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  1. [ Was going to wait until more girl characters sign-up. But we just can not wait any longer. Anyone who is interested in joining and want a girl character, please fill in the character sheet. Boys are unlimited. ]

    Imperial Times

    Girls, Girls, Girls
    Who runs the world? MEN! They run this madafaka.

    But sadly, that reality ends here. As it is confirmed that the new school year, Imperial Academy will be polluted with hormone crazed 'girls-can-do-whatever-boys-can-but-better' bullshizzle. Ew.

    But the upside, the years of abstinence is over (unless you are asexual)! Yes. No more living like monks in a lonely hilltop monastery. This is the year where boys will become men! Time to get your Idiots Guide To Girls read-on boys, I am sure you will need it (yes, I am talking about you, Larry).

    Shout out to the current King (lucky dog)! Make this year a year to remember for years to come, will you? Looking forward to this year's games! I will be watching (extra) attentively this year as well.

    Smell ya later. Cyrus out!

    { Girls have arrived on school grounds yesterday. Every boy in school already knows who they are even their personal information (thanks to a information leak that spread like wildfire throughout campus). It is the second day and the girls are warned that if they can not provide themselves a uniform by next week, they are out. Good luck girls. }
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  2. Liz walked through the school grounds, idly thinking of ways to get her uniform for next week. A few ideas came to mind, but for that she would need some willing volunteers. In the absence of her uniform she wore her typical clothes of a pair of black skin-tight jeans and a grey crop top that also revealed one shoulder and her belly button. She walked with her hands in her pockets, fully aware that she may be turning heads from the male students and sorta glad of it. After all, that is why girls are superior.
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  3. And of course all the boy did turn their attention towards Liz as she walked pass them. They even whistled to show their interest in her. But she wasn't impressing all of them. There were some that shows their disdain towards women which is something she should avoid confronting.

    Something that she (or anyone) should know to never cross.

    "Just look at her. Who does she think she is?"

    "I'll give her a week. It's not as if she can even afford to purchase a uniform anyway."

    "Well, you'll never know... Word on the street is she'll do anything and open anything. Slut."

    "Now now. Let's not be hasty. We shouldn't just randomly judge people as we please. That is not very gentlemanly enough."

    "What the hell was the headmaster thinking? Turning Imperial Academy into co-ed? The school is already perfect the way it is."

    "Obviously because he is gay."

    "Ha. Look at her... She looks like she is having fun getting all that attention. I wonder how long would it last? I can't wait to see her fall down her high horse."

    "This is going to be a fun year. Right? King?"

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  4. Liz smirked, continuing to look at the floor as she walked through the hallways of the school, listening to the whistles she recieved from the boys and glancing up through at points to note who seemed to be looking at her in a good way, and those who seemed to be looking at her in a bad way. She noticed two students who looked at her and began talking, obviously negatively about her. She noted to avoid those two for now, heading onwards towards her own dorm room. She would use these first few days to judge the people here, and maybe the last two or three days to actually get her uniform. That is unless an opportunity were to show itself before then.
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  5. Magnus

    Magnus leaned against cool red brick, sunglasses shielding his eyes although he was in the shade. He was surveying the crowd with the practiced eye of one who spends large quantities of time watching people. The girls were arriving now, and this had caused a flurry of murmuring and activity uncommon for the usually cool and collected students. Some of the students seemed irritated, put out by the females presence, while others seemed to unable to move their eyes.

    Like dogs watching a piece of meet.

    One girl in particular caught his eye, a pale thing with long black hair and an air of confidence about her that Magnus couldn't help but smirk at. She flounced around non-uniformed, unaware of the ridicule it would earn her but then, it was the first day after all. She looked at the floor as she passed him up and entered the building, Magnus turned to follow her. Removing his sunglasses as he entered the hallway. He walked behind her for a moment, analyzing her casual glances. A hopeful glance at a group of dully smiling boys in shining blue uniforms. A haughty smirk for the ones who whispered with obvious ill intent. He allowed himself to walk up beside her.

