I upgraded to Windows 10...

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Brovo, Aug 7, 2015.

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  1. ... And they renamed Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge. I'm not even fucking joking.


    Why. Why. This is so stupid, holy shit. :rotfl: It even fights with you when you try to set Chrome or Firefox as the default browser too.
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  2. I suppose they were trying to be... Edgy about it...
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  3. Only the edgy every try to use IE Brov. That's why they renamed it "Edge."
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. [​IMG]



    I'm in hell. Kill me.
  6. Pssh, Edge and Internet Explorer are two different browsers.

    I should know, I use both.
  7. I looked at the features and went "Yep, that's nice. *changes default browser back to ff*"

    I did however have some issues with Cortana...
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  9. I had the worst luck with 10 DX

    I saw a feature called "Wi-fi sense" where if you're friends with someone on facebook, they can simply connect to your wi-fi without actually knowing your wi-fi password. I was like "Yeeeaahhhh no" So I turn it off and shortly later my computer would not connect to the internet no matter what I did DX It was also turning off my PC oddly, like it was force shutting it down rather than simply shutting down.

    And although it boots and turns off faster, I don't think it actually runs faster. I swear it runs slowly than 7. So I reverted back to 7 which took like 3 minutes and now all is good ^^

    10 is on my super slow laptop... I guess the boot up is a bit faster but I swear it runs even slower than it did before D:
  10. ...

    And this is why I'm staying with Windows 7.
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  11. Windows 10 actually works fine on mine. It was having problems, but then a friend suggested a fix to me via the CMD prompt. Now it works wonderfully. Edge is fast for me as well.
  12. <takes off sunglasses>

  13. All that buggy bullshit is why I'm waiting until they release their first service pack to even consider switching to Windows 10. :D
    You're a monster.
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  14. Yeah, I already miss Windows 8.

    And I hated Windows 8.
  15. Windows 10 Don't care 'bout yo' privacy. Anyone who uses 10 should double check ALL settings. It shares far too much information and calls home too much. :/ I mean I used it on a VM for a little bit but it's not that impressive. I'll try it another time.
  16. Well I'm upgrading from Windows 7. So I'm going from a nice, sleek OS, to a clusterfuck of random tablet buttons.

    I've finally gotten the start bar to stop crashing by merely clicking on it. Cortana is amusing. I'll know more later when I play with it. I was just immediately amused by how horrid it was. Mainly in the settings.

    Also, because Microsoft are a bunch of cunts, your old windows 7 or 8 key doesn't work to install 10. You have to get the key they distribute to you. By digging into the OS for it. Then writing it down somewhere. Not very hard, but still irritating.

    Aside from that, it works. Mostly. Fuck Edge though. :rotfl:

    They forcibly put a spellcheck into Skype too. It's as amusing as it sounds.
  17. Honestly, windows 10 isn't even that bad. I actually really liked it. I hardly wanted to switch back to windows 7 but windows 10 broke for me (And I swear wasn't very compatible with my PC) so I was forced to revert back.

    In fact, I may revert back temperorily so I can actually watch my free copy of halo nightfall :D
  18. Now. Lets look a the unoptimized ram hijacking monster W10 is annnnnnd Nope.jpeg
  19. I still have a bunch of hardware in this PC that doesn't have a Windows 10 driver or has shit drivers, so I have to wait unless I like not being able to hear anything that's going on. D:

    Also, turning the entire fucking OS into spyware and taking away your ability to turn off Windows Update are dick moves.
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  20. That Windows Update thing is the real sticking point for me. I'm sure I'll grab a copy at some point, but I think I'll try to wait a bit longer.
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