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  1. Maika sank down the side of the van, closing his eyes. His head was spinning, and he felt like he was about to throw up. His hands were shaking, and he didn't know if it was the adrenaline of the fight or a sign that he was getting even worse. They just had been forced to kill seven of the monsters, and the effort of using his abilities had drained him, even if it had only been for a few minutes. Everyone knew that he was going to be the first to die. The doctors had told him that he'd be very lucky to see this roadtrip through. And it felt like it. A simple fight had left him unable to stand, even when he'd fought mostly using his gun.

    He forced himself back to his feet, leaning against the van. He managed to make it over to a tree a few metres away, where he threw up the contents of his stomach. He hadn't particularly wanted to do it by the van. When his body decided that it was finished, he dragged his exhausted body back to the van. "Let's just go." He said, climbing in and sinking gratefully into his seat. He pulled out a bottle of water and took a swig, trying to wash the aftertaste from his mouth. Two days in to the trip, and he could count the number of days he was going to see on two hands. He knew that he should probably take his meds, but doing so would require him to stretch out and grab his bag. He knew that if he moved too much, he'd be liable to pass out- and he wanted to avoid that as much as possible.
  2. Ella stared at her hands that trembled slightly of their own accord. She really wished the monsters that they had created looked less human. Because killing them made her feel terrible. Like she had blood on her hands. She took deep breaths and tried to come down safely from her battle-ready high. She had used her telekinesis for the fight simply because she had terrible aim with a gun, but she was afraid that she might pay for that in the long run. Ella shook her head and looked around at the others. On a deserted street in what used to be a city, a few kids who had been experimented on had just fought more experiments. And all of them were going for one thing. The cure. Ella sighed when she spotted Maika, dizzy and hardly able to stand, climb into the van with a muttered request to just get out of here. Maika had actually been friendly with her at the facility. She had known only a select few of the others at that time when Interlude had painfully injected who knows what in her brain, and though she wasn't particularly close to any of them, she didn't want them to die. She looked down at one of the felled monsters not too far from where she stood and bit her lip. No. She would definitely keep her companions from ending up that way. She'll do what it takes to prevent a death they never deserved.

    So Ella swiftly hightailed it to the van and sat on the floor beside Maika. The van had two benches on either side and pretty much everyone had marked where they like to sit by placing their bag beneath it, so there was a bit of space for them to walk around and stuff if they weren't bouncing on the road. It had been only two days so she wondered who would be driving now. Ella's warm eyes grew concerned when she turned back to Maika. He didn't look so good and though everyone knew he wouldn't be lasting long, she still had hope that he would make it. "Hey buddy why don't you lay down and I'll get your medicine okay?" Ella gave him a worried smile and squeezed his shoulder. She was sort of playing nurse for the others when she wasn't hit by her own random symptoms. She didn't like to think about hers. She feels like if she worries about them too much, they'll spring on her that much sooner.
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  3. Susan was curled up in the back seat of the van, as far from the others as she could get. Her arms were wrapped loosely around her legs.

    As the others started to get into the van, she winced a bit. She was weaker after the battle, and she couldn't fight her empathy now. Nauesa, light headedness, and guilt swirled around her head like a cloud.

    She pulled her legs tighter against her, and rested her forehead on her knees. Her feverish skin burned against her skin. Her fever had gotten higher again. Not to a dangerous point yet, just higher.

    She reached for her bag and took her medicine, ignoring the bitter taste of the pill. Before long her fever would go down and she'd be able to push their emotions away. She didn't want to feel them.
  4. The fight had wore Lillian out tremendously. She and the others had just been forced to kill seven monsters and not to mention her symptoms had started sometime during the fight. She was seeing things now, dark creatures that flitted about the inside of the van. The red head had figured that the creatures were not real when she first had the hallucinations. But even so, they still looked like they were real.

    Lillian Green climbed into the van with a groan. She was possibly the second or third to go out of all of them, for the doctors told her that she had two weeks to a month to live. They told her that it was possiblle she could make it to the cure, that she could live, but Lillian didn't believe Interlude. She didn't believe that there was a cure where they were going. After all, Interlude did create the monsters.

