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    A one x one between @Lillian Gray and @Smallz


    A tale of two worlds, one modern, the other written in ink.

    So begins our story, of a girl going about as an individual might. One day, she happens upon a book, an older tome with a curious title, A Knight of Civil War. It's ancient, yellowed pages offer no summary of the story within, but once it is picked up, it's peculiarities are told. Sucking the reader into the book, she is trapped in the new world, of knights, dragons, and a civil war on the rise.

    It has been twenty years since the King's passing, every citizen knew the story like the back of their hand. In a terrible war between Ashborne and Casmere, the two major forces clashed just at the base of the Silver Peak. The battle lived on, known as the Battle of the Peak. One day, he had died in battle, struck down by the enemy General. A noble death. The next day, his brother died as well, and with no apparent heir to take the throne, there was only one logical solution left.

    The only man to have witnessed the final words of the King was his own General, a man named Sir Warren Ballard. He claims the King had left the throne to him. Seeing no other reasonable solution, the general population has no other alternative than to submit to the new ruler. All is well for the first few years, the war dies down, with a victory for the city of Ashborne.

    Rumors still spread of a living heir, and those who believe the King's brother was murdered in battle were hushed. Old soldiers swear they saw it, and one by one their voices were muted by Sir Ballard.

    What was truth, and what lies had been spread? The whispers only said one thing, a civil war was on the rise, with a hero to match the situation. A man who claimed to be the nephew of the King rides forth, determined to take back what was taken from him.

    However, to a girl from the modern world, this is all just some story she read about...




    The Quadrant: An island to the East within the book, four major Kingdoms referred to as such. When working together, their forces are formidable, no outside enemies being able to penetrate the land. When facing each other, the outcome is quite different, with no clear winner in sight. The major strongholds which correlate to the force are as follows; Ashborne in the Southwest, Crasmere to the North, Hiraine to the center of the land just near the Silver Peak, and Emelle to the Eastern front.
    Twenty years prior, Ashborne and Crasmere had conflicts about control over lands at the base of the Silver Peak. This war, formerly named the Battle of the Peak, has shifted relations within the Quadrant.

    Ashborne: In the South lies Ashborne, infamous for the impenetrable cove which the city lies in. The current ruler is a former General, now crowned King, named Sir Warren Ballard. He has one daughter, aged fifteen, and one son, aged ten, both from his wife, Melinda Ballard.
    The former King, Victor Dumont, and his brother, Adam, fought in the Battle of the Peak, and both perished in battle. They had no known heirs.
    Crasmere: To the North, is the stronghold Crasmere. Known for harsh weather conditions and rugged soldiers, the area is strife with military outposts. Most of the Quadrant's prisons lie in the North, where either the cold or the tough and hearty wardens break the occupants into submission. The current ruler is a young King named Peter Icewall, son of Harold Icewall. Peter, aged eighteen, has no wife. His father lives, but has health complications from the war. His mother, Helga Icewall, rules as Queen regent.
    Emelle: Of the four, Emelle is the most peaceful of strongholds. It houses mainly scholars and monks, and is considered the cultural center of the Quadrant. The current ruler is an aged man named Thomas Black, his wife is deceased, but left behind their four children, Margaret, Benjamin, Nicholas, and Evangeline, all over the age of adulthood, and all with families of their own. Benjamin is next in line for the throne when his father perishes.
    Hiraine: Lastly is the mountain stronghold. The area around Hiraine is rich in minerals, and the main occupation of the citizens of the land is mining. During wartime, siding with Hiraine can make or break the battle, as they often times control the supply of iron. The current ruler is a man named Johannes, with his wife Estelle. They have one male heir, and no other children, his name is Graham and is aged five years. Their are incredibly protective of their only child.

    Silver Peak: A mountain filled with untold riches, said to be guarded by a foul tempered dragon, though no one has seen it for many years. The Battle of the Peak was fought at the base of the mountain range, where many fortunes were lost in battle, though have mysteriously disappeared over the years. Some fall back on tales of dragons and goblins in the hills, while others put blame on a more reasonable explanation. Bandits often ravage the hillsides for the unfortunate passerby.

    The Western Isles: A land filled with much mystery. No one has ever survived a trip to the Isles and lived to tell the tale. It is said pirates scourge the seas around the island chain, and destroy all those who dare enter their waters.

    The Gicel Mannes People: Considered to be the original inhabitants of Casmere, the indigenous people now roam the Northen parts of the Quadrant in the frozen wastelands. They are regarded as strangers in most strongholds, and feared because of misunderstandings about their culture. In the common tongue, they might also be referred to as 'Frost Men' or 'Ice Men'.


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  2. Real World Girl It was an odd little thing, that book, Olivia couldn't help but think. She'd found it in the back of a used book store, browsing for something new to read. Little did she realize that she would stumble upon something both old and unheard of, nothing like the common tales like Harry Potter and the ever so popular Hunger Games trilogy. She wanted something new, something no one had heard of before so there'd be no one on earth to ruin it for her. Even the store clerk had a hard time identifying it, giving a hefty discount to be rid of the decrepit book.

    She'd found exactly what she wanted in the little tome, properly named A Knight of Civil War. There wasn't even an author's name written on it, just a scribble which resembled that of a signature in faded black ink. Olivia fingered through the dry pages, a stain here and there caught her eye, as she read through the story of Ivor Dumont, a forgotten Prince in the beginning stages of a civil war. A cruel man, the King of Ashborne, had claimed the throne for himself after the King and his brother had died, and now Ivor was of age to take it back for himself. Greedily, she tore through the pages, wanting each and every word to permeate into her mind, and stay there for a good while.

    It wasn't to say she'd made if very far into the story without a few complications. The book had fallen apart in her hands more than once, and Olivia didn't know what to do just shy of taping it back together with clear wrapping tape. She didn't want to ruin such an old book with the modern tag.

