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  1. Five years ago, during the annual Festival of Peace, one girl fell in love with another. They were both princesses, each one from a different kingdom that had been enemies for centuries. These two met by chance. They both wandered off from their parents and found each other in a small garden. There they talked with each other, got to know one another a bit, and as you know already one of them fell in love with the other.

    Now here in present time the love struck princess hopes to see the love of her life again at the next Festival of Peace. The two girls are eighteen years of age. During the other festivals they met at the same place. She was just excited to see her again after another year of waiting.

    Joline hummed a little tune as she waited in her room for the Festival of Peace to start, and see her friend again. She was all dressed up like she was supposed to be, yet the clothes weren't all that fancy. Just a nice white dress that she needed to be careful with to not get dirty. All she could do was wait until they arrived, then run off with her friend to their secret garden and chat, then go around the festival to have fun during the rest of her stay here.​
  2. Eris looked in to the mirror as the maids dressed her up, they braided her hair and decorated the braiding with a couple of flowers. I feel like a painting. She thought to herself, they always overdid things when she were going somewhere. A light blue dress that matched her eyes got carefully carried in to the room. You won’t wretch it just because you throw it over your shoulder and carries it like a normal person.

    This was the first time in a long time she actually would enjoy her time outside, instead of going with some potential fiancé that her father hade chosen she would actually go alone for once. Or not really alone, she were going to meet the only one that had been able to steal her heart. Even though it was an impossible love, even though her parents told her that she were insane for thinking that it would ever work.

    “What about children? You can’t have a relationship with someone you can’t have kids with. You aren’t to see that woman again.”

    She remembered her fathers words clearly, she should never have told him about it. Why hadn’t she understood that he wouldn’t accept it? But just for one night, she just wanted to stay with her beloved for one night, if that was all she could get then she would take that. If she somehow could get a bit more time, then she would do anything to get that time.
  3. Joline paced around her room, starting to get a bit impatient. One of her servants knew about her meeting up with the other princess behind their parents' backs, and he was standing in the room with her.

    "There is only an hour before they are to be here, m'lady. Their horses need to rest, you know. It's not like they could run forever without taking a break." The servant told the impatient princess.

    "But Theo I'm bored. All my father and mother have me do all year is study. Study History, Languages, Science, et cetera." Joline complained a little to her servant. "When ever Eris comes for the festival I finally get to have some fun for a change. Plus lately my parents have been sending me around town with a potential fiancee. All of them are arrogant and stuck up guys who think they are Gods when it comes to everything they do." She sighed and sat back down on her bed.

    "Well you are this land's Princess. One day you will get married and be a Queen for another kingdom and raise your own family. That's how it's been for centuries." Theo tried explaining to her.

    Joline sighed again and laid down on her bed, taking a pillow and hugging it close to her chest. "You're just a closed mind boy... Not open to new things.." She muttered.
  4. Eris had already planned the whole evening, she would mingle a little with some people her father knew so she had some people that could say that she had been there. Then she would go in to the woods where she would meet one of her servants whom would give her man clothes that she would change in to. After that she would seek up Joline.

    They would never be able to be together as two women, but if one of them became a man then maybe it would work. But if someone would get to know about it then they were all screwed. She didn't know how long she would be able to pretend being a guy, but at least she could hang around Joline for a while that way. But she had to stop before anyone realized that it was her.

    If she hadn't been so guyish already then she hadn't dared to go threw with the idea. She had always liked things only guys should like. She hunted with her brothers even though her parents were against it, she trained with swords and other things. During the festival she would prove that she were as strong as other guys by competing in the sword competition, even though she would be the only one knowing that she really were a girl.

    "It's time." One of the servants said as he knocked on her door.
    "I'm coming." She told him and heard the footsteps of him walking away. Hopefully this night would go as planned or else it could end bad for both herself and Joline. She didn't want to burden her but this was something she had to do for both of them.

