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  1. No, this isn't just shameless promotion for Jared's Webhosting Business! But while we were discussing advertising this morning it DID make me think about this topic!

    I have been running websites for YEARS, it's something I really enjoy doing. Unfortunately, it's also a lot of hard work to run a really good one, so all of my attention is poured in to Iwaku and I don't get to run a lot of cool sites that I have ideas for. But, it's often really fun to think about what kind of sites I would do if I could! I've wanted to do everything from a Lyrics site to a Creative Writing Prompt site, to an ongoing story I update once a week.

    Have you ever thought about running your own website? What kind of site would you run if you had the time and energy to do it?
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  2. There's no way I could possibly run my own site, I'm terrible at taking responsibility for stuff. Also the pressure of it all would just be too much to handle. But if I could run one, I had an idea for a creative writing site where people can post their poems and stories and be guaranteed at least one critique. Mostly because I'm so sick of not getting any feedback on most other sites I go to.
  3. Well there is one website in particular I would like to run, but the important part wouldn't be the website itself, rather the business around it. You see, one of my dreams is to own an orchard with different types of fruits, berries and vegetables, and I would like to sell them and various things made from them like jam, marmalade, juice and such. So the website would be for advertising, and selling that. :)
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  4. I would run a site that changes its focus every two or three days, disregarding prior events as though they never happened. Posters would be expected to either adapt to these wild changes, or be kicked off until the next switch. Because I'm evil.

    More seriously, I'd like to run a friendly roleplaying site kind of like Iwaku. Except... I have Iwaku. *Unlimited Shrug Works*
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  5. If I ran a website, It would be covered in my art and I could hopefully make a little money from it. It's something I always wanted to do, sell paintings and drawings for good amount of money because it would be original art just prints. I am slowly building myself up to that and gathering myself for the warm months to start busting out some canvas and acrylics, these watercolors are killing me :/

    I'd also sell anything else I make like jewelery, crochet, sculptures, possibly some found art by the time I get it going.

    It wouldn't be a very community based website, but it would feel nice to have my own little corner on the internet to call my own. ^_^
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  6. Wow I would love to have my own website. My only concern is that I have no idea how to run one, I know nothing about coding or the technical side of running one, so that in itself limits me. But for content I would enjoy a site about book reviews and creating MMORPG (in particular the part about writing what developers call the Bible of a game). Two of my favorite things to do on my downtime. A site about books to read, sort of like a book club, where people discuss the books they've read on a monthly basis, and recommend books to be read for the next month and so on and so on. The other site is about developing games, but my focus is on writing the story of a game. So this second site would be all about the process of writing a story for an MMO.
  7. *starts monitoring the thread*

    Seriously though, if the only reason you don't follow through with an idea that you would love to do is the technical aspects, there are systems out there that basically make it as easy as making posts on iwaku.

    This is not me trying to convince you to pay me money, even if I would appreciate it. I would be willing to help you some starting out even if you did use one of those other evil hosts.
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  8. I have an idea beyond my business... but I don't want anyone stealing in in case I actually do it someday... it's sorta stupid, but it would be loads of fun to make...

    Yeah, I'm being cryptic...
  9. If I could make a website, it would be like Strays Online, solely dedicated to a webcomic I'm planning. But, I don't have the ability to take responsibility for that, so I'll stick to DeviantArt.
  10. Plain and simply not organized enough to run a website.
    However, it'd be quite an interesting and possibly amusing task to undertake. The many personalities that come and go by itself would be a beyond amusing factor. However, its these same personalities which shape and define any website, based on the needs created by these individuals. Admittedly, I've run a very small forum before through some free forum hosting site many years ago; I think there was a max of twenty people, but only eight actually remained active the three years it was running. Despite only eight people, it was a task to read through just about every single post which came into the forum, managing categories and learning simple HTML codes and the such so more easily consolidate lengthy posts into sections or properly place signatures and pictures. Of course this was in late 2004 when I first did this and coding and website setups appear to have advanced quite a bit in the past decade.
  11. Pete posted this idea in the cbox, and I'm going to have to shamelessly steal it from him, because it's an amazingly good, money-making idea:


    A giant encyclopedia for porn films, actors and actresses. Like a wiki, except... ads. Probably partnerships with PornHub and other porn media for ad revenue.

    My god, can you imagine the MONIES?!
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  12. If I had my own website, it would be for a business probably. I've always wanted to have my own wedding planning business, or computer repair. (Very unrelated ideas, I know, but it's what I like, yo.)

    I'd totally be able to manage it, too. I know plenty of people who can back me up where back up is needed, and I just love the idea of organizing my own little spot where people can learn about what I do. :3 I think my only concern would be financing it. If my business ends up sucking, I can't have no pretty internet page for it.
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  13. I'd probably make a website for my LARP/Cosplay commissions and then my Esthetics business. Or run another forum like I did in the past.
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  14. I lack the skills, responsibility, and time to run a website.

    If I suddenly gained those, though... I would make an eHarmony/Chemistry.com type of site for 1x1 RPers. Twice a month (or so) everyone on the site would get a partner suggested based on the samples, plots, and characters they have submitted. They would always be free to browse the profiles of other users and set up 1x1s that way. There would also be social chat groups, areas to improve your skill, adopt-a-plot threads...
  15. If I had a website it would just be a giant resume with a testing area as I attempt to improve my PHP and HTML and possibly some other web-based languages. There's a lot I could do but I lack the motivation (people still prefer just KNOWING what you can do, they ain't got time to be lookin' at a resume website) and I just don't have enough skill to make it look pretty.
  16. I'd like a website to host all of my writings and artwork, but mostly artwork. I'd like it to be a chic, modern looking portfolio of my work, ranging from fiction, nonfiction, recipes, and any paintings I do.
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  17. I'll actually need a website one of these days to host my big webcomic project, and webcomic layouts are a huge pain and a half unless you've got some sort of auto-update system or CSS wizardry. I have neither of those things. Hello, HTML, my awkward friend.

    If I was doing it for fun, though, I'd probably make some sort of... fansite for my favorite things. I love gathering information and showing it off. :|a It's a weird hobby.
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  19. I don't think that fine gentleman likes being called a butt, Dawn.
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  20. First of all, *snickers*

    Secondly, you know very well that's not what I mean... >:3
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