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  1. A huge crowd of students had gathered in front of the academy - all the new students, in fact. These were the girls that were to train to be a new generation of IS pilots, and it was understandable that tensions were high and emotions were mixed. What was this year going to be like? Was anything exciting going to happen, like the autonomous IS unit that had attacked the academy years ago? Would they get another anomalous student? People chattered back and forth s they waited, debating these subjects and more. They all stopped, however, once the world-famous Orimura Chifuyu took to the stage in front of them all.

    "Students," she said, the microphone amplifying her already-commanding voice, "Thank you all for coming today. I know it has not been easy. It never is. And the next three years of your life will not be any easier. Becoming an IS pilot is a massive undertaking, and not everyone is cut out for it. However, I believe that all of you have the potential to succeed. You have proved yourselves worthy of being educated - so prove it to us further. Students, I welcome you, to IS Academy."
    The crowd applauded, and the stern woman took a few moments to compose herself, and let the crowd do its thing. And then, she spoke again.

    "That said, I'm sure you are all well ware of the special students that will be integrating as part of the government's new plan. However, I will not be detailing this - instead, I would like you to welcome Mr Terrence Clark."
    Orimura Chifuyu moved over to the side of the stage, and waited. Moments later, the sound of jets was heard - and, descending from the skies, was a red-and-gold figure, a glowing trail being left behind it. The PA system began to blare out rock music. The figure did stunts. Loops, cartwheels, free-falls - everything in the book - all while descending.

    And then, he landed. Terrence Clark, genius playboy millionaire philanthropist, and head of the team that developed the Infinite Atmos units. With his black hair slicked back, and his pearly grin, it was undeniable that he was a special kind of cheesy - but he had the kind of air about him that only the most charismatic could possess.
    "How about a round of applause?" He called out, causing the audience to erupt into whooping and hollering. Not to the degree that Orimura had, but enough to show that he was popular with the crowd. After soaking up the applause, he motioned for everyone to calm down, and began his own speech.

    "Thank you, thank you. Now, as you all know, I'm Terrence Clark - but please, just call me Terry. Now, I know the question on all your lips - what's the most handsome scientist and engineer in the world doing her? The answer is, of course, to introduce my new Infinite Atmos systems, and the boys who'll be using them. Ladies, please give a round of applause, to the IA team!"
    A row of seven students, each in their IA units, descended - in a far less flashy manner, though. Each looked to have the same basic structure, but each had been altered heavily for different purposes.

    There was some applause, but his time, it was uneasy. Everyone knew these units were controversial - it was no wonder people were hesitant to respond.
  2. Suukiori Issei stood among the throng of students and merely stood there with her arms crossed over her chest. These new IA units bothered her. How was a lone man able to create the same designs of IS without having access to the data? None of it made sense and she was in a sour mood. However her face showed no emotion. Her silver hair was put up in a ponytail and on her wrist was a small silver chain link bracelet that was her personal IS unit. She closely observed the new IA units that stood upon the stage and she narrowed her blue eyes. They all seemed focused on one area of expertise while Terrence's seemed well rounded and versatile. The thought confused her and she decided to listen in and see if she could possibly learn anymore. During this time she had instinctively grabbed her bracelet like it was going to be taken from her any moment and she gently let go of it. Bringing her hand up she looked at her fairly discreet IS unit and quickly pictured it in her mind and how graceful but yet bulky it seemed while looking back to the IAs and she couldn't help but see the similarities.
  3. Clark took on a slightly more serious expression - he still seemed fairly lax about the whole event, but now that he was getting to the meat of it, he wanted people to actually take him seriously. Not that him and his team developing machines to rival IS units didn't make people take him seriously, of course.
    "Now," he said, pacing up and down the stage, "I'm sure I don't need to tell you that the world's up in arms over these. I mean, it's ll over the news - hell, me and your teachers are going to press conference later."

    "My point is, I need you all to ease up on these guys. They just want to learn how to pilot their systems, like you with yours. I don't want there to be any prejudice, any discrimination, anything at all. As far as I'm concerned, and as far as your teachers are concerned, these boys are just your fellow students. In fact, I have been given permission to stay here at the school, to watch over these boys. During that time, you can ask me anything at all about IA units. I don't want to hide anything - obviously, I can't answer all of your questions, as some things are confidential. but, believe me - I only want for us all to get along."

