Ian and Reanna.

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  1. “Reanna! Where are you going?!” Reanna heard her mother calling and looked over her shoulder giggling lightly. She kept running away from her mother when finally she stopped at a park. Her eyes moving from place to place just to maybe catch something interesting.

    Reanna wasn’t like the rest of the little girls she wasn’t scared of insects of slimy things, she was fascinated by them. She looked over at the swing set and and sat in a seat, kicking herself off the ground she swung until her mother called her name again. “Reanna we really should be going…”

    Reanna frowned, “Give me a few minutes… I found a friend…” Her eyes went wide and she went near a bunch of kids and smiled. “Hi! I’m Reanna!”
  2. Ian glanced around and ran over to the sand box. There was a huge smile on his face. Since he was very little he had always had a creative and open mind. Even though the dry sand didn't hold well he always enjoyed going home with sand between his toes and fingers. Being born and living along the coast line fore the first couple of years of his short life...it made him feel at home. Once there he plopped down and began running his fingers though the sand. Once he started to take off his shoes his mother came over and fussed at him.

    "Ian McKay! Put those back on! I am already going to have to bathe you when we get home!"

    The blonde haired little boy grinned and defiantly dug his toes into the sand. At this same time a group of kids came over and started to play with him in the sand box. Looking over he stood up, a little girl running over towards them. She introduced herself but the rest of the group ignored her. So he weaved though the kids and looked at her with his vivid green eyes.

    "That is is pretty name...My name is Ian. Nice to meet you! Do you want to come play...?"
  3. As all the kids in the group ignored her, Reanna sighed and slowly turned around until she heard his voice, slowly she turned back around and looked at the kid. Her head tilted slightly to the side and she grinned widely. "Thanks!" nodding her hea when he introduced himself, she puffed out her chest and spoke proudly. "I'm a female, and I would like to play with you, male named Ian!" She giggled, and looked around eagerly. "What do you like to play around here?"
  4. The child laughed in delight as she tilted her head to the side, grinning widely. It was a silly gesture and coming from such an uptight family, silliness like this was not tolerated often. And, as he had heard on more than three occasions, not acceptable in "Mom's expensive Living room" or with her "$3,000 french Perfume." After the little girl had thanked him she playfully puffed out her chest and spoke to him. He listened to her intently before laughing once more when she did. When she asked what he liked to play around here he grinned mischeviously.

    "What my mom dose not like me to do...play in the sand, play with cool bugs I find...stuff like that! Messy stuff! And I like to play tag and hide and seek...everything I can't do at my mom's house....What do you want play...?"
  5. Reanna was giggling up a storm when the little boy spoke to her. "I like looking at cool bugs too!" She looked around and held her hand that held her index finger up to him to indicate that she wanted him to wait just a moment. She turned and walked up to several kids, asking them questions then they followed her back to Ian. "Ian, this is Jess, Stacy, and Lacey, oh! And this is Jack. Now that we have a coupe of people lets play tag!" She grinned widely and looked at each kid. "Alright... Who's gonna be the tagger..." A bunch of the kids said 'not it' at the same time, and Reanna looked at Ian. "If you don't wanna be it, I'll be it, but be sure to decided fast because I run really fast." She grinned widely, and leaned forward slightly, ready for him to say if he wanted to be it or not.
  6. He was more than pleased when Reanna found a group of kids to play with them. Ian quickly was rejoined with them and asked him if he wanted to be "it". But in turn he would have to make the right choice because she was fast. A grin escaped across his lips and he nodded eagerly.

    "I bet I can run faster than you! So I'll be it!" he said.

    As the game started he ran after all the little children willing to play this game with them. He had tagged some of the other children but they had tagged him back. There was only one person he had not caught yet. It was the little girl. He turned on his heel and with delightful laughs started to chase her. Once he finally got close to her he felt a huge tug on the back of his shirt, pulling him to a stop. Turning he saw the woman holding his shirt firmly.