    "I wouldn't worry about them too much, I'm sure the novelty of the female species will wear in a few days." He looked forward as he spoke, "You have to remember that most of their interactions with woman amount to their mothers, their sisters and the waitresses who make them feel special in the hopes of a generous tip."
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  6. Liz chuckled ever so slightly at the comment of the male who had walked up besides her. She raised her head to be looking forward instead of at the floor now. "I agree, and if they don't learn how other, normal women act, then they will be in for a surprise." She said with a smirk, although her fave hidden from the guy to her side by her mass of black hair. She continued to glance around every now and again at the boys still giving her looks. "However, I still have to rely on one of them To get me my uniform..." She said, although leaving it off as a suggestion to Magnus more than a statement. She wondered if it would really be this easy to get her first uniform.

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  7. Magnus

    He listened to her carefully, noting how she turned away from him. Hid her face behind midnight hair. At the mention of the uniform her tone grew questioning. Not yet pleading as it may be later. "I'm afraid I wouldn't be much help there, unfortunately." He said clicking his tongue, "I'm only a Black Uniform you see, low man on the totem poll and not particularly well liked. Though not quite the untouchable of some of the.... less ambitious students..." He gestured at a group of Browns huddled together near a drinking fountain. Possibly for protection. "My hands are still tied. It's possible I could find you the connections but as of now my dear Elizabeth.... That is your name isn't it?" He turned towards her for a moment, guaging her reaction. He was curious to see if the girls knew of the information leak. If she was aware that her name and picture had already been sent to the male students via the King. "As of now it isn't worth the risk."
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  8. Liz turned to look at him with a questioning glance. "How do you know my name?" She asked, unknowing of the information leak that happened prior. It really confused her, but at the mention of not being worth the risk her attention drew away from it. With a chuckle she returned to looking straight forward and said. "What is the real risk, of slipping me some credits to buy a uniform? Is it you don't want to be associated with me?" She asked, her tone somewhere between questioning and sorta flirty.
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  9. To: All IA Students
    Subject: An Eye For An Eye

    Credit Points: 30,000

    Will you be playing?

    Yes or No

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  10. Liz felt her phone (Or whateverthey use to get the messages) go off in her back pocket, reaching to grab it with a hand. She took it out, reading over the message about some sort of game. Maybe this was the game her father had eluded to ever so slightly over her time with him. She quickly keyed a reply, sending off a simple 'yes' to show she was indeed going to play. After all, it would be an easy way to get her 30,000 credits.
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  11. The classroom was quiet with a few students huddled up to their groups colors ranges from black, brown to blue and two guys in blue uniform sitting at the back the other playing on his PSP while the other scrolling on his phone.

    "Did you see the new student info on your phone?" the lad playing his psp mumbled without even taking his eyes off the screen.

    "Yup! I wonder what kind of games the King have us play~~" he hummed happily "There are rumors the king hates women, I feel sorry for the new students" he chuckled not even sounding any remorseful of his words.

    Both their phones rang as well as others and simultaneously as on cue most of the students took their phones out reading the text message from the King.

    "Are you going to waste your credits again?"

    Guilty as charge and just a few seconds away from replying a 'yes' the blond lad grinned "Lucy!!" he coo "The games are fun and I still have a lot of credits to spare so everything will be ok!!!"

    "Don't be too cocky! Your brother's left me in charge of keeping an eye on you when they graduated what will you do if your credits are all gone! You have no value for money nor you have any sense of abstemious now behave and stop calling me Lucy it's Lucifer" he scold to hush the spoiled prince.

    "Wet blanket..." He mumbled knotting his arms using it as a head rest "When will the new students be here?"