    Olivia had just about given up after turning the page, and a few spilled out onto the floor. That's when the absolute unthinkable happened.

    Beneath her, the floor opened into a gaping blue hole, a crystal clear lake a fair ways down. "What the-" She blurted before inevitably falling down into the opening. Around her, the scattered pages followed her in a flurry of white pages and black ink. Quickly, she reached out and tried to collect them in some vain attempt to keep hold on the reality of her living room.

    She twisted her body midair, confused and shocked that she had to at all, and saw the hole closing up behind her. The little blue armchair from her living room disappeared entirely into the sky, until nothing was left, and she crashed into the lake below clutching a few of the pages in her hands.

    Lucky for her, or perhaps not, the book landed on the shore with a light thud in the sand, more pieces of paper fluttered around and into the lake, some blew off past a line of trees. All in all, Olivia was left completely baffled as to what had just happened.

    She burst up from beneath the surface of the water and took in a heavy gasp for air. Slowly, she made her way to the shore and did her best to wring out the water from her light gray sweater, all the while her heartbeat was picking up speed as the situation set in. It's a dream, she told herself, and casually she went to pinch her arm.

    Nothing happened. The lake was still there, the book at her feet with several dozen missing pages, and she was soaked to the bone. Her dark brown hair stuck slick to the back of her neck, and she combed a hair uselessly through it before plopping down on ground.

    She closed her eyes, and tried to focus on breathing.

    Olivia's Bio (open)

    Name: Olivia Jaime Walters
    Age: 19 years
    Height: 5'6"
    Personality: Olivia is easily embarrassed to a fault, somewhat of a simple girl to turn bashful. She is reserved, however, and prefers to watch a situation rather than act upon it right away. When she is nervous, Olivia stutters and stumbles over her words.
    History: From the time Olivia was a girl, she always had loved the different worlds books had opened up for her. She had a hard time maintaining a social circle until high school, where she kept a close circle of friends she met in class.
    Olivia picked up a mysterious book from the back of a store without thinking, and that's where all the trouble began.
    Other: She comes from a small family of four, her mother, father, and older brother. Nina, Gregory, and Ryan, respectively.
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  3. Bastard of Casmere, #3f4570
    Cadoc groaned as he walked on, his back aching from the heavy supplies he carried and the hours of walking. He was on a scouting mission for the rebellion army, he was suppose to locate enemy troops and report their location back to his commanding officer. The job wasn't a luxurious one, but it was a job Cadoc was good at. He spent much of his time isolated from people, something he enjoyed more than he let on. Cadoc was an outsider, and he would always be an outsider. He was one of the Gicel Mannes people, or at least he was half. The other half was highbourn, his father being one of Icewalls strongest allies. Though, Cadoc from both his appearances and mannerism seemed to have taken on little of highborn side.

    Despite him being in the rebelion, he really could care less about the war. It meant little to him which King ruled, they all cared little for his people. The only reason he had joined the war was to get away from his father, and the place he was forced to call home. Everything there reminded him of how he didn't belong, and how he wasn't wanted. It was all okay with him, he didn't want to belong to that world, he had no desire to be accepted into 'normal society'.

    After more tiring walking, and little to show of it; he finally, he felt safe enough under the cover of the forest to take a short break. He was in a good position; he could see much of the lake through the tress, and he'd hear anyone coming behind him. Cadoc stretched out his long tired legs, letting each muscle unfold. It felt nice to sit after hours of pointless walking. He hadn't seen a sign of the enemy in ages. They must have moved on from where their prior intelligence had directed them. They were constantly sending Cadoc to the more dangerous areas, he wasn't sure if it was because he was a great fighter, or because he didn't matter in the long run. A bastard was a bastard even with highborn blood.

    The warm sun, and his weary legs made him more tired than he anticipated. Slowly, and then suddenly he started to fall asleep, there was very little he could do to fight it. He had gone an entire day without sleep, another three without an proper rest. His body needed the sleep even though he tried to fight the exhaustion.

    The dream was vivid, as it always was. His mother was holding him, telling him stories of the great warriors. He could feel the warmness of the fire, the softness of her skin, but mostly her love. It was the same dream every time, just his mother comforting him. Though this time it was different, he heard a loud and sudden splash.

    Cadoc jerked awake, startled by the noise. It took him a moment to realize that the noise had come from the lake not his dream. Though, it didn't take him long to spot the women at the shore line. He stood up quickly knowing he needed to take action, even though he wasn't sure what action exactly. He grabbed for his sword and started walking near the shore, his long stride covering the ground quickly.

    He stood in front of the girl, dressed in his dark ranger clothes with a menacing stare. Cadoc was a threatening image, he stood taller than many men, and wider than most. He looked as if he could crush most men with his bare hands, and others with a swing of the sword. Yet, Cadoc was more disturbed by her even though he could easily dispose of her. Her clothes seemed odd, as well as the book she grasped. Something about her just didn't seem...natural. "Who are you?"Cadoc snarled in the nastiest voice he could muster.

    Cadoc's Bio (open)

    Name: Cadoc Warden
    Age: 20 years
    Height: 6'5"
    Personality: Cadoc is strong and proud, he doesn't trust most people. Many see him as a dark menacing figure, who is a monster. Cadoc is gentle and kind, the world just had not been the same to him.
    History: Born to a Gicel Mannes mother, and a highborn father. Cadoc spent most of his childhood with the Gicel Mannes people. His people were attacked an killed by an army, he was spared and brought to his father. He later discovered his father planned the execution of his people so he could mainstream his son. His father saw it as doing him a favor, Cadoc saw it differently. He joined the army at his first chance, knowing it was his only way out of his forced home and life.
    Other: Father, step-mother, two older half brothers. Morris Gagnon, Etheldred, Wyot, Larkin.
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  4. Real World Girl The first thing to greet her gaze was a long strip of cold steel. People didn't carry swords where she was from, and the armor? It was out of place in her time. She questioned his appearance out of a fearful shock, but nothing processed as quickly as she would've liked. Panic set in as she made every effort to understand what was going on. Olivia fell back into the sand as she attempted to stand up, only now she wanted to run. Most of her was covered in the fine tan colored particles now.

