Insanity is a Lifestyle, and I'm Living it (temporary thread)

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Scarrlet sat alone in the corner of the main room of the Asylum, playing chess with himself and talking mindlessly to one of his other personalities. "Ah, good move! But you've fallen for my trap!~" he exclaimed, moving a bishop a few spaces and proclaiming a checkmate. "Ah!" said the Charles side of him, "I'm impressed, Scarrlet, you've really gotten good at this!" He replied, "Thanks, I know~ Play again?~" he asked, quickly agreeing with himself and setting the board up again.
Sammie blushed and tried to pull the skirt she was wearing lower as she sat at a table in a corner of the lounge room. She could not remember waking up, let alone getting dressed. Hell she couldn't remember anything of the day until a hour ago when she became aware of her surroundings. she tugged at the skirt again. 'Calm down, no one is staring at you' she told herself, 'stop being paranoid.' After glancing around the room to make sure no one was staring at her, Sammie picked up the book she'd taken from her room and started reading.
Nurse Carl was walking down the corridor checking his schedule on the clipboard, again, as if hoping that the next entry on the list would be gone. It was there though, "Joe Blaide" clear as daylight. It wasn't that he didn't like the girl, but sometimes she just got really weird and her unpredictability made her dangerous. As he came to her door he placed the clipboard in its holder and took out her medication to be administered. Thankfully there were no need for injections and he just had to find a clever way to get her to take her pills. </SPAN></SPAN>

He stood in front of the door's little window, looking inside and hoping to see what mood she was in. She wasn't there. He knew this meant she was either under her bed or standing next to the door, hoping for a sneak attack. He took a breath before unlocking the door and entering, quickly checking the sides for in case. She wasn't there either so the only place was indeed under her bed. </SPAN></SPAN>

This could mean a few things. A, sneak attack. B, thinking she's a werewolf and the bed is her cave. C, She was trying to get away from her imaginary "friend" Bucky (whom was a vampire). D, none of the above. </SPAN></SPAN>
He closed the door and walking calmly he approached the foot end of the bed and stood there for a few seconds.</SPAN></SPAN>
"Joe?" he said cautiously, but got no reply. Option A was beginning to look like the right one. Still he bent down to take a peek underneath, and his face fell. He had not expected this one… </SPAN></SPAN>

There she was, lying down like, well, probably a wolf, tearing at her prey (which was the pillow) and feathers everywhere. He wondered if she had swallowed any. </SPAN></SPAN>
Carl reached out with his hand slowly to try and pry the pillow away from her, but she had been eyeing him and gave a warning growl. This was normal for Joe, but the feather eating couldn't be healthy and he had a job to do. </SPAN></SPAN>
He retracted his hand and said gently, "Now look Joe, I know you're having fun eating at your… prey, but it's time for your medicine." </SPAN></SPAN>

Joe merely continued her "feast" and sent more feathers floating about, paying him no mind. </SPAN></SPAN>
Carl sighed. Alright, time for creative thinking. She was in her werewolf fantasy world so he decided to improvise. As he took out the pill container he shook it gently and it got her attention. "Look, Joe! Rabbit flavoured treats. You like these, don't you?"</SPAN></SPAN>

It worked, he had her full attention. After shaking it one more time she spat out a feather half stuck in her mouth and eyes locked on the container moved hastily forward. Carl had to reverse quickly to avoid her grabbing at him to get to the pills. She was in high spirits now, making funny dog-like noises and the male nurse had to keep twisting about to keep the pills out of reach in case she swallowed them and choked. His height helped, but Joe was a clever girl and jumped on his back like a monkey. After their little struggle for control dance he finally decided enough was enough and with a commanding voice told her to stop. Hand in mid-grasp she looked at him surprised, and got down. </SPAN></SPAN>

"Now, sit on the bed." He said, and she did. He poured her a glass of water and gave it to her, plus one pill at a time to swallow. After every one was down, she looked up at him silently and said "Thank you." like the werewolf pretend had never happened.