    "Any minute now and from the riot outside I guess one is already on her way"
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  12. [​IMG]
    @un coin de soleil @UnboundDestiny @Lackadaisical @BanaNashi

    Grey. Everything I'm this strange place was grey..
    The sky, buildings, even the skin of the native people, the only thing allowing them to stand out being the diverse number of uniforms, a hierarchy system that was still a mystery to the transfer student, who saw all of these young men as the same...foreign and new.

    Guo Lili blinked up at the grey sky, watching the shapeless clouds swirl aimlessly around it. It would quite possibly rain, but that would not be much different from every day she had been here. Mornings were gray, followed by a light shower until lunch, followed by sun, then grey once more. Lili hated it, her small grip slowly tightening on her Rilakkuma umbrella as she mindlessly tugged on the corner of her burgendy, pleated skirt. The edges of it were white lace, a soft touch to the simple design and color. On her top half, she wore a short sleeved, white button up with a peter pan collar and lace designs. The sleeves were puffed, adding a bit of a cute feel, and a simple navy bow was tied around her neck.

    Her tights were and navy blue, with a polka dot design. They were tucked into a pair of light brown, leather shoes. Overall, she had gone for a rather 'school girl' appearance, rather fitting for where she was at. Imperial Academy for Boys...well that was no longer true, being that the academy had just recently been made co-ed. That was her reasoning for being here. One of the first females to be integrated into an all boys school. Lili could not help but feel like one of those black activists that had desegregated schools in the 1960's.

    She shifted, rather disturbed with that thought as she released her shirt, hand moving up to run delicate digits through her short, reddish brown lock. She was frowning, her bunny-like face creasing with a mixture of worry and displeasure for being here in the first place. School was not her dream...a life in the lime light was, like her father; however, both he and her mother had thought it best to send her off to this strange place to learn about the world. She did not want to learn....she wanted to be a star.

    The wind gave a gentle breeze, tossling those short locks about Lili's tiny face and causing her to groan in dissatisfaction. She had been outside long enough... It was time to head into the furnace.

    "Let's get this over with." She mumbled, shifting her turquoise elephant backpack upon her shoulders and stepping forward, only to have something crunch underneath her feet. Lili paused, looking down only to find a paper of sorts underneath her shoe. She stepped back, reaching down to pluck it up...only to find it an article of sorts. She held it eye level, reading aloud. "Hormone crazed...abstinence is finally over...monks...king? Who's that?"

    A look of confusion crossed her youthful expression, crumbling the paper in her hands as her suspicion was answered in a matter of seconds. A male dominant, hormone crazed pit of nonsense.... She could not help but miss Seoul as she continued walking, tossing the flier into a nearby recycle bin and traversing the path towards the academy steps.

    She was taking notice of all the boys around her, the glances.... many of them shock that a girl was even here. She kept her gaze ahead, unable to settle the odd amount of nerves fluttering in her gut. Her grip only tightened on the strap of her backpack, her small 5'0" frame speeding up until she was breaking into a quick jog, up the steps and to the door, rushing inside and quickly closing it behind her.

    She was leaning against the door, catching her breath as her ears were greeted by the puberty filled voices of her male school mates.

    "Do you see that?"
    "Yeah, she's the new transfer student..."
    "She's a lot shorter than I thought she would be."
    " should go talk to her."
    "What, no way. She looks like she belongs in daycare."

    Lili's eyes were wide, a scarlet hue working its way across her honey skin as she shifted, keeping her head down as she started walking down the hall. Fully aware of the stares, but completely ignoring them to keep herself from lashing down at those jerks. Her height was a sensitive topic, being that nearly all the persons here towered above her tiny frame. She did not look her age, her nonexistent curves making her look more like a child than a young teen. At her old school, everyone had referred to her a Aegyo Lili, possibly the only thing she was happy she had left behind.

