I swear I'm not a cat

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  1. I swear, not a cat - don't listen to them.
    Glad to meet you~
    Call me Vinyl, or Creame. I'm a person, and I like to write. I also like belly rubs, and messing with people, and you, because so far you haven't given me a reason not to.
    This place seems nice....looking forward to eating every single last forum goer writing with ya all ^ - ^
  2. Hello fellow Non-Cat! *good to see another cat* What? No I didn't say anything. *Fellow cat*
  3. Hello person who is also not a cat! Welcome to the community!
  4. *takes a bow* Many greetings and I hope you have a wonderful time and many adventures here!
  5. @Thatonepossumguy: I swear I'm not a cat say it again and I'll purr. All over your face. With malice and claws and relish.

    Thank you all for the welcome! I can't wait to get writing, and to talk to all of you, and to taste all of you. ^ - ^
  6. You must be related to Diana, for her surname is Notacat. How fancy.
  7. Welcome to the site, person who is not a cat. Have fun devouring the masses hanging around the forum. :]
  8. Oh! Well, I don't think I know her, but I'm sure we'll get along just fine as long as we're both honestly not cats.
    Is this community mostly active at night? :o
  9. Hello other fellow user~~

    ...and you shall not eat me... because I shall eat you first. -Eyes you as a move is contemplated.-

    Anywho, regardless of being new myself, welcome? xD <3
  10. Please....I must know....is your character constantly compelled to eat himself?
  11. I don't believe you-- you're a ****in' cat.
  12. Hahaha. xD Perhaps if I had actually gotten to Roleplay his feral form, then that would be an interesting character trait to give him, wouldn't it? Definitely a thought.

    But considering he has a more human based appearance for the one Roleplay he is in, no, he does not. He's screwed up enough mentally though, and with fantastic screwed up genetics and being a slave / experimented on he has some interesting quirks. He is one of my brain children for sure. Has quite a bit of my own flaws in him. His design / coloring is in honor of a deceased pet, so he is very special to me. <3

    Sorry for the mini rant. xD Hope you don't mind, Vinyl. :3

    Do you have any OCs you are particularly attached to?
  13. @ Michi: [​IMG]
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  14. @Kitty: oooo, I don't mind at all, I can talk about characters for ages. Actually, I might start a huge thread for people to just post and throw around ideas and talk about OCs if it doesn't already exist.

    I have. Conversations. With the characters in my head. It's kind of a problem, I love all of them and they love me back I think. Some of them might hate me, actually.
    There's my two most recent, Lillian (Lelli) Dewpoint, my quiet victorian mystery gal. And then there's Isabelle Hide, she's - oh dear, gotta go. I'll finish dis doe.
  15. Oh my gosh I know exactly how that is!! XD Some of my characters yell at me quite often, actually... cause of all the crap I put them through. I swear I love them, I do.

    XD I think its normal for a Roleplayers to have conversations with their characters, and to feel them react strongly in their heart and mind while reading a response. Or maybe just people like us. -Shifty eyes.-

    <3 I look forward to hearing more about them~ I actually have to go now myself. xD
  16. Seeya then. I'll just sit here and look for rps with my human fingers.
  17. Any luck at finding any new RPs thus far? :3
  18. Yeah, it's one about demons...which I'm actually kind of surprised about...I usually hate demon roleplays with intense passion.
  19. Really? I tend to be fine with them, depending on plot. xD I'm pretty open as long as it has a plot I like, haha.
  20. Oops I was tagged in this.
    But I may be the only cat on this website.