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I will tell you of the EverTorn, and how the Five Worlds burned in their vengeance.

A millenia ago, there came King Arkanos, a warrior without equal, a warlord and planar conqueror. With dread alliance and eldest magic, he forged an army vast enough to enslave the galaxy.​


He sought the Soterion Heart - an artefact said to hold the greatest power in all the universe.

And so for fifty years, on every world and for every race both new and ancient, the wrath of Arkanos was felt. In his quest for the Soterion Heart whole continents were slaughtered, mountains cracked apart, oceans boiled away and kingdoms razed to the ground. A massacre in the billions, no act of desecration spared.

And one by one the worlds fell, till on the Fifth Planet he came at last upon his prize. In the mountains of the angels, across the field of slaughtered seraphim, Arkanos raised aloft the Soterion Heart.​


And it granted him the greatest gift in all the universe.

It forgave him.​


In the blink of an eye, Arkanos was absolved of all his sins, spared from divine judgment and made guiltless in the eyes of every world he had conquered.

He took his throne as Emperor of the Five Worlds as ten billion souls were dragged, unavenged, into the depths of hell.​


Seven hundred years passed, with the immortal Arkanos ruling over the greatest empire ever known.

But then a new moon appeared in the sky and across the Five Worlds an ancient shadow fell.

Vengeance had come at last.​


Iniquitous... the 57th layer of Hell... had been torn from the depths of the Underworld. And within its demonic citadels awaited the army of the EverTorn, the ancient victims of the Arkanos Crusade. Souls who had endured an aeon of suffering, their spirits denied eternal rest, their hatred given eternal cause.​


Now the armies of Iniquitous would fall upon the Five Worlds, led by the champions of the Nether Realms. Warlords and sorcerors, demons and nightmares - each one possessed of insatiable darkness.​


And only at the Throne of Arkanos... with the Lord of the Five Worlds slain... would their spirits be laid to rest.​
Okay, so in this game we get to play the bad guys. The dark sorcerors, the vampire lords, the witches and demons. We are the former followers or victims of Lord Arkanos who died during his campaign, and after 700 years of suffering we have declared war from beyond the gates of Hell. With an army of unspeakable horrors, we are set to descend upon the Five Worlds and inflict pure chaos.

Iniquitous is basically a chunk of Hell that's floating through space. With spells we can teleport from it or simply land on another world with our armies.

I'm looking for dark magic and epic narratives of betrayal, vengeance and madness.





i'm interested, but can you elaborate more on the powers we're able to use so it doesn't consume as god modding?
Name: Vailon Moridemus, Father of the EverTorn

Race/Class: Half-Dragon Warlord


Powers: Formidable warrior (swords) and spellcaster (necromancy, evocation & alteration). Capable of breathing fire, smoke and mood-altering gas. Tremendous strength and affinity with dragonkind.

Background: A general under Lord Arkanos, Vailon was foremost of the dragon-born and proved himself capable of fighting by his emperor's side. He was the most zealous of the inner circle and upheld the genocide of the halflings, elves and forest kin who would not submit to his lord. Vailon met his end on the third planet, during the bloody campaign to take the Dwarven Mountains. At the Siege of Kalimane he was ordered to charge the valley that led to the mountain fortress, and there, along with ten thousand of his men, he was slaughtered by the Dwarven artillery. But after two centuries of suffering in the lakes of fire, Vailon was one of the first to rally together the other lost souls and gather them in the Realm of Iniquitous. For this reason he is known as the EverTorn Father - the leader who focussed the pain of the EverTorn till it was great enough to rip them out of the Underworld.

He is now leading the assault on the First Planet.
Idylle, I don't really mind. Too many games are ruined by paranoia about godmodding.

As long as there's nothing that will give me a headache, like time travelling, or make things a walkover, like a Death Star, then it's fine. Just play the dark and epic character that you want to play.
I haven't worked with you in a while...So I'll be interested in trying this out since I'm in the need of a challenge and I like playing bad guys.

