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  1. This is the Signup/OOC section for Iludrium. As it is currently brand new, and under heavy development, any Signups will be automatically put into the "Pending" section, and will likely be accepted when the initial Roleplay is near completion.

    Link to Plot.
    Link to Roleplay has not been created yet.
    Most of the developmental conversation is in a private discussion, so dismiss the lack of posts.

    Still under very early development.
    Character sheets coming out after general rules have been applied.

    Progression: General body > Rules > Characters > I.R.W. Regulus > Tech/Vehicles > Plot > World > Miscellaneous
    Green=Complete. Yellow=Work In Progress. Orange=Small amount of info. Red=Not started​
    • Reserved positions, still awaiting confirmation: 2

      Total positions: 4-6

      Total characters: 10

      Available characters: 8

      Confirmed Players: 3

      Accepted Characters: 2
      Seraphinia: Annie - Sarah

      Pending Players: 1

      Pending Characters: o
    • Characters/Players (open)
      ~Players are not allowed to have more than TWO characters.
      ~All characters start with a default Bio. In order to change your selected character, please contact either me, or ________ to have it changed. (Roleplay Co-Planner not specified yet)
      ~All changes are to be considered 'small,' by personality changes, weapons, background, ect. Contact me for more info.
      ~You CAN change it so that you are the sibling of another character, but you must inform a GM/Planner, and the Player in control of that character.
      ~You MUST inform others if you are going to change your character.
      ~If you like your Character's Bio perfectly fine but want to use the picture of an unclaimed character, simply ask and they will likely be switched.
      ~All characters have strong bonds to one another, you cannot change it so you hate someone.
      ~Unclaimed characters will turn into NPC's which can be controlled by primary all players, unless specified otherwise.
      ~You are allowed to develop relationships with other characters and create small Sub-Plots within the main plot. Either just friends, partners, or more, it's up to you. But make sure that the other Player gives you to okay!
      ~Character Orientation is completely of free will, and you may do whatever you wish.
      Point-Of-View (open)
      ~All players must write in the Third Person point of view.
      ~You cannot write in Second or First Person Point of View in order to avoid confusion with other players.
      ~Your characters thoughts and ideas do not have to be posted, but are extremely recommended in order for others to easily respond.
      ~Un-Important NPC's that hold no specified ties to the Plot (A random merchant for example) do not have to be detailed in thought.
      ~Un-Important NPC's can be made up on the spot by any person when indicated, but otherwise will be left to the Planners. (Being in a town, and walking into a store is valid for making an NPC, but not on the Skyship for example. Other indications will be given to when you can, and can't do this.)
      Activity (open)
      ~Players are given one full week after their last post to make a reply, and will moved into a Smart-NPC if overdue. Another player can also take control of their character. This also applies to Planners and the GM.
      ~You ARE allowed to claim a your spot if you return.
      ~You ARE allowed to notice others if you're leaving, and will not have your character claimed.
      ~Please do not leave the Roleplay without notice, or so suddenly that noone knows how to react. Plan ahead and make the necessary transfers.
      Rating (open)
      ~This roleplay is generally rated as 16 and older.
      ~Maturity will be limited to 'Average Life," or T-Rated Maturity. Certain things including what you would likely see in the daily life of a Sky pirate. Swearing, Details, Feelings, Ect of the sort.
      ~Smut is NOT allowed AT ALL! If this shows up in the Official Roleplay, you will be quickly removed.
      ~Keep A-Rated Maturity in private, and away from the public.
      ~People outside of private Sub-Plots are NOT responsible for YOUR actions, and will NOT be held accused if you are caught breaking the rules of Iwaku.
      OOC (open)
      ~Please do not post OOC quirks and comments in the Official Roleplay, save them for the OOC thread.
      ~Treat other players equally, and with respect. While your characters may be at each other's throats at the moment, you cannot act the same to another person.
      Posting (open)
      ~No godmodding, AT ALL!
      ~Don't post/Use another Player's Character unless they tell you otherwise.
      ~You can make minor 'pushes' to another Player's Character. Grabbing them suddenly and dashing off to the side. Physical contact: hugs, slapping, Bro-Hug, Ect of the sort.
      ~There's generally no limit to how long your posts can be, but try to keep them at least two lines a piece. If you're having issues trying to come up with a post, such as you have a writer's block, you can ask for help. But don't let two lines become your default posting, try to squeeze out everything you can.
      Miscellaneous (open)
      ~Try to keep your posts realistic, and befitting a proper Skypirate.
      ~Avoid NOTHING! Drama, awkward situations, grumpy mornings, let it all happen!
      ~Hostile Mobs will be controlled by a specified Player. If you wish to do this, simply contact me.
      ~More will be added as necessary, and everything is subject to change.​
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  2. Reserved
  3. Reserving! ^^ I'm excited for this to go down!
  4. I'm interested in reserving a spot if I still can.
  5. @Zeraj of course you may. We haven't even finished everything in coding yet. You're on of the very first people here
  6. I would really wait to see what Seraphinia would say.... It's not fully up and running and the characters aren't even set up yet. We were guaranteed a reserved spot, should we take them, for reasons only Seraphinia knows at the moment. Any others have to be approved by her because they weren't guaranteed a spot and she hasn't gotten the characters up to reserve. We haven't even been approved for GM yet, she said she'll deal with that matter when she can, thus we can't approve anyone.
  7. @AnastiaCrest01, I'm working on that right now actually. I put you guys on Reserve because I still feel bad for leaving.