((Uhhh... gee this is a long post. Sawry))</SPAN></SPAN>
Theresa walked around the halls aimlessly humming quietly to herself. She was alone at the moment and she smiled to herself. Running a hand through her brown hair. Taking a deep breath the mute girl walked through the doors to the patients common area where she sat in one of the corners with a book in hand. Reading quickly she let out an inaudible sigh before looking around the room.

She has been here for a year and none of her problems were solved yet. Not only did she blame her doctor she blamed herself. She made a promise to talk about what happened but her body never allowed her.
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Sam sat in the corner of her room on her bed. She had it pushed up to the far wall away from the door. She didn't want to be startled by a male nurse or doctor that came walking in. All of her toys where hidden away in a trunk she was given her first year here. Sam didn't get any sleep last night, and she yawned loudly while watching the door. Her night terrors woke her up in the middle of the night, and she was afraid to go back to sleep. Add that to her hallucination episode she had once she was conscious, then she defiantly wasn't going to go to sleep. The dark made the episode so much more worse than it needed to be.

She made a big scene last night, even punched a male nurse in the jaw because he got too close. They almost put her in a straightjacket and her padded room, but she was able to calm down once a female nurse took over. She forced Sam to take a pill that helped her see what was really there, then the nurses left to allow Sam to calm down all the way.
Kevin walked around in circles in the asylum, he were bored and didn't want to do anything for the moment. He soon came in to the main room where he saw a guy playing chess with himself. He hadn't cared to get to know anyone since he came there two month ago, mostly because he didn't understand why he were there. He weren't insane like the others in the asylum, why should he be locked up in there? He had some sleeping issues and a really bad memory, but that didn't make him mad, he shouldn't be among "those."
They had explained to him time after time that he had Dissociative identity disorder, but if he had why didn't he remember it? Even that they had explained, but Kevin didn't want to believe in it. He didn't think the people there were bad in any way, he just didn't think he belonged with them. He was trapped in his thoughts and didn't notice the guy that played chess with himself before he started to talk. Kevin first thought that he had talked to him but noticed that he answerd himself. Weird guy, talking to himself. It wasn't anything new, a lot of people in the asylum did, but still...

Kevin looked out of one of the windows, he wanted to go out. Not only out around the asylum, but go around in the city, or somewhere else, just not here. It was so boring, and he didn't know anyone, not because he wanted to know them. He had sometimes talked to nurses but didn't remember their names and sometimes now and then he had even talked to some of the patients but he never got to know them he had talked to. Even though he used to be very social he hadn't been since he came to the asylum, mostly because he were afraid.
He got interrupted in his thoughts again, the guy still talked with himself, had he even noticed that kevin had entered the room? Probably not, he hadn't made any noice or tried to make him notice him, so why would he notice that Kevin were there? He looked out of the window again, why couldn't everything just be like it used to be?
Suddenly the man stood up, his black hair billowing at his sides as the chess board shook dramatically. "Hey, that's cheating!!" he shouted, pointing to the chair across from him. Talking in a calm voice, he replied, "Nope~ A knight can move as far as it wants across the board in a straight line~" Back to frustration. "Lies!! Liiees!!" "Ugh, I swear; if you don't both shut up I'm going to break your necks!!" the Luke side of him snarled in response. He stood perfectly still for a moment before sighing in self-defeat. "Fine.. But I still quit.." he sat back down with a thump, pushing the chess board away like a grumpy child and looking out the window. He may seem normal on the outside, but when it really gets down to it, this kid was just as insane as anyone else here.
Sammie glanced fearfully over at the black haired boy sitting at one of the other tables when he started arguing with himself. Not that it was an unusual occurrence here at Pine Rest, but it still caused Sammie to panic some times even after six months at this place. Realizing that the boy -Scarrlet Sammie thought his name was- was not yelling at her, Sammie let out a breath.