    Something about him seemed vaguely familiar though. It was as if she'd seen a photo of him recently, the demeanor, certainly the height of him was something she recalled, but from where?

    "I'm just a girl," Olivia shrieked. "Please, don't hurt me!"

    She found the courage to stand, and brushed some of the wet sand from her clothes. It didn't do much good though, some of it was even in her hair, and wouldn't budge until she had another dip in the lake. Olivia stood there on the shore, clutching her arms with the remnants of the book nestled against her freezing body.

    Her eyes scanned nervously over the new face, that sinking feeling in her gut told her she knew him, but there was no reasonable explanation as to why she'd remember the face of a warrior. That's what he had to be, some kind of fighter. The thick armor, the heavy steel sword, and the obvious tired look about him. It reminded her of the knights of the Middle Ages.

    "My name is Olivia, and I'm lost." She admitted. "Please, I mean you no t-trouble."

    Olivia took a step back, and only just remembered that the lake was behind her. Her foot sank bank into the brisk waters, and shot out a second later to step back into place. There was no going forward, the warrior was there, and there was no going back, unless she wanted to sit pretty in the lake until he left. He didn't make any attempts at attacking her though, his voice the nastiest thing just next to his sword.

    "Can you just, tell me where I am?" Olivia asked, terrified. "I'm cold, I don't know where I am, I'm definitely not a threat to you, s-so..."

    She'd already started to stutter, the obvious horror plain in her voice.

    Where am I?
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  5. Bastard of Casmere, #3f4570 She was odd, he couldn't fathom the clothes she was wearing. When she said her name it was the strangest name he had heard, having heard no name like it before. Maybe she was from the West Isles, but how would she get here. He had never heard of anyone from the West Isles before. He didn't he know if people existed there, but if they did he assumed they'd be as strange as her. Though, that made no sense to him, wouldn't she know where she was? How did she end up in this lake, dazed and confused. None of this seemed to add up. He couldn't fathom this strange girl with these strange clothes and this strange name.

    His fear of his strangeness made him want to dispose of her. Striking her down would be easy, and nobody would miss the foreign girl. Though, he decided against it. She was innocent for now, and Cadoc would never kill anyone who was innocent. He was not a monster like those who massacred his mother.

    He lowered his sword still looking down at her. His fierce eyes narrowing, examining her like some foreign creature that he did not understand. What was she? More importantly, who was she? He circled around her a bit, but not too much for her to be able to escape. She seemed like little threat, she was small compared to him and appeared unarmed. He found no harm in telling her where they were. What could she do with the information? She was clearly just as confused as he was.

    "You are in southern Crasmere, and I suspect a long way from home. Now that I've told you where you are, tell me where you're from,"Cadoc said harshly.

    He had to keep up his harsh persona, even if he was more shocked than anything. He didn't want his confusion to slip though in his words, it would only make him sound weak. Cadoc was a person who thrived on sounding strong. His strength was his everything, it was why people respected him.

    His ethnicity and his given last name of Warden ensured him little respect in this world. The only way anyone would need him was if he was if he was strong. Strength was his only option in this cruel world. Others had their highborn status, and even more had their father's last name. Cadoc had his cruelty, and in a world that was cruel it was necessary.
  6. Real World Girl As the man circled her, she cowered near the ground to stay as far away as she could from his judgement. She could hear his boots sinking into the sand around her, one heavy step after the other, grains pushed aside to make way for the towering brute.

    "Crasmere?" Olivia echoed. "But that's impossible."

    He said they were in Crasmere, and the name would have meant nothing had she not been reading the book in her hands. It was the town in the North of a continent known as the Quadrant, a land strife with both conquering alliances, and terrible betrayal. That was an impossible notion however, because last Olivia checked she'd been in her living room in Albany, with the little blue armchair her mother adored so much. Now there was an open blue sky, reflected in the crystal lake beneath its boundaries, nothing like the inside of her home at all.

    "I'm from Albany, and yes, that's...that's a long ways from here."

    She felt like she'd been kicked in the chest, all the air escaped from her longs in a suffocating grip. She was near Crasmere? It was just impossible. Crasmere was an imaginary place inside of a book, not something real and tangible like the ground beneath her feet. It was a budding idea in someone's mind from decades ago, it wasn't real, it wasn't real.

    Olivia finally stood with the book still tucked in her arms. There was one way to confirm what she dreaded. She pulled a page at random from her pile and scanned it for anything important, and it was of some great detail to her now. It was a conversation between one Ivor Dumont and a Cadoc Warden, two fictional characters from the Quadrant. They spoke of a mission, simple reconnaissance, which Olivia knew had to be important sometime later on. She just hadn't gotten so far as to discover the purpose of Cadoc.

    The first step was to find out the soldier's name in front of her, or if he was even a soldier at all.

    Then, it clicked together. Just as if she'd seen him somewhere before, Olivia realized she had. Tucked in the pages of the tome, were descriptions of knights, their armor and demeanor, as well. The man before her certainly was tall and fearsome, but she refused to believe she'd been sucked into a book of all things.

    "May I ask your name?" She took in a shaky breath, and prepared herself for an answer.
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  7. Bastard of Casmere, #3f4570
    Albany? What was this Albany? Cadoc's mean expression left his face, he had never heard of an Albany. It was possible Albany was a town he had never head of before, it was possible it rested near Emelle in the south. Cadoc did have limited knowledge of that area. Still, how did she get here? How did she end up climbing out of the lake. Knowing where she was from had given him no answers, and enlightened him none.