    "Ian! We are going NOW! You are dirty and are running around like a wild child! LET'S GO!"

    She roughly grabbed his wrist and tugged him towards the car. Turning his head he looked an Reanna sadly, waving as he was stuffed inside the car. After this day Ian returned to the park for the next few months, looking for her to play with, sometimes finding her and sometimes not...then eventully never again. He had no choice but to give up...the boy had no idea when he would see her again...or at all for that matter.
  7. As she was running around playing with the boy, she made sure not to let her guard down around him and would dodge whenever the boy even came close to her, yet she had not been expecting their game to end so quickly. She frowned a bit when Ian's mom pulled him into her car and drove off. Reanna turned to her mother and looked at her sadly, she was no longer in the mood to play silly games... "Mommy? Can we go home?" The woman frowned and scooped her daughter up, walking her home.

    Once they got to their home, Reanna went straight up into her room, closing her eyes as she laid in her bed. While she laid there and thought to herself, she heard them fighting. Her parents, her daddy was leaving again. He always did this... She sighed... After a few days of going to the park and catching the sight of Ian she would giggle and play with him until they both left... But one day it was different...

    She was sitting at the kitchen table in her home, eating freshly made pancakes that her mother had made. She was grinning like a wild animal as she ate them. Ripping them in half and chewing the substances in her mouth when she heard the front door of their rather large house slamming and making her jump, her fork that was caked with syrup dropped to the floor with a semiloud clang. Reanna looked over her shoulder and saw what was happening, her father was rushing towards her and she couldn't move. She was in a state of shock, yet at the same time she knew if she did move she wouldn't be fast enough to get away from him.

    "You! Get away from her you nasty son of a bitch!" Her mother came flying out of a hiding spot with a knife in her hands, but the way her father moved made Reanna feel unsafe. She had to get away from where she was, she just knew she had to. But when she tore her gaze from the ugly scene she got to stand up, and then peak a quick glance towards her mother and father, and what she saw, put her in a state of shock. There was blood everywhere, and not only blood and her mother laid on the floor with her limps limp and her head cocked to one side, and then... a knife protruding from her chest.

    That sight made Reanna fall to her knees and shake her head as if she could get the image away, and then sirens of a police car sounded and her father cursed under his breath and ran. She would never be the same, she realized as she just let her head drop in defeat. Hours had past as the police men took her into custody. They would ask her questions but she never answered them, she just looked at them with a sad face on her head. Fathomless eyes and just a plain look of defeat.

    The men working at the police station felt awful for her but they said nothing, soon getting the information they needed, they sent her out of state, practically across the country and to a foster home. The people were nice to Reanna, but only because they knew what she had been through, she looked at the kids, and suddenly she remembered Ian, and tears brimmed at her eyes. Her only friend... She would never see him again. She ran to the room they gave her and jumped on the bed crying her eyes out.

    A handful of years later, Reanna was in college and squealing as her boyfriend at the time wa skissing her neck and tickling her all at the same time. "Stop! Daniel! Oh my god!" He laughed and hugged her, "I'll see ya later, ya?" Reanna nodded and jogged to her home, throwing her bag on the floor, and running into the kitchen to fix herself something to eat. But when she got there she looked to her foster mother who looked dead. "M-Mother?" The woman looked to Reanna and started crying. "Go! He's coming for you! Get out of hereeee!!!" She screamed and the way she screamed scared Reanna into only grabbing her bag and running out of the house...

