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  1. What Happened First
    The Grid dropped at 8:00, there was no wi-fi, cell service or electricity. Any serious bloggers were hitting their great grandmas connect-to-the-wall compuuters to get out the first news. At 8:30 the radio announced school was still in session and the buses would be there. At 9:30 the halls were full of pissed teenagers with their phone in their backpockets, purses, bags, boots or vagina lockers considering they didn't work anyways. At 10:30 bombs fell from the sky. At 12:30 anyone who'd decided to keep their cellphone not on them was missing. At 1:00 gases flooded Scylla and anyone who was over 27 went missing. At 2:30 fire rained down and anyone who was under 7 went missing. At 3:00 a voice came from nowhere but was clear for anyone to hear:

    "Curiously, humanity will not end. But i've always wanted to see your reaction to an apocalypse."

    What Happened Next
    Over the span of 100 years the sadistic voice gave itself the name A. Some worshipped A, some feared A. Some wanted to beat the living shit out the bastard and see how he liked existing tied to another being- but that's a discussion for later. The 800 people left after the calamity that day went missing themselves then everyone was replaced back where they were in Scylla at 9:30. The original people who went missing forgot what happened but the 800 remembered. Scylla got the grid back but different. It now restricted you from leaving the country. The 800 reproduced but anytime they had a baby, 6 months later a baby dropped out like normal. Except they weren't. They had powers.

    What Happens Now
    In the year 2115 two groups arose. Colored, a faction of goverment where the people with powers work to destroy all others with powers to be granted riches and life as long as they never reproduce among eachother. (If a person with powers reproduces with a normal human then no powers are transferred to the child.) Then there are the Colourless, a group that exists to protect other people with powers and to stop the Colored generally. It's more of a dream they have to kill A, since nobody knows what or who he is. Only referred to as he because he refers to himself that way. But it's public knowledge all Colored claim to know A. This is actually true, A is the sadistic immortal president of Scylla right now. But nobody knows this, the Colored only know they recieve all-knowing notes and tips from him.

    This Should Remind You Of Home (open)

    This is because it is.
    Your home is white, clinical, clean and precise.
    It goes very far back, farther than you'd think, and also five stories underground. Seven total.
    This is more than your home, it is the sprawling 'palace' of your president.
    Scylla's version of the white house
    Colored Home.
    Below is the Common Room
    Below is an example of a bedroom
    The rest is up to your own imagination, collaboration and discretion as long as it follows theme

    This Should Remind You Of Home (open)

    This is because it is
    Your home is a gothic, steampunk and edgy one.
    It goes up two stories and below three making a total of five stories
    This is more than your home, it encompasses the entire Colourless operation base
    Scylla's version of a live-in FBI HQ
    Colorless Home.

    Below is the Common Room
    Below is (part of) the Dining Room
    Below is an example of a bedroom
    The rest is up to your own imagination, collaboration and discretion as long as it follows theme

    • You only know A is a male but you all get the notion is human by how you sometimes can trick him
    • You are either a Full or Half, Full means you have full control of your powers and can act alone. Half means you rely on another being to be useful. For example a full that can use fire can just do it but a half that can use fire would have to be instructed to.
    • A half dies when their Master or Owner dies
    • Every colourless and colored has a skillset, usually more than one. These are random things they know and are good at without ever learning how. These are different than powers because they aren't magical. They're things like knowing how to use firearms or knowing how to escape any situation.
    • You only know A is a male and is all knowing, you can get whatever notions about him you choose
    • You have to be a Full
      • Every colourless and colored has a skillset, usually more than one. These are random things they know and are good at without ever learning how. These are different than powers because they aren't magical. They're things like knowing how to use firearms or knowing how to escape any situation.
    • You generally dislike all Colourless or even hate them. A has mislead you to believe they are wicked people.
    • Generally you aren't as strong as Colourless but you get help from A which helps you keep up
    • You in fact DO have powers, they are simply weakened
    • You work for the government, and unbeknownst to you, A.
    • You can NOT act without your masters permission with powers but anything you can do without calling on powers you can do. (Such as if you summon guns and your master allows you to use your power for that then stops allowing you to use that power you can still shoot that gun you simply cant summon more)​
    • To elaborate on this, your Master can literally negate your magic. You can try but you literally do not have the ability to use your powers​
    • Elaborating further on the topic, permission from your Master does NOT have to be expressely or verbally stated. If your master doesn't want you using your powers because he/she thinks its to dangerous or for any reason even if it isn't stated out loud and even if out loud he says differently you can not use your powers until he wants you too.​
    • Your Master does NOT have any sort of control over you other than the ability to negate your magic. He/She does NOT have any kind of mind control over you. You are your own person, but it is still customary for you to obey them. This is not required.​
    • As a half you have a special connection to your master, this is not by birth. It can be in certain cases. But under normal circumstances it is as simple as a feeling. You instinctively know who is meant to control you. Multiple people can have the compatibility to be your master but only one can take the role. (The aforementioned person or multiple people will however not feel this connection until he or she takes on the role as your master). It's entirely up to you how you chose and became that persons Half.​
    • Being more specific, you don't have a magical elaborate contract. You simply choose the person however you choose. Even if it was never spoken if it is felt (it being the master-half relationship) then it exists. This is a relationship than can similarly be broken if BOTH parties reject or no longer feel that it exists.

