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  1. Avis looked at the blank piece of paper in front of her. What was she going to write? She sighed. There was no easy way to tell him, she knew there wasn't. She looked at the clock and began to write, she couldn't sit there all night.

    There's something I need to talk to you about. It's urgent, so please, meet me tomorrow 12 o'clock in the park. And don't be late.

    She hoped that the note didn't reveal it all, and she was pretty sure it didn't. The not was OK - not too much. She sighed as she went outside, and then went all the way to his house. It wasn't that far.
    As soon as she got there, she simply left the note at the doorstep, and then she turned around, and went back home.
  2. Maydon woke up around 7 AM, as normal.
    He stretched and groggily walked out of his bedroom.
    The house was quiet, he was the only one awake.
    As Maydon walked into the kitchen he flipped on the lights, illuminating the marble counters.
    He fixed himself some toast and proceeded to powder the pieces with sugar.
    Then, he piled them onto a plate and walked onto his front porch.
    As he sat on his swing and took the first bite, he saw a slip of paper infront of the door.
    Curiously he reached to pick it up.
    As he read it, his eyes grew wide.
    His girlfriend, Avis, had left a note just for him!
    Oh how he loved her. She was the world to him.
    When he read that It was something urgent, his mind began to reel.
    She most likely wanted to have a big dinner, or go on an extravgent date.
    He knew she loved him as much as he loved her/
    They were a great couple.
  3. The following day, Avis was on her way to the park. She had tried not to think about it, because she knew that it would only make her nervous. She didn't want to think about how he'd react to it, to what she was going to say. She had no idea whether he was gonna burst into tears or beat her to the ground. Well, maybe non of that, it would actually surprise her if he did such an extreme thing, especially as they probably weren't going to be alone in the park at 12 o'clock.
    As she got there, she sat on a bench under a big tree. Unfortunately, there was just an old lady sitting by a small river down the road. Avis had hoped there would be more people, so that they wouldn't be alone. She exhaled. What was wrong with her? Maydon wasn't going to flip out, he was gonna accept it and move on. Avis was sure of that. Because, they actually had different lives to live. They had to go separate ways.
  4. Here's a visual of my character. Just incase ya wanted to know :D

    Maydon was happy as he walked to the park.
    He couldn't wait to here what Avis wanted to talk about.
    She was his everything, and he was hers.
    All they needed was each other.
    The park seemed quite peaceful.
    He looked at his phone: 11:58.
    He was here right on time.
    He noticed a small old lady sitting beside a small river.
    He smiled at the sight.
    Then Maydon began looking for Avis.
    He spotted her almost instantly.
    Her beauty was something you could spot miles away.
    She was sitting on a bench under a tree.
    He walked over to her smiling.
    "Avis dear, How are you today?" He asked wrapping her into a hug.
  5. Then here is Avis!^^

    Avis had become really nervous as she waited for Maydon. She felt as if she wanted to puke, almost. But she told herself that there was nothing to worry about. Not even when she saw him smiling at her, then wrapping her into a hug. This wasn't going to be easy.
    "Well", she said, and sat down when he'd finally let her go. She put a toss of hair behind her ear and looked at him. She bit her lip and looked away.
    "There isn't any... easy way to tell you this, I'm afraid", she said, wiping a tear from her eye, unable to continue.
  6. Maydon watched her look away.
    Concern filled his features.
    Something was most definatly wrong.
    "There isn't any... easy way to tell you this, I'm afraid" She had said.
    Possibilities ran through his head.
    Each one scaring him than the last.
    "Are you moving?" He asked. "I'd move with you, we don't have to worried about being seperated."
  7. Avis shook her head. This was much worse. She took a deep breath and looked him in the eyes.
    "I guess you could say that, yes. But... you cannot move with me..." she said, and then she couldn't look at him no more.
    "I'm breaking up with you", she said.
  8. Maydon's heart dropped.
    "But you can't break up with me," Maydon said.
    "I won't allow it!" He growled.
    "Only I can love you, no one else."
    He clenched his fists, "No one will ever love you but me!"
    She couldn't. He wouldn't let her.
    She must be confused.
    She loves him.
    She must be confused.
    They would be together forever.
  9. Avis eyes grew bigger as she looked at him in fear.
    "I-I'm sorry, but I've moved on", she said, and stood up.
    "I'm sorry, Maydon, but I... I don't love you, not anymore." She said, and turned her back on him and began to walk.
  10. Maydon wouldn't allow it.
    He grabbed her wrist.
    "No! Who is he? Someone stole you from me!"
    She still loved him, she must be brainwashed.
    Some other boy must've brainwahed her.
    "You still love me!" He yelled.
  11. Avis bit her lip. She didn't expect him to behave like this. Why couldn't he just accept the fact that she didn't love him anymore?
    "No, it's not like that, calm down", she said, looking at him with worried eyes.
    "Don't worry. There's no one else, OK?" she said, hoping he would understand. She looked at his hand holding her wrist.
    "Would you please let go of me?" she asked and looked at him.
  12. Maydon, realizing he might be hurting her let her go.
    He stared at the ground.
    "I'll come pick you up for school in the morning."
    He kissed her cheek and walked off.
  13. Avis sighed. But she thought that she could let him do that, maybe it would make him feel better.
    "Sure. You can pick me up at eight!" she said, and then she went the other way.
  14. Maydon grinned.
    He knew she still loved him.
    He was going to make it right again.
    He would give her no doubt.
    He walked home and finished the rest of his day.
    As he was going to sleep, he thought of her.
    And how it would be once they got married.
  15. The following day, Avis got ready for school, and stepped outside 8 o'clock in the morning, thinking of Maydon, who was going to pick her up. She hoped he wasn't late, since she didn't want to be late for school.
  16. Maydon got up cheerfully.
    He put on the outfit that made him look the best.
    And swished his hair to the side.
    Adding some colongne, he grinned and walked downstairs.
    Eating his breakfast quickly, he looked at the clock.
    Time to go!
    Maydon walked out of the house, and into his car.
    He turned it on and backed out of the driveway.
    He saw Avis already outside waiting on him.
    "Hey Baby! Cmon' in!" He called opening the door from the inside.
  17. Avis walked over to the car and sat down, shutting the door after she had got inside.
    "Hi", she said, looked at him for a moment before looking out the window.
    "Please don't drive slow or anything, because I don't want to be late", she said.
  18. "I won't make us late!" Maydon laughed and kissed her cheek.
    He drew normal speed to the school.
    Once he got there, he parked and got out.
    He opened the door for her, "Let's go! I don't want my girl to be late!"
  19. Avis thought that maybe Maydon was a bit over the top, but she didn't ask. She just hoped he didn't thought he could get her back, or anything.
    "Well, bye then", she said, and walked towards the school.
  20. Maydon saw that she didn't want to walk with him.
    He didn't understand.
    Couldn't she see that he loved her?
    He quickly caught up with her.
    "Is this about our fight yesterday?"
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