Imaginary Friends. (Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends Inspired!.. A bit creepier.)

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    Although they may seem very real to their creators, children usually understand that their imaginary friends are not real. They reveal, according to several theories of psychology, a child's anxieties, fears, goals, and perceptions of the world through the child's conversations with said friend.
    But as time grows on and as the kids get older, they're more likely to throw us away.
    And that's not what we want, right?

    We want to be loved too. You created us, you stay with us, you play with us.
    And in return, we comfort you, we stay with you, we play with you.

    Playing with imaginary companions enables children to enact behaviors and events they have not yet experienced. Imaginary play allows children to use their imagination to construct knowledge of the world. In addition, imaginary companions might also fulfill children’s innate desire to connect with others before actual play among peers is common.
    So stay with us. Come play. Don't grow old. Believe in us! We benefit you more than harm you.
    .... Right?

    We want you back. Don't put us in this home, we don't like it here, we want to be with you. We're passionate! You're our only friend, you know that, don't you?
    If you don't want to believe in us anymore, then we're just going to have to come out and play with you.

    Oh, we know. You're REALLY strong. Overpowered! Now that you're old enough you can withstand everything and anything! But we're strong too! We are YOU, after all. You created us. All of you humans who have imaginary friends, we're technically you, a little different.
    We know all your secrets, your tricks. We're inside your head, just waiting to get out and play.
    Well, not really. Since you don't believe in us anymore we're stuck inside this foster home.
    But you can't cheat in this game silly.
    We're powerful too, you know.
    We're going to come out to play with you guys.
    And once we do, we will be together forever.
    We'll be best friends. Right?

    P L O T.
    So, I haven't started a roleplay in a WHIIILLLE so this is the first idea out of 4 (See my signature to know what I'm talking about) roleplay ideas that I thought about doing but never really got around to it.

    You are either an imaginary friend or a human who is trying to fight their way towards freedom.

    From the imaginary friend's perspective, their goal is to get to a human's head and make them stay and believe in them for eternity. Making them essentially become a kid once more. Whether that be the violent way or the stalking them until they believe in you way, or other ways that I haven't mentioned!, the decision is all up to you.

    From the human's perspective, their goal is to either fight or flight from the imaginary friend before it's too late.
    If you choose the flight route, you're going to end up fighting someone one way or another.
    Humans are very strong against the imaginary friends, after all, the friends are only a figment of their imagination and friends aren't an actual being. Or are they?

    The friends can become a physical entity when they feel that their target is really close, but because of time and this is only an interest check I'mma make it as less detailed as possible until later.

    If you're interested or have ANY questions whatsoever, PLEASE let me know. I don't bite honestly. :D

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  2. So is this like the Gregory Horror Show?
  3. I'd be interested for this kind of RP set up. The idea of yours seems really cool and I um still actually watch the show with Foster's Home for Imaginary friends and the twist seems really cool.
    *has nothing o do with things a friend once said no course not*

    Oh and if you get a thread up and if possible to have more than just one character I'd be interested in having a human and Imaginary friend :)
  4. Count me in as well. It's been a while since I participated in something horror oriented and not going to lie, I miss Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

    I do have a quick question though. Are the humans trapped in the foster house with the imaginary friends? And if they are what are the human's objective besides fight/flight. How do they ultimately escape I mean.
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  5. Uh, I'm not so sure what that is (Excuse me I'm foreign) but I assume so!I
    It's TOTALLY possible to have more than one character! If more people are interested I'll definitely get a thread up~
    No the humans aren't trapped in the foster's house they're out to roam, being normal humans and all that. They have jobs, lives, wives, kids, etc.
    That's a good question. I suppose the ultimate goal for the humans who have their friends is to kill them so they wouldn't have to deal with them any longer.
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  6. Ah okay thanks for clearing that up.

    And a follow up question safe to say to expect a lot of these, what would happen to the friend if the human that 'made them up' were to die? Say by another friend if that's possible or even old age.
  7. I'm down.
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  8. I love questions, to keep asking. The more questions, the more developed this RP is going to be.

    To be logical and accurate (I guess, I mean what kind of imaginary friend comes to life?), if the human that created said friend dies by a different imaginary friend or of old age or any way that isn't by the hands of the friend that got created, the created friend dies off with the creator..

    Create, create, create, create.
    That was confusing.


    Seems like we have enough people to create an OoC.
    Thanks guys, making my return a lot more fun. <3
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  9. And those were the magical words I was looking for!

    1) Are the only beings Imaginary Friends can 'touch' the human that created them or can they harm others? Say a person of close relations to their maker//complete strangers.

    2) If the Friend does end up killing it's creator with the human still REFUSING to believe in them will the Friend die along with them? Or can single handedly killing their human be a way to get a HAPPY ENDING?