Digging her nails into her palm hard enough to leave welts, Sammie counted to twelve before letting go, hissing slightly as the pain entered her system. She'd been here six months, six long months for various reasons. Sammie had known about her OCD and anxiety as well as her masochism, though the doctors didn't know about that last one yet, but Sammie was here because she'd supposedly attacked a girl at her school though Sammie could not remember attacking anyone. The doctors said it was because of her Multiple Personality Disorder, but Sammie wasn't so sure. Although it would explain why some mornings she couldn't remember getting dressed and why she'd be wearing clothes she wouldn't normally wear and why a lot of people (especially boys for some reason) seemed to know her and she couldn't remember them at all.

Turning back to her book, Sammie tugged at the skirt again, swearing under her breath for not remembering getting dressed. Maybe if she did, she could have stopped herself. Urgh. She slammed her head against the table; she felt like crying
Kevin looked at the guy who suddenly started to shout, 'what the heck, is he mad or something?' Kevin thought before remembering where he were. Ofcours he were mad in some aspects, he kept talking to himself saying that he wouldn't play anymore. Weird guy.
Then Kevin noticed a girl in the room, she was reading a book. She was really cute, but probably mad like everyone else, or maybe she was here without a reason like he was. They said there was a reason but he still didn't believe it. He felt how he started to blush while looking at the girl, he looked down in the floor and his heart started to beat a bit to fast. Suddenly he felt how he started to loose conciousness. Everything went dark, but even though his mind dissappeard his body still stood up firmly.
Jazz came out.

He looked around, it was a week since he had been out and when he disappeard he had been with a lovely nurse that tried to reject him. But she was gone now and he was in another room. He looked around noticing the girl whom read a book. He went towards her and took a place beside her, taking her book from her to force her to look at him.
"Hey there beautiful, what about you and I going somewhere and have a long romantic night together" He asked with a flirty voice, while laying her book at a table and standing in the way so she wouldn't reach it. He looked deeply in to her eyes, making it impossible to any girl to reject him. At least that was what he thought.
Eventually, he got bored. Scarrlet stood up and turned around, examining the room curiously. "Hmm..~ Who to kill first..~" he said in a hissing tone. Then he shook his head. "No! No killing, I said..!" a hushed whisper was his voice. He could not let people know about Luke. They would do more experiments on him if they did. 'Just calm down..' he told himself, 'Just listen to music or something, that'll make them all go away..' He slowly pulled out his IPod, only to find that it was fully dead on battery life. "No.. No, goddammit, no..!" he started to shake as he spoke. Music was his only way to keep himself under control, without it he'd go absolutely nutty.

After about a full minute of shaking, a smile began to grow on his face. He had changed. Luke stood up as Scarr was trapped somewhere inside. He let out a raspy growl as his black hair draped over his face, a toothy grin and eyes filled with madness still visible through it. Luke swiftly darted over to Jazz, tackling him to a wall and holding a hand firmly around his neck. "Ever felt what it's like to suffocate, friend?~" he asked in an almost demonic voice, still smiling madly.
Jazz didn't get far in his flirting because the guy that just had played chess with himself had suddenly gone berserk and attacked him. Jazz didn't hear the question the guy asked as he disappeard in to the darkness, he desperately tried to stay but the fear slowly pulled him away.
Jazz was gone and left was Cole, he didn't know where he was, just a minute ago he had locked himself up in a closet to get away from everyone and then he had fallen asleep in there. Why did this guy now hold him around the neck and looking evily at him.
Cole got scared and forced himself not to cry, his only choice was to make the guy let go of him, so he bit him the hardest he could in the arm. Hopefully he would let go, or else Cole would be domed.
A snapping sound could be heard as his victim hit him in the arm. Luke began to stare at that spot in disbelief, slowly turning his blank face towards his prey. "... Nice shot." he said mockingly, his tooth filled smile returning as he threw Cole across the room and into a wall by the neck. "Don't you dare hit me!!" he screamed, grabbing his arm where the person had hit. A nurse rushed into the room to try and calm Luke down, but he failed miserably as Luke put one finger out into the air and landed it directly on a sensitive pressure point on the mans neck, crippling him to the ground. "Leave me alone, all of you!! I don't belong here!!" he shouted, running to to the nearest window and trying to open it.
Sammie looked up and blushed as the boy flirted with her. She squirmed "N-n-" And her world went dark. Jade smiled "Sure" She stood up. It hadn't been long since she'd come out, but Sammie had come back out and ruined her fun. Then the world around her her went mad, or at least the dark haired boy did. Jade let out a groan as Lilith pushed her back "Let me have my fun!" It was too late though, Lilith was in control now.

