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    Orimura Chifuyu stood at the front of the stage, stern and imposing, with an unmistakeable air of authority about her. The crowd was silent, waiting for her to speak.
    "I thank you all for coming today." She said, the microphone causing her already-commanding voice to be amplified. "For some of you, this is your first year here, and it will be your first real taste of what an IS unit is capable of. I urge you to remember this - what you are training for is a huge responsibility. It will not be easy. And it will be dangerous. However, if you stick with us, you can hold your head up high, kniwing you are as capable as we thought."

    "To returning students, I say this - times will be tough. Your training will only get harder from here on out. However, I believe you are all up to the task. You have proven yourselves already, and I do not doubt that you will continue to do so. And, to all of you, I wish you good luck. You are all the future of IS."
    The crowd erupted into applause, but the woman's stoic expression remained unchanged. When the noise died down, she spoke again.
    "That said, I am sure you are all well aware of the students that will be integrating with us. Here to introduce them to you, is the head of the team that created the Infinite Atmos systems - Terrence Clark."

    She moved to the side of the stage, and waited. Terrence had not arrived, and seemed to be running late.
    Or was he?
    Explosions sounded overhead, and the massive screen behind the stage turned itself on, to reveal the image of a man in a suit of red and gold armour. Rock music blared out of the speakers, somehow fitting the mood perfectly. He was skydiving, jetting deftly between the fireworks, not letting even a spark touch him. While in the air, he did all sorts of stunts - cartwheels, flips, poses, even a mid-air pirouette. If anything could be gathered from his performance, it was that he seemed to love showing off.

    A clang sounded as he finally landed, just in time for the music to finish. Once again, the crowd applauded. Even if the IA units and the people associated with them weren't fully trusted, there was no denying that that was an incredible display of skill. The person in the armour held his arms out to his sides, milking the applause, as his armour folded on itself, eventually compressing itself into a red and gold bracer on his right arm. Terrence Clark wasn't late - he had just decided to make a dramatic entrance. Which was rather typical of him, to say the least.

    "Thank you, thank you all! Oh, that felt great!"
    His grin, while immensely cheesy, was somehow rather charismatic. Clark had done interviews before - and he'd brandished this grin at least once every time. It was hard to tell what about it made him look so cool, but it was there nevertheless.
    "Now now, don't tire yourselves out just yet - why don't you welcome my boys with that kind of applause?"
    As if on cue, six units descended from the sky, leaving different-coloured trails behind them, each landing behind and to one side of Terrence. Nearest to his left was David Ross, in Piercer Blue. Each assumed a pose, which - while incredibly corny - carried an undeniable sort of charm to it.
  2. Arius Angels had listened to the dignified woman with respect glaring at any of the new students who didn't show Orimura Chifuyu the respect she deserved, after all new students normally talked amongst themselves and didn't pay that much attention to the first year speech. Arius was perfectly fine with having harder training, she already had a personal unit which she was really proud of. Thinking of her unit she brushes a hand on the bracelet that could only be described as steam punk style with two decent sized rubies in it. With a toss of her short black hair Arius glares darkly at the mention of the IA units, she didn't like the IA units at all, although she couldn't put a finger on why exactly.

    As she watches the show off; Mr. Terrence Clark, she scoffs and is probably the only one not clapping by that point. She hated show offs more than anything, the fact that they were IA unit users didn't warm her to them either. Arius' analytic eyes scanned all of them from the end of the line to the start of the line falling on David Ross last who gets the brunt of Arius' glare. She glares for a little longer before turning her eyes away looking a little irritated she gives her room mate a nudge to hear her opinion on the new IA units that stood on the stage, "Well what do you think?"
  3. Until Arius nudged her, Shizuka was politely paying attention or providing applause with the others. Welcoming the new students was more important. "I think they could have accomplished the same effect without all the showboating," she quietly whispered to the other girl standing next to her. "But, something like this was bound to happen eventually. We should be quiet and show the new students a gracious welcome." She did her best to reinforce her admonishment to keep the whispers to a minimum, even if they weren't the only people murmuring in the crowd.