Would be looking for more classic Tolkien evil or something more along the lines of something out of the Holy Books, the Bibles, Kor'an ?
Hey, can I play a Lovecraftian-Neolithic-body-jumping-time-traveler with a Death Star?
Name: Alsariel

Race/Class: Sorceress


Powers: Minor teleportation. Specializes in an unholy silver fire that burns the skin of even demons. She can alter her appearance when the situation demands it but it is not permanent. She must revert to her original form after six hours.

Background: Alsariel was employed by Arkanos since before she could remember, having flocked to him early in her life because she sensed that power flowed through him. She was not mistaken and none were as gratified as she when he slew the multitudes, seeing in him the rise of a magnificent emperor. The bloodbath became her passion and she took pleasure in burning forests and elven alike.

Alsariel suffered, however, a crippling blow to the head from the dying swing of an elven blade. Weakened and bloody, she called out to her master to rescue her from her own fires. Her call went unheeded and fury was the last thing she recalled as she burned alive like her victims. Alsariel tended her betrayal like a delicate ember as she suffered torment for her misdeeds but when the time came and another servant of Arkanos rallied the damned, she was at the forefronts of the assault and lent her power and anger to the cause.
Will edit this some more later.

Name: Davkas Magesblood of Many-Battles

Race/Class: Former Dark Priest. Now an Incorporeal State; a living mass of chaotic matter called a Shadowshifter, created from the accumulation of souls of elves, demons, humans, and other beings that he has absorbed the souls of over the decades. He believes himself to be a higher life form because of this.


Powers: Davkas was an alchemist, a magician, creating realities in the duality of time and illusion. Often, the rule-breaking takes the form of tricks or thievery. However, he is not a truly wise trickster since he often chooses to act out on his dark thoughts instead of being neutral in the conflict between good and evil. This trickster seems to have supernatural powers which help him perform his tricks. He lives, dies, comes back, shape shifts, using all sorts of magic to show our reality is nothing more than an illusion.

Soul Transfer: The simplest way to explain is that he has the power to take the form of any being, whose soul he has absorbed. It is not always a trustworthy spell to use because it is random and since he has no idea of all the beings he has absorbed over the years, he could turn into a weak child. It is said that if he can unease all the souls inside of his chaotic form, he can form his 'true form'

Spiritual Arsenal: Since Davkas lacks a proper body anymore, he has limited control to shape the element into physical forms and use it as a weapon. He generally likes to use this chaotic matter and form it into an imprisoning mass.

Background: Davkas was once an alchemist from a far off realm. Always fearing death, Davkas attempted to attain immortality. This led him to develop a method by which to absorb and merge his own existence with demons and other beings, by absorbing their life force. However, the magic he was studying did not interact well with human genetics and soon his body became a sole accumulation of lives with a collective consciousness turning him into a demon.
i was thinking about being a dark witch... 'thinking' but, i'm unsure how dark a witch can go. i mean, i should know this considering that i've watched charmed enough times, but i think i need more insight on it. i'll see what i can do about getting a character sheet up in the next couple of days; if you'll wait for me. if not, it's fine. but, i'd
really like to join this... and i'd really would like to take my time with it. on another note... have i ever mentioned that i hated character sheets?




Name: Rickshaw

Race/Class: Berserker

Normal form, on left:

Released form:

Powers: Rickshaw has the ability to go into a berserker form, gaining even greater amount of strength and speed and an insatiable bloodlust. However, he also loses sight of who is friend and foe and will attack the nearest target to him. Whenever someone is cut by Rickshaw's blade, the blood refuses to clot, leaving the wound to bleed out. As well, any person slain by Rickshaw will have their life force absorbed by him, giving their strength to him.

Background: Rickshaw was the chieftain of a mighty tribe of warriors that inhabited the same world as the dwarves. Living outside in the mountain ranges of the dwarves underground city, they were a hardy people that had earned even the dwarves respect. Indeed, they worked together to try to fend off Lord Arkanos, however as history dictates they lost that war, though not for lack of trying. Rickshaw himself was the last of his tribe to die, tearing through many of Arkanos' men, until the man himself arrived. His power and presence brought even Rickshaw out of his berserker state, in awe at the power the man radiated.

