Ice and Cabbage

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  1. Aleksei sighed as he sat on the steps that led up to his flat he shared with his boyfriend. He ran a hand through his loose blonde locks slicking them back while the other held a phone pressed against the side of his face. Angry Russian leaked from the phone for at least thirty minutes while Alek mumbled quite Da's trying to soothe the voice before finally being allowed to hang up. The phone flew from his hand with a snarl a few minutes later smashing into a nearby wall before falling to the ground. A large booted foot stomped down upon it and Aleksei shouted every swear in every language he knew. Eventually there wasn't much left to stomp on and he marched up the stairs throwing the door open and slamming it shut behind him.

    "Luca! Where de fuck are you?" He snarled as he jerked the drawer of an end table next to the couch open, pulling out a phone, identical to the one he smashed, from among a pile of more phones. Boots hit a wall with a thud and he fell back on the couch setting about activating the device. "How de fuck did you beat me dere! I prepare months for dis and you just swoop! Take prize from under my nose!" Alek shouted at the bedroom door figuring that's where he would be located. "You come out and face me! You have explaining to do!"
  2. Luca opened the door looking absolutely innocent. He was wearing a green hoodie and a grey V-Neck, his boxers on but no pants.
    "You're going to wake the neighbors if you keep shouting like that," He giggled, going over and pecking Alek's lips before walking into the rest of the flat, "And just because the Italian mob is the one who took whatever this 'prize' is doesn't mean that I was involved, darling. But for future reference you guys should really be more careful with your information. The Italian mob caught wind of your operation a week ago. It took you months? You guys should really work on that. Are you hungry? I think I'm going to make some popcorn. . ."
  3. Aleksei huffed as he tossed the new phone down on the coffee table, his shirt and jacket joining it soon after, leaving him clad in his tight jeans.
    "Do not play de innocent with me. I am on to you." He grumbled watching Luca's butt as he walked toward the kitchen. "What do you mean dey caught wind of it last week?! How?! I did not tell you and I remember all de times I was drunk. I am certain you were never told. Dere must be rat." He grunted as he stood up and followed behind Luca. "I got chewed out over dis so trust me when I say I will find rat and crush it underneath boot."

    He leaned against the counter and grabbed a knife left sitting out on top of it. He began to flip it as he watched Luca, quietly deciding that he wasn't lying to him.
    "What kind of popcorn? Plain? Put butter on mine."
  4. "There's no rat," Luca rolled his eyes as he put some popcorn in the microwave and set the timer. He hopped up on the counter, swinging his legs back and forth, "I needed lock picking practice so I opened your safe and found the files. It was kind of hard to explain how I found them to my boss but I mean, it all worked out in the end. And I wasn't involved in the mission. They went with a different thief since I'm still recovering from a couple weeks ago."

    Luca pulled his shirt up, looking at the bruises on his ribs, "I should be better soon, though."
  5. The knife embedded itself in the cabinet above the microwave next to Luca's head with a thunk and Aleksei lowered his hand crossing his arms.
    "You are little shit I want you to know dat." He grumbled making his way to his side. "I am never putting anything in safe again, you and your grubby paws will steal." He leaned over and kissed one of the bruises before biting down on the area around it. "You bruise prettily and recover quickly. I am impressed always with your healing rate."

    He reached up and dug the knife out of the cabinet before tossing it into the sink.
    "I think it is only fair if you tell me something in return, da? After all I'm most likely going to get struck a few times tomorrow I may as well get something for my pain and suffering. Fair is fair after all."
  6. ". . . They hit you?" Luca asked quietly. That was something that he hadn't been aware of. Of course he wouldn't be aware of that because he was treated completely different. Luca was a different person, he got yelled at but he never got hit because his boss knew that, that wasn't the way to get Luca to do things, "Well-- I guess I could tell you something. The Italians are bidding on these drugs that the Spanish are selling really cheap because they have to get them out of the country. The Italians made sure that no one else heard about it do they could get it for a really low price and they're not even going to bother to check the bidding because they don't think anyone else will find out."
  7. "It is nothing major, just bruises, reminders." Aleksei listened closely as Luca spoke and slammed a fist down on the counter in excitement, making the objects on top of it rattle. "Dis is splendid news! You make me so happy Luca!" He planted a kiss on the younger man's face and pushed away from his counter to retrieve his phone. "I will text dem now! Dey will be so excited!"