    Available Characters
    Colourless [FULL, but accepting halfs if you can get someone to agree to be your master]
    -The Leader- :Arcturus:
    -The Leaders Half :Akira Hiroshida:
    -Member with bad temper- :TEN:
    -Member that is the newest- :Delilah Thrussel:
    -Member that is related to member of Colored- :Zack Levosaro:
    -Zack's Full- :Maxine Connelly:
    -TEN's Full- Ren

    -The Leader- :Nick Levosaro:
    -The Vice-Leader- :Crimson Cerebus:
    -Member that is related to member of Colourless- (Can have up to two powers and two skillsets)
    -Member that's tech savvy- (Can have up to two powers and two skill sets.)
    -Member that left Colourless to be Colored- :Chrome:

    Anyone can be someones half, halfs other than The Leaders Half, can have up to one power and one skillset. Unless of course you are Colored, then no halfs. After every spot is filled I'll accept random members of either group with up to two skillsets and two powers.​
    1. Powers that are not allowed are: Necromancy, mind-reading, teleportation and anything Godmod. Make your power original.
    2. Being a Half doesn't mean being that persons lover. You can have a romantic relationship with that person however but it isn't a necessary
    3. Feel free to start romantic relationships or have already established ones. Content that is explicit should just be a black-out or fade to black situation. If you want it then take it to messages.
    4. I am A. Or better put i'll be controlling A. I'll also be throwing in random problems and situations. DO NOT DO THIS. You can do things that make sense in the story but don't throw in random situations like 'suddenly a fire starts in whatever room' unless it makes sense due to past events.
    5. Post at least once a week
    6. I can and will move your character if you haven't posted for a while and your character is obstructing the story
    7. You can utilize more than one character. Take as many as you can handle with a limit of 3
    8. You can use whatever picture you want but you must have one
    9. Try to be realistic
    10. If you've read the rules then smile, you are a good person. Someone should feed you dessert for this act.

    Character Sheet (decorate to your hearts content):

    "Quote from your character"
    Alias: (If you are a colored you go by the name of a Prime color if you're a colorless then a non-prime color)
    Group: (Colored or Colourless)
    Position: (Out of available characters which did you choose)

    "Quote from your character"
    History: (This is optional)

    "Quote from your character"
    Full/Half ?:

    "Quote from your character"
    Extra: (Whatever else you feel neccessary to let us know. Also if you don't have a picture somewhere in this yet then put it below this. Unless you want to put the picture somewhere else. Doesn't matter to me)​
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  2. Akira Hiroshida
    "Suffering, is something that resonates eternally in the soul until you're stronger than it."
    Name: Akira Hiroshida
    Alias: Electric Blue
    Age: 19
    Group: Colourless
    Position: The Leaders Half
    "A pawn can win a game of chess if it's smarter than the king."
    Personality: She's someone who believes strongly that actions speak louder than words. She's brief in her words and if threatened will shoot first and ask questions later. She doesn't show many expressions either, her face is usually blank which leads people to believe she's without thoughts or worries. But in her head she's always worrying or thinking about something. She does sometimes daydream and will zone out and people won't know the difference because her facial expression never changes. She's usually either on high aler or tired, she can never reach a middle ground. She's a very sleepy person honestly. She takes naps all the time and sometimes in the worst places. She can sleep under any conditions whatsover and still have vivid monochromatic dreams.
    She doesn't look at it but she can be very childish. She'll play with her enemies sometimes just for her amusement. Not that she's sadistic. She doesn't particularly enjoy killing. But it's something that has to be done, it's just a part of life she's learned to see as normality. She's not shy, as exemplified by her clothing choice. Her fighting style usually requires a lot of jumping around like an acrobat so it's easier for her. She was given the jacket by her highschool boyfriend before the Colored invaded her school and killed almost everyone while looking for a particular person. That was where she found the Colourless and decided to join.
    She's still a girl at heart and will read magazines and things when she thinks nobodies looking to see what all the celebrities are doing. But she's not a serious girly girl or anything. She doesn't use make-up or paint her nails or anything like that. Often she'll chug the milk straight out the carton at the base. But through this she's very sensitive about her boobs. If called flat chested she will start a very serious fight with that person.
    History: Nobody knows much about her past, only that her highschool was invaded by The Colored. Also that she has a little sister and a dad left in the world that she would die for.
    "I was created to follow. I wouldn't know what to do by myself."
    Full/Half?: Half
    Sight Of An Angel
    Akira, after activiting her eye, can see into a persons memories. She can't see what they are thinking currently but she can see what they're remembering. Her eye glows electric blue though which sort of gives it away. Even further than seeing a persons memories she can see into the memories of anything. Like she can see who sat in a specific chair or who touched a specific wall. But this drains a lot more of her energy than simply going through a persons memories considering all the memories she has to go through to find the correct one.​
    Touch Of An Angel
    Akira is a whiz with a gun and even further than that she can summon them. She can put a seal on a gun she made and after writing out that specific number the gun will appear in her hand. She can also make and create high tech guns that nobody else can. Her aim is 98% accurate. She's missed a shot a total of 12 times in her 19 years of life and 5 years of shooting.​
    Monochromatic Wonderland
    This is the hardest to use and most energy depleting tool she has. She can relive any moment for up to ten minutes. Everything is black and white however. The actions she takes wont affect the future however. This skill is most useful for remembering important things and recording them exactly as they happened. She can also do things differently and see how it would've changed the future. For example if she gambled at a slot machine, lost then stopped time she could go through all the machines she could in ten minutes and see which would grant her money and quickly go to that one, play it before anyone else, and win. She can use it as a less effective way to tell the future. If she stood infront of a bomb for five minutes and entered her memory (the memory had to of been atleast five minutes) she could cut the wires in different ways to see which would diffuse it.
    Gun Master
    As the title implies she's hella good with making, creating, destroying, rebuilding and weilding guns. She can use a gun she has in her hands without her masters permission, it just takes her master's order to use her powers.
    She's a naturally intelligent girl with a great memory.
    Her eyesight is literally perferct. She doesn't miss a thing. This also helps her reflexes become faster.
    "How does it feel to be free?"
    Extra: When seriously aggrivated or extremely pissed off her eye-glow turns purple and stays that way until she calms down
    She loves Arcturus (Her Master/Owner/Full) with all of her heart. She'd kill anything or anyone for him. She obeys his every word...... when she thinks that it's reasonable. If she deems his orders as irresponsible and ridiculous she'll easily brush off. Her love for the man is somewhat confusing for herself considering she isn't sure if its platonic or romantically but she doesn't worry about it. Though sometimes when she feels like she's different from other girls her age or when she's talking with random normal girls her age she'll talk or speak about it.
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  3. I want to reserve a colorless with the relative that is colored. But I have to ask, how do "half"'s work? If I create this character, would they be the master, or the user? Could I simply choose one? Do I have to make both characters? How many characters am I restricted to? Are they born with their masters? Do they contract with them? Why can they not use their power unless their master says so? Can the master themself have any powers? And what's OCP stand for?
  4. so let me get this straight, colored are the ones that have the powers (born with) and the colorless aren't? I would like to reserve a spot, but because of the holiday, it will probably (hopefully not after) Monday at the latest before I could get it up.
  5. Haven't finished reading the intro post. I'm interested, though. I should have confirmation about whether or not I'm joining by tomorrow. And hopefully a character.
  6. @firejay1 I've answered many of your questions under my new update which is under half facts. But in addition tothat,

    • You may have as many characters you can control with a limit of three
    • A half is NOT the master. If you play a half you're playing the half. (More details in Half Facts)
    • You can choose whether you want to play the master or half
    • The masters can have powers or they can be a normal human
    • You may make both but you don't have to.
    • You can not make a half without an existing full you've already decided on
    Also I'll reserve your spot


    Both colored and colorless have powers. Also is there a specific role you'd like me to save for you or is it up to my own discretion?


    Sounds good, I hope you'll be joining!
  7. Can I save the Colored leader? Also, do you have a list of powers/abilities, or would you like us to talk to you privately before posting what they are?
  8. @Demonic I stated in the rules what you couldn't use and my expectations of the power so just go ahead and choose your ability on your own and I'll contact you if it isn't up to par.
  9. Okay! Last question, I promise. Can I make siblings, one as a half the other as a full?
  10. sweet! working on CS now. (And I'll probably be making three characters....)
  11. "With all due respect, I can barely lift my backpack. How do you expect me to fight, let alone fight as well as you?"

