If ever you feel too nerdy...

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  1. Watch this, and compare yourself to it.

    Then realize that, no, you are not too nerdy. At least, 98% of you aren't too nerdy. :rotfl:
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  2. brovo pls
  3. What... the fuck.
  4. Jesus hates Klingons. That's what. Apparently.
  5. That's... That's less Nerdy or more just...


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  6. Philistone. lol The irony is real.

    Also real Christians don't care if you're circumcised or not.
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  7. "He's the son of the original G!"
  8. Aaaah, Everythingisterrible: Reminding people of some of the most hillariously bad, and the frightening that existed in forgotten VHS Tapes.
  9. I knew this would be good as soon as I saw everythingisterrible.com at the bottom. I laughed by ass off at the song at the end. "If the Klingon doesn't like it he can sit on a phaser! Sit on a phaser and diiiiiie!!!" They could have kicked up the nerd level a bit though, and done the Klingon-only scene in Klingon with subtitles. Just saying, they dropped the dropped the ball on that one.
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  10. They could have, but unfortunately they didn't. Alas.
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