Grabbing he boy as he tried to open a widow Lilith threw him across the room. "I've been looking for someone to fight. You look like fun. Interested?" It'd had been too long since he last fight, and that one hadn't been much of a fight at all.
Luke nearly burst into laughter at the throwing, his insanity growing by the minute. "A fight? With a girl?" he sounded like he had just been told a joke as he stood up. He grabbed a butter knife off a table that was next to him and looked over it with interest. "I wonder what this would look like with your blood on it..~ You're guts spilling onto the floor..~" He smiled with joy, looking back up as he charged at the girl. "If it's a fight you want, you've got one!!"
Lilith laughed coldly. "You think I won't be much of a fight because I'm a girl? Well I'll show you!" she dodged as he came at her, spinning around so she was behind him Grabbing his free arm, she pulled back and twisted, kicking the back of his knees. "I'm more of a fight then you are apparently" she mocked.
But before she could kick his knees out, he felt the touch of her hand on his arm. Using this to his advantage, he jumped, back flipping so that he was on the other side of the girl. Being where he now was, he pulled her backwards over himself and slammed her down on the floor. "I also think that you should not be scared to die..~ Because you're about to!!" he held the knife tightly to her throat, eager to spill her blood on the floor and himself.
As Cole was thrown in to the wall he fell back in to the darkness, once again Kevin had gotten controll over his body. He couldn't understand what had happend, he remembered getting pushed in to the wall on the other side of the room, then everything turned black and now he were on the other side of the wall. And another thing that was weird was that he was bleeding, he had smashed in to the wall to hard and now his head had gotten a big wound. What the heck had happend.
He saw the girl who had read a book just some seconds ago, or at least he thought it was seconds ago, she now stood up and threatend the guy who had played chess with himself. They guy took up a butter knife and threatend the girl, Kevin got starrtled over everything that happend in the room which he couldn't understand. Couldn't everyone just take it easy, he wanted to have peace and quiet, and then he got to this place?
All of this was so wrong.
He wanted to leave the room but he felt to dissy so he couldn't stand up, it would probably take a minute before he would have his head cleared again. He just hoped nothing would happen to him before that.
Lilith laughed as she hit the ground Now this was a fight. "I'm not afraid to die," she said, giddy, "but I'm not about to either." Twisting her body, the blade cut into her throat, but not enough to concern her. She kicked her legs upward, hitting the boy in the groin. She slid to the wall when he let go of her, pushing herself up as nurses and other orderlies rushed into the room. Man was that fun. She couldn't wait to do that again.
Luke fell to his knees. "Gah!! Cheap shot!!" he accused, pointing a finger at Lillith. He stood up shakily, noticing the nurses. "I am not weak.." he repeated over and over again to himself, picking the knife up again and looking at the girl. "Now die!!" he screamed, practically gliding across the floor as he rushed over. The blade gouged directly into her gut as Luke stopped, laughing quietly. "Yes.. Let the blood flow, my dear..~" he said, twisting the knife in place.
Lilith gasped and gripped her stomach, pulling out the knife, as blood spread over her hands and fingers. Slipping to the floor she chuckled, reaching for Luke's arm. "I never said I played fair." She pulled his arm and gave a sharp tug, hearing a satisfying crack. "Jade is going to be pissed at you, this was one of her favourite shirts and now you've ruined it. This was fun, we should do it again some time." The world was fading and she felt nurses pick her up carefully as she fainted.