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  1. Fun little tool that lets you check out which famous writer you write like.

    I Write Like
  2. I've gotten Kurt Vonnegut, J.D. Salinger several times and Stephen King.
  3. I got Arthur C. Clarke for one wall of text I wrote, then Isaac Asimov for another. I am pleased. These are two very awesome science fiction authors. :3
  4. William Gibson. <.<
  5. H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, Mary Shelley, Ursula K. Le Guin

    Four different posts from the same RP.... I'm not sure about this, maybe multiple posts....

    Isaac Asimov....

    *gives up*
  6. I got Anne Rice and James Joyce.

  7. I got

    For different writing challenges I got

    Dan Brown x 2
    Neil Gaiman
    Mary Shelley
    J.D. Salinger

    For some roleplaying I got

    Dan Brown x4 - All from the same roleplay.
    David Foster Wallace - A new RP I have just joined.

    I took a few random longer posts I made on the forums to see who I write like on average.

    Cory Doctorow
    David Foster Wallace

    Lastly for a cooperative writing I am doing with a friend I got this

    Ray Bradbury
    Stephen King
    James Fenimore Cooper

    I haven't heard of or read a lot of these authors so I don't know how that ranks. I am happy with my diversity when doing writing challenges and I am happy that I am staying consistent in a roleplay. I am definitely going to use this again when I have written in more roleplays on Iwaku. Though I am curious as to how to determines who you write like. This is a really cool find Zen.
  8. Hey I'm fine with mine- he's basically the person who created Cyberpunk and whatnot...
  9. I got Stephen King and David Foster Wallace. Same rp two separate posts.
  10. Not surprised by Oct's results in the slightest.
  11. I got Cory Doctorow and J. R. R. Tolkien, two posts from the same roleplay. Granted, the post for Tolkien was about elves, and the post for Doctorow went into some backstory detail in the middle of the post, so I'm not entirely surprised, but it's cool.
  12. From my Twin Moons story, I got Edgar Allan Poe, which is strange, because I have barely read from him.

    For my individual chapters, Chapter One and Two were Edgar Allan Poe, but Chapter Three got Dan Brown and what little there is from Chapter Four got Arthur Clarke. Dan Brown made another appearance when I tested Synthea's History section.

    One of my challenge responses is written in the style of Douglas Adams, which is odd, because it is intended to be rather serious. Similarly, a rather large RP post also seems to be a dead ringer for Douglas Adams despite its appearent seriousness.

    Another challenge response, though, which was intended to be humorous, was written in the style of Isaac Asimov.

    I really have no idea how I am managing to do this. Maybe the analyser is broken?
  13. I got J.K Rowling, Arthur Clarke x3, Mary Shelley, Isaac Asimov x2 (the same rp) Rudyard Kipling, J.R.R Tolkien x2, Ursula K. Le Guin and H.P Lovecraft.

    I used some writing challange stuff and some rp's, some examples from the same rp gave two different answers though, so apparently I write kind consistently at times and others not:) But I do like my results as I have read books of half of these authors and I really like the books.
  14. I get Chuck Palahniuk and William Gibson, both of which I'll take as major compliments because both of them are awesome.
  15. William Shakespeare :D <3
  16. H.P. Lovecraft and David Foster Wallace
  17. Dan Brown - Author of the Da Vinci Code xD
  18. I got Douglas Adams three times, for three posts from the same rp. I guess that means I'm super consistent.

    edit: over and over again. I have yet to get anyone else.
  19. Douglas adams is amazing =D