    Her throat began itching, the inside of it. And so, Lillian began coughing quite loudly. Her vision blurred, black dots danced against the edge of ber vision. She got on her knees, her arm covering her mouth. With one last cough, blood sprayed against her arm and the floor of the van. "F-fuck." she cursed. Her ginger hair fell around her in curls. She took a deep breath before pushing herself back off of the floor. She leaned against the wall of the van. "I-I'm sorry. I-if you give me a few minutes I'll clean it up." She could feel the fever burning against her skin.

    Reaching up to her neck, she began scratching a certain spot. Lillian also had these 'hives' that popped up around her skin. They itched badly, sometimes she would scratch them so much that they'd start bleeding.

    Lillian hated when her symptoms started, she couldn't do anything. She couldn't help the others because she was wallowing in her own pain, she despised herself for that. She really did.

    She tried getting up but only fell back down again.
    "I-I can't." she muttered unhappily. Now she was angry, at herself. She leaned her head back and sighed. "I-I can't I can't I cant. Why can't I?" her voice rising higher and higher. She knew she had to take her meds, but she couldn't get up, she couldn't move. Tears welled up in her hazel eyes. "No, no. I'm weak. I'm weak. I can't." she cried.
  5. Duncan, he was looking on the bright sad of things. He forces himself not to think of these monsters as they were once human, but what they are now. Monsters wearing the skin of a human body, trying to trick the weak minding into being killed. Letting these savages do just that, but Duncan tried his best not to think of how they were Monsters. His eyes trailed back to the van, everyone was getting in and he should hurry up before they leave without him. Though he didn't think they were cruel enough to let that happen.

    He was crouched down, hovering over one of the monsters. "At least this wasn't me..." He muttered before pushing off his knees and standing up, slowly making his way towards the van. He could feel it in the back of his throat, the urge to vomit his entire lunch but he continued to swallow whatever may come up.

    He stopped when he saw Lillian on the ground, blood splattered onto the floor and she was crying about how she was too weak. A frown marred his lips as he climbed in beside her, and grabbing her bag that held her medicine. "Don't worry, that's why we are traveling together. So we can help one another out and when someone is feeling weak, the other person just has to feel strong for them" It probably sounded corny, but maybe it would help her. His hand pulled out her medicine and held it out for her.

    He really shouldn't be the one to drive, but the drivers seat was empty and everyone was sitting around, their symptoms seeming to affect him. "I will drive" He offered, though his symptom of passing out may randomly hit him after this fight and he didn't want to behind the wheel if that happened.
  6. He nodded as Ella offered to get his meds for him. He didn't particularly want to be treated like a patient. He certainly didn't want people taking pity on him. But right now he just didn't feel well enough to object. He lay along the bench, still taking periodic swigs of water.

    He wasn't the only one feeling the effects of the fight. Lillian had just coughed up blood and seemed pretty shaken, crying about how she was weak. "Lil... You're not weak. You just helped us kill seven monsters. Dying isn't weak. If it is, then I'm royally screwed." His lungs seized up at that exact point, and he rolled onto his side, desperately trying to catch his breath. When it subsided, he gasped for air. "Or maybe I'm royally screwed anyway." He took the meds from Ella and swallowed them, washing them down with water. He knew they'd take a minute or two to kick in, and decided to stay on his side.

    Duncan offered to drive and he nodded. None of them were exactly fit to drive, but they had to keep moving. Even if he wouldn't make it, he wanted the others to. "Take your meds first, Duncan... might stop you from passing out."
  7. Ella watched Lillian anxiously when she toppled. She immediately wanted to help her, but Duncan beat her to it, holding out her medicine accompanied with encouraging words Ella smiled at. It was true, even if the weak wouldn't want to believe it at the moment. Maika agreed with Duncan and Ella handed him his dosage of medicine while he laid on his side. She could tell he was having trouble breathing, so she rubbed his shoulder until it passed and deemed him well enough to be unattended for now. Even if he thought he was royally screwed. She still had hope for him.