    As far as she knew, these new units were just some sort of reverse-engineered knock-off, but someone was bound to figure it out eventually. She'd wait and see, the only fair way to judge them and their pilots would be to see how they perform. She was curious to hear about how these things functioned compared to a proper IS, but there would be plenty of time for that. She had to set a good example for her fellow students now. And prayed that this wouldn't end up like the rumors still circulating from the last time the school suddenly became co-ed.
  4. Terrence waited until the crowd had calmed down to address the students again, this time in a noticeably more official-sounding tone.
    "Thank, thank you. It's good to see everyone so enthusiastic. But, for now, let's introduce our IA pilots!"
    Terrence called out the names of the IA pilots, each one of different nationality to the last - but they all seemed to take their role seriously. They seemed to contrast oddly with the seemingly lackadaisical Terrence Clark, but them acting silly wouldn't have made any better of an impression. David Ross was no exception, and his expression remained as neutral as he could make it.

    "Now," Terrence said, "I understand that Infinite Atmos systems aren't trusted, and with good reason. I understand that most - if not all - of you will have questions to ask. Which is why I'm going to stay at this academy until my boys leave - I want you all to know that, if you ever have any doubts about the system me and the team have developed, you know where to find me. Obviously, there is some information I can't tell you. There is always going to be classified information with this kind of thing. However, anything I can answer, I WILL answer. Not an automated email. Not something I told a representative to say. But an actual answer, direct from me."

    "That's all, and thank you for listening. Stay safe, and I hope to see you all at the IA demonstrations tomorrow!"
    Flashing a thumbs-up to the crowd, Terrence walked away, leaving Chifuyu to handle the mass of people once more.
    "Thank you, Terrence. That should be all for today. Everyone, I wish you the best of luck. You are all free to do as you wish for half an hour - I expect you all to be in your home rooms by then. Dismissed!"
  5. Sighing Arius turns away from the stage, she had listened to Terrence more politely this time after being chided by Shizuka and actually found herself a little impressed with the sudden shift of his tone. "Sorry for being rude Shizuka, I was just curious if I am the only one distrusting these other units, or maybe I am just jealous?" She says it more as a question then anything and she heads outside. "Come on Shizuka, if we only have half an hour we may as well start heading back now." Once outside Arius looks up, kind of staring at the sky with a longing expression on her slightly long face, her narrow red eyes wide open now as she stares. Arius remains like this while waiting for Shizuka to join her.
  6. Shizuka stretched a bit when the presentation was over, then wandered out with Arius. "Hm...maybe. I wouldn't blame anyone for distrusting something because it's new. I think IS weren't too popular when they first appeared, either." She shrugged. "I guess the playing field's leveling off now." She had no problems getting a head start on classes and the like. There would be plenty of time to ask about the new IA units without being part of the initial mob.

    She looked to the sky herself, when she noticed her roommate's gaze directed upward. "It's a nice day, isn't it?"
  7. Terrence gave the IA pilots a brief pep-talk and congratulated them on their performance, but he didn't actually say anything of great importance. He did, however, advise them to look around the academy while they still had the chance to. People would likely be more focussed on getting to their rooms and organising their things, or wandering around, as opposed to observing the pilots of the controversial new systems. They took Clark's advice, and left him alone. Terrence began talking with Chifuyu - about what, the boys didn't know, but they figured that it was probably something to do with integration.

    David took to observing the academy from a distance, however. Not because he was thinking about anything deep, and not because he was admiring the view. He just didn't have a map, and as they had all been given one beforehand, he had it in his mind that it would be fairly awkward to ask for another one. It wouldn't look especially dignified, after all. He had to look good in front of everyone else. Losing a useful item, without having it for more than twenty-four hours, was not going to make him look very good. So, he continued staring, hoping to be able to just go with the crowd when the time came to go to his home room.
  8. Arius glances at Shizuka as she joins her and laughs. "Yeah it's really nice...but I don't know something about the IA units just doesn't sit right with me. I don't know." She heads off towards the dorm her hands folded in front of her as she walked. Normally a very polite girl she had no explanation as to why she had reacted so negatively to the IA units. With a shrug she sits on a bench outside glancing at a clock to find out how much time they had left. They had plenty so Arius pats the spot next to her on the bench. "I might feel a little better if I talked to one honestly...but all of those guys seem awful cold; or annoying." She said it without mentioning names before looking around.