    Name: Delilah Thrussell
    Alias: Maroon
    Age: 15
    Group: Colorless
    Position: Member that is the newest

    "It is common to be happy in situations like these. I suppose I am uncommon, then."

    Personality: She is never truly content or joyful, but she often pretends to be, with some success. Her view of the world is simple: no one is truly an enemy, so it would be better to band together than to fight others. More often than not, she will try to be as diplomatic as possible, which isn't too hard for her. If anyone ever asked her how she feels about herself, she would spend the better half of the day thinking about it before giving up. Her mind is always thinking, and while this has led to some sleepless nights, it also ensures that she will not act on half-baked impulses. In conversation, she will only speak up if directly questioned, or if someone needs help. Regular conversation makes her feel nervous, mainly because she's shy, but also because she doesn't want to risk being distracted. In fact, she prefers to take up guard duty for the headquarters when she has free time; doing anything else may leave her fellow Colorless open for attack. Unless the situation is completely hopeless, she will not choose to give up.

    History: No one really seems to know. When asked, she will clam up completely, no matter how much poking and prodding one does. But she has muttered a few things in her sleep that may point to her past, such as "What time does it start?" and "Dye it? But why?"

    "My wish is to protect. To attack is another thing altogether."

    Full/Half ?: Full

    Personification of Feeling
    She can bring a feeling to life and use it as a weapon or shield. For example, she can weigh someone down with Sadness or Guilt and temporarily paralyze someone with Fear. When her feelings come into being, they look just like her, except they have a cryptic mark on their left hand to identify what feeling they are. The more she feels the feeling herself, the easier it is to make it into an entity. These feelings cannot be injured physically, but if Delilah is injured, they will not last as long in battle. Feelings like Joy and Surprise tend to follow orders, while other feelings tend to be more difficult. Fear in particular prefers terrorizing Delilah instead of her enemies because she tends to make it more powerful, though it may listen on certain occasions.
    Eye of the Beholder
    This power allows her to see the world through another being's eyes. Her other senses will remain her own, and she will be unable to tell what the eyes' owner is thinking. This power tends to come in handy when she does not want to be watched, which is very often. She can see through any eyes, including animal's eyes and even doll's eyes, but the more she knows about the owner, the more she will see.

    No matter what instrument you give her, she will be able to play on it as if she's practiced it for years.

    "If a domino falls and it is the only one, is the game any fun?"

    Extras: She keeps a metal baseball bat on hand at all times. Also, while she will wear a dress (like the one below) on occasion, her usual outfit is a brown shirt with elbow-length sleeves and black ankle-length jeans.

    I might edit the character a bit, but for now, this is what I've got. Is she all right?
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  12. Character Sheet (decorate to your hearts content):
    "What is power if you don't use it to save the ones you love?"
    Name: Nick Levosaro
    Alias: Sea Blue (is this considered a primary color?)
    Age: 17
    Group: Colored
    Position: Colored Leader

    "If you don't understand my silence, how will you understand my words?"
    Personality: I am usually a caring person. I would put my life on the line for someone close to me, not caring at the cost to my own safety. Even with this, I can become some peoples worst nightmare if they dare lay a hand one someone I care about/love (See first quote)
    History: When I was younger, my family was broken apart. They took my brother and killed our parents, something that I will be sure to return. I don't know if my brother remembers or not, but the ones that were responsible were colorless. This was why when offered, I rose up as the leader of the Colored. I would have preferred to have him be with me, but I understand that what we do is a bit off par for what we should do. I really wish it won't happen, but in the future I may have to chose between him and the Colored. This is a decision I am not ready to make just yet, but I know it will come up. The good news? I have my own Kendo team, we are top in the world, mainly because I don't take "I can't" as an answer. This and I have a group of people that trust me by my side makes it all worth it, and even then, I may be able to persuade big bro into joining us.

    "Fear is not evil. It tells you what your weakness is. And once you know your weakness, you can become stronger as well as kinder."
    Full/Half ?: Full
    Infinity Explosion:
    Sends out an wave with my body being the intersection point of the infinity sign. This can only be used in conjunction with a) the next power listed. or b) When I truly fear for someone's safety (knife to their throat, only way to save them sort of thing)

    Central Prediction:
    Using water as a medium, the ground is covered in a small amount of water, improving my movement, not hindering selected individuals and slowing my opponents. (can be similar to a self buff that debuffs opponents, if that makes more sense).