    It was when she turned the corner, that she was greeted with more whispers; however, they had not beem directed at herself, causing her to look around in confusion until she saw her. She was taller than Lili, her messy black hair framing her face and rolling down her back and shoulders. Her style was darker, more mature that Lili, fitting that of many Western teens Lili had seen about, but that did not stop the smile that started to spread across her face...relief that someone else was there to experience this with her...however, this girl's whispers were mich harsher.

    Lili watched as the girl was approached by a black uniform, causing her expression to sour once more. If she wanted to make it here, Lili knew she would have to find friends as well.

    She gave a small cluck of her tongue, deciding to leave the girl be for now as she turned and moved down the left hallway, following the winding path to nowhere in particular; however, she was stopped by a buzzing in her pocket. Her cell phone...

    She pulled it free, the phone looking more like a tablet in her small hands, the hellokitty case so cluttered and kawaii that it would quite possibly be an eyesore to most. She selected her messaging app, only to be greated by...a game offer.

    So this was the 'King's Game" she had beem warned about. Lili could not help but grimance at the title; however, the offer was promisings....credits...30,000 of them. She would be stupid to deny it. She released a small sigh; however, did not hesitate replying with a 'yes'.

    She stayed in the hallway then, finding herself alone at the moment as she moved to a wall and leaned against it, sliding down and crouching with her knees together, head resting silently against them. She set her backpack aside, quietly playing with its arms as contemplated her parent's choice of bringing her here. Her English was not the best, her accent still breaking throught as she tried to separated her mind from Korean and Mandarin. She was homesick and angry, angry that her parents had not allowed her to follow her dream...instead dropping her off in this dull place...maybe this game would provide entertainment.

    She glanced down at her phone, gazing over her Got7 (Kpop group) lockscreen with an odd amount of longing. It was not time to head to class yet, so she would just stay here for this empty hall.
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  13. To: All IA FEMALE Students Replying With A 'YES'.
    Subject: An Eye For An Eye

    Thank you for playing.

    The game is simple.

    Find a student (MALE) that will not look you or acknowledge your existence. And ask something personal about what they think about you.

    If they will look at you and talk to you, you will be rewarded.

    You have one week starting today.

    If you fail, 30,000c will be deducted from your current credits balance.

    Good luck.


    To: All IA MALE Students Replying With A 'YES'.
    Subject: An Eye For An Eye

    Thank you for playing.

    The game is simple.

    If you are ever caught dead looking at or talking about/to the female students, 300,000c will be taken from your current credit balance.

    You have one week starting today.

    Good luck.


    Once the players that replied with YES receive their reply from the King. Immediately the game was on for everyone. And the previous gentlement that had their eyes on the girls immediately diverted their gaze not looking or acknowledging them and resume their day as if the girls never existed.

    Of course the ones that replied with 'NO' was given the same massage but are not allowed to intervene in anyway. Nor are they allowed to discuss or show the opposite party their end of the game. If they did, they would get punished. And it wasn't exactly worth disobeying.

    This was the start of the first game of the King's Game.

    Good luck everyone!
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  14. Magnus

    Liz turned to look at him with a questioning glance. "How do you know my name? What is the real risk, of slipping me some credits to buy a uniform? Is it you don't want to be associated with me?" She asked, her tone somewhere between questioning and sorta flirty.

    Magnus smiled, even if she was not yet aware of the game Elizabeth would know how to play it. Her flirting was not exactly unwelcome, but Magnus kept his voice cool. Indifferent. "Oh not that exactly it's just..."

    Suddenly Magnus's iPhone chimed, indicating a text message, and as Elizabeth reached to pull hers from her pocket he realized who must be the sender. So it begins. He thought, deftly unlocking his screen. An Eye for an Eye. 30,000 credits. For a moment, Magnus considered passing on the game. It was the first day after all and 30,000 was not a large sum. But the thought of being able to afford his blue uniform eventually swayed his mind. His reply was simple.