    Finally she were on her way to the festival.
  5. Joline was required to wait in her room for the entire hour, then finally another servant came to escort her to where they would meet up with the other royal family when they arrived. She would only get to see Eris for a few minutes, maybe say hello, then they would need to go their separate ways for a while until she could break away from her mom and dad while they were distracted.

    Her and her family went to the front gates to await the other King, Queen, and Princess. Joline stood by her father who was on a horse, and her mother was sitting down in a carriage with no cover. Her older brother was on a horse next to their father as well.

    "Joline, come sit with me dear." Her mother called, and she had to obey if she wanted some free will later on. Joline walked over to the carriage, a few servants helping her up to sit next to her mother. She was still impatient about getting away from her overprotective family and be with Eris again.
  6. Eris didn't really have any plans to stay with her parents for long, as fast as she got the sign from her servant then she could make an excuse and get away. As she sat in the carriage she didn't really care to keep her manner as she usually did in the castle or around other people. Instantly when she got away from peoples judging eyes she started to act more rude and her posture became sloppy.

    "Please, sit straight Eris" Her mother told her but she didn't really listen. She were too much in her own world to hear her mothers words. Starring out on the road she thought about meeting Joline again, it was so long ago, soon she could meet her again.

    Eris were first out of the carriage as they arrived but she returned to the proper posture as fast as her first foot were outside the carriage. As she got a sight of Joline she had to try hard not to be like a little girl and run forward to hug her, maybe her eagerness shined threw a little because she walked a bit faster than she should have. Just as she were about to bow down to Joline and her family she remembered that it wouldn't be proper for a girl to do such a manly gesture. In the last second she changed her bow to a curtsy.

    "It's nice to meet you again." She said with respect in her voice, hiding all kind of personal emotions. She knew what her parents would do if they thought that she still had hoped for her and Joline.
  7. Her heart lept as she saw Eris from a distance, then come closer to them. Every time she saw Eris she would instantly become happy and care about nothing else. Joline had no idea why she got this way when she saw her, but she did. All she could do was bow her head while she say in the carriage, not allowed to get out yet.

    Their parents exchanged greetings, then they were all escorted to the grand hall, all the while Joline was looking for her ticket to escape and be with Eris.
  8. The atmosphere were a bit tense, she and Joline couldn't really talk with each other when their parents were there. Eris looked many times towards the forest that started a bit away to see if her servant had come yet. She wasn't certain if she should actually talk to Joline before going away or if she would just talk to her after she had changed clothes. Should she tell Joline about what she were going to do? Maybe it would be better to try making her like her better as a guy, then she maybe would actually come to like a guy better when she were gone. After all, she couldn't pretend to be a guy forever and she couldn't get married to Joline as a girl.

    As they were escorted to the grand hall Eris were able to see her servants signal just before they came out of sight.
    "Excuse me for a moment." She said and walked out again, her father tried to stop her but her brother put a calming hand on his fathers shoulder and told him that she would probably be back in a moment. Well she would be back but they wouldn't see her, or at least they wouldn't know that they saw her. Her brother knew exactly what she were up too and he had no problem with it, he had even introduced the only servant he trusted to Eris, the only one he knew wouldn't go and tell their parents about what was happening. He would give her an alibi for the whole evening, he could tell their parents that he had seen her here and there the whole evening.

    She hurried to the forest and met with the servant whom handed her the clothes, as she dressed up she looked at her long blond hair. If she had a wig on then she exposed herself for a high risk, it could easily fall off during the tournament. That's why she decided to cut of her hair, as the princess she wouldn't be exposed for the same risk of the wig falling off, and when her hair had grown out to the shoulders then she could take it off and pretend she had to cut it because it got stuck in a bush.

    "Are you certain you want to cut it off? I have a wig if you want to use it instead." The servant proposed but she didn't hesitate for a second.
    "Cut it off." She said coldly and then watched her hair fall off.

    It took her thirty minutes to get her costume become perfect, she still had a bit girly shapes but only so she looked like a bit feminine guy. Luckily she already had a masculine personality so that would probably make up for it. The servant had kept telling her that she had to remember to walk like a guy because that was something she probably would have hardest to remember because she walks all the time.If she moves like a girl then they will most likely figure it out.

