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  1. Winnifred

    "Oh...I..." I glance away "Sorry for worrying you. I didn't mean to. I guess I got carried away with how much energy I used. I couldn't help it though...I was in the zone." I chuckle softly inspite of myself and blink as he hugs me close to him. I could get used to this. I could really get used to this. I wrap my arms around him in return and nuzzle my face in his shoulder tiredly. Man, is Saka cozy.

    I am surprised as he says one word. Nothing. He was gone for a little bit and nothing happened. I suppose that's totally probable, but I have a feeling he may be keeping something from me. I decide not to push it "oh...then it must have been really boring."


    "Oh it is not harsh." I tell him with a grin and spin around "With your ninja hacking skills you'd be able to hack away all my money...all my hard working payoffs." I smirk at him "If I was rich. Which again, I am most certainly not. Now if I was rich...oh...how lovely that would be. I would have a singular, creepy mansion not too unlike this one. Except it would be all mine. Alll mine." I tease him with a big smirk and stop spinning in the chair. Woo, got dizzy for a second. Keep your composure Jackie-Lynn.


    "I like mush." I smirk at her and I swear all my face loses its color as she calls me her favorite person. I'm her favorite person? Out of seven billion people on this planet, a majority of them who are better than me, and I'm her favorite out of all of them? Me? My mouth gapes open and I swear I feel my eyes sting slightly. Im her favorite person. I am so honored with this title. My mouth must be catching flies at this point so I close it and with a big, healthy red blush I mumble "You are my favorite person too Ri."


    She grabs my sleeve and turns me towards her, telling me she does want a hug. "Nah. I change my mind actually. I'm not really in the..." before I finish my sarcastic reply I scoop her up into a big hug, kissing her cheek as i savor the warmth that this hug brings me. Usually I'm not such a touchy feely person but...this makes me feel loved. And I think this makes her feel loved too.
    A big smile adorns my face "See, that wasn't too bad now was it?"
  2. Demi | Hallway

    Interactions: Penelope & Helen @KatSea

    I internally groan.

    God. I really wish they could just leave; of course, I know that's a pipe dream. It doesn't take a genius to see how much they adore Chipmunk (as anyone should) and they said they came to check up on her. Welp? There! Ya did it! Now goodbye. Deuces. Don't miss your stop.

    Seriously...go the fuck away already.

    I notice Pen drop's face lights up like a fucking cherry lamp as Helen starts talking to her. Christ...somebody's gotta teach that girl how to take her heart off of her sleeve for once. It's almost cringe-worthy how obvious her emotions are. Eyes glued to her feet, she starts stammering worse than Porky Pig. "Th-thanks, H-Helen. I, um...I-I do feel much b-better, actually." She tucks a strand of hair into her beanie. Jesus...I know I've made the observation before but, seriously now. Cookie Monster? Really?

    Doesn't help that Helen likes to call me Cookie now...Yeah. That's gonna be weird.

    Pen drop seems to finally scrape up enough balls to lock eyes with Chipmunk. Her blush is still as bright as fucking ever. "Y-you, um, look g-good too, so..." It looks like she reaches up to brush some hair out of Helen's face, but then she catches herself. Something stoic sneaks into her expression before she lowers her hand, clasping both of them in front of her.

    I almost snort at the display. So much fucking drama in this group...

    However, I get tired of the awkward shit. "Um," I peek my head over Helen's shoulder, "We still doing hot cocoa or not--..." A sharp throb in my thigh distracts me. That's when I finally notice something. Warmth. Sticky. Slick. Running down my leg and creating a faint, rusted stain on the side of my jeans.

    Ah, fuck. That's right. I ripped open stitches from my episode.

    I cough awkwardly and backpaddle. "Ahhh...on second thought, how about you go make it with them and then bring it back? I'll just wait for ya or something." I can feel the blood dribbling down my ankle now. It's only a little, but goddammit! If it hits my shoe, they'll definitely see. I shoot a quick salute, not even waiting for a response, and turn around to high-tail my ass out of there.

    "W-wait," Pen drop calls out. I stiffen up when her hand appears on my shoulder. There's concern in her eyes, though I don't quite know how to take it. "You don't have to go. I..." She dips her head to whisper, "I'm fine. You know, with Helen? There's no need to leave or anything..." She gives my shoulder a gentle squeeze, her own way of proving sincerity, I guess. The action just makes my gut twist with something anxious and fluttery, so I shake her off and roll my eyes.

    "How considerate of you," I grumble, avoiding eye contact.

    The blood is still running.

  3. Wait what 0.0 that's scary
  4. alas. its not really a full tiem job toe sucking.
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  6. buttsecs>? Oh, god why did I post here.

    I Need a fucking job as well.
  7. You can both take my job of caring for mom while I go to school to get a future.

    Just don't bring TK. I don't want fur on my hardwood floors.

    I'M HUMAN!

    .... OR I'M A KITSUNE.

  9. Animal: Vithleeng

    Environment: Catacombs, upper caverns & unpopulated areas near Kilabock River

    Danger Level: Fatal

    Short Description: You don't even need common sense to know that Vithleengs are beyond dangerous. If you do have common sense, then the angry hissing and tail-rattling they give off at the sight of you will instantly set off alarms in your head.

    Their tails, which burn red in the darkness of caverns, emit a rattling sound similar to Earthen rattlesnakes. However, their venom is not only found in their fangs. Their scales constantly secrete a thin, mucus-like layer of the venom, thus giving them an external protective coat and producing a glossy-like appearance. The metallic scales along their bellies tend to be shinier, though one doesn't see it until a Vithleeeng reels back to strike--and then you're dead.

    Vithleengs' venom is just as deadly as Pulpa and travels to the heart twice as quickly (in a matter of 5 minutes, maybe less). Of course, that is only involving internal effects. If any creature makes skin-to-scale contact, painful, searing blisters will form and an acidic burning will ensue. This can deteriorate flesh as well and meet bone if given enough time. Clean the wounds quickly and hope that it doesn't spread too far.

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    Then find "Hairy Hines" I'll be the pro called "Murrstress".
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