~If we did a MIND&BODY swap...

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    If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else currently living, would you do so?
    Whom would you pick?

    Sometimes we're fed up with our lives, right ? So what if we were given the chance to swap with someone else ? Would we ?

    And what if there was a catch, what if you couldn't swap back for a year ? Still, would we ?

  2. I dunno who else I could live as. I mean I kind of like the way I am right now and my life. But I guess if I had to choose someone it would be........Asmodeus cuz it would be interesting to see what he does day to day and who pesters him.
  3. Peter North, Eric Adams, Bruce Dickinson, Chance Garnett.

    Either of those I'm cool with, I'd have a huge dong, or I'd be singing in a heavy metal band, both work for me.

    I don't think I could do it! I mean, there were moments where my life really sucked, but I get all uncomfortable just hanging out at other people's houses if their life is slightly different, I can't imagine LIVING it!

    It's hard enough being me, I dun wanna be someone else! XD
  5. This...

    Also I have a hard time figuring out who I am exactly without me being someone else entirely D:
  6. A more awesome version of me. If such a thing were possible.
  7. Any sane man will hate me for this, but if I had a choice...

    I'd become a girl.

    Why? The opposite gender intrigues me, even if I've worked with several girls in a group before.
  8. Ryan Reynolds.

    Then I could fuck the shit out of Scarlett Johansson, go back to Alanis Morissette and fuck HER, dump her AGAIN, and then have my pick of pretty much whoever I wanted in Hollywood. And the world, really, 'cause it's RYAN fuckin' REYNOLDS.

    And I'd be able to play Deadpool in the Deadpool movie, and Green Lantern in the Green Lantern movie. FUCK YEAR.
  9. Yeah...You really, REALLY don't want to know my answer for this one.
  10. This.
  11. Do you think you could handle Asmodeus life for a month, though ? Could you live in England and handle Iwaku ?

    What would be the best part of being one of them ?

    Not even for fun for a little while ?

    Haha. :D Is that your final answer ?

    That's a unique and originally cool response. Nice.

    Could you handle being a girl? LOL

    Could YOU handle being a girl ?

    Yes I do. Tell me :)
  12. I'm secure enough with myself that I wouldn't really care XD I haven't thought about it before. That and like what would they be doing with my body?? Could you trust someone with that?
    Or is that included in this?
  13. LOLwow, I didn't even consider what happens when that person gets your body.

    Let's erase that. Let's say only you swap and your original body is safe and sound, waiting in time for you to swap back XD
  14. Haha, Sakura didn't even address mine. <3

    Sorry it was so vulgar.
  15. Well, the best part would be that I'd either have a big dick, or I'd sing in a heavy metal band.

    What's so hard to understand from that?
  16. Mmm well I don't really mind the girl option then, or a pop singer that I like so I could see what being a pro musician is like! (aka my dream career)
  17. -_-
    I didn't have anything to say :3 Or ask :3 I wouldn't know what to ask x3

    -_- I'm sorry I asked >.< This is my job you know >.< To juice as much information out of you to entertain and inform Iwaku xD

    What about the paparazzi ? Would you like them or hate em ?
  18. Yes, but I'd be a total tease and a total bitch.
  19. Yes...

    Or I'd change with Sakura...Life must be good if you're always on what seems to be a sugar induced high, with cheerful smiles on one side and rainbows on the other. :P

    Actually...that WOULD be interesting, just to see those other sides of you we rarely see. XD
  20. Well you'll be disappointed if you're looking for something elseee LOL. x)
    If 90percent of me is rainbow/sunshine/and/smiles, then 7percent is the serious/practical/studious, and the other 3percent is emotional/disastor (right when I get mad or sad) xD

    Kkk :) I think I could try DynDyn~ get my clothes drycleaned, ride a bicycle, eat noodles :P