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  1. Nomad - Necro Rising

    You don't even know the day anymore. The year? The month? You thought you could remember those at least. 2016, somewhere around the 10th of June. You'd been running. You'd been hiding. Everything had failed. And it all came out of nowhere.

    You wanted answers. But for now, all that was left was for you to survive.

    So how did it all happen? You wish you knew, but you know everything went to shit within the matter of a few days. Within the city where you lived in the United Kingdom - Exeter - you had taken for granted to call home for the while you've been in here. An industrialized area you lived in, with towering apartments and business buildings around the built-up area of the Southwest of the U.K. On the outskirts of town, you had your average country house here and there as well as the densely packed forests of lush green trees and fields of gold and cattle, but what mattered anymore.

    Ever since that tower just... appeared... within the middle of the city, everything had just gone to catastrophe. Why would such a place like yours be targeted for this... how could all of this have happened, anyway?

    What could you remember whilst you had been cramped up in this small evac bunker? You could remember. Just living your average lives in your homes, either going to work or doing whatever you liked in your free time. When the air around started to become less pleasant, and to your horror, horrible monsters had started to roam the streets from seemingly nowhere. Like possessed humans, their skin rotting brown and their eyes glowing a horrible purple, some of them even spitting acid whilst others teeth were razor sharp outside their face. Unrecognisable, and not to be rationalized with. Only wanting to kill, kill, kill you as they mindlessly stumbled after you. With not much choice, you had to run. Watching people die being eaten by these horrible monsters, hell, even animals like household dogs had been turned into deadly killers... and the horrible, unnatural feel of death around them just became more and more so the longer you stayed around them.

    Then you saw it.

    A huge tower. Right in the middle of the city. Right out of nowhere. None of it made any sense.

    Large and towering over everything else, the tower was ominous and towering in the air around eighty metres or so tall, made of some reddish, unnatural material and menacing and sleek in shape. Menacing spikes of white surrounding near the top, although you couldn't make out what exactly was at the top as a horrible dense cloud of purple surrounded the top of the tower. Call it a hunch or being plain obvious, but it was clear the tower had something to do with those... monstrous humanoids and animals you had seen before. Were they real people... was it the typical zombie cliché come into real life? No... it was more than that. The tower just seemed to infect the areas around it with general gloom and destruction slowly overtime - the death tolls were countless. What was more confusing was why no one had done anything to help? You hadn't seen the T.V. recently, but you could tell something horrible was happening... and not just here.

    In a panic, you managed to escape from your homes and away from the city - away from the tower - and to an emergency bunker. With a group of a dozen or so others, you now are kept waiting in the dark - turns out this bunker's food and water supplies were low. You didn't have much time left in here, and the dark gloom of the place is getting to you already. The darkness and lights that barely worked in the thin, concrete and wooden halls. The blue reinforced door was firmly shut - nothing was getting in. But in your uncomfortable bunks, you all realised you needed to get out of here soon.

    You needed to face the outside world. Your homes were gone. Your lives were gone.

    You would be a Nomad.

    With not much clue what happened, you used to live a normal life in a city in Exeter, Devon, England. (If you don't know where exactly this is, don't worry about it!) Out of seemingly nowhere, horrible incidents of mindless humanoid killers had started to burst out, with seemingly no response from the media as it all happened too fast for any response to occur by the city of Exeter. With no clue what much is going on, a huge tower of red corrupted brick seemingly controls the whole outbreak, slowly corrupting the lands so that humans become killed. You have witnessed dead humans becoming mindless monsters. In a panic, you and around a dozen others managed to evacuate to an emergency bunker away from the city by car, driving through hordes of these horrible monsters in the cities. Retreating to the moors, you managed to get in a safe secure area, although the concrete walls are safe and the metal door not breaking down any time soon, you're out of food and water after being in this place for three days. Unsure of what it's like out there within the dark gloom yet safe area of the bunker, you need to go and find food, water... and if you were up to it, answers.

    Now that supplies are out, it will be up to you to survive in these harsh lands where corruption is spreading from the tower. Survival will be key - although not easy in any way. Supplies will be scarce amongst what places you can find, and horrors seemingly created by the corruption of the tower lurk the lands. It is up to you where you explore, but the main aim of this game is survival. Needless to say the tower must be destroyed... and answers will be revealed to you throughout the roleplay. You will need to overcome the horrors the tower create, and the mindset to keep moving as the corruption spreads. Sooner or later you will need to best the corruption, but that's only when you think you have the right gear for the job. Military equipment is extremely scarce as not many military bases are around the areas of Exeter, and transport like cars seems to have been taken out. You'll not only need to survive, but you'll eventually need to go and destroy the tower when you are all ready.