    (Now she has Norways hairstyle )

    Finally she could leave the dark forest and get to the others again, hopefully her parents wouldn't recognizer her. Her coat were in a bit darker blue than her dress had been, and it had the same sort of gold decorations as the dress had. It wouldn't make her family look at it, it was a pretty normal style of cloths for the higher society.

    When she came to where all the people were she fast noticed Joline, she weren't certain if she should approach her directly or if she should wait but she really didn't want to wait any longer. Eris went towards Joline but without showing that she actually were heading towards her, it was more like she walked aimlessly and it happened to be in Jolines direction. Then she made an act of seeing Joline, as if she hadn't seen her before. She gave off a small smirk, one that showed interest. Something she had learned from her brother, she hadn't ever done it before because she always had to act like a girl but now she could actually act as herself.

    She walked up towards Joline. "Good evening my lady" she said with soft voice as she bowed down. "I'm sorry for being so forward but you shine more brightly than the moon, I'm surprised that you aren't out there and dances a waltz with your husband yet. A beauty like you shouldn't be alone like this, someone could think that you are here alone. Men are horrible animals, they will devour you if you aren't careful." She knew exactly how to change her voice properly, maybe Joline would recognize her but it would be a miracle if she were able to tell who the stranger that approach her actually were.
  9. Joline kept glancing back at Eris, wanting to just slip away with her right now but she couldn't get away from her parents right now. They seemed to be paying a bit more attention to her than usual today. She whimpered a bit to herself, although it was so quiet no one really heard it. With a small sigh she followed her mother, who seemed intent on something. She looked back just in time to see Eris slip away with no big problems, and she wanted nothing more than to be able to follow her.

    While she was gone her mother and father started to introduce her to more eligible men to be her future husband. All of them had that same cocky air about them and always would be a benefit to her parents in the future. Of course they wouldn't think of her own happiness. It was always about the kingdom and to become more powerful. Joline just smiled weakly and went along with everything, danced with all of the men that her parents forced on her, but all that was on her mind was Eris. She convinced herself that she wasn't interested in finding a husband and was just interested in having fun with her friends. Her parents have beat it into her for so long that the only right relationship was with a man and a woman, so she never thought about her feelings for Eris to be more than just them being really good friends.

    When it seemed like her parents wouldn't give up, the men stopped coming and she had a break. She sighed in relief and stood around, scanning the room for Eris. She didn't notice someone was coming towards her until they spoke. The voice sounded familiar yet there was a bit of a difference in it that made her shrug it off mentally. Joline looked at this stranger, blushing slightly from the compliments she was receiving from him. She had received many compliments tonight but something about this new boy made her actually blush and enjoy them. Then she noticed his eyes, how familiar they looked. Her heart stopped her from thinking any further on it. Something told her that if she did she would only want to push him away, yet she didn't want to do that.

    "You're right about men being horrible animals." She said as she looked into this stranger's eyes. "But how am I to know that you are not one of them and just wish to devour me yourself?" Joline asked, her gazed never leaving this "boy's" face.
  10. Eris hadn't expected any less from her beloved, she gently smiled and made a small nod with his head. "Trust me, I am just like everyone else. I long for you in the exact same way as they do, the only different is that I would never lie about it and I would never do anything towards a lady before she told me that she wanted me to. In different to the most men I have learned the mystic art of self-control." Eris made a small chuckle at the joke before she turned her head when some of the tournament participants had started to train a bit away from the other guests. Probably to show the ladies how strong they were before the tournament would begin.