    His fingers ran over his phone's screen as he texted his father the details. The phone vibrated not long after and he grinned when his predictions were confirmed. "Dey are indeed pleased with me! I count us as even Luca! Let us drink to celebrate dis! Where is de whiskey?!"
  8. "It's in the cabinet," Luca giggled, glad that he had made his boyfriend happy. Aside from his name, nothing about Luca was really Italian. He didn't have any Realy ties or loyalties to the Italian mob do telling Alek these things wasn't a very big deal to him. He wouldn't mind switching over to the Russian mob if eye wasn't so afraid of him. Plus he couldn't hold his liquor very well and he didn't know that much Russian. Many factors were against him joining the Russian mob.
  9. Aleksei's heavy steps carried him across the floor, to the coffee table and he snatched up his shirt and jacket, tugging them back on. "Come let us go out!" He retrieved his boots and stuffed his feet in them, grinning at Luca as he laced them up. "I am happy, we celebrate dis da? Da!" He jabbed a few numbers in his phone and pressed it to his ear. "I call friends you go, get ready."

    He turned away from Luca and began to speak thickly accented Russian to whoever was on the line, exclaiming in excitement every few minutes with spastic hand motions.
  10. Luca pulled the bag of popcorn out of the microwave, setting it down on the counter. He snickered at Alek's excitement, going to get changed. He pulled on some dark skinny jeans, running a brush through his brown hair. He checked himself in the mirror, deciding to change his hoddie and shirt. He pulled them off, looking at his bruises in the mirror before going and grabbing a tight V-Neck and sliding it on.

    He walked back out of the room, spotting Alek.

    "You know. . . Maybe it's not such a good idea for us to be seen together," He pointed out, "I though you said your uncle would be super mad if he knew we were dating."
  11. "Oh he'd kill me" Alek exclaimed brightly in response, sliding his phone in his pocket. He snatched his keys up and wrapped an arm around Luca guiding him out the door, pausing briefly to grab his boyfriend's jacket. "It will be fine though so long as you do not mention dat you are part of mob. You may also want to mention a fake name of some sort. I do not want you to get hurt should you get found out later." He kept his arm wound around his waist as they walked along the sidewalk.

    "Besides," he mumbled crossing the street squeezing his side gently, "I would never let anything happen to you anyway so it does not matter." He stopped outside of the bar and nuzzled the side of Luca's head. "We will be fine I am sure of it!"
  12. "What's a good Russian name?" Luca asked, glad that he didn't have an Italian accent, "What about Damian or Vladamir or something? I'm not very good at aliases. . . That's not really my job. Should they know that I know that you're in the mob?"

    There were so many variables to being a conman. Luca got too distracted to remember all of them, which was why he was not a conman. He wante to make sure that he did this right, though. He didn't want Alek to get killed or something for dating him. He really liked Alek. He kissed Alek's shoulder, trying to figure out if there was anything else he should ask, "Or what about James? For a name."
  13. "James is good I was going to suggest Sacha for a name, something cute and short. . .like you. It is fine if you know I am in mob, if I trust you dey will trust you, say you are half Russian if asked, and dat your mother is English. Dey shouldn't ask too many questions but just in case you see." He pushed open the door and made his way towards a loud group of boisterous men in the back.

    "Aleksei!" One of them exclaimed hoping to his feet pulling Alek away from Luca and into a hard hug, slamming his fist against his back. "How are you brother?!"

    "Am good Nikolai!" He punched the man hard in the shoulder and they both laughed as he stumbled back into his seat. "Nikolai, Bartov meet L-JAMES!" He shouted too loudly correcting himself. Nikolai paid it no attention, but the quite man, the one called Bartov, larger then both Nikolai and Aleksei glanced at Luca and looked him over.
    "It is nice to meet, James" he mumbled, his accent nowhere near as thick as the other men, but there nonetheless.