    Ella turned away from Maika and instantly went to work, glancing and envisioning things while her mind worked to do as she commanded. But before things started moving on their own, she helped Lillian onto the other end of the cushioned bench where she could lay down by Maika. Their feet touched, but as a long as the others sat down on the other bench, there would be enough room for the whole misfit group. As Lillian's pills levitated off of Duncan's hand, Ella addressed him. "And I'll sit in the passenger seat just in case." She didn't want to leave the sick, but she was confident that the others could help them if the need arose. While Ella helped Lil sit up, a water bottle and her medicine floated in front of her, waiting for her to pluck them out of the air and take them. At the same time, Ella made the paper towels come from their bag and clean up the blood on the floor before it could dry there. Sometimes telekinesis comes in handy for things like that. And lastly, she gave Duncan a shy smile and mentally unzipped his bag, floated him the pill bottle inside and allowed another water bottle to hover before him. Such intricate and specific movements were a little struggle for Ella (as shown by the way the objects quivered in the air the way her hands would have if she was holding them), but she thought they were worth practicing. It would have been easier to have Duncan's whole bag float to him, but she wanted to be of the most use possible. The bloody paper towels crumpled and flew into the small trash can in the corner and Ella stood from where she had been on her knees beside Lillian. "Okay. Is everyone on the van?" Ella asked and looked around the area before standing next to Duncan, who had volunteered to drive. She had only known some of these experiments for the two days they'd been on this journey so she hoped they wouldn't blame her for not being absolutely sure if everyone had climbed in or not.
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  8. The world in all its ruined glory was far better then the cell he had willingly occupied. The air tasted fresher and even the threat of danger held its own spice. He was finally free of everything but himself. And in the subject's mind that ruined any delight the sky may have offered. For he knew his prison was contained within the psyche of the mind.

    Of course the presence of others was not something he had counted on. The twenty three year old knew none of them. For the society of others he normally shunned. If only because he knew himself a danger to others. Perhaps as equally dangerous as anything they would encounter. Though he agreed in the saying of strength in numbers in principle the man did not believe it applied to him. Though gifted the subject knew himself a liability. His demons kept at bay by near lethal doses of an anti-psychotic contained in a glass bottle and applied via a injection into any convenient vein. Without them he knew he would end up attacking his own allies.

    The researchers knew this, their subject knew this and most likely his newfound allies knew it. But the thought of finally being rid of the horrors of his waking and dreaming hours was an intoxicating one. And so he decided the risk was worth it, decided he'd have the fortitude to leave his companions if the demon reared his head.

    Thus he found himself traveling through a nightmarish world not far removed from his own fantasy. At his side allies he knew nothing about. A status quo he'd attempt to maintain. For connections would only make it harder to run away once the demon could not be kept away. This no doubt made him appear antisocial but he preferred that stigma then innocent blood on his hands.

    But the obligations of companionship meant there were minor interactions and right now major ones. They had been traveling for two days, stopping here and there for various reasons. The landscape offering up the clues that the world was once a vibrant place. In the same theme though it offered the realities of a dream long dead.

    This was made readily apparent by the twisted remnants of humanity that confronted them on their latest stop. The others trusted in guns and abilities but those methods were not for him. He withdrew the wakizashi that was the gift of the researcher in charge of him. She of the blonde hair and green eyes, the one who tried to be as gentle as possible. She who had personally seen that this blade was put into his hand.

    Running straight at the latest strike of fate aimed against him he dodged several attacks and left behind many a bloody slash behind. Singling out his target he managed to separate it from the group with nipping draw cuts and backward sliding steps. The vicious thing however was close enough that its visage reminded him of the demon within him. Its howling dredging memories of when his own behavior was not so very different.

    " MY NAME IS SATOSHI NAKUU. " He yelled right back as he felt the demon within raise. It was a mental technique the blonde had come up with. A reinforcement of who and what he was had proven useful time to time.

    But the monstrous remains of a human being pressed ever closer. Their fetid breath tearing Satoshi ever further from the reality of his situation. The world was beginning to take on a reddish tint and his heart was beating a million miles a minute. He knew the signs but seemed powerless to stop it.

    "YOU'RE FUCKING DEAD, YOU'RE FUCKING DEAD, YOU'RE FUCKING DEAD." The words ripped out of the twenty three year old's throat with such volume and fury even his attacker was stunned.

    The demon didn't hesitate though, no that dark half of Satoshi went to town. The blade in his hand whirled in a moulinette that reduced the opponent into meaty chunks. Not satisfied with that the dark half kept hacking at the corpse of his enemy. Blood splattered clothes and body combined to present an image not so far removed fron that of his enemy.