    "Isn't it a bit funny? That they have a tournament where the participants are having sword fights on a festival for peace. Shouldn't that go against everything this festival is about?" She turned back her focus towards Joline again, to lie like this in front of her beloved was heart breaking but they couldn't be together. This was the only thing she could do so that Joline would forget about Eris.
  11. Joline glanced at the men and sighed, looking back at Eris. "Yes, it is indeed ironic. Although this tournament is not just to show strength of the contestants. The prize is my hand in marriage." She said softly, and looked into this stranger's eyes again. "Are you a participant? If so I'm curious at how you did not know this." She said, and waited for an answer. Joline was so curious about why this person looked so familiar, and she was also wondering where Eris was. A part of her said not to worry and just stay here with this gentleman.
  12. Eris felt how the anger bubbled up inside her, no one had told her that the price were Joline's hand in marriage. But she kept calm on the outside, just another reason why she should win this tournament. "Yes I am going to participate, and I didn't know about the prize. I have never cared for the prizes and always let them be a surprise. But I hope I win this prize so that you won't have to get married to a stranger, if I don't accept the prize then they don't have a choice but not to marry you away." She said warmly and smiled towards Joline.

    "Now I remember that I haven't told you my name. I am Eri.." She had to cough a bit when she noticed that she almost told Joline her own name. "Sorry about that. My name is Eric." She said after she had pretended to finish coughing. "What might your beautiful name be?"
  13. Joline sensed a bit of anger coming from him after she mentioned the prize of the contest. Why was that? She wondered a little to herself, but again she didn't let herself think too much on this. He must just have some feelings for her or is angry about these beasts competing to have a girl for a prize. Joline relaxed a little when she saw that warm smile directed to her.

    Her heart lifted a bit when it sounded like he was going to say Eris, but instead he said Eric. He was so similar to her friend Eris that she wanted to think it was her, but again she stopped herself from thinking about it, afraid that it would start to make sense and ruin this for her. "My name is Joline." She smiled softly at him.
  14. It didn't seem like she had given herself away because she had almost told Joline her own name. She were happy that she had remembered to ask for her name at least or else she would probably happen to say her name and Joline would have realized that she had never told him her name.

    "Joline, what a beautiful name." Eris complimented her. "Maybe we should start moving towards the competition, I don't want to be late and disqualified." She said gently.
  15. Joline gave her a soft smile and a slight nod. "I wouldn't want that to happen." She said and was ready to follow. "I'm sure my parents would not mind if I went a tad bit early. I am this... competition's prize after all." She said and looked at Eris, secretly hoping this stranger would win and save her from all the other pigs that were competing.
  16. Eris, or Eric as her name now was, something she shouldn't forget, gently took Joline's hand and gave her a soft smile. "It's such a disgrace to see a lady such as yourself as only a prize. Don't worry, I will make sure to win your freedom. Lets go." She said and started to walk still with Joline's hand in hers. Some men looked their way, obviously jealous and some even angry over a man so close to the lovely princess. They would probably get even more irritated when Eric won the competition and didn't even take his so called 'prize'.

    It made Eris feel disgusted to even think of Joline as a prize for those sex maniac men. There was no way she would let them win over her, there was no way she would let Joline marry anyone of them if she didn't choose it herself. Eris wanted to kiss her beloved, the urge rose inside her, but she had to hold it in. If she did then Joline would look at her as she looked at all the others.
  17. Joline's heart skipped a beat. This stranger seemed so passionate in wanting to help her. A feeling of happiness rose within her and she smiled a little as they passed by all the jealous men. Of course if they saw that happy smile the jealousy would only rise in them, making Eric a bigger target for sabotage in this competition. If he does well then the hate for him in the other men would grow. She knew that those type of men would take things too far to get what they want. The fact that Eric was also around the same age as her made it seem like he was perfect.

    The King saw his daughter with the boy as they were coming past the platform for the royal family to view the events, and did a quick evaluation of him. With that quick glance he determined he was suitable, but needed to prove it.

    "You would really do all this for me?" Joline asked Eric as they were headed to get Eric registered.
  18. She smiled gently at Joline. "Of course, I were going to join the competition even if there was no prize and I would still have tried to win. But I guess I have to try even harder to win now, I wouldn't want to disappoint you." She turned from Joline and towards the man that were registrating the contestants. She gave the registrar all the information that was needed and when she were finished she turned back to Joline.