    Cadoc bit his lip, trying to figure if there was any harm in her question. What would happen if he answered her? What if she was an enemy? Who was he kidding, he wasn't important enough to be killed because of his name. If it was an enemy spy, his name would indicate nothing but his lack of a father. Cadoc stood strong, trying to disguise his confused face.

    "I'm Cadoc Warden, and what are those pages you are rifling through, Olivia," he said her name with malice. He needed to strike fear in her to make up for the confusion he had let shown.

    What he was mostly curious about was the book that she held in her hands, and the pages that where scattered about her. He felt tempted to pick up one of the pages to examine it closer. It would have done little good though, Cadoc's reading ability was limited. He was taught only to recognize his own name, and those of important families in the world. He had no need to learn to read like his brothers did. He would hold no titles, so he had no need for writing. His father had been kind enough to teach him to write, and read his own name.

    Cadoc had no anger towards his illiteracy though, in this world it was hardly necessary. Being able to read meant little, in a world where strength ruled. He feared that this small clueless girl would not last long in this world. Wherever she came from seemed as though it was a kinder place. A place where the weak had the chance to thrive.

    While Cadoc seemed cold, his heart ached for this girl in front of him. He felt the need to protect her, despite her strangeness. Something reminded him of his mother, and the others who where helplessly slaughtered. Cadoc at that moment, decided to protect her. Well, as long as she was not the enemy.

    His compassion did not show on his face, his dark eyes still bore down on her.
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  8. Real World Girl Olivia felt as if she were in a dream. She'd already pinched herself once to try to wake up, and it hadn't worked. In the stories and movies that was the surefire way to kick oneself right out of a dream, a simple pinch on the arm, and clarity pushed reality back into place. By some twist of misfortune, she had to hope it was all just a dream. Even the thought of her being electrocuted by her reading lamp came into mind, but it wasn't plausible.

    Somehow, she'd managed to wind up inside her latest purchase, A Knight of Civil War, and it was all too real. A gorgeous backdrop for the setting of a story, a soldier stood before her with every authenticity she needed to affirm his status as the man she'd read about. Every small detail she'd read matched his description to a tee, save the kindness she'd only recalled in his memories. Cadoc was fierce, and made sure to let Olivia know. It wasn't just Cadoc though, the surroundings matched some unimportant description of the most recent page she'd read. A lake where Cadoc had taken refuge for a moment in time, looking out on a lake with a forest at it's back. It was right there on the page in her hands, in deep black ink.

    A slight breeze rippled across the lake, and Olivia felt it move right through her bones, no thanks to her small and sopping wet frame. She shivered again, finding no reprieve in her surroundings to warm herself. The sun was high in the sky, but the cool winds blew away what source of heat it offered. It wouldn't be any use asking Cadoc for help, he was focused on scaring the living wits out of her.

    "It's nothing, just a book." Olivia took a sidelong glance Cadoc's way before quickly turning back to stare towards the ground.

    It wasn't just a book though, it was starting to look more like a curse. Her thoughts raced inside her head, and Olivia started to wonder if she'd be able to get back home. She hadn't figured out how the story ended yet, and if it was anything but a happy ending, she'd have a dire problem on her hands. So far, she hadn't exactly found a friend to lean on, only Cadoc, who was known for his strength. Maybe there was a mage, she hoped, one who happened to have come across the problem before.

    Probably, most certainly, not.

    "Please, Cadoc, d-don't hurt me." She stuttered. "I'm afraid I'm a long way from home, and I'm not exactly sure how I got here in the first place. I just want to be dry first, and maybe then I might..."

    What, find a way home? She thought. Nothing about this makes sense! How are you supposed to meander back home when you don't know what got you here in the first place?

    Olivia gulped hard. She still refused to look up and meet Cadoc's glare, fearing it was indeed still there on his face. Compassion didn't suit him, at least not from what Olivia read and remembered. It wasn't much, she knew something of a bad history, but the story had yet to elaborate on his misfortune. She just hoped it wasn't strong enough to earn her a spot in the dirt, dead and buried.

    "Oh, gods, what do I do." She mouthed to herself and gripped the sides of her arms.
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  9. Bastard of Casmere, #3f4570
    Cadoc could sense there was more to this book than she was letting on. She seemed protective of it, which only made him more curious. He knew it would be pointless for him to snatch it from her, as the words would make no sense to him. The longer he stood in front of her, the more he felt for her. She was helpless to save herself. Helpless to do more than cower at his feet. He did not want to be her executioner.

    He did not want to be the monster that he despised. Where would his humanity be if he hacked down this girl, like the men who hacked down is mother. No, he could not bring himself to hurt her. He had no reason to think that she was anything more than lost and harmless. If he suspected any foul play, she would be dead.

    Cadoc's gaze didn't lessen on her, he could not have her thinking he was showing sympathy. "Get up, you'll get sick from staying in those clothes," Cadoc said. He thought for a moment though, she could still be a spy or a witch, or something else all together. "Get up and get in front of me," he added. If she was in front of him, she would have nowhere to run if she tried. He could easier overtake her.

    Cadoc was a kind man, underneath his appearance. His kindness was rare, as those who made it common were dead. He had felt the need to protect the innocent girl, he hoped it was not a mistake. That the time he decided to show his kindness would not be the death of him. Though, this girl would die if he did not help her. Walking away from her would be like slaughter.

    "I will not harm you, if you do not try to run"Cadoc added. His voice was still aggressive as was his demeanor. He could not let his kindness show. He acted as if she was doing her a favor, rather than feeling sympathy for the lost girl.