    Arius spots one of the IA users and calls at him. "Hey, you look a little lost if you need help finding your way around Shizuka and I can help." She was putting forth an effort to be friendly here, hopefully it didn't come back to bite her. She patiently waits for the guy to either respond or walk over to her and her friend, her hands folded in her lap once again.
  9. Shizuka took a seat on the bench. "I wouldn't judge them before actually talking to them. The whole thing is a bit odd, but what's the worst that could happen?" She waved to the young man, beckoning him over. "We won't bite you or anything."
  10. David had been concentrating pretty hard on nothing in particular - bar the fact that he was lost, mind. So when Arius called out to him, him visibly flinching was understandable. However, he managed to regain his composure before he turned around, and met the two with a polite smile on his face. He didn't seem very eager, and nor did he seem like he wanted to avoid conversation. He just seemed to be responding as anyone would expect him to.
    "Oh, right, yes! I'll be there in a second!"
    David paced hurriedly over to the two on the bench, placing himself in the free space.

    "I hope you don't mind me sitting here. I've been in that suit for hours, and I've been doing maintenance on it as well... My feet re positively killing me..."
    Though he smiled, and though he manged to keep a calm and somewhat light-hearted tone, David was actually fairly nervous. In his IS unit, he felt safe. His armour protected him. His iron skin, something to keep the outside world out, while he did what he wanted. But here? He was terrified. He was interacting. With people. He was having to make a conscious effort not to screw up. It wasn't like in his suit, where he could just do whatever came naturally. This wasn't natural, to him.

    "Okay, just calm down, and say something. Say something not creepy. Something generic."
    "Oh, sorry, I haven't introduced myself, have I? I'm David Ross. It's a pleasure to meet you."
  11. Arius scoots over allowing the lost student to sit between herself and Shizuka, "no it's fine actually to be honest I don't really know that to think of the IA suits so I was rather rude at assembly thought I would apologize, I kind of recognize you though." Arius kicks back pretty at ease with the human sitting next to her, it was only the unit she didn't trust.

    She listens to the student for a minute able to tell he wasn't comfortable in this situation but she said nothing if it. "It's understandable that you're feet hurt I have to do some maintence myself tomorrow during free time." When he introduces himself Arius offers him a hand, "Nice to meet you David Ross, my name is Arius Angels." She smiles brightly as she offers up her name, humans were fine, IA units...not something she could get along with well.
  12. Shizuka gave David her best friendly smile. He didn't seem like too bad of a guy. "I'm Shizuka Amakusa. Nice to meet you." She thought for a bit before continuing. "I'm surprised you aren't surrounded by curious students right about now. Though, it's probably nice to have a little free time instead. You must have had a long trip, and don't know your way around, right?"
    He was new, and that name was clearly foreign. So it's a safe guess. "If you need help finding anything, we can show you around. There's a little time before classes start."

    As an aspiring member of the student council, it was her job to set a good example and help other students. Getting in good with one of the IA operators was just a nice bonus.
  13. David shrugged reservedly at the comment about the students surrounding him, with an exasperated expression on his face.
    "Honestly, I'm expecting them to do it later. Everyone probably just wants to question Terrence, or get back to their rooms. Something tells me I should have stayed behind to help him..."
    David smiled sheepishly - though it seemed more like he was talking to himself, than to the other two. He snapped back to attention before it became an issue, though.
    "If it's fine with you, of course. I don't want to be a burden, if you need to unpack or eat or rest or something..."