    Couples hours later, she found herself at the park that she met her first friend... Ian. "I wonder where you are, Ian..." She whispered and looked down a bit.
  8. Since the time his mother had dragged him home from the park that one day, his life had gone down hill. Down hill was auctually a understatement. It was more like a drop off a cliff without warning. The boy a year from that day, discovered the troubles of family contention. He, one day, like usual had walked himself to and from school in the stuffy, stiff clothing he didn't have any choice but to wear. His mother was home from work...and it was odd. Not in the her being home, but how early it was. Sometimes she didn't stumble in though the door after eleven. Even then it was clear that there was liquor on her breath. His mother as of late, had been acting strange and staying out later and later. Leaving his good natured father at home. The funny thing was how different they were. His father was a warm, loving figure. The father who was there to provide to his family and there to support his only son. He was at every base ball game...sporting event. Anything that Ian needed him for he would try and find someway to make it happen. But his mother treated him like garbage. So When she came home with another guy at her side...it didn't suprise him at all.

    He looked like a Lawyer from his mother's firm. And soon he found out that he was just as mean. When his father returned there was a shouting match. It was the only time in his life he had heard his father yell. But it wasn't angry words like his mothers...it was sadness. Tears dripping down his face as he packed up his things. The blonde haired child from that day on out hated his mother...so much. After he had left, he wasn't allowed to go visit or even call his father for that matter. Not even on the Holidays where having family around meant everything. As the years passed his mother passed herself amungst he co-workers. A new man in his house claiming that he was going to be his father. Ian agreed genetics did not nessarily mean "father" but in his case it did. By the time he was seventeen he had not seen his father in over seven years...let alone where he was. So to avoid being around the house he went out a lot.

    Most of his time was spent out amungst girls, flirting and keeping his mind anywhere but the constant contention at his house. But often times, as he was out amungst the women his mind was only on one girl. Reanna...the friend from his childhood whom he missed so much. These days he couldn't say that he had friends...she was only one she could remember. It had been so long...and he had never found out where she had gone. He hoped that she was okay despite not having any hope of reuniting with her. Nothing too spectacular had happened in his life until he met another woman. Her name was Maggie. She was very pretty, having long brown hair and clear blue eyes. Maggie had always kept him company when he didn't have anyone else. Sooner than expected, several years after her meeting he decided that there wasn't going to be anyone who accepted him like she did. So He asked her to marry him. Without the funds of his mother. when he and Maggie were nineteen years old. he moved out and into a small condo on the top floor of the apartment building near the park where he had for the first time met Reanna.

    Not having to work he decided to walk through the park, just for old memories sake. Everything came rushing back to him and a slight warm smile came across his lips. Everything was as he left it. Brushing his shaggy blonde hair from his face, he looked around at the people at the park with his brillant green eyes. Suddenly his eyes widend as he locked his gaze onto one woman...there was something about her that seemed so familiar. But he couldn't place it so he closed the gap that was parting his lips. Shaking his head he moved on, continuing walking. There wasn't much time now before Maggie would be home from work. He needed to be there to greet her...her being the only bright point in his life besides the memory of his old friend. Reanna...
  9. Reanna was tired of waiting, she was tired of the false hope of looking at all of the men by her and calling out his name with no answer, and finally she felt a pair of eyes on her. Her eyes glanced towards the blonde male, and her heart leaped in her chest. Could it really be him!? Was he really there in the flesh walking away from her? No, Ian wouldn't do that... She narrowed her eyes but then she took a step towards him and decided it was better than nothing, she called his name out.

    "Ian!" She had a strong feeling that it was him and was not going to lose this chance for talking with him. she took off in a run since he wasn't that far from her, and realized she still had her speed, she grinned and kicked off harder on the ground and rounded Ian, stopping right in front of him. She placed her hands on her hips and smiled widely. "Ian, please, if you are Ian, and... And you know a girl name Reanna. Stop and talk to me!" She was almost shouting as her eyes stared pleadingly into his, her heart soaring in her chest. She needed this to be him, she needed it!
  10. As he was walking away he heard a voice call out his name...a voice he recognized. His pace picked up a bit as he got closer to the street. But he heard foot falls behind him getting faster and faster. Memories of that brief tag game flashed though his head. Shaking them off he snapped back to attention. When he did he looked back up from the concrete sidewalk he had to suddenly stopin his tracks. Standing in front of him was the woman that he had noticed not too long ago. The more he looked at her, the more he saw the little girl in who had grown significantly. Grown into a woman who was now breathe taking. Her hair was still the natural dark he remembered...her eyes just as piercing.