    The response was immediate and as Magnus read it his earlier devious smirked devolved quickly into a scowl. 300,000 credits? What was the king playing at? He racked his brain to think if there had ever played in a game where the King had upped the betting sum after acceptance. If it had happened before Magnus would have surely remembered it. This was new.

    He dared not look up. Instead, Magnus turned quickly on heel, aiming to quickly disappear down the hallway before Elizabeth looked up from her phone. He was careful to hide his annoyance, keeping his face free from emotion as he wound through the other students. His fist, however, was clenched tightly around his phones. Knuckles white with indignation.
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  15. Andrew made his way to the back of the class, after having read the game he signed up for. He moved to his friends, the two blue kids at the back. He took a seat next to them, putting his feet up on the desk. Then he watched whatever game Lucifer was playing. "Hey Lucy, what game you playing there?" Andrew asked with a sarcastic smirk, relaxing. He probably dug himself a hole moving to these two guys, any girl with half a brain would try to lure the richer students to their need, and the blue uniform would make them seem richer than most, but not as rich as some.

    Liz looked up from her phone, having read what she needed to do. But all the guys had now begun ignoring her, even the guy who was walking by her. Damn, must be their side of it... She thought, still heading to the classroom. She walked in, and as expected was ignored. Scanning the crowd, she wanted to pick out someone who looked quite rich, with enough credits to give up. Her eyes scanned the male students, sights laying on two in blue and one in black at the back. The two blue guys looked rich enough to sacrifice a bit to talk to her, so she stalked over, walking a bit flirtily until she got to their desk, leaning over so she was looking at them, although it also gave them a bit of a glance down the neck of her shirt. "Oh hey guys, I was wondering if any of you would help me out? Please?" She asked in her most innocent but flirty voice.
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  16. [​IMG]

    @BanaNashi @UnboundDestiny

    Buzz Buzz
    Her phone buzzed, causing Lili to look up from her moment of self pity, gaze lazily falling up the lovely faces of her favorite Idols, shielded by the grey notification box of this so called "king". She grimaced, lifting her phone to eye level and reading it aloud to herself, it seemed that that was the only way she could fully understand English. "Find a male student who will not aknowlege your presence and ask them something personal about what they think of you." Her small voice echoed in the empty hall, causing her to look up and around for any passing students. She was alone...

    She glanced back down at her phone and continued.
    "If they look at you and speak to you, you will be rewarded...If you lose...30,000 credits will be deducted from your current credits balance." Lili felt herself visibly pale at that thought. This game seemed to have quite a bit of a twist to it, causing her to gulp as she silently stared at her phone's screen.

    Lili pouted, starting to regret her decision of joining in on these petty games; however, the prospect of increasing her credit balance could not be ignored. She sighed, head leaning against the wall as she glared up at the ceiling. She would have to plan carefully. Simply walking up to a complete stranger would not make any sense, especially since the king had been particularly specific in what person she had to find.

    She stayed where she was, only for a moment before she heard voices starting to gather in the hallway. Her head turned, watching the line of boys making their way. It would be pointless to ask them...their uniforms the dull shade of shit brown; however, she took notice of their fearful expressions as they past her, gazes averted as if she was a leper.

    "Must be the boy's part of the game...ignore the girl at all costs?...Seems this will be less fair than I thought." She watched the boys leave, slowly raising herself from the wall and retrieving her belongings. She would have to come up with a better plan...being blunt would do her no good, but maybe acting would?

    She dusted off her skirt, hearing more voices making their way down the hall. It seemed that classes would start soon, not the best thing right now, but maybe it would allow her to fully formulate her ideas. She turned slightly, taking notice of the mixed uniforms coming down the hall. Her best targets would be the white uniforms and blue uniforms, being that they had a surplus amount of creds to spare, but that did not mean all of them were playing the game. Even now, she could make out those playing, being that they kept their gazes down and away from Lili's direction, while others stared blatantly at her, as if she was some ancient artifact. She smiled and waved, letting her natural innocence and sweetness show.

