him. "Inuyasha, look closer. She looks a little like you. Not to mention acts like you a little as well." The mortal girl said. Inuyasha turned to the girl. "What are you talking about Kagome?! Don't tell me you actually think she's my sister." He said, annoyed and a little shocked. Pretty soon the rest of the group were surrounding Sayomi, looking her up and down. They all turned to Inuyasha after a bit, nodding. "She's your sister." They all said together. Inuyasha sat down cross-legged and stared at Sayomi who stared right back at him.