    If you're wondering how this roleplay is actually going to work, then it's going to be a GM'ed adventure. You decide what to do, and I will state what happens as a result of that if you need it to. There are two ways you can post: Dialogue, which is where you either interact with another PC where it isn't up to me to decide what happens (unless you punch them or whatever) or you just don't do anything which I can respond to. On the other hand, you can do an 'Action' where you attempt to do something, and I will respond how that turns out (just like classic D&D.) as a result of that. Never just assume your going to, for example, punch that zombie's face off - I'll be the judge of that. Now then, on the basis of mechanics around your character, there are a few things you should know which I will point out now. Firstly, your conditional effects:

    Thirst - A vital part of human survival, you will need to drink a good amount of water a day in order to survive effectively. The human body is unable to run without water for around a week or so, and will cause hallucination and the inability to do intelligence-based tasks before death. Finding a water source is very necessary, and dirty water can cause all sorts of problems.

    Hunger - Whether you like it or not, a normal human has to eat. Lack of food causes weakness and the inability to perform tasks to usual effectiveness - mainly physical-based. A lack of food also causes a lack of morale and can cause tension between groups, making hunger a large issue in an apocalypse situation where only a few survivors remain in this area. Death is caused after a few weeks without food - and a painful one at that.

    Body Condition - Undoubtably, you will carry some injuries during your time in these corrupted lands filled with monsters wanting to kill you. I don't do no 'health' bullshit, so different injuries will affect you in different ways. A large loss of blood will kill you, as will serious damage to the organs. Pain also causes a lack of concentration and in serious cases will cause you to scream like a baby, so it should be avoided. Disease also seems to be present in these corrupted lands, each disease affecting you in different ways, as do the Common Cold and the other mundane yet dangerous diseases lurk around. Also, doing things which generally aren't humanly acceptable will cause your sanity to drop. The dropping of sanity will give you less control over what I put on your actions.

    Those three factors will be fundamental to your survival, and you should never ignore any of them as all of those factors are able to kill you easily.
    Now, another important thing will be crafting.

    As not much scavengable gear is around (although there is some if you can find the right places) you will usually need to create your own gear from whatever you can get. There are no 'set recipes' or anything - this isn't Don't Starve - all you need to do is state what you're trying to create, what you're using to create it and the method you use to make it work. If I think it's suitable and if your character is skilled in the form of crafting (which I'll come on to later) then you will be able to craft it! However, don't expect something like this to work:

    Timmy createz a katana from dat bit of scrap iron over there.

    I trust none of you will do this, but stuff like this is not only ridiculous and will not work, it is also a lack of justification and just makes it seem like you aren't putting any effort in! I don't want a paragraph on how you made it, so long as it MAKES SENSE.
    1) No godmoding! This is basically saying that you did something without the GM's permission. For example saying 'John punches a zombie's head off perfectly suffering no injuries'. Doing this makes you not a proper 'player' and such. Call it the 'hacking' of GM'ed RPs.

    2) Although romancing and dialogue with other PC's is allowed and doesn't really require the GM to do anything unless you try to engage in combat with another PC, I would appreciate it if you wouldn't engage in sexual intercourse throughout this roleplay. If you really must, put it in spoilers.

    3) If you're under 15, I warn you that you shouldn't really be reading this as I am a responsible adult - why not go try some less gory and depressing RP's? Although I can't force you to be truthful about your age, please don't play this if you know it's too mature for you. Thanks.

    4) If you want something subnormal to happen to your character and may surprise everyone, please ask me first. I'm not going to favour anyone in particular, but sometimes people can do actions which make everyone go 'wat.' If you know you have a 'wat.' action then please ask me before you do it! For example, beating the shit out of some random nice NPC girl that you found just because... you don't really know.

    5) Although death and gore is good stuff, I don't want you doing things for no reason which are cringingly bad to child/women NPC's. Rape is a definite NO, and other horrible torture methods are not only unnecessary but they're pretty disgusting yo. (Such as casteration.) Unless you have good reason/it's an undead, don't use horribly stomach-sickening actions if you please.

    6) No bitching at the GM! If I do something you don't like, tough crap! Character death will be a thing (obviously) in this roleplay, and do believe me when I say that I am a fair but realistic GM: no random deaths or epic injuries will occur, but I don't want any whining at me because you somehow broke your whole body into shards when you tried to elbow drop a zombie from a 20ft cliff.

    7) It's cliché, but have fun!

    Basically this is a survival, apocalypse themed horror roleplay with high levels of gore, swearing and general nastiness where the main aim is to stop corruption spreading across your hometown, and surviving against the monsters the horrible tower (which seemingly came out of nowhere in the city you used to live). It will be GM'ed by yours truly, but still feel free to dialogue with other players. The basic aim is you post an action depending on the current situation, and I tell you how that turns out. Obviously I'm a fair GM, and I'm not going to say you somehow die if you try to sharpen a stick.