    (Sorry it's a bit short. My computer kept shutting down before I could reply so most of my post got deleted. I typed up most of what I had said.)
  10. Real World Girl "I will, I will." Olivia repeated.

    She took careful steps to walk in front of Cadoc, but with no heading, she hadn't half a mind as to where to go. In the book, he was on some sort of secret run. That's what she remembered. So far, there'd been no other hint as to where to lead to, so she didn't. Olivia turned around with her eyes never much higher than the ground. Only for a second, she glanced up with her two pale blue eyes.

    "Where am I supposed to be going?" She asked innocently enough.

    Referring to the book would have been suicide. Spouting names left and right without a care, mentioning Crasmere as the town that it was, what would he think? Olivia had no way of truly knowing, but she dared not open up the book again. It stayed shut, clutched to her chest. All knowledge beyond that moment would remain a secret so as not to earn her any worse a place on this man's side.

    "I won't run, I won't go anywhere, but if I'm going to be in front of you I still need to know which way to go." Olivia said quietly.

    She feared that she'd angered Cadoc. He didn't hold her in a high regard, and his eyes glared menacingly down at her every second she looked back. What had she done to anger him besides falling in a lake? Olivia didn't understand.

    "I'm sorry, I'll quiet." Olivia muttered back on herself.

    Right. He looks like he could tear out my throat, I won't ask him to point me in the way of his objective. That's stupid, Olivia.
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  11. Bastard of Casmere, #3f4570
    "Forward, into the woods,"Cadoc said pointing to the heavily wooded area that laid in front of him. He was planning on resting there for awhile,out of sight. He'd have to move a bit father in the forest than he wanted to, as someone might have seen her fall. It was unlikely because most of this land was uninhabited. But, he would hate for there to be some unwelcome guests.

    "Walk until I say not to,"Cadoc added after a short second. He stood strong behind her wanting her to know how easily he could eliminate her. He was sure that she was already fearful of him. Which was good, it meant he didn't have to hurt her. Cadoc never liked hurting anyone. He always could feel their death. Even if that person was the enemy, it still hit him hard. Of course he never showed it, as he would be taken advantage of. That made the pain he inflicted on others worse. He only had his own mind to grapple with the thoughts of those he maimed or killed.

    Cadoc had killed many in battle, he wished he could say he knew all of their names but he did not. Though, he did remember all of their faces. Their gasping last breaths as the fear filled their eyes in their final moments. The realization that this was it, and then their death. They were never peaceful in death, the fear still stuck in their cold lifeless eyes. There was no glory in death, only pain and fear. Death was filled with blood, shit, and tears.

    That was what bothered him the most about his forced culture. There was a talk of glory in battle, and boasts about taking other men's lives. His people, they knew otherwise. There was a sacredness in each life, no matter how wretched or cruel. Killing an enemy in battle was something to grieve for not celebrate. It was hard for him to live in a world that had to be so cruel, but despite how hard it was he did it.

    Cadoc was a great performer, his emotions had to be hidden and he knew that. His mind was like an iron wall, nothing ever escaped it. None of his anger, none of his sadness. It all stayed behind the iron fortress of his mind, locked away even by himself. Only allowing himself to remember the harsh world when he was away from others. When it was safe to feel the sadness, and the grief of what he had done.

  12. Real World Girl Olivia, in a better mood, might have rolled her eyes at the suggestion of simply walking until he said not to. In her current state, the best she could do was whimper and nod her head, sending black curls tumbling forward over her shoulders.

    Get a grip on yourself! This isn't as bad as it could be. There could be thieves, or an ogre, an enemy encampment just over the hill. One soldier isn't so bad.

    That was what Olivia tried to convince herself of. In the tales she'd read, there were times a twist meant the end of a character's life, all because of one simple mistake some chapter back. So far, nothing of the sort had happened within the pages of her latest read. She'd fallen into the book, Cadoc found her, end of her current story. No one had died, and she hadn't read far enough to determine who was inherently good and evil. There were obvious fingers pointing in the right direction, who was the mastermind behind the war, what really happened all those years ago, but Olivia couldn't base her decisions on that now. If Cadoc asked her how she knew, then what?

    Oh, hey, I'm not from this world, I just happen to be from another one. By the way, I know how your story ends! It's right here on page two hundred and thirty four.

    Something said that wouldn't go down well.

    After they'd been walking for a while, Olivia had the courage to speak up. Her stutter was gone but her eyes remained low to the ground. "Cadoc?" She called his name to see if he'd respond with the same bitter tone as before.

    Olivia was admittedly scared of the man. He towered over her, with corded muscles head to toe, and his nature was that of the Gicel Mannes. While she didn't know much about them, she knew that the rest of the world believed them to be just as harsh as the Northern winters they thrived in. Cadoc was the stunning image of his people. Able to harness the outer ferocity as well as the physique of a true warrior, he looked to be one of the best.

    She almost forgot what she wanted to ask.

    "I know you don't believe me, but I'm really not from here." Olivia whimpered. "I don't know where we are, even though you've told me. I just want to get back. If there's a town, or a place where I could just collect my bearings, get a- a- coat or something, that would be most appreciated."

    Somehow, she doubted what she said would reach his ears, or whatever kindness was left over in his heart.
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  13. Bastard of Casmere, #3f4570
    Cadoc didn't answer her besides a grunt in order to tell her that he heard her, he was planning on stopping soon anyways. The forest was getting thicker, and providing more cover for the pair. He could tell she was scared, cold and likely miserable. Unfortunately for her, she was going to have to stay outside for at least the night. The nearest town was miles away, and the sun would be setting soon. Cadoc had no fear of travelling at night, though he was tired too tired to keep himself moving and a stranger.