    She would pretend that nothing was up for now. Innocence would be her best bet, being that she was not sexy enough to simply flirt her way through the game. Niceness was key.

    She decided to follow the crowd, stepping down the hallway and turning left, following the winding corners to her classroom, where it seemed that someone was already in the heat of the game.

    There was a diverse number of students inside, a few brown, a black, and two blue huddled in the back, the girl from eariler already playing the game. She wasted no time in starting, Lili feeling slight envy for her unadulterated boldness; however, she kept that to herself, hovering in the doorway as she took notice of those playing the game, for they kept their gaze down as she entered...others stared directly at her with the same glances as before, someone saying something along the lines of:

    "She's so small and a little bunny."

    She felt the heat rising on her cheek, a bit of annoyance rising through her from being compared to a long eared rodent; however, she again kept that to herself, letting her smile grace her lips as she bowed to everyone inside. " name is Guo Lili, and I am the new transfer student. It is a pleasure to make everyone's acquaintance and be part of such a prestigious academy." Her accent was thick, causing her to frown with mild embarrassment. She still was not used to fully using English.

    "How old is she, like 10?...adorable..."

    This was going to be harder tha she thought.... Lili straightened, pushing a bit haor behind her ear as she stepped through the treshold and chose a seat closer to the center of the room, setting her backpack and Rilakkuma unbrella down with a soft thud. She felt all bothered now, the smallest pout on her lips from being repeatedly called "adorable"...It seemed that that would be a common thing here...even introductions were different. It was a common curtosy where she was from...maybe the bow had been too much.

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  17. - Nicholas Harred -


    Girls were certainly not Nicholas Harred's forte, to the point where one could almost say they were an entirely foreign concept. The teenage boy had certainly had limited interaction with them, outside of the occasional teacher, or other individual of similar status. He'd grown up in a house of boys, with a single father, five brothers, and a bitch of a mother who had thrown him and the rest of his family aside like the trash she was. His years in public school were a blur of faces and names he'd never cared enough to remember, and the private school he'd spent the majority of his education at had been all-boys. The academy he was currently at, the one his father had him dragged off to because he had 'the potential to be somebody' (what a joke), was supposed to be the same. But no, things couldn't ever be that easy, could they?

    Of course not, the fates weren't that kind, and now he was stuck in a co-ed school. It was as if the universe was intent on highlighting his flaws, and all he could think of were the ways he was sure to embarrass himself if faced with the horrible act of having to interact with an individual of the (gasp) female sex. Images of past failings flickered through his mind, and he couldn't help but cringe. Tia Currier. Tall, blonde, smoking hot. Too bad she was five years his senior. And his older brother's girlfriend. And not at all as into him as his hormone-crazed 12 year old mind had tricked him into believing. That had been a mess, and the teasing (and of course, beating) from his older brothers that had followed that encounter was not fun to think about. Katie Sanders, brunette, athletic, sweet as sugar, single, and actually his own age. They would have been perfect together. Too bad she was way more interested in Elias. Having a brother only a year apart from you sucked. And then of course, he couldn't forget Emily-

    Luckily for Nicholas, or at least, his nerves, his phone went off a moment later. Fishing it out of his pocket, he lifted it up to his face, and quickly swiped his finger across the screen to unlock it.

    "Will you be playing?"

    His finger hovered over his phone as he considered the question placed before himself. Would he? He did really want a black uniform... and it was just 30,000 points... that wasn't so bad. Besides, it wasn't like they could give him negative points, or repossess the uniform he already had. Really, he had nothing to lose.

    With a slight smirk, he quickly typed in yes, and hit sent, before an unnerving though hit him. "Wait... they can't repossess my uniform, right?" He mumbled under his breath, before chuckling nervously, and quickly shaking the thought out of his head. "Don't be silly Nicholas, you're good."