    The general gist is survival against the undead, and becoming badass lategame to kill a large tower swarming full of unknown horrors after you fight through the city of various humanoid monsters.
    -Feel free to arrange and spruce up these character sheets as much as you feel like - in fact I encourage it (as long as it doesn't look shit)! Colour it up, bold it up, whatever. Just make sure you do the basic quota.

    Name: [I'm not asking for any Doctor Shaffanaffalaskis, but I want names more orginal than Bob for example.]
    Age: [Nothing below 15, please. I don't want to write bad things happening to kids.]
    Gender: [This isn't rocket science.]
    Appearance: [What do you look like? Be sure to outline your skin colour, eye colour, build and height.]
    Pre-Apocalypse Occupation: [What did you do before everything went to shit? Did you have a job, or were you chilling in college? If you have trouble doing this sort of thing, then don't write too much.]

    Dominant Statistic: [Choose one from the following:]
    -Strength, this affects your muscular power and is useful for melee combat, for example, or carrying heavy things.
    -Endurance, this affects how well you are able to tough it out through disease, hunger and pain.
    -Perception, this affects your ability to notice things others wouldn't with your five senses.
    -Dexterity, this affects your deftness of movement and helps with crafting or using fine weapons such as bows.
    -Agility, this affects generally how good you are at doing feats such as sprinting or acrobatic things.
    -Intelligence, this affects your general mental health and will help you craft and solve problems which require brain over Braun.

    Skills: [What were you good at before all of this happened? Please pick up to two skills. For example 'Tailoring' or 'Cutting Weapons'. I want these skills to be balanced, so do NOT give me skills such as: 'Master Swordsman' or 'World-Class Survivalist'. Just some basic stuff which will help you (or not) in some situations.]

    Postive Trait(s): [You can make these up, just balance them out so nothing is too overpowered. You don't /need/ a positive trait.]
    Negative Trait(s): [Make these as bad as you want, it'll be your funeral. Make sure you have at least one of these if you've picked a positive trait.]
    Quirks/Other Notes: [This is just stuff which makes your character interesting and doesn't affect them. For example, a habit like biting your nails or picking your nose, or there's just something weird about you that you may like.]
    If you have any questions, feel free to ask them and I'll do my best to answer them! Opinions are greatly wanted as I'd like to know if anyone would be interested in doing this, and general feels about this thing! It's going to be a survival adventure where you guys will be the centre of the story, and you perform actions to the current situations which I will tell you how it comes out - like classic D&D.

    (If you don't have any idea who I am, my name is Jakers, and I like harmonicas and death! Nice to meet you!)
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  2. Name: Jacob "Noir" Black
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Tall, Slender, well built for his size, shaggy black hair, wears an eye-patch over his left eye
    Pre-Apocalypse Occupation: Jacob worked as a bouncer for a local nightclub, dealing with drunks and such, stopping trouble from happening for the most part.
    Because of his training, and his time spent at bars, he is skilled at unarmed combat, and using improvised weapons
    Dominant Statistic: -Strength

    Traits: Well built, Cold as Ice
    Negative Traits: Easily tempted, Lightweight
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  3. That's a decent enough character, accepted. I'll see if anyone else wants to join.

    Also, what would 'Cold as Ice' actually do? Is it your personality or the feel of your skin? Just wondering...
  4. Personality, he's very cut off from other people, feeling little to no remorse, or sympathy for people in general
  5. Alright, so you won't be affected when people around you suffer - and if it is someone who is/was close to you, then you won't suffer as much.
  6. I'll have my CS up this afternoon!
  7. Name: Dmitri Navitsky
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Pre-Apocalypse Occupation: Musician & DJ, he also had a day job at his friend's boutique.

    Dominant Statistic: Dexterity

    Skills: Creativity, he thinks way outside the box about everything from weapons to weaseling out of situations.

    Postive Trait(s): Positivity, has good spirits in the worst situations. Pain endurance, pretends and acts like he's ok even when he's not.
    Negative Trait(s): Insensitive, puts himself before others and is usually too light-hearted in bad situations, likes to scare people. Reckless, tends to push himself too hard for the sake of appearances.

    Notes: Dmitri appears carefree and flirtatious, but he is horrible at accepting and dealing with bad situations and judging when certain jokes are and are not appropriate. He's had his ass kicked for it more than once (although this is also due to shamelessly flirting with men who are obviously uncomfortable with him). His creativity comes in handy when in sticky situations, coming up with solutions most others would not have thought of. Whether or not they work is another matter entirely.
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  8. Brilliant! Approved. I'll probably be wanting four or five players minimum before we start, and if you have any questions now would be a good time to do so - be it something you don't understand in my intro post (backstory/mechanics related or whatever) or just a question about what to expect.