    "Ignore Bartov, he is grumpy!" Alek sat down next to his friends and tugged Luca down into his lap. "Drinks are on me!" He shouted and the men at the table, excluding Bartov, cheered in delight.
  14. Luca held back a giggle upon seeing that most everyone else was very similar to Alek. It was exciting, maybe a little overwhelming but Luca himself was quite hyper. Bartov seemed kind of scary but everyone else seemed like they were going to be alright. He wondered if they would expect him to drink as much as they did, though. He didn't have the same tolerance as them, plus he was much smaller so the alcohol affected him more easily.
    He still wasn't sure if he should do much speaking in front of any of them but he felt fairly comfortable.
  15. Alek, after challenging Nikolai to a drinking contest, promptly began to challenge some of the others to arm wrestle. Nikolai cheered him on as he strained against the man across from him. His opponent's fist hit the table a few second later with a crack and Aleksei jumped to his feet cheering as Nikolai headbutted him in the chest in excitement. The man he beat held his hand, cradling his most likely broken knuckles as he swore. No one paid the loser any real mind though someone tossed ice wrapped in a napkin at him.

    Bartov sipped his drink and watch the antics of his brothers. He glanced at Luca and turned to face him.
    "What did you say your name was and where were you from again? I did not quite get."
  16. "I'm James," Luca answered quietly, playing with the hem of his shirt, "I grew up around here but my father was a Russian bloke. My mum was English, though. Really traditional, too. I never got to learn much about my Russian heritage. Alek has taught me a lot, though. He's really great. I'm glad I met him."

    Mostly what he was saying was true. The stuff about his mother and Alek. That made the lying easier. He wished he had known his mother more, though. She died when he was young.
  17. "Hmm." He finished off his drink while Luca spoke and nodded when he was done. "Russian heritage is good heritage to have, it is shame you do not know it." Bartov leaned on his hand ignoring Nikolai in the background as he challenged Aleksei to a rematch. His cold eyes stayed trained on Luca an ever constant scowl on his features.

    "How did you meet my cousin? He has mentioned a lover but has been vague and secretive about you and I am curious why."
  18. "We met awhile ago," Luca began, his voice soft as he watched Alek, "We've been wanting to take things slow. That's probably why he's been secretive. I was a little wary about meeting his family and stuff. I'm not the best with large groups of people, and we wanted to make sure that we were really into each other, not just having a fling."
  19. "Has he told you of the family business?" Bartov, glanced away as Alek made his way back to Luca's side flopping down in the seat next to him, leaning on the younger man. Aleksei's hand tangled loosely with Luca's and he nuzzled into his throat, face warm with alcohol, chuckling into it.

    "I loooooove you . . .James" he paused as he struggled to remember his pretend name and peered over at Bartov. "You are not harassing him are you cousin? I'll break you're fucking face in you are." The majority of his speech was a drunken slur, but from the way Bartov rolled his eyes he seemed to have understood him.
    "I am asking question, that is all." he grumbled swatting away Alek's hand when he reached for his drink. "You are drunk, no more Aleksei."
    "You're drunk!" Aleksei shouted back defiantly before settling back against his lover. Bartov's brows knitted and he turned his gaze back to Luca, scowl even more prominent then before.
    "I am sorry if this is your first time seeing him like this."
  20. "It's not," Luca giggled, moving his thumb around in a circle on Aleksei's shoulder, "Don't worry about it, I understand. Yes, he told me all about the family business. It's very interesting. I'm not a rat, though, I swear. I won't say anything about it. I'm good at keeping secrets and we don't really talk about it all that much so I don't know all the little details, anyways."

    The problem with Aleksei being this drunk is that he was going to start slipping and he didn't want to be in a room full of Russians when the only person that could protect him was absolutely shit-faced.

    "You ready to go home, babe?" He asked.
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