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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Hydronine, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. Winnifred

    "Oh...I..." I glance away "Sorry for worrying you. I didn't mean to. I guess I got carried away with how much energy I used. I couldn't help it though...I was in the zone." I chuckle softly inspite of myself and blink as he hugs me close to him. I could get used to this. I could really get used to this. I wrap my arms around him in return and nuzzle my face in his shoulder tiredly. Man, is Saka cozy.

    I am surprised as he says one word. Nothing. He was gone for a little bit and nothing happened. I suppose that's totally probable, but I have a feeling he may be keeping something from me. I decide not to push it "oh...then it must have been really boring."


    "Oh it is not harsh." I tell him with a grin and spin around "With your ninja hacking skills you'd be able to hack away all my money...all my hard working payoffs." I smirk at him "If I was rich. Which again, I am most certainly not. Now if I was rich...oh...how lovely that would be. I would have a singular, creepy mansion not too unlike this one. Except it would be all mine. Alll mine." I tease him with a big smirk and stop spinning in the chair. Woo, got dizzy for a second. Keep your composure Jackie-Lynn.


    "I like mush." I smirk at her and I swear all my face loses its color as she calls me her favorite person. I'm her favorite person? Out of seven billion people on this planet, a majority of them who are better than me, and I'm her favorite out of all of them? Me? My mouth gapes open and I swear I feel my eyes sting slightly. Im her favorite person. I am so honored with this title. My mouth must be catching flies at this point so I close it and with a big, healthy red blush I mumble "You are my favorite person too Ri."


    She grabs my sleeve and turns me towards her, telling me she does want a hug. "Nah. I change my mind actually. I'm not really in the..." before I finish my sarcastic reply I scoop her up into a big hug, kissing her cheek as i savor the warmth that this hug brings me. Usually I'm not such a touchy feely person but...this makes me feel loved. And I think this makes her feel loved too.
    A big smile adorns my face "See, that wasn't too bad now was it?"
  2. Demi | Hallway

    Interactions: Penelope & Helen @KatSea

    I internally groan.

    God. I really wish they could just leave; of course, I know that's a pipe dream. It doesn't take a genius to see how much they adore Chipmunk (as anyone should) and they said they came to check up on her. Welp? There! Ya did it! Now goodbye. Deuces. Don't miss your stop.

    Seriously...go the fuck away already.

    I notice Pen drop's face lights up like a fucking cherry lamp as Helen starts talking to her. Christ...somebody's gotta teach that girl how to take her heart off of her sleeve for once. It's almost cringe-worthy how obvious her emotions are. Eyes glued to her feet, she starts stammering worse than Porky Pig. "Th-thanks, H-Helen. I, um...I-I do feel much b-better, actually." She tucks a strand of hair into her beanie. Jesus...I know I've made the observation before but, seriously now. Cookie Monster? Really?

    Doesn't help that Helen likes to call me Cookie now...Yeah. That's gonna be weird.

    Pen drop seems to finally scrape up enough balls to lock eyes with Chipmunk. Her blush is still as bright as fucking ever. "Y-you, um, look g-good too, so..." It looks like she reaches up to brush some hair out of Helen's face, but then she catches herself. Something stoic sneaks into her expression before she lowers her hand, clasping both of them in front of her.

    I almost snort at the display. So much fucking drama in this group...

    However, I get tired of the awkward shit. "Um," I peek my head over Helen's shoulder, "We still doing hot cocoa or not--..." A sharp throb in my thigh distracts me. That's when I finally notice something. Warmth. Sticky. Slick. Running down my leg and creating a faint, rusted stain on the side of my jeans.

    Ah, fuck. That's right. I ripped open stitches from my episode.

    I cough awkwardly and backpaddle. "Ahhh...on second thought, how about you go make it with them and then bring it back? I'll just wait for ya or something." I can feel the blood dribbling down my ankle now. It's only a little, but goddammit! If it hits my shoe, they'll definitely see. I shoot a quick salute, not even waiting for a response, and turn around to high-tail my ass out of there.

    "W-wait," Pen drop calls out. I stiffen up when her hand appears on my shoulder. There's concern in her eyes, though I don't quite know how to take it. "You don't have to go. I..." She dips her head to whisper, "I'm fine. You know, with Helen? There's no need to leave or anything..." She gives my shoulder a gentle squeeze, her own way of proving sincerity, I guess. The action just makes my gut twist with something anxious and fluttery, so I shake her off and roll my eyes.

    "How considerate of you," I grumble, avoiding eye contact.

    The blood is still running.

