If your arrival was Heralded...

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  1. After a particularly funny conversation in the cbox, now I must ask everyone!

    If a few of us were on a different forum, telling all the members there about you and your imminent arrival - how would WE describe you to people that have never met you before?

    Not how you want to describe yourself. D:< But how you think WE would describe you to strangers. >:D
  2. That gay guy that likes J-Pop a little too much and tends to roleplay as cutesy girls a lot of the time.
  3. heh, I'll bite...

    I think most likely, something like this:

    "Before I get him over here though, I'd want you to know that he's a big-ass pervert! Not the creepy kind mind you, but he can be kind of immature in his humor. He likes to joke around a lot and doesn't take a whole lot seriously, and he constantly craves attention. Overall he's a pretty cool guy, though, especially once you get to know him."


    That's how I think most people think about me.
  5. He's a cool dude, you'll like him. He is always talking about food though, I don't think he eats enough.
  6. Ocha takes herself a bit too seriously, but once she's gotten to know the lot of you, you'll see her playful side.
  7. "Not around often enough, but has a lot of interesting things to say when he is."
  8. He's really weird. he doesn't talk very much, and he's a horrible writer.
  9. Fluffy's a pretty awesome chick, she gets along with everyone. She's overworked, though. So don't stress her out with your roleplay demands.

    ...or, something along those lines. ^^; Just from hearing and seeing what people say about me.
  10. Not allowed. You're not Jack!

    PS are we done with that joke yet?
  11. Asmo is very shy.
  12. She seems to have problems with being active, she does. Nice person, but complains about her life a bit much.
  13. I laughed.

    Oh, dear god there is that Fel jerkass. He doesn't RP much and he makes bad comments at all the wrong times. If you have a cage, please let us borrow it!!!!1one!
  14. He's some dude, you'll like him. He also has a cat that doesn't let him type because the stupid cat gets in front of the monitor and follows the letters.
  15. "We're sorry about bringing him over, but you should know, he knows his Pokemon. He thinks it's cool, so we usually go along with it. So when he starts going on his video game rants, just smile and nod, he'll go away eventually. Although, if you DO play Pokemon, I guess he can save you the effort of looking the info up..."

    That's how I'd imagine being described! :D
  16. He's much like Inertia. For once in motion he will remain in motion unless acted upon by an outside large growth 401k equity account with diversified asset distributions.