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    If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else currently living, would you do so?
    Whom would you pick?

    Sometimes we're fed up with our lives, right ? So what if we were given the chance to swap with someone else ? Would we ?

    And what if there was a catch, what if you couldn't swap back for a year ? Still, would we ?

  2. I dunno who else I could live as. I mean I kind of like the way I am right now and my life. But I guess if I had to choose someone it would be........Asmodeus cuz it would be interesting to see what he does day to day and who pesters him.
  3. Peter North, Eric Adams, Bruce Dickinson, Chance Garnett.

    Either of those I'm cool with, I'd have a huge dong, or I'd be singing in a heavy metal band, both work for me.

    I don't think I could do it! I mean, there were moments where my life really sucked, but I get all uncomfortable just hanging out at other people's houses if their life is slightly different, I can't imagine LIVING it!

    It's hard enough being me, I dun wanna be someone else! XD
  5. This...

    Also I have a hard time figuring out who I am exactly without me being someone else entirely D:
  6. A more awesome version of me. If such a thing were possible.
  7. Any sane man will hate me for this, but if I had a choice...

    I'd become a girl.

    Why? The opposite gender intrigues me, even if I've worked with several girls in a group before.
  8. Ryan Reynolds.

    Then I could fuck the shit out of Scarlett Johansson, go back to Alanis Morissette and fuck HER, dump her AGAIN, and then have my pick of pretty much whoever I wanted in Hollywood. And the world, really, 'cause it's RYAN fuckin' REYNOLDS.

    And I'd be able to play Deadpool in the Deadpool movie, and Green Lantern in the Green Lantern movie. FUCK YEAR.
  9. Yeah...You really, REALLY don't want to know my answer for this one.
  10. This.
  11. Weapon/Game RP (open)
    Name: Zoey Walker
    Age: 17
    Appearance/Info: (open)
    In real life, Zoey, was just a simple girl. She was quite cute though with bright blonde hair, pretty green eyes, and as a 17 year old she was developing curves in all the right places. Zoey had developing large B cup breasts, a slim stomach, a lovely butt, and some long legs with her standing at 5'10'' feet. Overall though she was just a typical girl. Although she was a bit of a tomboy with preferring shorts over skirts, or dresses. She did wear tank-tops, and other shirts. She also wore a matching jacket to the rest of her black, white, and red theme. She was a virgin, but did not have her hymen but this was because of physical activities, and not anything perverted. She sometimes wore a bra and panties, and sometimes did not. It was worth noting that she kept her hair unique in that it was a bit messy at the top, and her bangs were long with a strand in the back that reaches her mid-back.

    In the game. She wanted to be a weapon. While her family was poor, one of their ancestors was a major player in the old version of the game, and so her family was gave a 'favor' to the goddess whenever they wanted. They could had ask for anything, and maybe try to improve their life by asking to become a noble family or something. But since her family had to worry about asking for too much, or offending the goddess. Her family decided they would kill two birds with one stone by granting their daughter wish, and using the favor to give her an advantage in the game. From there they hoped she would 'earn' points to eventually make them a wealthy family. This way they could give the Goddess some entertainment, and 'work' for their actual status.

    Zoey choice to mostly keep the same appearance if she gains a human appearance. As she spent all her points on becoming the best weapon in the game. She went with a simple design, but when powered the black-metal would look really good with the firefly red energy she creates, and the hidden designs in the weapon. It was worth noting that she did design the weapon, and the abilities. They only asked the goddess to make it happen. Some would argue they were asking for too much by getting to choose the weapon or abilities, or to become a OP weapon. But their thoughts were they did the 'actual work' of coming up with the things, and were actually asking for less from the goddess.

    In the past her grandparents and such never used the favor because they wanted to save it for when their family line needed it the most. Zoey's parents finally decided on using the favor when their daughter became 13, and was required to enter the game. Why not just go for a simple weapon instead of using their favor? Previously both of her parents were in the game, but they could not spend all their time there as he and his wife had to work as while playing the game was required they did not earn enough points that way to survive. So they had drops to do some work in the real world to earn more points/cash. Since a simple weapon or armor did not really earn much. A noble approach their family though, and offered to help them. But in return they wanted Zoey to work as the nobles heir's maid/servant. The family was suspicious about why the noble choice them, and while they could not refuse without offending the noble, they manage to put it off some, and give Zoey time to try and earn her continuing freedom.
    Bio: (open)
    The Vales kingdom had a trouble past mainly due to the previous king, and his wives and heirs were only now starting to fully recover the kingdom from all the damage the king had did over his years. This helped Zoey grow up as things slowly started to get better for her family as her parents previously panicked when they realized they had a newborn daughter, and things were at the lowest they had been in the kingdom for years. They were not sure what happen to the king, but their family was supporters of the first Prince and the actions he had taken since he got old enough. They were still a poor family though, and after they were approached by a noble to 'help them' they started to push for Zoey to earn points in the game. As they were fearful of what the noble wanted. She however got her blessing from the goddess without being killed for her request, but no one has picked her weapon up. And the noble was going to get Zoey as a maid for his son soon as Zoey turns 18 if she did not turn things around soon.