    Pain of the Seas:
    Using water, I create a blade that is sharp enough to cut steel, but since it is just water, it has very little blocking power from the side. (Only way to really explain this one is if you take a single sided sword, the blade is more dense, the rest of it is looser, allowing strong hits to pass through)

    Natural Swordsman:
    From a very young age, any melee/bladed weapon has been a natural thing for me to use, even if I had never seen it before (for example, picking up a guard-less katana and knowing how to use it right then)

    I am not the smart guy in the class, but I am still able to learn languages by hearing/reading the words one time. (similar to having a photographic memory with languages.)
    Currently known(IC, not IRL unfortunatally):

    6th sense:
    I can feel when something is off, like if someone changed the thermostat setting by a degree while I was gone. Also able to feel when/if someone moves if I am focusing enough, like while I meditate.

    Natural Survivor:
    Discovered one time while lost that I found/made food, water, and shelter way easier than it should have been. This also keeps me from getting sick/injured accidentally. (Example: IRL I hardly ever get sick, and when I do it is like bronchitis for a day sort of thing)

    "Please don't act like you understand. Ever since I was young, I have been alone. How could you possibly know how I feel?"
    Extra: Two things: 1) I wish I could find more than just one pic, but it was someone on tumblr that made it, so I can't do much about it. 2) I am a better first person writer than third, if you would prefer me to write in 3rd, please let me know.​
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  13. Oh, and thinking about it, if you are interested @firejay1, I wouldn't mind having a relative.
  14. @Demonic. That sounds alright, but how close would you like them to be? Siblings or something farther like cousins? Also! I'd kind of need to know a little about his history, mostly any relevant family situation and why he'd be in the colored faction, if he wants to protect those close to him, but they might have powers. (Since the colored are bent on destroying the people with powers).
  15. Lol, my backstory has a good reason, but I'm not entirely plagued. Ill try to get a spoiler thing so that way it's there when someone is being told it, instead of me having to retype it several time XD. It will take me a little bit to get it up though, and as for how close we are, you can decide that, I honestly think it would add an interesting twist if we were brothers, but whatever you want.
  16. Alright! I'll do siblings, then, and will wait on you for finishing the bio and personality (since I think it'll make a difference). What do you mean when you say you're "not entirely plagued?"
  17. If the Colored Vice Leader isn't reserved, I would like to reserve that spot.
  18. I would like to reserve the Colourless leader if I can. If I don't get my CS up today, it WILL be up tomorrow.
  19. [​IMG]

    "When it comes time, will you be able to kill? Or will you run like a coward?"

    Name: Arcturus "Arc" Corvil

    Alias: Azure

    Age: 27

    Group: Colourless

    Position: Colourless Leader

    "There are two ways of arguing with a woman and neither one works."

    Personality: When needed, he takes charge. In his free time, he reads, writes, plays games, and just generally has fun. He makes a point to attempt to memorize all of his members by name. Though he has someone to deal with fights and disagreements, he likes to sometimes take things into his own hands. He can often be found in his library sitting in his favorite armchair and reading one of his many fiction novels. He's pretty lax about his people, but can put his foot down when needed. He cares for every one of his followers, but still has to make the hard choices for the good of the many. He can sometimes be very flirtatious, but normally doesn't mean much by it. He does have a crush on someone, though I'm not telling who.

    History: Nothing is known of his past by anyone, and he would rather not discuss it.

    "We're made up of thousands of parts with thousands of functions all working in tandem to keep us alive. Yet if only one part of our imperfect machine fails, life fails. It makes one realize how fragile... how flawed we are..."

    Full/Half ?: Full


    -Night's Dance-
    He manipulates shadows within a half-mile distance, using them as both weapons and soldiers. The further he extends this power, the more it drains him.

    -Nyx's Manipulation-
    He bends light and shadow to create illusions. The larger the illusion, the more power it takes.

    -Death's Veil-
    He can darken an area in a mile distance, from pitch-black to dusk. The darker he makes it, the more energy he expends.


    -Night Vision-
    Due to his affinity with darkness, it doesn't limit his vision. He requires very little light to see well. He can still see in a pitch-black room, but just outlines. Sort of like different layers to the dark.

    No one knows why, but he is a great blacksmith, not that it's very useful.

    -Herbal Instinct-
    He can identify many types of plants, whether edible, medicinal, normal, or harmful.

    -Gun Capability-
    He's a natural with any normal type of gun. Rifle, pistol, shotgun, doesn't matter. He's good with them.

    The ability to blend into the shadows is a useful one, and one that he has. He can move very silently and go unnoticed for a long while.

    "I kill so that others don't have to bear the burden."

    Extra: In terms of weapons, he keeps dual jagged, silver daggers, self crafted, and a Zastava M91 (10 shots per clip).

    Zastava M91 (open)
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