    Orimura Chifuyu stepped up once again, once Terrence had finished his speech. He stepped back, and let the teacher take control.
    "I believe that's everything. You may depart. Any students that are part of the Buddy System, please stay behind and come up to the stage for further instruction. That will be all."
    The crowd dissipated, and Chifuyu sighed, turning to Terrence as she did so. "Were the stunts really necessary?"
    Terrence shrugged, and answered in as casual a tone as possible.
    "What can I say? I'm a crowd-pleaser."

    Once the crowd had gone, and the girls were at the stage, Orimura took down their names, and pointed them towards their assigned Buddy. Each one suited down as they were introduced. Andrew waited in his, hoping that his prtner wouldn't take long. Striker Blue wasn't particularly comfortable, given the amount of armour and armaments on it.
  4. Suukiori's heart dropped at hearing that she had to stay. Sighing she quietly made her up to the stage and stood in line waiting for Ms. Orimura to take her name. She had signed up at the beginning of the year thinking it an extra curricular activity. She glanced at the boys standing there in their new IA units. Her blue eyes came to rest on a blue unit that seemed to be loaded with heavy armaments. She narrowed her eyes once more taking an interest in this particular unit. As she stepped up she was assigned to sure enough the blue unit. Calmly walking over she stopped in front of the unit and crossed her arms in front of her chest, "Are you going to show yourself?" her voice was silky but demanded attention.
  5. Though he had wished for things to go smoothly, Andrew would have been lying if he'd said that he expected it to be so. Hence, his lack of surprise - or any other emotion, for that matter - when he responded.
    "Yes, of course. Just let me do that. Just give me a second..."
    The hissing and whirring of machinery coming to life sounded, and the suit began receding back into the torso armour - weapons included. Once that was done, the torso armour compressed itself into a belt, wrapped snugly around his waist. "It's not as compact or discreet as an IS, but it's functional." He commented, hoping to lighten the mood, even a little.

    Now that the suit - headdress, mask, and all - had been dealt with, she could see his true appearance. All in all, he didn't seem like anything special. Short, dark brown hair, blue eyes, and the beginnings of teenage stubble. He extended a hand to her - open, friendly, and cordial.
    "I'm Andrew. Andrew Chase. It's a pleasure to meet you. And, in case you're wondering, my IA unit's called Striker Blue."
    Andrew didn't really know what he was doing. He ws just trying to be friendly. He didn't like the situation he was in, but he knew he had to make the best of it regardless.
  6. She looked on without emotion realizing that he was slightly shorter than her. She bowed her head slightly and reached out taking his hand in hers, "A pleasure Andrew." she let go of his hand and brought her arm back to her chest, "The names Suukiori Issei. My IS is highly confidential so if I wanted to tell you I couldn't. Sorry." She looked around and saw they were the last ones and she turned her attention back to him, "Well we should probably get going. I will show you around and we will be in the same dorm room so don't try anything funny." She turned around quickly her hair swinging lazily behind her as it was long enough to almost reach her waist, "Here. Follow me. I will give you a small tour of the school then we can head to our dorm room and get you set up..."
  7. "...Quite."
    Andrew was already finding it hard to deal with Suukiori. He'd known quite a few people like her before, but the difference here was that he was supposed to stay with her for longer than an hour at a time. If she could see his face for the few seconds that he dared to change the neutral expression on it, she'd see an expression so sour it could put lemons to shame. He refused to dwell on it, though. As much as he resented her attitude, he didn't expect anything more, given the fact that he was an IA pilot.

    He followed, but just before he left, Terrence wved to him. A friendly gesture, nothing too big. He waved hastily back, not wanting to feel his Buddy's wrath for lagging behind.
  8. She glanced behind her and felt like maybe she was being too harsh on the guy but she didn't know any other way to act. She was supposed to be professional so she walked on slowing her pace slightly so he could walk beside her, "So Andrew. If you are okay with me asking... What made you want to be an IA pilot?" She was curious about these strange new people and their new suits. Something just didn't feel right about them and it was like they were made for working them. It confused her and she wanted to know all she could. She had dropped her hands to her side and they were swaying gently as they walked back towards the school building.
  9. Andrew cocked an eyebrow, surprised at this sudden development. She had gone from cold and indifferent to somewhat inquisitive, in under a minute. Something wasn't right here, but he made nothing of it. He decided to just answer honestly - it wasn't like he had to lie about that sort of thing, anyway.
    "It just appealed to me, I guess." He stated, his tone a little airy. "I've always been fascinated with IS units. Their technology, their uses, even the people piloting them - the world of IS was one that intrigued me. So, when the opportunity to become an IA pilot came up, how could I say no?"