    " MY NAME IS SATOSHI NAKUU. " Satoshi howled tearing control momentary from his dark half. Pawing through his pockets for that syringe he kept on him at all times he found it. Full of a light red liquid it was his lifeline to sanity. Plunging it into his neck the twin persona man felt that brief but mental excruciating struggle as the dark half fought back.

    The others had by now had dealt with the other attackers. Looking down at his blood covered body he reckoned looked a horror himself. Ridding himself of at least the white button up shirt he strolled back to the their van. Grabbing a few water bottles from his pack he sluice them through a spare shirt and did his best to remove the traces of battle from his body. The once yellow shirt had turned sanguine by the time he was done. Tossing it away he decided to sit down in the van to retain the calm the drugs had given him. Idly filling another syringe he dropped into a small case then into his pants pocket. Vaguely aware of a question he answered in the positive that yes he was in the van. Looking down at his now shirtless torso Satoshi was suddenly aware of the fact his scar covered arms were visible. Those little cuts he'd use to distract himself. Though they had been painless the act of cutting helped keep his mind from the empty mind his dark half found easy to assume control of. Or so he justified to himself, the truth was perhaps more complex.
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  9. He continued to watch Lillian until Ella came in and helped, using her telekinesis to do things that they could with their hands. It was helpful, she could do many things at once but it was after the fight and she was still using her abilities. Standing up from his crouching position he took the bottle of medicine that Ella floated over to him and accepted it with the water. He dropped a pill or two into his mouth and washed it down with water before closing the lid on his pill bottle and putting it back into his bag. Turning he looked to make sure everyone was in the van, he felt like they were missing someone but he couldn't remember or tell.

    His eyes dropped to Satoshi for a brief moment, keeping his face as neutral as possible while he looked at his scarred body. He wanted to say something, but he felt like Satoshi wouldn't pay attention or even acknowledge he spoke.

    He looked from Satoshi to Ella "I will see up at the Passenger seat then" He gave her a soft smile and before leaving the back of the van, he stopped himself. "Also, we just got down fighting so go easy on yourself Ella" He was sure she could handle herself with the medicine, but she didn't need to keep using her abilities after the fight.

    Hopping out of the van, he made a quick look around for anyone else. He still felt like someone was missing. Shrugging the feeling off, he walked to the front of the van and climbed into the drivers seat, placing the water bottle in the cup holder. Everyone was given a gun, his was a Beretta M9. Pulling the Beretta out his jeans, he tucked it between his back and jeans, he laid it down on his lap. The safety on.

    "How much gas do we even have left..." He didn't want to start the van yet, waiting for everyone to get settled and close the back doors and for Ella to get in. If they were low on gas, then he shouldn't sit here with it on, idling.
  10. Frank Walton, The Traveler
    Although his mind urged him to stop, Frank pushed on as he walked alongside the empty road. When was the last time he had seen someone? He craved human interaction... He needed human interaction. He couldn't even sleep on the road; every time he shut his eyes the thought of scientists poking and prodding and fucking with him filled his mind. Why was even putting himself through this? Maybe Frank wanted to prove something...

    A roar startled him out of his thoughts. He turned to his left, where he assumed the sound originated. Had they caught up with him?

    "Oh shit... I'm gonna die," he whispered to himself. His voice shook with fear. Last time he had an encounter he lost his knife, and now he nothing to fight off whatever it was that was hunting him. He didn't even have a name for it, but it scared him. He took a deep breath and a knee. Frank looked in his bag and checked his supplies. Other than some basic survival gear, like a canteen and a few matches for fires, Frank had nothing. That knife was his only means of defense, and he had lost it.

    He closed up his bag and slung it over his back. He picked up the pace; maybe if he hauled ass he could evade it.​
  11. There was a slight breeze, and for a moment Emerson could close her eyes and enjoy the sensation of the air touching her skin and pushing her hair. It was a moment short lived, dying with monstrous sounds and people struggling against them. There was very little time to enjoy anything these days because every waking moment seemed to be dedicated to keeping alive.

    Emerson was sitting atop the van. While the others were on the ground in combat, she did her best to keep the radius clear of death. Keeping the safe zone safe, she thought to herself. Currently lacking any sort of real weapon, she had resorted to primitively throwing heavy objects she'd been able to quickly scoop up. Em felt like a caveman hurling rocks and old batteries at monsters, but with her strength, when she managed to hit them in the head it put them on the ground.

