If you could choose your death.

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  1. How would you chose to die? We all have to do it some day. But if you could pick your death what be it?

    Isabellas like dark humor so they want to randomly choke or have some sort of freak accident on someones birthday or on Christmas! And everyone hears Isabellas say such horrible things like this all the time so they would not be able to hold back a slight snicker every time Isabellas death date came around!
  2. Re: If you could chose your death.

    Rock into oblivion for me.
  3. Lul, Death. Me. - w-


    I think I'd.. well, death scares me, actually..
    I think I'd go with old age.. or in my sleep maybe..
    .... I dunno.
  4. I'd like to do a Boromir, and take a projectile to most external areas of my body, after being a complete and total badass.
    Then I'd stagger forwards, raise my fist in the air, and bellow one last war cry.
    Also, this would have to be playing.

    It'd be a painful way to go, but fulfilling.
  5. Wellllllllllllll, many people say I don't have common sense...and well, I agree
    So I wouldn't be surprise if I were to walk into a big hole and get stuck there...with no food or water...maybe a broken leg? Little insects or deadly poisonous spiders...Oh well!
  6. A katana through the gut would be a nice way to die
  7. Like a true warrior, I want to go out fighting! >:[
    Or, if I'm married and have kids or something that might be upset about a brutal death or whatever, I guess that an air embolism would do. I mean, I guess.
  8. There are lots of awesome deaths Isabellas would like.. Like dieing in a blaze of glory or being nibbled to death by a cluster of cute Hispanic girls!
  9. Of very old age. In my sleep.
  10. Some jack daniels, a beautiful woman's lips around my cock and some Classic rock in the background. As far as the cause of death is concerned...being too awesome for my own good. Causing my heart to explode as it tries to keep up to the beat of my bad assness.
  11. Realistically speaking.... id like to go peacefully in my sleep at a old old age.

    But if i had to have a cool ass way to die...

    It'd be to
    Drown in a river of ice cream! >:D
    Preferably Vanilla with cookie dough... and caramel sauce.... maybe sprinkles?
  12. mauled by a turtle for all I care, but the real fun comes at the wake!.

    I have already informed my buddy that my coffin is to be spring loaded and in the middle of the speak or what not I want the back board to launch me upright with a loud Zombie growl playing over the Mic.

    After that burn me and throw my ashes in a river.
  13. I rather not jinx it.
  14. Jumping into a volcano with dynamite around my hips. "WOOHOO! HERE WE G—" *BOOOOOM!*
  15. I would want to go by the being ripped apart by a wolf not wolves. And as I watch him sink his teeth into me I would say "It is okay brother, it must be done."
  16. Watching the universe end. If I had to choose, why not go big?
  17. Oh yea.. watching the solar flare come at the earth and take one last shot of vodka while on fire!
  18. I was born in a blizzard in Denver Colorado...........

    I don't think I'd mind freezing to death in another blizzard someday.. XD
  19. I'd Like to die in a dream and never wake up from it it sounds awesome
  20. If I couldn't die naturally, via old age- illness. Than I'd have to go with freezing to death. You're body warms up after hitting hypothermia and you just...Sleep.