    Soon, he had his next message.
    Ignore them? All he had to do was ignore the girls?
    That would be easy! He hadn't wanted to talk to them as it was, as that would surely have ended in disaster.
    At least... he hoped it would be simple. After all, if anyone could find a way to screw something like this up, it was him.

    He shook his head once more, and reached into his backpack to grab his notebook. Quickly flipping it open, he placed the end of his pencil in his mouth, stared down at the blank page in front of him, and marched off towards his class. Social awkwardness or not, he was going to do his best to actually succeed at something for once.
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  18. - Eva Rivers -
    Eva rivers got it.
    She understood.
    They were hormone-crazed teenage boys, and she was a girl. Of course they would look at her like she was just some piece of meat. Of course they'd whistle and make rude comments. That was normal, guys were pigs, and that's what they did. But, still, it was a bit ridiculous. They lived at a formerly all-boy's school, not in a bubble. It wasn't like they'd never seen a girl before, they could cool it a little, couldn't they?

    She felt like some sort of exotic spectacle, like some type of strange circus attraction, and it certainly wasn't something she was used to. Her sense of style could be described as... nonexistent, and her clothes did more to hide her figure than show it off; Not that she had much of one to begin with. She was athletic and muscular, and one thing any athletic girl could tell you was that - despite what super models with boob jobs would like you to believe - a big bra size and wide hips don't exactly go hand in hand with being skinny. Not that it bothered her. No, of course not. She preferred it that way. She couldn't imagine getting looks like this all the time. It would drive her insane. She was already on the verge of snapping off the head of the next guy who so much as grinned in a way she didn't like, and she'd just gotten there.

    Besides, as she always said, practicality over vanity. In her loose shorts, black and grey striped tee, and comfortable sneakers, she imagined she was much more prepared for well, anything then the others. At least, she would certainly be more capable of sprinting through the woods than the sort of girls who wore short skirts, low-cut tops, and high heels.

    Just as she began to contemplate the most painful and efficient way to murder the next guy who made her feel uncomfortable, her phone buzzed. "Lucky for you, whoever you are, future creep." She thought, as she fished the small device out of her pocket, and quickly turned it on.

    "Will you be playing?"

    "Eh?" What was this? That stupid King's Game thing? Well, she did need to get a uniform if she was going to stay, and this was the perfect way to get one. Getting kicked out wasn't exactly an option, as her father and brothers had flipped when they found out she could go. They'd kill her if she ruined the opportunity. Besides, she never had been able to turn down a challenge.

    She sent back, the mere idea of a competition sending a quick chill of adrenaline rushing through her body.

    She glanced at her phone once more, as she received her next message.
    "This is in the freaking bag." She thought with a grin, as she once again pocketed her phone. "You're gonna talk to me whether you like it or not, boys. I never lose, and I don't intend to start anytime soon."
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  19. ~Phineas Crawford~
    Today was a busy day. Phineas was lying to himself by hoping that it’d be over with quickly and without any consequence but the whispers in the hall were giving him no optimism. He shouldn’t have expected anything different when he heard the conversations rise and fall with every student he passed.

    Didn’t you see the Asian chick? She was really tiny, you don’t think that –

    Dude, shut up, why would you even think of them like that?

    That other chicks we saw had some really fine legs on her. Looks like she works out; probably for attention.

    Yeah, I already saw one of them flirting with Magnus earlier; she's probably easy as hell.

    Phineas caught a few snippets of chatter as pushed his way through the crowd. Honestly, with all the fliers and the pass of information on these girls made him uneasy. The boy wasn’t keen on change and this whole co-ed thing was pretty big – not that he really minded girls in general, it was the reaction that he feared.

    His gut was just a bundle of nerves when he received the first message. He hesitated in the hallway before shuffling to the side in order to send off a hasty “Yes”. The chorus of chimes and subtle buzzes in the hall was nothing unfamiliar around the place when everyone got the second message.
    Phineas’ shoulders visibly slumped as he read the terms of the game; don’t talk to the girls or lose 300,000 credits. For the whole first week?

