If You Could Live Again

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  1. If you could live again who would you be?

    Roxanne thought about that every time it came on. She decided she would be pretty. Long hair, silky and sleek, and bright eyes. That's who Roxanne wanted to be.

    That's when she got the text.

    Hi, Roxanne. If you could live again who would you be? Don't worry, I know. You and some other lucky people have won a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You can be anyone and we will make you it. :) LiveLifeURWayStudio

    Roxanne got an address underneath.

    And so she went.
  2. He never had given it much thought but upon seeing the text on his phone, Zaki figured it wouldn't hurt to try.

    Hi, Zaki If you could live again who would you be? Don't worry, I know. You and some other lucky people have won a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You can be anyone and we will make you it. :) LiveLifeURWayStudio

    Zaki wondered how they were going change him.

    He decided to just go.
  3. Arriving at a run-down building that looked like some abandoned warehouse, but someone had painted it. LIVELIFEURWAYSTUDIO painted across the front door in green paint. "Well, it looked better in the adverts," Roxanne sighed. She sat down quietly on the doorstep. There were other "lucky people". 'I better get all the guys after this,' she thought.
  4. -Noitome looked at the text, he looked at the number, he didnt like strange people texting him, this was kind of abnormal to him and he had a slight feeling that he was interested in it, although 90% of him thought this was all bullshit or a prank, he thought about it for a long time, he always wanted emotions but he knew that emotions will make him weak which means he will have less chance of surviving, he also didnt want much, in this life he had money and was good looking, he just wanted to have a normal life. He lay down on his bed and looked at the text, closing his eyes a bit because of the britness from the phone and ready to type, he typed 'i want to have a normal life like any other person and i want to feel emotions', he sent it and closed his eyes not feeling excited or anything, he switches the phone off and slowly closing his eyes-
  5. I know you do Noitome. I can make it happen. All you have to do is meet me here. And all your dreams will come true.
  6. -He heard the the phone make a text noise him picked it up and read the text, he sighed thinking it was a prank but he still wanted to go, he didnt have anything to do anyway, he went to the place and arrived about after 10 minutes-
  7. Roxanne saw a male arrive. "Hi," she smiled. He looked like he had the text too.

    Roxanne was not the prettiest of girls. She wasn't generally ugly, she just wasn't considered beautiful. She had very straight hair that was only down to her shoulders and her eyes seemed to have no colour at all. Still, she wasn't going to be like that. Now she was going to be pretty. Well, when they open the door.

    You can come in. Please wait in the waiting room to your left. We are preparing the equipment for your wild dreams!
  8. -At first he thought that she was the person who sent him the text, he looked around to see if there were any cameras, he nodded to her and leaned against the wall near him but not for long the people told him to go to the left room so he did, he sat down on the chair not making any eye contact, just simply waiting-
  9. "Well? Do people not say hello back?" Roxanne replied. She wasn't trying to sound rude, but she was a little bit offended that no reply was given to her.
  10. -he sighed and replied- if i say hello then what then? how are you? im sorry but im not looking for a relationship or a friend, manners mean nothing to me, since when do i have to use them, if you feel lonely and you wanna talk then fine..... what was your wish?
  11. "I want to be someone who people want to be around. You?" Roxanne still looked pretty hurt. She never got a hello back. Maybe she never would. But she was going to make an effort.
  12. -he couldnt tell her that he was a psycho and that he wanted his emotions back, so he lied- i want to be a billionaire -he smiled and brought his hand toward her- im Noitome, say, do you think the wishes will come true?
  13. "They have to," Roxanne insisted, very angry at the thought of it being a scam.

    Please can each of you walk through a different door.

    Roxanne smiled, "I'm Roxanne." In her head she added, 'and next time you see me, I will be beautiful.'

    She walked through the first door on the right. There was only doors on the right. It was a normal room, kind of, a chair in the middle and iron bars on one wall, like prison cells.
  14. -he said it for no reason- cant wait -he walked through a different door and got into to the prison-like room, he observed the room and sat on the chair and said it to himself 'and if this works i will have the emotion to love you and see if your beautiful or not'
  15. Roxanne sat on the chair awkwardly. The door became locked by itself, from the outside. Cuffs on the chairs capturing wrists and ankles. "Vain fools! You all want something! You can have a choice. You can have your wish and be a slave to us for all eternity, or you can live a normal life of sorrow knowing you blew your chance of true dreams come true!" a voice boomed.
  16. -he tried to put his wrist away before it gets captured and heard them laugh, this was the first time someone has captured him, this was abnormal, he also laughed, putting his head up and closing his eyes, he stopped to catch some breath while still giggling- ahhh this is great, and how can i know that my wish will be granted? im sorry but my choice will be a no, why the fuck would i be your slave? if i get the emotions back all im going to feel is fear, anger and sadness -he said it while lightly giggling-
  17. Roxanne was about to accept. "I want my wish first." She looked sadly at the floor. She really wanted her wish. She wanted to be beautiful. She wanted to see people look at her in a way that said she was pretty. She was going to accept. But she didn't.

    The voice laughed. "I'm sorry. I'm not very good at explaining. You get your wish first. Yes. Fine. Whatever. Deal. You won't be a proper slave like in bad countries and sometimes good countries. You do little work. Delivery. Stuff like. Then. You go home. Just, no pay. Your wish is your pay.

    And if you tell anyone I will kill you."
  18. -they explained it to him too- alright then, you have changed my mind then, make my wish real...... oh ummm can i ask how you can make our wishes go real? [[sorry its short]]
  19. "Yes. We knock you out, fiddle with your brain and WALLA wish!" the voice had a thicker accent, as if someone else was speaking now. "Now I am coming to see you now. And we do this to make world a better place. You have it for free because you are test subjects. In a nice way."

    A small man with sticky up black hair comes running in from a door. "Hello! My name is Nik!" He has a smile too wide for his face, but it turns into a small frown. "I'm sure five of you were coming...oh well. Anyway, is there anything you'd like to say?"
  20. Arizona had gotten the text earlier that morning, seeing the words come across the screen in their full glory. Her hazel eyes gazing at the text for what seemed like an hour. Who would she be? Who would she be? She would be anyone that wasn't who she was now. Taking a deep breath, she sighed and sent a text back to the new address in her phone. Well I would be myself, but prettier, popular, different~

    Of course she never expected much of a response, thinking it was some silly advert that had found her phone number through the internet. But upon getting a text back, seeing it come up on her screen, she frowned. Maybe this person wasn't joking? But how could he grant her wish? Was he some sort of genie in a bottle, a witch, a fairy? She wasn't sure, but she was looking forward to the idea.

    Looking at the building, her eyes scanned it. It looked dingy and different from any business she had seen before. But then again, this was a wish giving business, not a high class business that made the best of money. This was probably some middle schooler, wanting a buck or two for giving her a makeover. It was such a silly idea to think that any of this could be real! Upon hearing the ominous voice overhead, she made her way into a small room. Although it was bright and the only thing that seemed to be in sight was a rather comfortable looking chair.

    "Ooh do I get soda and a movie too?" She asked sarcastically, plopping herself down onto the chair. As soon as she sat however, her thoughts were interrupted by a booming voice. One that sounded odd and eerie, a voice she couldn't quite place. Shrugging, she rolled her shoulders. Her legs and arms being cuffed to the chair in an instant. "Wow couldn't you have at least gave a warning, Jigsaw" She called out, rolling her eyes once more.

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