    He listened as she spoke, keeping his eyes locked with hers. She was pleading with him to stop and talk to her if his name was Ian...and if he knew a girl named Reanna. The blonde man bit his lip and sighed. Things were reletivly normal for the past few months since he had moved out and been on his own with Maggie. Though he had missed Reanna he didn't know if he wanted that back...knowing Maggie would be susupicious of him if he started spending more and more time with another woman. But he couldn't help it...the girl looking like she needed him to say something. Like it was essential to her well being. Unaware a charming smile was slipping across his lips he looked to her.

    "Reanna...Yeah...I know that name. It has been over twelve years...almost fourteen to be exact though. She ran off on me when I was about five years old. My only friend in the world. But yeah...My name is Ian...Ian McKay....Is that you Reanna...?"
  11. As soon as she heard his voice, Reanna's heart throbbed in her chest. It really was him... It was her childhood friend... The one she got ripped away from when she was younger because of her mother's death and her father's threatening to kill her... The one she had thought was dead for so many odd years. Closing her eyes, she took a step back, and a shadow grew over her pretty face.

    "Well, Ian, I've missed you, yes it's me. Reanna. I've missed you so much..." She whimpered softly, and clenched onto her own sides, before she turned her body around and spoke under her breath. "I can't lead him to you, it was nice seeing you, maybe... just... maybe we will meet again..." She closed her eyes. He had a new life now she didn't want to interferr. But before she went she looked over her shoulder at him and smiled softly. "I'm still faster than you, wanna see?" Before he could say anything, she took off, and was out of his sight before he knew it.
  12. Ian couldn't believe his eyes. This must have to be a dream...he must have been still asleep in Bed with his wife to be. This girl in front of him claimed to be his friend from so many years ago. When he had asked her if it really was her this wasn't the reaction he expected. He just assumed that this woman knew Reanna. But it had to be her...didn't it? He snapped back to attention to hear her say that she had really missed him but she could not lead him to the two of them standing here. He blinked, confused at the statement. Who was..."him"? It really didn't make much sense but he could see she looked really tense. She turned away saying it was nice to see him again, that perhaps one day they would meet again. But...she was standing right here after fourteen years apart. Ian wanted to talk to her here and now...catch up with her but before he could say anything she smiled softly at him.

    Looking over her shoulder with those beautiful eyes of hers. She stated that she could still run faster than him and asked if he wanted to see. But he didn't have time to shake his head before she took off and ran out of sight. After a moment's hesitation he took off after her, running in her general direction. If she was anything like what she was as a child...he could probably guess where she was going or what direction she disappeared into. The blonde haired man didn't want her to disappear like this. It wasn't fair...but then again when had life ever been fair to him? It only granted him one good thing, once every great while. As he stopped in his tracks, in a mostly empty street he looked around, catching his breathe after calling out to her.