    @Zeraj, you're accepted! Or at least put on Reserve.


    @Shadicmaster & @AnastiaCrest01, expect a Convo soon about the whole GM thing.
  8. Don't feel bad! Life happens!

    And okie :3
  9. The first character is out, which means that the others are going to be on their way much quicker due to the fact I now have a basic template to work with. But for now I need to get to sleep, I have work tomorrow.
  10. id like to reserve a spot if there is one open
  11. Um, I'm sure there is a spot open, but as I don't know for certain yet, I won't make any guarantees of a spot as of right now.
  12. Full name: Nimat Raido
    Nick name: Nim
    Position: Research and Development specialist
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'9"
    Build: lean and lanky
    Ethnicity: _______.
    Personality: Quiet, inquisitive, always looking for new projects
    Orientation: Straighf
    Eye color: Crystal blue
    Hair: Black with a few light blue streaks, drawn into a high ponytail or left in a mangled mess on her back. Reaches down to her waist when she actually brushes it out.
    Piercings: N/A
    Tattoos: N/A
    Show Spoiler

    Just imagine the scarves are light blue
    Weapons: Any invention she currently has, though naturally differs to a knife and piece of electrical wire she always has on hand. She is admitably better at trap and capture than hunt and destroy as her nature conflicts, she wanting to study the person she is after.
    Likes: taking apart old junk; inventing/repurposing/revamping equipment, animals, ect; her lab; light blue
    Dislikes: being bossed around too much; ANYONE going in her lab; rival inventors; thieves; fighting
    Heredity: Mother and father are both unnamed and she endeavors to keep it that way as they are high officials in ____________. Brother - Caleb- died two years ago due to a miscalculation in an experiment. Sister- Annmarie- died in the same experiment, but was in the labor half of it due to mental disabilities
  13. Is that a character she made? She has specific characters she wants to use...
  14. ............. no....... But I just wanted to have mine up so that I wouldn't loose it. I can edit it to be more in line with the specific character I choose once she has them up
  15. Sorry about today, I had a group of students "Consult my wisdom" about their upcoming tests, and I'm surprised that I just got off the phone with them.
    Tomorrow is the last day I make myself available to them, so I will be able to contribute much more time to Iwaku.

    @Shadicmaster, I could alter that into a character if you'd like, I have one that matches it decently.
    That is, if you like giant hand cannons and hammers compared to those knives.

    All of the character pictures I have are from the same artists, and so they match accordingly in style, size and detail which is mainly why I put a limitation on that.
  16. I can deal with that, it would just change a few personality traits ..... Hmmmmmmmmm
  17. I still need to finish Annie and Sarah's history part, but I have a doctors appointment now and it can't wait.
  18. I hate blood tests, they always make me sleepy. I might be on more earlier tomorrow, but for now I need to get some rest.
  19. Take your time. There is no rush.
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