    He turned his head to her, and returned her question.
    "So how about you? What made you want to come to the academy?"
  10. She nodded listening intently. She glanced over at him for a second then back forward, "Well that is certainly much better than my story..." she shrugged and raised her hand showing her small chain link bracelet that was not very easily noticed, "This is my personal IS. It is small and not very noticeable..." she dropped her arm, "I didn't decide. It was decided for me... One day I received this in the mail with a note saying 'Take care..' No name or anything just the note. When I picked it up it activated and I was admitted into the IS academy shortly thereafter..."
  11. "Decided for you, huh? Sounds like you could have just put the thing back and returned it to the sender, but I won't pry."
    Andrew knew better than to pry. He had, after all, not given the entire truth with his story. Oh, he was honest, and what he'd said was true enough. He just didn't want all of it getting out, and if Suukiori had anything to hide, he didn't care to find out anyway. He decided to ask a different question, but one still related to their machines.
    "So, do you enjoy being a pilot? I mean, I now it wasn't your decision, but do you like it?"
  12. She shook her head, "I probably would have sent it back at the time. However there was no return address. It was like it had been hand delivered..." she shrugged and pushed open the door as they walked inside, "Do I enjoy piloting? Of course. It provides a freedom like no other but yet demands serious responsibility. I like that."
  13. "You don't have to tell me twice about serious responsibilities... Training to use Striker Blue properly is hard enough, but when you've got the eyes of the world watching your every move..."
    Andrew shrugged. "Either way, being a pilot is fun. Honestly, despite how hard it is, I don't regret signing up to be one a single bit."
    Andrew looked about the academy as they entered, marvelling at it all. Things seemed to be going right, to him. His partner didn't seem as bad as she did initially, he could get a fresh start at a prestigious academy, and he was the pilot of an IA unit. Some say he could have actually smiled.
  14. She followed him inside the compound and she gestured down a hallway, "That way will lead to the cafeteria...." she looked down the other one that went the opposite direction, "This way leads outside and to the dorms..." she turned to him, "Oh before I forget... Do you have any questions about the school or where stuff is?"
  15. Andrew did actually have a response immediately ready for this question - he just didn't remember that he had it, until he was reminded of it.
    "Well, come to think of it, could you tell me where the library is? As fun as training all the time is, I'd like to be able to settle down once in a while."
    "That, and I've been meaning to catch up on that series my friend recommended... What was its name, anyway?"
  16. She nodded, "The library is on the second floor at the end of the west wing. Also there is a wide selection of books there if you so want to immerse yourself in them..." she thoughtfully raised a hand to her chin, "I think that is the main stuff we needed to cover. You are in the same room as me so you don't have to worry about that. Same goes for our classroom..." she dropped her arm, "Anything else?"
  17. Andrew shook his head.
    "No, that pretty much covers it. I'd just like to know what we're supposed to be doing now. If I recall, it's not long until we have to go to our classrooms. Or was that tomorrow? I wouldn't think so, given that the IA demonstration's then, but..."
    He trailed off, hoping she had the answer. He had other things on his mind, things like practise, and not screwing up in front of a crowd.
  18. She chuckled softly to herself and shook her head, "Classes don't start until tomorrow. They were put off today for the presentation of the IA's and our entrance ceremony essentially..." she looked down the hall towards the dorms, "Well I guess we should just head to our respective dorms. I will lead you to ours and help you unpack. All of your things should be there by now." turning she took a couple steps and turned to him waving him towards her, "Let's go. I would rather not face the wrath of Ms. Chifuyu for not making it to our dorms before curfew..."
  19. "Yes, let's."
    Andrew didn't really have much else to say. He was, to put it lightly, rather exhausted. Being stuck in an IA unit for the best [art of a solid four hours tended to do that to a person, especially when said suit was neither lightweight nor particularly comfortable. Andrew did his best to stifle a yawn - appearing weak in front of his Buddy was not something he wanted to do, given that he was supposed to be the one making first impressions. However, once he was out of her sight, it was fairly likely that he would collapse onto anything even remotely soft, so that he could sleep on it.
  20. She nodded and turned her head back around causing her silvery hair to swing all the way around and she grabbed her ponytail quickly undoing it and letting her hair fall down around her shoulders. It was somewhat wavy and bounced around her as she walked. In not so long they reached the door and exited to the outside where a small distance away could be seen a large complex, "That my dear Andrew..." she pointed to it, "Are the school dorms..."
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