    "Stop,"Cadoc said. His voice still harsh, but not as fierce. He had no need to instill anymore fear int the frightened girl. Cadoc took off his massive pack and started to go through it. He had no clothes to give her, but at the very least he had a few warm blankets. "Here,"he said tossing her a large itchy wool blanket "I have no clothes to provide you, but that should keep you warm. I'll build a fire and hopefully it will dry your clothes. The nights are cold here, and wet clothes will only make them colder,"Cadoc added.

    He didn't sound nice, but it was less harsh. He was less threatened by her than before. Cadoc ignored her for the most part as he gathered a small amount of wood for a fire. It wasn't too long before the small fire was going, and bringing heat to both of them. Cadoc cleared his throat as he sat down. He looked over at her, unsure of what to say.

    "I don't know where you are from, nor do I know how to get you back. You must understand though, you are not my problem. There are much greater things happening in this world than myself, and even you. I will deliver you to the nearest town, and that is where my kindness ends. I can only suggest, do not say you are not from here and try to blend in. Others would have slain you for being a demon or witch. It is not smart to be different in this world,"Cadoc said. His voice was serious, but there was also some concern.

    He felt for her, confused and lost in a world that did not appear to be her own.He felt the same way when he was taken from his mother. He still often felt as if he was living in a world that wasn't his, he wanted to help but he knew that he could not. What was he to do? Other than get her to a city where she might survive.

    Of course, he didn't understand the full gravity of what she meant when she said she was from somewhere else. He still figured that she somehow lost her memory, or something of the sort. He didn't get that she really was not from this world. How could he? How could anyone believe that she was from some place completely different? That meant other worlds existed other than his own, and that was the talks of crazies.

  14. Real World Girl Olivia flinched when he threw the woolen blanket her way, too terrified of what it could have been after witnessing his harsh nature firsthand. It could have been a blade coming down on her head, ending her story once and for all. She wasn't sure of his inherent personality yet.

    She huddled in the blanket while her teeth rattled with the chills. As much as she wanted to dry herself, there wasn't an opportunity to do so. Stripping in front of the man was out of the question, even if she had the blanket to cover herself in the meantime. So, she settled halfway and allowed herself to take off her socks and sweater. Beneath the top layer was a thin strapped tee shirt, just enough to be embarrassing because of how damp it was, but still enough cloth remained to cover herself with some modesty. She set her shirt and socks in front of the fire and quickly wrapped herself back up in the blanket.

    "What do you think I should do?" Olivia braved a look over at his face, her eyes earnestly pleading for an answer.

    Simply going from town to town begging for an answer as to how to remedy her situation, being thrown into a book, seemed like a fool's errand. No one would give her a straight answer, and Cadoc was right about one thing, they'd deem her a witch. Olivia started to become anxious, fearing she would never be back in Albany again.

    Even if she succeeded in keeping quiet, there was the matter of her appearance. She wore a gray sweater, blue jeans, it was enough to make the common brow raise in suspicion. The girl certainly didn't have any coin on her, or whatever currency the world used, so she wouldn't be able to afford a dress that might help her blend in.

    It all looked so hopeless.

    "I don't have any money, no food, no water." She felt her tongue stumbling in her mouth, ready for another anxiety attack of her own. She began to stutter more. "I don't want anyone to think I'm a witch, I'm certainly not. B-but, I suppose it isn't your problem. I'm sorry."

    Dejected, she looked into the flames for some small comfort. It was warm, even if she was soaked to the bone, it served to dry her clothes as she sat in the dirt with nothing more than a book and her clothes. Olivia even dared to put some of the pages forth in an effort to dry them off from their soaking in the lake.

    "Thank you." She said. "For the blanket."
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  15. Bastard of Casmere, #3f4570
    "I don't know,"Cadoc felt as if he was failing her. He wanted to protect her, though there was nothing he could do. She could not come with him, that would be impossible. The only other option was to deliver her to the Rebellion. That in itself would be dangerous, a women did not belong with men of war. Yet, someone above him might be able to help her. That was a big if though, it was unlikely anyone would listen to him. It would be putting himself in the line of danger. If they thought her to be dangerous, well they would figure he was conspiring with her.

    Cadoc sat there in thought, not showing the troubles that ran through his mind. Instead, his face was blank his dark eyes staring past Olivia. He bit his lip, and finally let out a sigh. The only sign of his internal struggles. He brought his massive legs up to his chest, placing his head atop his knees as he moved his gaze to her's.

    "What are those? Those pages,"Cadoc asked. His voice was gruff, and demanding. Though, it seemed as if that was just how his voice was. He did not have a tone to display pleasantness. Many noblemen would learn to speak lovely words, in soothing tones. Their speeches needed to inspire others to follow them, to fall in love with them, and to lead them. Cadoc, despite his upbringing was not given those lessons. No, he watched his brothers from afar to learn the ways of the noble men.

    Cadoc, instead of learning the ways of the noble, learned the ways of survival. He spent his time learning to fight, and hunt. Rather than to speak, and write, and who to bow to. He wasn't destined to a life of bowing, but he also wasn't destined to a life of ease. Cadoc never had a use, even when growing up in a noble home. He was always exiled to his room, only experiencing the grandeur from the loud talk and the leftovers.

    Leftovers, that was exactly how he felt. Cadoc was the leftovers of what used to be a great people. He was the leftovers of his father's sins. He was equivalent to what was given to dogs, he was all the parts that nobody else wanted. It wasn't that Cadoc felt bad about himself, it was more that there was no place for leftovers in this world. Even when he was with his own people, he didn't quite belong. His noble blood still made him different, and his lack of father made him strange. No, Cadoc did not feel bad about himself. Rather, rage for whatever cruel fate gave him a life of leftovers.
  16. Real World Girl Olivia took a deliberate moment to stare down at the pages. Her hair fell down over her face, concealing her own conflicting opinions. If she told the truth, he wouldn't believe a word she said. Already she could feel his uncertainty, the fierceness in his voice hadn't faded yet, and it would only increase if she mocked him with the story of his life straight out of the pages of a book. If she lied, the consequences could be severe. The land was in the middle of a war, and as Cadoc had said, being persecuted as a witch could land her a place on the chopping block. She picked up one of the dried pages and held it carefully in her hands.