    Thinking everyone had gathered up, Emerson peaked her head down at the drivers seat window. The van was pretty packed, they were lucky to have been given such a large one. It being so full also meant they had yet to lose anyone, and she hoped the rest of their journey would be as cramped and uncomfortable as the start had been. Before speaking, she quickly glanced at everybody. Sick. Afraid. Exhausted. Unmarked, she knew the least she could do is try to keep them alive.
    Hopping down, she opened the car door, "Listen, guys, it might be a better idea if you let me drive."
  12. Alexis stretched, appreciating the slight breeze that was blowing. It ruffled her hair without making a complete mess of it, and it was nice and cooling as well. She felt bad for the others, and a little guilty. They were all feeling the effects of the fight, and even if she was around the other side of the van, she'd heard one of them- probably Maika- lose the contents of his stomach. In contrast, she felt strong. A tad hungry, perhaps, but strong. The hunger was more than likely a side effect of her increased metabolism- not that she cared. She could eat as much as she wanted and not lose her shape. Thinking about her shape made her feel guilty again. Here she was, concerned about how she looked, while some of her best friends were dying. Some of her only friends.

    She sighed and walked around the other side, hopping into the van. Lillian and Maika were sprawled out on the benches, looking considerably worse for wear. She put her hand on Lillian's shoulder, grinning as she bent down to retrieve her bag. "Hang in there, sweetie. You're going to be fine, you hear me?" She told her, rubbing her arm gently and straightening up. "ACE! Get your ass in the van!" She yelled, leaning out and yelling at the other boy. She noticed Emerson standing by the driver's door and rolled her eyes. "Emerson, they'll be fine. They took their meds. Besides, I don't think I can manage everyone back here all by my little old self." She grinned and leaned back in, rooting in her bag for something to eat. She found a cereal bar that she kept stashed away for emergencies and grimaced. "Duncan, whatever about gas, I need food. And I stock up on extra, so I'm pretty sure everyone else does to." She called, ripping open the packaging and taking a mouthful.
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  13. Duncan's smile was contagious, so she smiled back bashfully and nodded before heading back towards her bag to grab a snack before meeting up on the other side of the thick canvas that separated the front of the van from the back. She pulled out a water bottle and a granola bar, her last one. But when she was about to close it, her eyes a caught a glimpse of her orange pill bottle nearly full. Should she take some? She took one about 10 minutes before running into he monsters, but with everyone working together, she hadn't needed to be on the offensive. She had mostly put a few force fields here and there to keep the others from getting hit. Aside from directing some of Emerson's projectiles to their targets when they looked like they would miss, Ella hadn't strained herself completely. She wanted to keep her pills and emergency syringes for when she really needed them, especially since she didn't know how long it would really take to find the cure. So she zipped up her bag and neglected the white pills.

    After one last guilty look around, Ella hopped out of the back of the van just as Alex was getting in, making her flinch when she suddenly yelled for Ace. Ella walked around toward the passenger seat and climbed in now that Emerson's suggestion was turned down and took a bite of her granola bar when Alex mentioned food. Ella's brown eyes met Duncan's and she spoke softly as usual. "When we find the next gas station, I'm sure we can raid its convenience store." Ella looked ahead through the windshield at the mostly deserted road before them. It might be a little while. Hopefully long enough to get them there. If not, she could have sworn she'd seen two red containers of gasoline in the storage bins under the seats in the back. They had nothing to worry about except monsters. Interlude made sure of that.
    Ella clicked on her seatbelt and set her water in the cupholder beside Duncan's.
  14. Emerson hesitated a moment. She looked at the steering wheel and her fingertips brushed the door handle. Earlier there had been an incident where someone Marked had been driving and had some sort of attack, sending the van swerving. Her eyes adjusted and she caught a glance of her own reflection in the glass, and she let out a deep breath. Em gave into Alexis, shouting "Alright!" back at her. She spoke at Duncan and Ella, "I'll want to drive later then!" and walked to the back.
    Looking inside was depressing. Everyone looked more worn than before from their current battle. It wasn't fair that these dying people had to defend their lives like this for an attempt to save themselves. That's why Em had to help. These people were her friends, and since she was Unmarked she could give her life meaning by helping them.
    Stepping up inside the smell hit her. Out in the open the smell of flesh and death was dissipated by the wind and other scents, but in the metal walls blood and sweat had no where to go but in your lungs. Emerson swore under her breath, trying not to puke. The stench was most pungent from Satoshi, who earlier she had saw gruesomely battling. The smell must have clung to him. "Hey man are you doing all right? Do you need anything?" Emerson turned her head, looking back out. They had effectively killed off most of the hoard that had been after then but stragglers were approaching. Raising her voice she shouted, "Guys we gotta kick it, like real soon here!" Em mentally prepared herself to go back out and fight, to buy them a few more minutes, but turned her attention back to sick.
  15. "My name is Satoshi Nakuu, My name is Satoshi Nakuu. .." The quiet muttering seemed harsh to his ears. This pitiful attempt to maintain control over an ever spiraling out of control situation. He could feel that urge, the one solution he'd found. But looking down at the lattice of scars crisscrossing his arms and then up at the faces of those stuck in the van he decided against it. That way out was a deeply personal thing, and he knew from long experience that such things only brought temporary relief from his dark half. Indeed the twenty three year old could swear he heard laughter each time he drew a blade across his flesh.

