If your character made a time capsule...


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Imagine that one (or more) of your characters must put together a time capsule. It doesn't matter what time period they're currently in. They must put something in to a capsule that represents them and their life.

What do they put in there?


I'd probably have my character in Rory's game, Maschinen Märchen, put one of her inventions into a time capsule. Reggie seems the type that would want someone to discover her best work and make use of it, showcase it or improve it.

She's a genius like that. :]


Depends, not a lot of my characters have shit they would consider to leave for the future.

it's just that my characters are all the same shit.
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Captain 9Lives, the greedy bastard, would most likely leave gold or a map to hidden treasure. Maybe some Rum too, although I have a feeling he would drink it first.

Artur "Six" Stein would leave the skull of one of his victims. He would die with a smile on his face, knowing that someone would someday see that and be frightened.

Gin, the spring knight from Rory's rp Maschinen Märchen , would leave a piece of the destroyed kingdom of Odoaker to remind people of that men can persevere in the face of evil.

Sean -
would probably leave a trinket that reminded him of Kaeli, cause she is all he really cares about other than setting thing son fire.

Eldren, the winter king
- Would leave nothing, because he knows that his name will live on through out the Kingdom for centuries to come. Or he might freeze the capsule and seal it in a nearby glacier.


Kaija Aatos - Her locket portrait of Tabitha, most likely.

Adare Liffey - A book of some Irish proverbs (and drinking songs), some recipes for food, and maybe some whiskey.

Ebrille Larke - Probably some animal stuff, like a figurine of a kangaroo... xD


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April Harvard - She'd put some totes cute pictures of herself and Mikey. Of course she'd start it and forget halfway through and never get back around to it.