    Damn Dmitiri looks hot
  9. Name: Duncan Miller
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A pale man standing at 5' 8'', he has brown/orange hair and grey eyes. He's a tad heavy but has quite large shoulders and hands.
    Pre-Apocalypse Occupation: Cameraman at the local television news station.

    Dominant Statistic:

    -Intelligence, this affects your general mental health and will help you craft and solve problems which require brain over Braun.

    Skills: Electronics [Someone's gotta fix the damn wiring in the studio] and Driving [When you drive for more than 14 hours, you get good at it.]

    Postive Trait(s): Will of Steel [Hard to demoralize/Higher Sanity Threshold]
    Negative Trait(s): Bad knees [Slightly slower.]

    Quirks/Notes: Self-admitting Loli-con.
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  10. Thanks lol. I don't have any questions at the moment but I might as the RP progresses, I've never done an RP in this style before.
  11. Alright, Duncan is approved (although lolis aren't going to be in this RP.) I'll wait for two or three more players at the minimum.
  12. Damn it Jake, not all Lolis are underage. *shakes fist like an old man*
  13. Riiiiight. Anyways, waiting for one or two more peeps still. Then we can get this undead slaying adventure on the road.
  14. Name: Jackie Sayles
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Just below the average height for her age, slightly thin, long light brown hair, blue/grey eyes, quite light.
    Pre-Apocalypse Occupation: College student.

    Dominant Statistic: Dexterity

    Skills: Computers and Throwing.

    Postive Trait(s): Light eater, requires less sleep then most other people
    Negative Trait(s): Slightly addicted to caffeine, not effected by caffeine at all.
    Quirks/Other Notes: Plays video games commonly, claims to have successfully completed the Red Ruby Burger Challenge at Urban Burger even though nobody there agrees with her, prefers to play everything but FPS's with an Xbox 360 controller.
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  15. Name: Damon 'Diesel' Maddox
    Age: 23
    Gender: M
    Appearance: A tall (6'3), lean, athletic man with short black hair that he keeps combed to the right. His eyes are a light blue, and he has a few scars and old burns dotting his chest and back. Rather pale due to his tendency to wear long pants and jackets.
    Pre-Apocalypse Occupation:. Diesel moved around a lot, doing odd jobs here and there, supplemented by the occasional sale of less-than-legal items, or even a bit of theft.

    Dominant Statistic:

    Skills: Concealing Items, Small Blades

    Postive Trait(s): [Generally Quick] [Parkour Adept]
    Negative Trait(s): [Seemingly Mute] [Addictive Tendencies]
    Quirks/Other Notes: Either mute or hates talking. Keeps eating those little cinnamon mint things.
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  16. Those two characters are beauties, and I'll probably get this baby started in 2 days or so. This isn't full, so if anyone else wants to make a character sheet then go ahead.
  17. Name: [Sariel Kawashiro.]
    Age: [21.]
    Gender: [Female.]
    Appearance: [A little bit above average height (5'9"), with grey eyes, bluish-grey hair, dyed, most likely, fairly thin,]
    Pre-Apocalypse Occupation: [College.]

    Dominant Statistic:-Intelligence.

    Skills: [A bit better than normal at throwing knives, good with the piano.]

    Postive Trait(s): [Fairly sensitive to vibrations, good hearing.]
    Negative Trait(s): [Blind, no feeling in her right arm.]
    Quirks/Other Notes: [Tends to tap her foot whenever stressed, enjoys eating raisins, limps a little when walking.]

    (In other news, this is the first time I've ever RP'd on this site, and I did not mean to put that dice there. Whoops.)
    Sovietspyder threw 20-faced die for: Total: 17 $dice
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  18. Approved, and your roll of 17 made me approve it 17% more, nice roll! Also, I didn't know that feature existed - but I hope when I do come to rolling dice you people will trust me when I say that you critfailed, because believe me - I never lie about these things.

    After a little decision, I'm going to start this tomorrow. Three spots are still open if you'd like to join, but we have more than enough to get this successfully started tomorrow.
  19. Name: Audrey Davidson
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: A girl with dark skin and long dark brown hair who stands at an average 5 '5". Her eyes are a hazel color and she is a bit chubby with a pear shaped body.

    Pre-Apocalypse Occupation: College Student: Theater Major
    Dominant Statistic: Endurance
    - Performing Arts
    - Sewing

    Postive Trait(s): Straight faced [Knows how to disguise her emotions]
    Negative Trait(s): Missing her right arm up to her elbow. [She can't carry as much]
    Quirks/Other Notes:
    -Since losing her arm at 16 she managed to learn how to use her left hand.
    -When she's anxious she nibbles on her hair.
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