    He continued with the sheepish smile that was plastered on his face, not seeming to budge. As much as he appreciated the gesture, he was still nervous about accepting help. he was sure they meant well - but that didn't mean he was entirely comfortable doing this.
  14. Arius tilts her head at David and laughs. "Shizuka and I have been here for a little while now, our rooms are unpacked and if we get hungry we can buy something from somewhere I'm sure, but we only have about fifteen minutes left to show you around. Also you shouldn't be so nervous to ask for help, everyone needs it sometimes so you can't expect to be the reliable one all the time." This was a wise set of words from her and she didn't seem at all bothered by the fact. She would fully admit she sometimes needed help as well, "See, I'll use myself as an example, if not for Shizuka I probably wouldn't have gotten through most of my classes, I'm not the smartest girl around but Shizuka...she's really smart and helps me study." Hopefully this would ease the boy up a bit around the two girls, Arius didn't particularly want David to be uncomfortable around them they were in school together now and would have to get along to some degree.
  15. "Look," Shizuka said, "You don't have to be so nervous. I know the new school is probably going to be intimidating ,but you really shouldn't worry so much about everything. We aren't going to think less of you just because you're a guy, or anything." She pauses to think for a while. He can't just be put off because he can't speak Japanese very well, can he? He was definitely a foreigner, but he spoke well enough so far. "You're really not imposing on us or anything. We offered to help you in the first place, so it's not like it's any trouble for us."

    She stood up. "So, come on. We'll give you a tour. At least as good of one as we can manage before class, anyway."
  16. David stood as well, but not without quite a degree of trepidation. He had had to will himself up, constantly assuring himself that this would go fine. It wasn't as if he didn't have reason to be nervous, what with being at a new school where few would actually trust him. There was also the matter of keeping up appearances, but he figured that could be taken care of when the situation called for it. But he tried not to focus on those. Instead, he attempted to keep his focus on being friendly with the two girls that had approached him.

    "Sorry about that," he said, awkwardly rubbing the back of his head, "I've just got a lot on my plate, you know? But, I digress. Shall we go, then?"
  17. Arius stands up as well and turns her attention to David rubbing the back of her head a little bit. "I'm sorry...did we bother you David? I was trying to be nice, but if we're bothering you we can leave you be for now and help you out later if you would prefer." She was starting to feel a little bad now, maybe about bothering one of new students. Though she didn't walk off because she wasn't entirely sure he didn't want the help. Instead she waits patiently for his answer and to see what Shizuka would want to do.
  18. Shizuka nodded, a satisfied and determined look on her face. "Good. Follow me." She left, leading the other two on a tour of the school. She pointed out the various buildings, like the dorm, cafeteria, and the large arena where the IS battles usually took place. For the most part, it was a fairly normal tour, but some of the specific things she did stop to mention were a bit odd. "This is a classroom that's rarely used, if you ever need to sneak off with someone," she mentioned while wandering through one of the buildings. "Here's the gym supply closet," she pointed out proudly, as if it's important. "Hm...what other places might a guy want to know about?"

    A fair few times, she had to stop and wonder what they'll do to accommodate the boys, when it comes to things like changing rooms, or bathrooms. "Really...this is an unusual situation, but I'm sure the staff will think of something. Just be careful you don't wander into the wrong place by accident."
  19. David waved his hand in front of him, shaking his head lightly as well.
    "Oh, no, it's fine! Really! I'm just a little out of it. New school and that, you know?"
    He didn't have time to elaborate, however. Shizuka was leaving, and he wanted to keep up.

    "This tour... It's somewhat dissatisfying."

    David was at a loss for words, and struggled to find a way to express his feelings adequately. On one hand, the tour was decent enough. He was finding out where he needed to go, what he would need to do, everything the map he'd misplaced would have told him. On the other hand, there was the matter of her pointing out some rather... suggestive... areas. For a second, he seemed to recall similar scene in something he had watched, but dismissed the thought entirely. Not that anyone could tell he had thought of anything - his expression was remarkably blank.

    He didn't even bother to come up with something, in reply to Shizuka talking to him about going into the wrong rooms, beyond a fairly standard "Understood."
    After all, who was dumb enough not to knock or read signs, when not doing so could potentially cost the hypothetical person their limbs?
  20. By now, it was almost time for classes. Shizuka checked her watch, and looked at the others. "It's time we all got to class. I wouldn't want to be late on the first day." She hurried off to class, ready to start things off on the right foot, and wondering just how well these new students will end up doing. There was that exhibition coming up. It should be interesting to see what a IA is really capable of. She wondered who would end up in the match.
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