If you were suddenly turned into an animal...

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  1. What would YOU become?!

    A mad scientist has pointed their satellite-based Change-O-Matic ray at the earth and transformed everyone in the world into their representative animal!

    This is not a question of what you would choose to become, I.e. "I'd become a DRAGON because I'm AWESOME!!", but what you would turn into based on your strongest personal attributes and habits.

    Maybe you'd be an owl based on your crippling addiction to staying on the internet all night, or a lone wolf to match your introvertedness? Perhaps you'd be a dolphin if wild horses can't keep you away from local water sources?

    I'd definitely turn into a DEER. The locals probably think I'm a hobo who lives at the park based on the amount of time that I spend there, I like to move about quietly and watch silently, and I'm all into nature and forests and such. What about you guys?

    ~ Ameronis
  2. I think I'd be a domestic cat. I love it when my significant other and my friends are affectionate with me, but I also need lots of time alone. I'm lazy, but when I have a goal I really want to achieve, I push all my laziness aside and work very hard towards it. Also I'm a resentful bastard, and sometimes I will seek revenge.

    And my hair is pretty.

    On the other side, I can't sleep as much as cats do, I have lots of trouble sleeping, and I'm not athletic at all. Any better suggestions?
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  3. Hmmm...uhh that's a interesting question. I would say either an owl(Because I do enjoy staying up all night. Just enjoying the peacefulness. Least in my area.) Or a Long Wolf(Because I am mostly shy around others in crowds.) I hope I answered right?
  4. A killer whale or a lion!! That would be awesome.

    Just to be the dominant male and in control of the pride land! Lion king :) lol
  5. A puppy because of my cheerfulness and hyperness, probably XD
  6. [​IMG]

    lol just kidding.

    Probably a cat. A cat is the only animal I can think of that:

    - moodswings at the drop of a hat
    - may or may not maul you a little out of love
    - will come to you when she wants attention and not a damn second sooner...unless you have treats >_>;
    - can be incredibly crafty and intelligent one moment and downright derpy the next
    - has random bouts of EXTREME HYPER BEHAVIOUR OMFG!!!1!!!
  7. @Isho13 - "And my hair is pretty." - Love it. :D
    @Desperado - No, you got it, but you're not restricted to the wolf or owl example.
    @Sinful_Lust - You're doing the opposite of what you're supposed to do. XD

    @Dawn - OMG, you just described my cat exactly. Anyone need any incriminating evidence destroyed? Just drop it on the floor in my house and my cat's hyperactive speeding about will obliterate it in seconds. Also, turn blue from calling her and all you'll see is tumbleweeds. Move the treat box one inch across the kitchen cupboard and prepare for footsteps that sound like a horse galloping across the house toward you at full speed, followed by a cacophony of over-emotional yowling within milliseconds. ¬_¬
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  8. Wolf. Nuff said.


    I tend to lead my peeps and travel more with groups of friends (Packs). We fight together and will be vicious together if need be. I also can be vicious if not in the right mood. So GTFO
  9. I'd probably be a goat. No surprises there.

    Goats are said to be intelligent, independent, stubborn, inquisitive, prone to loneliness and depression, highly defensive and easily bored.

    It's a pretty apt description of myself, too.
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  10. Goats are also notoriously good escape artists... Ever needed to slip out of a tricky situation? Escape from jail, that sort of thing? ;)
  11. I'd probably be turned into a dog of some sort. I'm friendly to almost everybody and I thrive on affection, but I'm very protective of the people I consider mine and if you hurt or threaten them (or me, but moreso them if you want a rise out of me), I get vicious and will attack in retaliation to protect them.
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  12. Pig. Also as no surprise.

    I love getting dirty and I'm not a picky eater, at all. I'm a slave to my hedonism. I have lots of bad habits also.
    I love the feel of leather, and pigs are said to be intelligent and social creatures.
  13. A bat. This explains me exactly. http://animalinyou.com/bat
    Poor eyesight? Check
    Social situations? Not for me.
    Night? That is when I enjoy doing things.
    Pretty much everything else from that link is correct. I do tend to get overly emotional at times though and I understand myself quite well.
  14. I took that test and got a Wolf, with Wild Dog as an alternative. Some of the description matched, but some bits were well off. Wolfy people tend to lose their rag quite easily apparently, but on the other hand, I'm pretty mellow.
  15. A doggy because I can be friendly and aggressive! :3
  16. A fox, im smaller, I like to think I'm clever, and I usually find myself competeing with stronger people.
  17. As a notoriously human-like individual, with traits and attributes commonly associated with human beings, I believe that there is only one creature that I could logically turn into.

    A goose.

    Bloody geese.
  18. I would likely become a bat. I enjoy being in the darkness, I have a certain finesse that compliments my social clumsiness, I have good hearing, I have impeccably fast reflexes (they're seriously uncanny), I tend to rest above everyone else (trees, rooftops, etc.), I dwell in basements and attics, despite being a loner, I'm also a leader. Plus, I have a lot of hair (everywhere but my chest, ironically).

    PS: I'm also paranoid, and claustrophobic, but ironically comfortable amidst a crowd of complete strangers.
  19. A Dragon, Obviously.
    I'm kidding, But I do have some of the traits.

    I guess a wolf? I'm a bit of a loner and like to pee outside every now and again.... And literally howl, just to piss my friends off...
    Though, I'd honestly hate being a wolf, I like being human!
  20. White-tailed deer, for slightly similar reasons.

    I spend a lot of time outside, feel more at home in forested areas, communicate mostly nonverbally, and tend to scope out areas and sign warnings to others (on the road, at least).
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