Iced Roads (Post-Apocalyptic)

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  1. Twenty years in to the future, and there's already another world war. Death is literally EVERYWHERE, And it's all because we decided to play with our new inventions...I guess the military is just bored. Chemical warfare is what we are working with this time...and that was our mistake. Now the world is frozen over. The ones who survived the freeze tried to compensate with the danger by coming together and creating "Safe Havens" for any survivors that were nearby. There is a new group of Gangster's in this part of town called the "Reapers".They've stolen many of our rations, and we've located their hideout, at a railroad "New Chicago." We want you to take a stand against this group and take back what you own. Travel to New Chicago, and take their base. Good Luck!


    That's it. That was what the city wanted me to do. Simple enough, and good pay too. Life was simple for me, as I was just a lonely bounty hunter. I take the job, and get it done quick. Bjorji was his name. He was tall but slightly more muscular than the average male, due to his work. Bjorji walked up to an accountant to exchange his few dollars for a job. "Say, what about this job...Iced Roads? It's payin' well, that's unusual..." he asked moving his hand down on the accountant's desk. But seriously, he could care less what it was, he just needed the money. "Oh! This is the job, due to the "Reapers" we would like you to take out their hideout in New Chicago and take back our stolen supplies, don't underestimate them though, as they are the leading war lords over the area." She smiled and turned, shooing him out the door. Bjorji smirked and exited, now all he had to do was kill and get paid. Simple enough.
  2. Edwin slumps around, feeling nearly defeated from being turned down or failing at every job he gets. He digs around in his pocket for what little money he has.
    "Three dollars...I'm gonna need more than that if I want to stay here." He shoves everything back in his pants and looks at his chicken scratch of listings.
    "Maybe I can be a post look out?" He looks around at the tall wall enclosures and the men and women on top. The wind blowing hard against them.
    Horror crawls onto his young face.
    "I don't thing I want to fall to my doom just yet. I'll find something more suitable for my taste."

    As Edwin walks towards the camp's accountant, he sees a big man, around his own age, but built a bit harsher, walk out of the area.
    "Bjorji!! Hey man, got yourself a new gig? Listen, if you ever need any help, I'm down."
    Edwin continues backwards, still keepin eye contact with Bjorji, into the accountant room.

    "Hey, I need a job. Gimme your toughest one!"
    "Well, Bjorji just took it. It's usually a group task, but he was made for this kind of thing. I guess you could ask him if he needs any assistance? Buy knowing him, you'll only get in his way."
    "I'll do it." He takes a ticket and runs after Bjorji.
    "HEY BIG GUUUYY," he shouts while waving his partner ticket around, "I'M GONNA JOIN YOU!!!"
Thread Status:
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