    ...and Ivor lifted his iron sword, swinging it down hard on his opponent's head. The General fell, defeated by the self proclaimed heir of Ashborne...

    Could Olivia really tell Cadoc the information written in the pages of the book? It was almost as if she'd be able to tell the future, able to read ahead in events that had not yet unfolded. She nervously began to finger the letters along the page, reading them over and over in her mind before formulating an answer for the man before her.

    ...the mission having gone well, Cadoc returned to find the bitter end of a gory battle...

    "It's my book." Olivia answered truthfully. "Just a story, really. It's all I have now."

    That was as close to fact as the girl was willing to admit. What fragility in the situation was uncertain, knowing that Cadoc might be able to see his future with the turn of a page, Olivia dared not speak of its contents. She could, however, give a fair warning from time to time. Avoiding a hit there, or a swing of a blade there. It would be enough to try and earn some kind of trust if Olivia knew something about the terrain. Surely that kind of information would be helpful, and perhaps lead her away from a witch's death?

    She felt more comfortable speaking as the sky darkened, so long as she wasn't the object of Cadoc's gaze for too long.

    "I wish I could say it were something more interesting, but that's really it." Olivia sighed. "I'm not a rebel, nor am I even from this country. I can't offer you any information, not really. So, I'm sorry, to have been such a burden on you. But, you'll be rid of me soon, if it's any consolation."

    She pulled the woolen blanket up around her shoulders and stared into the fire. It would be a lackluster ending to her only beginning story inside the pages of her book, but, an untimely death would only make it worse.
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  17. Bastard of Casmere, #3f4570
    Cadoc had a suspicion that there was more than just a story, she took too long to answer him. Something was going on, and he did not like not knowing. He stared at her, his eyes narrowing with suspicion. No matter how long he gazed at the strange dark haired girl she still remained a mystery. He could not understand her she was baffling to him, so much so that he wasn't sure what to do about it.

    Cadoc was hardly left confused, and without an action to take. He was a man of action, not thought. Cadoc stood up and walked over to her, and he snatched one of the pages that was drying. None of the words made sense to him, and he was about to leave it at that until he spotted his name. One of the only words he was taught to read. He bit his lip before he spoke, wishing he could make sense of the rest of the page. He was baffled of why his name would be featured on this strange book this strange girl was carrying.

    "Why is my name on this page?"He said his voice frightening, ringing through the dark quite woods. He was more than a bit shocked about seeing his name. It wasn't that his name was that uncommon, but this girl claimed she came from somewhere else, how would his name be in a book from somewhere not here. He didn't want to show it, but he was panicking.

    He regretted his decision about trusting her, he should have known that she was an enemy. She was probably delivering papers to the enemy when he caught her. She was playing him, pretending to be lost and confused. It only enraged him further that she had taken advantage of him.

    He was so careful to not be kind to everyone to reserve it for those who truly needed or deserved it. He feared he wasted it on her, this girl who he had every right to be suspicious of her. It didn't help that part of him feared her. He did not show it, but seeing his name on that page really threw him off. He felt as her uncanny appearance, and her mysterious book were to bring something fearful to this world. He wished to strike her down, but fear or something else was stopping him.
  18. Real World Girl "Wait, don't-!" Olivia's hand shot out to try and yank the page out of his hand, but it was too late. Horror reverberated through her core as a certain recognition dawned across the man's features. Slowly, his brows knitted as he motioned to his name, and asked why it might be there. It was the last situation she wanted to be in, stuck in the strange new world, without a kind hand thus far. She was shivering near a fire without so much as a coin to her name.

    She scrambled back up to her feet, letting the blanket drop from her shoulders and onto the dirt around her feet. Even standing, Cadoc was still a head taller than her, and at least three times as thick around with muscle. It was clear there'd be no running, no fighting, and certainly no aggressive means to win her way out of this argument. She gulped and tried another route. The truth.

    "Look, Cadoc..." Olivia wrung her hands nervously as she spoke. "This is going to sound crazy, but you have to believe me. I was being honest when I said it was a story. It's not mine though, not my story, it''s about a man named Ivor, a tale of knights and civil war on the rise. You're in there because that's also your story, isn't it?"

    Olivia didn't want to have to explain the smaller details. For instance, who wrote the book, how did she find it, where she really came from. Those questions were best left to after the ferocious warrior had calmed. Olivia herself wasn't entirely sure how it all worked, and attempting to make sense of the situation would be like explaining life on another planet. Was it really there, or simply an illusion, a mere shadow of the truth? How it worked was a mystery that needed explaining, and she didn't have the answer.

    "I haven't finished reading it even." Olivia grumbled. "Some of the pages are lost now, and some of them were completely destroyed by the lake, but I swear to you, it's the truth. It really is only a story, it can't do any harm. I'll even read it out loud if you want me to, but you have to believe me. I don't know what else to tell you."

    Her words echoed quietly in the air between them. There wasn't anything else Olivia could say to convince Cadoc otherwise. Already, she could envision his sword slicing through her gut if she didn't find a way out of this. She brought up her hands to her stomach to protect herself from the inevitable blow, and closed her eyes, head bowed down towards the ground.

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  19. Bastard of Casmere, #3f4570
    He could hardly understand what she was saying, Ivor, civil war, and knights. These were all things in his life, all things happening in his world right now. His mouth turned into a harsh frown when she said that this was his story. As if his life was a tale, and not reality. He didn't understand how this book could reveal what was happening right here, and right now. She was talking about it as this was some distance past, no as this was some work of fiction. He bit at his lip, frustrated and confused.