    "Reanna? Reanna! I get the point...your still faster than me even though I ran track in High School! Come back would you? It's been so long!"
  13. For some odd reason, Reanna had a feeling it wouldn’t be as easy as she thought to get rid of him when she came back after fourteen years of being apart. She stopped running and leaned her head against a tree then she turned on her heels and walked out so Ian could see her. A sad look on her face. She spoke very gently. “I know you’ve missed me, and I’ve missed you but you have a life, hell you probably even got a…” She paused as a sound was heard. But then she realized it was her phone, she took it out and narrowed her eyes. “What?” The voice on the other end was shouting and she growled under her breath. “He was coming to get me, here he won’t find me, and I’m not alone I ran into a friend.” Some more yelling, she nodded and hung up, and replaced her phone. “Tell me about your life Ian…” She sighed, it was hard being in front of the guy who she even called his name out while she was with her boyfriend intimately. Her cheeks flushed only slightly, she had missed him so very much.
  14. Ian was confused. He didn't, at this point, have a clue why she was running from him. It had been fourteen years... yet instead of sticking around for a conversation and perhaps some Coffee, she ran off from him like he was dangerous or something. A frown came across his lips as he didn't see her reappear in his vision.Then all of a sudden she stepped out from behind a tree. His heart skipped in surprise as he quickly turned towards her. There was an apperent sad look on her pretty face, when she spoke it was gentle and some how soothing though her words were not exactly so. She said that she knew he had missed her and that she had missed him as well but he had a life to live and probably even...even a what? Reanna was then cut off by her cellphone ringing. She briefly argued over the phone with someone...and that someone by the sound of her voice was her significant other. Ian's heart pounded against his chest briefly but fervently in jealousy. Of course someone like her would have a boyfriend...she was a beautiful girl. It made perfect sense. Ian shook the feeling off and tried to keep a steady head. He walked over to her as she told him to tell her about his life. Stopping a yard and a half away from her he looked at her.

    "I will Reanna but quit running okay? My life since the last day I saw you has been a living nightmare. My mother and father divorced only because she wanted to. Found out the whole time she was with some other lawyer guy. I've found out that the people who deserve the least amount of garbage in their lives will get the most. But there is one thing..." he said, a slight smile coming to his lips. "The only person who has been there for me thorough thick and thin agreed to Marry me...We are supposed to be getting married in the spring but we are not going to have the money then. Her name is Maggie...I would tell you more but you seem to be in an aweful hurry to get away from here...me...but what about you? What was the past fourteen years like for you? Must be okay...that conversation on the phone is definitly a lovers quarrel..." he said, half teasingly, smiling for her.
  15. The last thing Reanna wanted Ian to think was that she was running away from him! She bit her lip and looked down a bit. A soft sigh parting from her lips. "I'm so sorry to hear that Ian... I... I wouldn't have left I swear... I had no choice in the manner..." She clenched her eyes shut, but her heart leaped painfully in her chest when he spoke about a fiancee. "Y-you're getting married?" She sighed and nodded her head slowly, almost shaking as she dug her fingers into her hips to keep from crying her jealousy out, and she managed it. When he asked about how her life was going, she decided the straight truth. "The reason I left was because my father murdered my mother in front of me so I was sent off to a foster home since I wouldn't talk to the cops and such..." Reanna took a deep breath and continued her story.

    "but anyways I left, and started my life with my foster mother... A lot has happened with her, I just hope she is alright. The guy on the phone? Yeah he's my... boyfriend for now..." She closed her eyes, trying not to think of what it would be like to break up with him because she had to lose all ties. "It's not really working with him, but the only reason I'm here is because he came to where I was living, and I'm trying to leave you because I don't want him to find out that you're my friend and using you against me..." Reanna reopened her eyes and looked up at Ian just to see what his expression would be.
  16. He listened as a sigh escaped her pretty lips. She told him how sorry she was for everything that had happened to him and that she didn't want to leave. But the choice wasn't hers to make when it came to her situation. Then he watched and she squeezed her eyes shut...some emotion crossing her expression. It looked similar to the emotion of jealousy he would have expressed had it not been for the restraint. Reanna, at the time, asked if he was getting married, as if she didn't hear him the first time. He nodded at the same time she did, her hands tightening around her own hips as he spoke.

    "Yeah...Probably this coming fall if everything works as planned...Maggie was there...after you left...she gave me refuge from my mother's endless string of men and the pain that I wasn't able to even see my real father...It wasn't a love at first sight thing but yes...once our relationship...developed...I asked her to Marry me...I just can't stand being alone....I hate it..."