    Zoey thought as a powerful weapon she would easily make points. But she failed to realize that the only way to give out such a powerful weapon was through a tournament, and all the weapons and rewards were picked over her. Another sword with crystals, or made of gold, or had a long list of good abilities or a really powerful ability or two. No one wanted her. As her description was "Name: Nova. This is a family heirloom. A sword destined for the stars. Special ability is Evolution. Title: The Blade of Growth" and most people assumed this meant it changed forms, or may get future abilities but basically sucked starting off. No one wanted to risk it not gaining anything worthwhile compare to another weapon that had a least 1 confirmed amazing ability. What most people failed to realize was the comment about the stars. The true meaning was the sword had no limits on it. It was also important to know that part of her request was to be a weapon, but the catch was she had no human form. She had the potential to gain a human 'form' in the future but she would still be a weapon, not a user that can gain weapons of her own.

    There were other hidden advantages to her sword, but part of her problem was by design. She did not want to sound too amazing and get some stuck up brat as her 'master'. It was just she did not realize this would result in her never getting picked despite years going by, and that her description would turn away people that a least considered her for a second. It probably did not help that her Sword was listed as a Level 1 weapon. Everyone wants a high-level weapon. But her weapon was in the tournament for a reason. While it was not actually listed an ability her sword was unbreakable by default, will never be harmed by the passing of time, did not have a element disadvantage, would always remain sharp, and basically all the regular abilities a person would want for a sword. Something up the lines of 'Goddess Sight' would show a player that these were included, and that starting off the Nova blade included the 3 abilities of a energy-attack that cant be blocked but it took time to charge the attack, the sword was immune to debuffs and other effects, and most importantly a hidden ability that shows up as question marks even with the Goddess Sight or such abilities.

    In truth this was actually the most complicated item in the entire game, and this would probably never change. The Goddess herself was amused by the concept, and allowed it, but she ...adjusted a few things for her amusement. Zoey herself knew the Goddess did something, but was not sure what. What Zoey did know was she was running out of time, and that the reason the noble wanted her was because after some research they discovered her family had won against the noble's family, but the noble family eventually made sure to ruin her family out of revenge. The current noble though knew his son was not doing good in the game, and realized the best way to fix this was to get Zoey to be his son's 'servant' so that she could keep his son 'happy' in bed, and eventually give birth to a child that would be part of the noble family, but have some of the blood of their greatest enemy in the past. So this was not just about avoiding becoming a servant for the rest of her life, but rather she was going to be some boy's plaything.

    Zoey did have a secret though. Since she has been stuck as a prize, and unable to actually play the game. She spent her time studying other players, and watching the game such as raids where a group of players went after a powerful boss in the game. However, she spent around half her time watching Princess Reia play...as Zoey has developed a crush on the girl. Due to the previous King the princess was quite 'blessed' despite being 2 years younger than Zoey. Zoey did not really want to be a noble herself as she had seen or heard how nobles act, and everything they had to do or learn to be 'good nobles' such as their strict table rules. So her 'dream' was to become Princess Reia's Knight/Guard or Maid. With her current noble issue...well she even entertain the thought of being the princess's plaything. Maid was reasonable, but why did she consider a Knight as a option? Because worse-case...she had been learning martial arts, how to use a sword, and various other weapons in real life such as using a sniper weapon. So she wont let the noble's son do what he wanted even if she works for them. And hopefully some kind of contract will keep the noble from ending his help to her family since he could not put making her a plaything down on the actual contract or risk getting in trouble legally.

    This was a high-tech world. It was how the game- was so important because every family was gave full body pods to provide a fully virtual world with all senses, etc. This was also important because while the 'game' aids players with using weapons or spells, people still pick up things in the game, and this made the game a good way to develop skills to use in real life. Such as cooking, or fighting. It did mean that trauma can result from something happening in the game due to how real the experience was, but that was not really surprising considering the game was basically a second life/world for everyone. This resulted in their actual world becoming quite peaceful, but things in the game get quite dark, and even in the real world there were still a lot of darkness, but it was not as open as it was in the past. Such as 'slaves' no longer being allowed, but some nobles still have them, but just do not make it public. Or at least not as obvious with calling them 'servants' officially. A great example was her father meet her mother in the game, and she was nearly going to be raped when he saved her. As due to how real the game was a person could not simply 'exit' anytime they wanted. They had to go to certain spots, and it took time to log out.

    Finished. Now working on the one below.

    Dragon/Age-Difference RP (open)

    Name: Rose Targaryen
    Age Appears: Twenties to Thirties / Adult Woman
    Actual Age: She was the younger sister to the King.
    Appearance: (open)
    Rose was unique in that she was born with not only the typical silver-hair of her family, but brown-eyes that were the right shade to appear more reddish. As her eyes looking as a unnatural color as red made people think about the blood of the dragon in her, and how strong it probably was, and this was the exact reason most people did not know about her. As even among her family red-eyes were not normal. She was consider the 'future' of the family, and the one the King needed to win over the most to keep the 'line' pure. Unfortunately it was not just the dragon blood, but the royal blood that ran strong in her, and so she was not some submissive girl growing up.