    3) Lets say that the Imaginary Friend succeeds while managing not to kill their human. Does the latter end up becoming immortal in a sense since they will be playing 'forever'. Or does forever only mean until the human either dies of old age or gets killed by their Friend?

    Also looking forward to the OOC.
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  10. Yes! The more questions, the more powerful I become. And this isn't even my final form! Mwaha. Ha. Hah.

    1) No definitely not, but that really depends on what kind of Friend you choose to be (If you choose to be a Friend, that is.) If one's target is to get to their creator and only their creator then no, but if a Friend attempts to be tactical it can definitely attack complete strangers, just be sure you explain your motives for why you're doing so, so that other's may be informed about it and maybe think about being defensive, try the same thing, etc.
    Short in short, Friends can attack the other characters that were created, not just their creator, and humans can do the same thing.

    2) No. The Friend will not die with its creator if the Friend itself ends up killing their creator with their own hands, weapons, etc. BUT, because they do come from their creator's mind, and that mind is brain dead (Literally), the Friend will essentially become weak in an instant unless it tries to get another human to believe in it. So it has to go for another human, maybe one that another Friend is going after. The more humans we have in this RP, the better.

    3) Yes. Basically. It also becomes an Imaginary Human, taking on it's physical form for good and not just when the human is near. If the human dies after the Friend becomes an Imaginary Human, then there is no effect but the Imaginary Human is susceptible to attacks by envious Friends.

    Keep questions coming, plx.
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  11. [​IMG]

    1. Since Imaginary Humans are now immortal with or without the human then can they be harmed by other humans or is it only the other Imaginaries that are able to get rid of them for good? (For example a human comes along and stabs Imaginary Human. Wound heals. Imaginary Friend comes along and stabs Imaginary Human. It is super effective D:)
    2. What stops an Imaginary from jumping to human to human? Do they have some sort of 'place holder' for one specific person they choose, maybe a set of requirements (i.e. "You said you'd be my friend forever when you were 4, don't you remember?")
    3. To correlate with my previous question it sounds as if Imaginary Friends don't specifically have to be going after their 'original creator' since they can switch from human to human (if they survive that long//still did not succeed in becoming an Imaginary Human). To clarify my question a bit better when the human the Friend is going after unexpectedly gets hit by a truck and dies on the spot. Could they literally just go "well too bad" and place a claim on another human being shortly after?
    4. What would happen if an Imaginary Human chooses to keep their now eternally bound human alive? Does that make them immune to other Imaginaries? (I basically just re-wrote question #1)
    This isn't really a question but let me just clarify the reason why an Imaginary Friend wants to become an Imaginary Human:
    1) Immortality
    2) Physical Form FOREVER (Has more control on physical beings//real surroundings?)
    3) No more relying on a human

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  12. Can two friends go after the same human, or do the friends have to fight to the death?
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  13. Yo, if you don't mind, is it possible for you to be my Co-GM for this? Because it seems like you have A LOT of useful questions and ideas that I would love to hear about. If not, perfectly fine!

    Both, basically. Two Friends can go after the same human AND fight for the death.
    There can only be one Best Friend.
  14. Can the friend have been made cute but after their creator stopped believing in them then they involved into something more sinister?
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  15. That's up to how your Friend got created!
    Children can have scary imaginary friends too~
  16. 1) can bullets, knifes, etc hurt the friends?

    2) Can anyone see the friends when they take physical form, or just the creator?

    3) Is the imaginary friends killing their former creator a common problem in this society?

    4) Is there no one able to help the creators? Like if the creator called 911 and said that his former imaginary friend was trying to kill him would the operator say "well you're fucked" *click*
  17. 1. Yes. Imaginary Friends turn into physical form when they are close to their target = Humans.
    2. Just the Creator. But if a Friend is going for another person, then said person can see them too. If a human is a target to the Friend, that human will see them.
    3. Wow. GOOD QUESTION. No, it's not a common problem in society for Friends to kill humans. Because if one says "Oh, an imaginary friend killed this person" no one would believe them.
    4. "Hello 911, what's your emergency?"
    "Please help me, my imaginary friend is trying to kill me!"
    "Uh.. What? Sir/Ma'am, are you sure you're alright? You're not crazy?"
    "Please help me.."
    "I'm sorry Sir/Ma'am, but I'm afraid I can't help you with non-existent beings."
    The phone line cuts with a sharp click.
  18. 1) Have you seen the movie "it follows"? If you have then will it between the friend and the human(when the friend is in physical form of course)? If you haven't then I can explain it to you.

    2) Does it take a long time for the friend to get out physical form? Like if I was a human and I was about to shoot my imaginary friend friend, who's in his physical form, and he gets out of physical form so the bullets won't hurt him/her.
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  19. [​IMG]

    Whenever you have the time//want to begin collabing or exchanging ideas feel free to PM me ^^
  20. So many questions. XD
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