Arkanos had a grin on his face and extended a hand towards him, asking him to serve under him as one of his generals, admiring Rickshaw's strength. Rickshaws responded by spitting at him, an action that caused Arkanos to frown and quickly behead him with one swing of his blade. As Rickshaw suffered within the fiery bowels of hell, his anger boiling more and more. When the uprising within Iniquitous began, Rickshaws was one of the first to join in, helping stir the angry emotions within the souls that resided along with him, determined to exact revenge for his peoples.
I hope this works:


Race/Class: Damned Human

Appearance: Standing at only six feet tall, Kathos would not be much to look at. However, as a forsaken soul in the underworld, he attempted to take control of his fate, and thus altered his physical form, to appear more menacing. His right arm, from the elbow down, is demonic in nature; black-scaled and longer than his left forearm, it grants him more strength than his left. While in hell, he also lost his right eye, and sought to replace it. The demon who previously owned Kathos's right forearm was also the owner of Kathos's left eye.

Powers: Kathos is an Allomancer and Aeromancer. Aeromancy is, as the name suggests, a magic that revolves around the wind. Kathos can manipulate air currents, within a reasonable radius, and can thus imitate the abilities of winged demons, and fly for short periods of time. He can also compress air, heat it up, or cool it down. With Allomancy, Kathos was granted the ability to eat metals, during his time in the underworld. Thus, depending on the types of alloys in the metals eaten, he can use different skills, though the metals must be in his stomach (meaning he can run out of reserves, though this is easily fixed through eating more metals). Most of his Allomancer abilities follow the laws of physics, meaning that, if he eats steel, he can push on nearby sources of metal, but ONLY directly away from him. Other metals, like Atium, allow him to see several seconds into a person's future, allowing him to see what they are about to do, but these metals are EXTREMELY rare and, once consumed and burned up, are irretrievable. Kathos is also a skilled swordsman, allowing him to use a claymore with his right hand alone, though he prefers using both hands.

Background: Kathos was only thirteen when his life was taken. On the day of his death, he witnessed the deaths of his family, before being slain himself. In the underworld, he allowed hit hatred to consume him, and vowed to slay the man who ruined his living life. Though one could see it as righteous, his reasons were purely selfish, and so, with his heart and soul twisted beyond redemption, he was able to find and follow the banner of Vailon. However, even though he seeks revenge, he also wishes to free himself from hell, and will stop at nothing to get his hands on the Soterion Heart, and absolve himself of his sins.
Name: Darcie De-Ross

Race/Class: Dark Witch

Powers: INCINERATION : the ability to kill someone by setting them on fire with one touch or look
ENERGY BALLS: the ability to produce a glowing ball of pure energy
TELEKINESIS: the ability ability to move things with your mind. telekinesis can be used to move solid objects as well as some forms of energy, such as flame or energy balls

Background: (backgrounds are gay and stupid. no one reads them.)
She's so evil she doesn't fill in her character sheet. o_o

Right, looks like a good group and some new faces to play with (that sounded better in my head).

I shall begin spinning my IC web.

p.s. I haven't any plans for the 5 Worlds. I just picked a number. The First will probably be your typical Middle Earth type of realm, while the Fifth will be an angelic stronghold. But you're all free to propose ideas for the other 3 planets. And there's no reason why certain characters can't go ahead to those worlds and start subplots (except Tegan).
... I read everyone's. Which is why I had an idea of the general story of my character...
I'm not nobody D;
i'm rebel like that kitti. you'll learn that --

I HATE CHARACTER SHEETS. They're pointless... i like long detailed posts, with almost ever aspect of your character in it.
If there's still time, I'd love to get in on this, Asmo.