  3. Wait what 0.0 that's scary
  4. Off Time...

    She. Had. Honey. Dipped. Trout. Nuggets.......

    Given his physical state, Sev could perhaps be forgiven for just standing there, staring. His mental state, taking time off to wonder if this Candy Lady would make good on his offer, and ask for... well, there would be time on this voyage to find out more things about his crew-mates. Again, perhaps forgiven for pulling his honey-dipped trout nuggets request out his proverbial ass. Quite a shock, really, to find such an item actually existed... or that Marica had some.

    Sev couldn't help his "weirded out" feeling.......

    But then, on further reflection, he'd encountered weirder things. On the level of mooing turkeys. Or mice chasing cats. Life, the Universe... and Everything. Which included such things as two females kissing, though what Marica did and said to Lara wasn't all that surprising. Just one of the weird, alien, humanoid things Life threw up. Kah'Saun had their own behaviors others would find...

    ... well, Sev gave his head a good shake, ruffled mane and quills, then zipped open the packet of H.D.T.Ns and scarfed them down. Yes, hungry. Also felt like he could use a beer to go with the Nuggets. As he watched Marica go. And remembered her laugh.

    Not sure if he should remind her about her shower-help offer, or just...

    ... hnnnn.

    Decisions, decisions.

    Just as another female crew-member entered. So. Watch. Listen, with raised eyebrow. Lick packet clean. No pockets, so he simply clacked over to the nearest disposal, tossed it in, then...

    ... "If you're desperate, I could always regurgitate something... if you don't mind freshly chewed trout nuggets."

    Yes, hiber-coma and cryo made for a blend fit to make any Kah'Saun's behavior... sassy. Usually, Sev strived to be a gentleman around females, but he still felt tweaked inside. Like he'd had a few too many beers.......

    Really needed that shower, as well.

  5. Hmm....somewhat. Some good games/fanfics help as they usually have a situation that can a least inspire a idea, if its not a idea by itself.
  6. Abel

    At the sound of her name, Abel’s eyes flickered up towards Liddo in curiosity - watching as he mimicked her movements. He smiled, trying it out again with more confidence, before pulling her into a hug.

    It seemed a tad longer than Lysander’s, but it may have only been because she was the one being hugged. She hugged back, nevertheless, wrapping her arms around him and squeezing tightly with a grin. Hey, as long as he wasn’t trying to pickpocket her, might as well enjoy it.

    Sooner rather than later he pulled back, and a voice interrupted their happy moment.

    Today is your lucky day, Amalgy.

    And just like that, Liddo seemed to fill with purpose - excitement. He whirled about to address the priest that’d approached them, words just barely held back from spilling over his lips when -

    Oh, Idneus! Of all the Amalgies, it had to be the dumb one...” Abel felt her brow twitch slightly at the insult. Who the hell did this guy think he was? “Ah, erase this interaction from your memory.

    And just like that, he waved Liddo off, causing a crestfallen look to appear. Even when he attempted to see what had happened to cause this cold brush off, the Priest was having none of it. Oh it was on.

    Excuse me, Mr. Better-Than-Everyone-Else! Yea, you.” She smiled overly sweet at the Priest, catching ahold of his clothing. “You know, I find it so curious. It’s not everyday I find the rear end of a Poalma wandering about the streets without an owner of the frontal half. Tell me, where the hell do you think you get off insulting him without giving him a chance to speak his mind or explain what he wants. You’re supposed to keep an open mind - to listen. And here you are, downing him and turning him away before he’s had a chance.
  7. Nothing like a teleporting cat..... :)

    I'M HUMAN!

    .... OR I'M A KITSUNE.
  9. it doesn't matter if you are not a furry if the outside world perceives you as one.

    In other news...



  10. *wonders why he is even making a reply here. or even reading this thread for that matter*

    Maybe I need to see a psychiatrist....
  12. NO!


    I'm so cool, you know I am.

    Cuz I have green eyes.

    and I'm really really pale, but I can naturally get really really tan. Cuz I'm cool.

    OOOOOOOH, by the way, stuffs.





  14. BUT IT'S SO FUN!
  15. Ok that's it....*Fires up the booze raider and blasts everyone with the Beercannon*
  16. Just tell me the time and place~

    Then find "Hairy Hines" I'll be the pro called "Murrstress".
  18. lololololololololololooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo and behold fothermuckers.

    *WMD draws a giant flamethrower out of his pocket*

    its time to scurge and purge.

    my laptop of malware.
  19. -Hits everyone with a Dictionary-