    This whole thing though was a mockery in Satoshi's mind. The very fact their captors thought any of them would make it through was insulting. His eyes swept over them in their states noting their poor bedraggled bodies. Not two days in and already many looked like death itself. And what of him reduced to a psychotic wreck each time a fight was thrown his way.

    Did she of the green eyes and gentle touch think Satoshi strong enough to keep it all together. Stay whole in the face of his darker half's constant struggle for dominance. In the unthinking fury that saw him covered in blood each fight. Or was this simply a convenient way to get them all killed. Dangle that carrot in front of them so they'd walk over that cliff. Was there even a carrot or was the idea of cure a product of his deranged mind. Why drag his mentally broken body through each day if it only meant one more fight with the demon within.

    The answer was perhaps that he refused to die untill his mind was clean and wholly his again. Satoshi would walk through the hell in front of them on hands and knees if need be, he would even crawl if it came to that.

    But here surrounded by the stench of death and sickness the research subject knew only the present. The words of his companions so much static to his ears. The man wanted to be moving, away from this place of recent battle. To somewhere that wasn't here for starters.

    The question directed at him shook Satoshi from his thoughts however. Mostly because he did not remember giving his name to anyone. The idea another knew something personal about him nearly let that dark half to the surface.

    " Unless you have a shower and a washer and a dryer there is nothing I need." The barely under control Satoshi all but snarled before turning in his seat and punching the inside of the van with all the strength in his body.

    The obvious result was his left hand torn and slightly bleeding. Satoshi looked at the crimson liquid oozing across the back of his hand with such an endearing look it was disturbing in it's own right. At the way it slid in between the fingers he positivly smiled. Now the twenty three year old was in his happy place. Unaware of the situation around him.
  16. Pain consumed Ace as he struggled his way to the van as he was putting pressure on his bleeding wound. Due to insomnia, Ace had a lack of energy which result in a poor performance of fighting and the monster's strength didn't help either. With the last of his energy and his only free arm, Ace quickly jumped into the van and collapsed on the floor of the van. He could hear someone calling him out as he got into the van but he register who it was and he didn't really care, he was too tired to care. You can see it from the bags under his eyes and the numerous scars and healing wounds on his face that all life was sucked out of him, and the medication didn't help that much. Although, his medication stops the mood swings, throwing up and the pins-and-needles but he still colour blind and has insomnia, something that Ace will just have to get over with.

    "Sorry, I couldn't run any faster," Ace apologised as he reached for his bag, frantically searching for his medication as he was started to feel pins-and-needles in his legs, feeling a bit frustrated because it was hard for him to see because all of things in his bag are nearly the same shade to his eyes. Although he could see lines and shapes, it wasn't helping him since there's so much things his bag.
  17. Sitting in the Drivers Seat, he was about to tell Emerson that he had it and she would probably be more helpful in the back since majority of them were marked. He was marked, but his symptoms weren't that bad compared to the other people of the group. Coughing, easy. Vomiting, as long as he got something back in his stomach, easy. The only one that was a problem was the random passing out. He closed his mouth as Alexis talked for him instead, and also about picking up more food from Alexi and Ella. He simply nodded and figured everyone was in the van as he heard the back doors closed.