Name: Octoberius

Race/Class: Demon (Previously a Damned Human)

Appearance: A tall humanoid standing at roughly 6 feet, 3 inches, Octoberius is stockily built, with an intermingling of muscle and fat. His hands are always scrapped, bleeding, or bruised from his frequent fist-fighting, and he usually has some sort of injury on his eye. His nose is twisted from being broken several times, and he's missing one of his teeth next to his incisor. He has long red hair that is usually a bit of a mess. He could have had the raw ingredients to look ruggedly handsome, but at this point, he's simply moderately unattractive. He does have a tattoo in the form of a personal motto on his back, written in Elvish. In common tongue, it reads: Fortune Favours the Bold

Powers: As a human, he was a boxer. Thus, he is quite skilled with his fists as a weapons, as well as having a penchant for knives. He is both incredibly strong and incredibly durable, though it is possible for him to be killed. He is also quite insane, and thus, most of what he says serves as a distraction, as it tends to be incredibly confusing. He does, however, sometimes reveal valuable insights with the clarity of madness. This clarity of madness comes in the form of an unnatural clairvoyance, where he knows everything but he has no idea what to do with it, and thus, doesn't express his knowledge very often.

Octoberius (Birth Name: Gabriel Anderson) was born into a rather affluent human family with a very strange tradition in regards to the future of its children; One for the Crown (the military), One for the Robe (the clergy), and One for the World(freedom to choose). Gabriel was unlucky enough to be saddled with duty in the military with the King of the land. He disliked the King, he disliked the service, it was far too disciplined and orderly for him, and he quickly dropped out. His family disowned at him at that point, but Gabriel frankly could've cared less. He entered in many underground boxing leagues in some of the seedier parts of the large city he grew up in. He also joined the mercenary guild, selling himself as a bodyguard or a duelist. He began to have rather troubling dreams, and steadily began to realize that he knew everything that was going on around him, and what everybody was thinking. The truth was, mankind wasn't prevented by nature, or by the Gods, from knowing everything, but mankind prevented ITSELF from knowing everything to make itself feel better about itself and stop its annihilation.

And thus, Gabriel went mad. Knowing everything takes a toll on the soul, and he finally degenerated into sheer insanity when he knew that his city would be seized by the dread lord Arkanos. Knowing of the devastation, and the horror that would come of the siege, he gave in to it, knowing that he couldn't possibly stop it, nor did he have any desire to, particularly (In his insane mind, he was able to justify acts of ultra-violence and sadism). He even changed his name, finding that the mark of his noble, now abandoned family, no longer suited him, and thus, he changed his name to Octoberius -- another idea borne out of his insanity. He stood outside the gates of the city and watched the advancing army across the hilltops. He rose his arms up, a clear act of surrender, as the army met him. He gave them a grin, and said the following, "I'm a good seer, good boxer, and a bad person. Or rather, I will be."

Arkanos might have been amused by Octoberius, or actually believed him, but whatever the reason, he assumed him into his company. Together, they torched the city, leaving behind a burnt cinder where a bustling metropolis once was. Octoberius remarkable clairvoyance and fighting abilities allowed him to move through the ranks fairly quickly, until he was an officer. He was finally sent on his first solo mission; scouting with a handful of men without any higher ranking members of the vast army. Unfortunately, the place he was scouting was filled with angry humans, who had heard about what he and his company had done to the major metropolis of the land, and were preparing an ambush. They sprung on Octoberius and his men without warning, and it quickly became obvious that they greatly outnumbered his small force. Octoberius' last words were, reportedly, "I saw that coming."

And, naturally, he went to Hell. Torture proved highly ineffective to the boxer, who was never surprised by any of it, or cared much. His insanity might have had something to do with that, and the demons of Hell had no choice but to release him. He became like them, engaging in more and more depraved acts as time went by, and giving into the deep reaches of his insanity. Hell began to taint him in more and more obvious ways, until any sense of moral decency faded and his strength became more immense as he adapted to the harshness of the afterlife. He returned to the EverTorn driven by a sense of obligation, seeing that since Arkanos had killed him, it was only fair that he returned the favour.