    But she went on after than...telling him why she had to move away. It was horrific. He wished she wouldn't have had to see that, As much as he lated his mother he wouldn't want watch her be murdered. Especially not by his soft hearted father. It didn't even seem possible that he was capable of hurting someone like that. But Reanna continued on about how that was her boyfriend but that it wasn't working out. Finally the woman revealed to him that she didn't want her father figuring out that he was involved with her father somehow. As she looked up and met his gaze again he just met it silently. After a few moments he looked at her with an honest expression, saying that whatever he told her next...he really meant.

    "So what if he finds me...? Or Finds out about him? I undersand he is dangeous but what message are you giving him by running away like this...? He is just going to keep following and hurting people...make a stand and it isn't like I would abandon my friend...and as for your boyfriend...he will be missing out on a lot...seems like you have a lot to offer...wish I knew more to say better...?" he said as if asking a question. "How about this...whenever you are ready Reanna..." he said, flashing her a charming smile. "You call me...text me...? Can't possibly catch up on fourteen years in one night..."

    He reached inside his coat pocket and pullout out a paper with his number on it, handing it to her.

    "Don't...please don't forget...to give me a call or something...at least to let me know my dear friend is still alive..."

  17. Watching him nod his head, Reanna bit her lower lip, and sighed. She should have known, he would be engaged... No duh! Her lips quirked into a slight smile as she looked at Ian with her soft gaze. She took a step forward, and held her arms open, but then changed her mind and reached out grabbing his upper arm, she pulled him forward, and embraced him tightly. Whispering into his ear gently.

    "I'm glad you have Maggie... You deserve so much that you weren't given..." A soft smile appearing on her lips when she pulled herself away from him. Her eyes only half closed and then she whispered lightly. "And I'm sure she's one heck of a girl. Otherwise you wouldn't give her a chance in the day..." She laughe very soft, half heartedly almost. "Maybe one day when this is all over and when you are married to Maggie, we could all hang out, maybe by then I'll be with someone who can make me happy..." Reanna was now smiling to herself.

    Once he spoke about what she said about her dad, she grimaced slightly and looked away. "If he doesn't find out I know you, he won't hurt you... I..." She took a deep breath, hoping her foster mother was alright, and what she would do if she wasn't... What if he had killed her? What would she do then? Would she be able to stand it? Would she be able to stay sane? When she thought of going insane she remember the day she met another kid named Ian and she was crying that night so hard, she had missed Ian more than anything else in the world, but she would go on missing him because she would refuse to put him in danger...

    Reanna looked at him when he gave her his number on a paper, she pocketed the paper and smiled softly. Once again she pulled him into a tight embrace and closed her eyes tightly, tears struck her eyes and then she pulled away to wipe at her eyes before the tears could spill over. "Please, stay happy. No matter what... And if you ever need me..." she handed him a paper with her number on it. "No matter what... I'll come no matter what time of day it is, I promise you this..." As she spoke she was slowly walking away from him, backwards, to take in his expression.
  18. For some bizarre reason it hurt him a bit to see her bite her lip and look disappointed as he told her about his engagment. But her look of disappointment turned into that of a soft, slight smile. It didn't look genuine, which hurt him more. For the first time he felt guilt, however slight, for being engaged. She then took a step forwards and held her arms out. He was about to match her actions and hug her back but she had changed her mind and reached out. Reanna grabbed his arm, catching him off gaurd and pulled him close to her. She wrapped her arms tightly around him and whispering to him that she was glad he had Maggie. That he deserved so much more than he had recived in his life. With that Reanna pulled away and looked at him with that same soft smile that he didn't believe. When she pulled away her voice stayed the same tone, him barely being able to her as she continued. Going on he heard her say that Maggie must have been an amazing person, and one day after they were married perhaps her, a new boyfriend, and Him and Maggie could all hang out togeather.