    Starting up the Van, he checked how much fuel they had left and the map they were given. They had enough fuel to find the next gas station. Putting the van into drive, he began their journey north once more.

    His eyes glanced over to Ella, a small smile on his face as he focused more on the road. "If I do black out, try and get my foot off the gas and hold the wheel straight." It was common knowledge, but he was just breaking the awkward silence that was up front.
  18. Time skipping to when they reach the gas station...

    Maika climbed out of the van, stretching a little. His meds had finally kicked in, and he was feeling much more like his regular self. Once he got something in his stomach, he'd feel better. The gas station was a little worse for wear. With everything that had happened, the upkeep of these kinds of things had fallen by the wayside. However, it still had food and gas, and that was all that they wanted. He ran a hand through his hair and yawned. They had an Interlude card each, and it was just a matter of swiping it at the till, and they could buy as much as they wanted. As he headed in, he thought he could hear somebody around. He double-checked he had his gun, before starting to stock up on food. He bought a couple of day's worth, not knowing how long it would be before they'd be stopping again. He didn't bother worrying about how healthy any of it was- he just bought food that would last and that tasted half-decent. Right now, he wasn't worried about the long-term effects.
    Alexis climbed out of the van and stretched her legs. She ruffled her hair as she headed inside, pulling her Interlude card out of the pocket of her black jeans. Her gun was safely strapped around her waist, easily reachable if she needed it. She grabbed a slightly bent metal basket and started shoving all kinds of food into it. Her body was engineered to keep it at it's prime, meaning that it would burn everything except what was necessary to keep it at it's current state. However, if she didn't eat enough, her body would still burn calories. And unfortunately, she didn't know how many calories she needed to eat. So she tended to just go overboard and eat as much as it took to fill her, and eat when she wanted it.

    She swiped her Interlude card and shoved the food into her backpack, heading back outside to wait. She perched on a picnic table, crossing her legs and leaning back slightly to enjoy the sunshine.
  19. Frank Walton, The Traveler
    He was running now, and ahead he saw a building; a gas station, perhaps? What started off as a dot on the horizon ahead of him grew into a shelter, and it was indeed a gas station. He slowed down on his approach, listening for anything that might be hiding in or around the station. When he heard nothing, he pushed onward.

    He pushed open the door and jumped when the bell above it rang. He assumed it was there to alert the clerk when a new customer entered. It was dark, and shelves were half-full. The front counter had boxes full of lighters, and Frank helped himself to one. Light. The small flame produced by the lighter was no flashlight, but it did a good enough job when aided by daylight. He moved to the back of the store, picking up water bottles and clearing out a space to sleep. This would be his home for the night.
    The sounds of a vehicle startled Frank almost as badly as screeches of the monster that had followed him. He was frozen in place, not daring to move or make a sound.

    The bell above the door rang, and quickly but quietly scambled to hide. Minutes later, the door rang again, and after a few seconds of waiting, he checked to see if the small store was empty. It was. He stood up, moving to the door and peaking out.

    People, thank fucking god. He slowly opened the door with his hands up.

    "Frank Walton, Traveler'
  20. Ella nodded, but she was too shy to start much conversation. So she chewed on her granola bar awkwardly silent for most of the ride until they reached a gas station. Maika, who looked much healthier thank goodness, and Alex were the first to head into the convenience store and she hopped out of the passenger seat to hopefully snag some of the good stuff to share with those who couldn't stand yet. As she opened the door she smiled back at Duncan. "We made it. Great job getting us here." It was an awkward compliment, spoken softly and shyly, but she was proud of him for not passing out. She wished she had more courage to talk to him during the drive here...

    Just as Ella was about to enter through the front doors, a man came bursting out with his hands up. Ella screamed, jumped back and tripped, her first thought thinking it might have been a monster. So her hands shot out and encased the man in a glass like forcefield that he wouldn't be able to escape for a full 60 seconds. She was sitting up on the asphalt, eyes wide and breathing erratic, hoping the others would say something to him for she was kind of stuck and more than shocked to find a stranger on this road.