    He was too curious to strike her down, too confused to know the proper action. It only made him more frustrated being left without answers, and ultimately without any action to take. He stood above her, his eyes glowering down to her. They peeled away for a moment to look back at the the page in his hand. He scanned it again, it helped none still the only thing he understood of the letters was his name. He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself.

    The only thing that he could do was have her read it, the words were sure to reveal more to him. Maybe, he could make a decision then.One thing was for sure, he was going to bring her back to camp rather than the town. If this book had information in it, then it would be useful for the rebellion. It was not that Cadoc cared much for the outcome of these political tidings, but giving valuable information may get him into a better situation. Then again, it could also kill him and the girl both. That was a chance he was going to have to take, as it seemed to be the only course of action at the moment.

    "Read it to me,"he said sternly as he handed the pages over to Olivia. He still stood, having not interest in making himself seem less threatening. He knew that she feared him, but he wanted her to fear him more. He wanted her to keep thinking that he would strike her down at any moment. She was more powerful than he gave her credit because of her possession of this book. Underestimating her, or letting her feel too safe would only lead to hardship.

    It was quite possible that her reading this book to Cadoc could open up even more questions, and issues. That the answers that the pages would bring would only arise more questions and dangers. Cadoc did fear that, but he could not let it show. His face was as stern and aggressive as always. In the inside he was panicking. Hoping that he was making the right decision. That choosing not to kill her would not end his life ultimately.
  20. Real World Girl Olivia nodded fearfully. Cadoc had beaten into her the sense of danger he projected, and he projected it well. From the moment she'd fallen into the world she was as helpless as a newborn babe, but now she felt more like a newborn chick in the den of a lion. A massive, foreboding presence which breathed down her very neck in the light of the fire. His silhouette was outlined, and it gave her no relief to see the second person nearby, no, he was more a monster than a man the way he hounded her for information and made her afraid for her very life.

    She was in the wrong place, the wrong time, and had no way to prove her world was even real.

    "S-sure." Olivia stuttered. "I can read it. I can r-read..."

    Olivia cleared her voice, but first sat back down on the ground. She was cold again, and the wool blanket called to her in the smallest kind of relief it could offer up. Although Olivia doubted he would listen, she motioned for Cadoc to sit. It would be a long night if they both stood their ground, fighting this way and that over the contents of the mysterious pages Olivia had brought into his world. She wanted to spend at least a small portion of it resting instead of crying or hiding from Cadoc.

    "I think this one is what's happening now." Olivia told Cadoc, "You'll see in a minute, w-what I mean. But, okay, I'll r-read." She gulped before starting to ramble off the first paragraph. "They'd seen the ambush coming from a mile away. Ivor and his men had planned from the beginning to act as bait so as to lure out the armed forces of Ashborne. They were strong, they had armor and iron born into their blood, but they had one thing against them. They were dull. The soldiers of Ashborne followed after their King, Sir Warren Ballard.

    The soldiers had been raised on strength alone, and only those who practiced the art of war long enough had the brains to make it to the top. Generals, Captains, even the lowliest of officers were only concerned with the sheer brute force of their battalion, and not the strategy behind defeating an opponent. In their charge, they had failed to see that Ivor had two more waves of his own men coming in from the sides, ready to corner the group of Ashborne men.

    "I will claim what is rightfully mine." Ivor proclaimed over the throngs of his own soldiers, who cheered and hollered their cries of support. "Ready yourselves! Archers, take aim, and-"

    He didn't need to raise his voice. His hand fall in a gentle swing, sending a flurry of arrows into the first wave. Men began to fall, blood streaming... Well, at this point it just describes the fight. I have a pretty weak stomach, so, I'm going to skim over this part, if that's alright?"

    Olivia looked to Cadoc for approval, but nodded for herself. No way was she comfortable reading out loud the description of slaughter before her. In her head, it was easy to fudge the details, blur the image and ignore the gut wrenching feeling of loss and pain. Now that she was in the world where the men fell, it was more real. These men had beating hearts and bled just as Olivia would. Some of them were probably Cadoc's comrades, and she didn't want to spoil his evening with the unsure news of fallen friends.

    "...and Ivor lifted his iron sword, swinging it down hard on his opponent's head. The General fell, defeated by the self proclaimed heir of Ashborne. With a last ragged breath, the General attempted to spit in Ivor's direction, but, the blade stuck between his skull was faster than his own natural reactions, and the only sound was a last gurgle as blood spilled from his open mouth." Olivia gagged, feeling as if she'd jumped back too soon. She couldn't stop though, Cadoc wanted her to read, and she'd read until he told her to stop.

    The rest of the page described the end of the battle, as the men of Ashborne either fled or aligned themselves with the stronger of the two forces, that being Ivor. Olivia turned the page and read off the more boring aspects of the fight. They assembled a camp, made resting places for the dead, and there was no conversation to be had until the chapter ended mid page and began anew with the story of Cadoc.

    "The morning was bright, reflected in the crystal clear lake on the horizon. With the mission having gone well, Cadoc returned to find the bitter end of a gory battle, but it was not his side which wept in grief, but the side of none other than the unlawful King, Sir Warren Ballard. With the news of Cadoc's return, Ivor grinned in relief, and went searching for his friend so they could reunite after the long separation.

    "Cadoc. We have much to discuss it would seem." Ivor said with a happy sneer. "Tell me of your travels, what have you found? Come sit and- The page stops here. I don't know what follows. Ah, but I could find it!"

    Olivia more or less shouted the last part. Cadoc wanted her to read, so she'd read, but now that the page had ended there was nothing to do but wait for his approval. That, or his anger. She set the page down in her pile, grateful to even have the leather bound cover to keep the pages at least together.
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