    By this time Reanna was smiling to herself. But his comments about her father made her grimnce and look away from him. When she told him what she did...he didn't want to beleive it. To hear it. He knew that with that comment from her to the wind...so would she. If he didn't do something to make her stay she would leave him behind...yet again. So he gave her his number and offered to buy her some drinks or coffee. The woman tucked the paper into her pocket and pulled him into another tight hug. This time he hugged her back, but she pulled away to wipe tears from her eyes. The hurt in his heart intensified. Why was this hurting him so much? After more words she handed him her number telling him to call anytime. That she promised she would always come running. He frowned at her in disapproval, also tucking the number into his pants pocket.

    "Reanna...please don't do this. Come on..."

    Then all of a sudden he heard his phone ring, speaking as he awnsered it.

    "Stay for just a minute...please...." he said to her. He put the phone to his ear. "Maggie...?" There was a pause before he continued. "Y-Yeah...the apartment got kind of stuffy...needed some fresh air so I went to the park near home...." After another long pause he said: "Okay, I will see you soon then...Be safe, I love you."

    With that he hung up and tucked the phone back in his pocket. Looking to her, there was desparation in his voice and eyes.

    "Please...don't go far. Don't leave me here again and disappear. I've got to go pick up Maggie for dinner, just promise me okay?"

    After she spoke he turned on his heel, regret on his expression, he went back to the apartments to get the car.
  19. Reanna watched him pocket her number and looked down a bit, she pulled her phone out at a noise and checked to see who was calling her. Seeing who she grumbled softly and then turned her head to look at Ian. "I-Ian..." She whispered before she looked away and nodded her head. "This is for the best, I'm sorry, goodbye..." She whispered a second before he turned to leave. She turned around and looked down to the ground, she began to tighten her grip on her phone, she hadn't expected to seeing Ian to be so damn hard. Shaking her head, she continued to walk forward, and noticed her old house, her eyes narrowed and she looked down a bit... She then whispered to herself. "I guess this is what I deserve... I'm sorry for leaving you Ian..." Since she had no other place to go she snuck into her old house that had been abandoned for years and sank into her old bed, clenching her eyes tightly to force the tears to stay in her eyes. Why was this hurting so bad?! It wasn't like she loved him! Reanna didn't love anyone and that was the cold hard truth!
  20. He finally made it back to the apartment and grabbed the keys to the car. At the time being they only had one car at the time being since they were both only working full time jobs. On top of other expenses they had they were trying to save for the wedding. The aim was to be married by the spring but it was quickly approaching and they had not nearly the funds they needed to put on a decent wedding. Ian wasn't going to give her anything less. Maggie deserved more but that wasn't going to be possible if they wanted to be married anytime soon. The man climbed into the car and started it, driving into the streets towards her work. She worked about twenty minutes away from here as a Nursing Assistant in a Nursing home. The woman loved it and he was only too glad to take her back and forth to the job she had found. Besides getting away from his mother and her lovers...her job was the reason they moved out here. Once he had arrived she was waiting outside and looked around for the car. Once she spotted it she ran over to the car, still dressed in her Scrubs from work. Finally she got into the car and he looked over at her. The woman was a about six inches shorter than he was and had smooth, peachy healthy skin. With long waves of reddish brown hair and chocolate Brown eyes, she was a beautiful woman. Always had been and every year she just got more and more beautiful. Ian smiled at her before leaning over and caressing her cheek. With that she leaned in and kissed him deeply before pulling away after a few moments. She smiled at him with her lovely smile. Reanna flashed though his mind again before he shook it out. No...He was with Maggie right now. He didn't need to be concerned with what his old friend was doing or where so she was. Luckily she didn't see his mind wander...the brown eyed beauty just looked back to the road and spoke.

    "Sorry I had to work longer...and I do know that apartment gets stuffy....sorry, Wish we had a home to go back to instead of a building..."

    He reached over and gently squeezed one of her hands, smiling reassuringly at her.

    "One thing at a time...lets get married first and then let's worry about that house...we have time....so...how about that Italian resturaunt on 3rd street?"

    Maggie nodded eagerly, the smile returning to her face. Turning the car back on he took off towards the resturant.