    This wouldn’t be such a challenge if he didn’t expect some sort of opposition from the girls. Maybe the rumors about the King hating women was right – it certainly seemed that way. With a little spite towards the Kings apparent aversion of social interaction, Phineas stuffed his phone back into his pocket and resumed his travels to his classroom.

    When he entered the room he was faced with the challenge of averting his gaze almost immediately. Damn this game and its hindering his line of sight.

    Seriously, this was going to be awkward if boys were supposed to avoid any sort of contact at all. Wasn’t it rude to flat out ignore people? How was he even supposed to look over these really sentient beings?

    With a kind of awkward scuttle, Phineas took his seat in the desk beside the petite Asian girl that he could only assume was the same girl he’d heard about before. The brief moment it took for him to sling his bag to the floor allowed him to notice that there was another girl toward the back with Lucifer and his slightly nosier friend. She looked like a flirt, maybe the same one mentioned before?

    There was a moment where he felt sympathy for the girls. It’d be awful to resort to flirting to get attention. However the moment was gone when he pulled out his text book and notes in an attempt to discourage the other girl from talking to him. Just his luck to be seated near one of the new girls. He just hoped that, through ignoring the girls, the other boys would end up being a little more social. Maybe some teamwork here would be nice.
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  20. [​IMG]

    Lili felt slightly...isolated as she stood by her seat. With so many conversations going on, English swirling around like a whirlpool of confusion, she thought she was going to form some sort of head ache. She shifted in mild discomfort, hands lightly patting her cheeks as she felt the eyes of her male classmates burning into the back of her skull.

    She moved and sat in her desk, immediately dying when she realized her legs were too short, her feet dangling slowly above the ground, lightly hitting the cold metal of her desk. She frowned, hearing light snickers in front of her.

    "You need a stool, shorty?"

    Lili kept her eyes closed, releasing a small sigh as she pulled out her phone once more. She laid her chin against her desk, arms ahead of her and aimlessly tapping against the cold would keep her occupied for now.

    That was only she heard steps approaching. She glanced up and to the left, only to see a male student in a black uniform sit right beside her. He did not look in her direction, Lili assuming he was most likely playing the game; however, she was confused to why he would sit next to her when there were seats open in the back. He glanced back, her gaze following to watch group in the back from earlier, eyes refusing to look at the black haired girl; however, the boy remained disinterested as he turned back and continued to pretend Lili was not even there...

    She blinked, taking in his features as she stared at the side of his face. He had a nice profile...his western nose something that Korean men always valued. He also had a good jawline, his light brown hair in no particular style; however, framing his face just right. He was wearing glasses, the thick black frames seeming to shield his eyes from Lili; however, doing little to deter her staring at him.

    She decided then that he was rather cute, but a sudden thought crossed her mind. Maybe the purpose of the game was to not aim at the rich, but to pit the students with less credits against ruin each other's lives by taking their creds. Lili's naturally mischievous side was showing through slightly as she smiled....maybe she would toy with these boys a bit....Plus, at least the boy was cute.

    Lil scooted closer slightly, setting her phone down as she rested her elbows on the desk, head lazily held up by her hands. She smiled, big enough until her eyes fell closed, cute enough to where it caused a few spare glances here and there. She did not care about that. Her attention was only on this kid.

    "Excuse me~ ♪♬" she cooed in a slightly sing song voice, leaning over to gaze at the other's textbook and notebook. "I'm Lili...from Korea." She felt herself die on the inside from how thick her accent was, her words coming out slightly slurred with her thick Korean tongue. It was cute to most, annoying to her. She tried not to let it show as she continued. "Who's you?"

    She felt herself eternally die. Eyes falling closed as she clearly said that wrong. She quickly shook her head, trying again. "Ehh...I mean.. what is your name?"
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