    Even now Rose was a virgin, and sought as the ultimate prize by her brother. Her long silver hair that reaches her ass, but she normally kept in a bun besides her some that reaches past her breasts. Her breasts themselves were some of the largest in the kingdom with being above Ds cups, but their exact measurements were unknown. As she wore no bra for anyone to compare it to, and no one got close enough to physically test it. The fact she had a hourglass figure with a thin waist, bubbly butt, and long legs with standing at a tall height of six feet...well her fancy but revealing dresses did not really help any as they show off her curves quite good without actually revealing much skin beyond her legs, and her legwar made her legs look even more impressive than normal.

    She did wear lacy panties, but despite her looks she was quite smart. She was often seen reading a book by her private and personal female servants. She spent most of her life in her own-cut off section of the castle, and less than a hundred people knew she existed. Yes, nearly a hundred people knowing was a lot to keep a secret, but they were all swore to secretly or their life would be forfeit. As she was the greatest secret of the family. As worse case if someone kills her brother she could still continue the line. Her only real flaw was the fact she could not see that well close up, and needed glasses. So this often meant she read her books while reading glasses, but could walk around without them.
    Bio: (open)
    Rose loved her servants, and her rich lifestyle. Relaxing, reading books, or anything else she wanted without worrying about the rest of the world. She however was a kind person, and would help a person. But while her brother was a bit power hungry, and a bit too quick to head for war, he did do a good job ruling over their own Kingdom. So it was not like she was ignoring the kingdom, and letting her brother torture people. But that did not mean they had a good relationship as her family was known for their incest relationships in the past, and with the dragon blood being so strong in her that it affected her appearance more than normal...well her parents were pushing for their son and daughter to get together despite being at the end of their life, and her brother...well he mainly lusted for her due to her looks.

    She did have a problem with a few of her brothers tactics as while not outright cruel he did care less about the people of other nations. Putting his people first was probably expected of him, but he took it too far. She also did not like how he treated their remaining dragons. She knew about Syn, but it was not till recently that she was asked by a servant if she would do something for Syn as her current situation was affecting her growth, and it was starting to become obvious, and not simply a case of Syn being a late bloomer or something. The servant that asked her was one of her brother's personal servants that knew about Rose. Now Rose never meet Syn face to face before, but since technology has came a long ways over the years...Rose did have access to the security cameras, and so she has seen Syn through this method.

    She knew her brother was treating the other dragon as a weapon in the current war, and so she figure if she asked him to turn Syn over to her he would with the hopes of earning some of her favor, and her pointing out he was risking wasting Syn potential in the war in the future if her growth is harm further. Right now it may not be too late to help Syn recover, and reach her full might, but it was up for debate. Rose was a bit lonely as while her servants and family helped...this however did not mean that she did not suffer with the isolated she was put through. The fact her isolated also prevented her from finding someone to love instead of her brother was just a helpful coincidence for her brother, and parents. So maybe Syn could become her best friend, someone that was around her, and she could talk with even more personally than she could with the servants.

  12. I'm secure enough with myself that I wouldn't really care XD I haven't thought about it before. That and like what would they be doing with my body?? Could you trust someone with that?
    Or is that included in this?
  13. LOLwow, I didn't even consider what happens when that person gets your body.

    Let's erase that. Let's say only you swap and your original body is safe and sound, waiting in time for you to swap back XD
  14. Haha, Sakura didn't even address mine. <3

    Sorry it was so vulgar.
  15. Well, the best part would be that I'd either have a big dick, or I'd sing in a heavy metal band.

    What's so hard to understand from that?
  16. Mmm well I don't really mind the girl option then, or a pop singer that I like so I could see what being a pro musician is like! (aka my dream career)
  17. -_-
    I didn't have anything to say :3 Or ask :3 I wouldn't know what to ask x3

    -_- I'm sorry I asked >.< This is my job you know >.< To juice as much information out of you to entertain and inform Iwaku xD

    What about the paparazzi ? Would you like them or hate em ?
  18. Yes, but I'd be a total tease and a total bitch.
  19. Yes...

    Or I'd change with Sakura...Life must be good if you're always on what seems to be a sugar induced high, with cheerful smiles on one side and rainbows on the other. :P

    Actually...that WOULD be interesting, just to see those other sides of you we rarely see. XD
  20. Well you'll be disappointed if you're looking for something elseee LOL. x)
    If 90percent of me is rainbow/sunshine/and/smiles, then 7percent is the serious/practical/studious, and the other 3percent is emotional/disastor (right when I get mad or sad) xD

    Kkk :) I think I could try DynDyn~ get my clothes drycleaned, ride a bicycle, eat noodles :P