    "I guess I have to go and get changed now, don't worry, I won't let you down." Eris said comforting and gave Joline a kiss on the hand before walking to one of the changing tents for the participants. In the most tents they were forced to share it with other participants, there was only guys there so it wasn't like it mattered if they changed in the same tent. But Eris brother had fiddled a bit and made sure that Eris were able to be alone in her tent. If she changed clothes and other people were there then it would be obvious that she were a girl.

    She changed clothes as fast as possible, but it was hard to put on an armor fast. In battle an armor could be heavy as hell so that it would protect better but the armors used during competitions were lighter so that it would be easier to move in and so that the contestants wouldn't have to be very strong to be able to compete. The first competition would be sword fighting, the second would be archery and the third would be the two finalists whom ride against each other with lances. The one that dropped off their horse would loose.

    She walked out of the tent towards the other contestants, everyone came one after another to place themselves on a nice row. Jolines father held a speech to the contestants and the audience. But Eris barely listened to him, she mostly looked at Joline and felt how her fingers itched. She wanted to start this now.
  19. Joline smiled, actually blushing from the kiss on her hand. With a heavy heart and a small sigh, she watched this boy walk away before being dragged to the stage herself to be presented in front of the crowd and contestants. The wait for Eric to return to her view felt like ages, and when he finally walked out to listen to her father's speech, a genuine smile grew and stayed there. It was clear that Joline favored Eric to win over the rest, and of course his competition noticed this almost right away. However the harder she tried to ignore Eric to increase his odds, the harder it became to look away from his familiar face. Thoughts of how handsome he was in the battle armor kept crossing her mind.

    The King's speech just flew by as Joline was simply looking at Eric with a happy smile. She hoping he would win, because she truly believed that he wouldn't see her as a trophy to be won and used to reap fame and fortune from. Now they awaited for the names to be drawn randomly to see which contestants would go up against each other. And of course, Eric's name was called first, causing all eyes to go on him. Another guy named James, a 6 foot tall guy that looked as if all he does is try to gain muscle. If Eric could pull this off, then he would show the others how strong he is and to not take him lightly, although most of the others were arrogant and would think it would be simple luck for Eric to beat this man. The King announced for the contestants to get ready. After all the contestants have battled each other, the five with the least score would be kicked out of the contest.

    When Eric looked Joline's way, she mouthed "Good luck" to him and gave him a smile, somehow knowing he would defeat this guy.
  20. Eris felt lucky that she had practiced sword fighting her whole life with her brother, even though she weren't as strong as most men were she was still faster than them and often used that to win over her brother. She had noticed that the more muscles a man had the more he relied on them, which meant he mostly attacked with his strength instead of his brain. They often attacked the most obvious places which was easy for a fast person to dodge. But she wouldn't underestimate James. He could be very skilled with a sword and she had to watch his every movement.

    She noticed fast that the other contestants got a bit pissed because Joline gave her all the attention, she couldn't help but grin a bit about it and as she were going to take her position in front of James she couldn't help but take two of her fingers to her lips and make a small air-kiss towards Joline. It was mostly to anger the other contestants, because anger clouded the mind. But of course it could also make them more dangerous, but that was a risk she was willing to take.

    The two of them stood in front of each other and James glared at Eris. He weren't happy at all, but Eris just kept smiling with confidence. The fight would be going until one of them gave up, but that didn't mean that the one that gave up would be out of the contest it just meant that they had lost the round. The people with the least score would be kicked out and some of the people that lost maybe would win anyways, they looked both at how the contestants managed their feets, their sword and their body. It was a lot of things to keep in mind. So the ones that only relied on muscles was probably already out of the contest. Of course it made minus score if you lost the battle so it was best to win. If it went on for too long then they would say it was a draw.

    The battle started. Eris was right, that man mostly relied on his muscles. Maybe it got worse because he was angry on Eris because she had acted so almighty. But he was still fast and Eris had a hard time dodging the attacks, every time James sword hit hers she slid backwards a lot. She wasn't certain that she would be able to take him down and make him say that he give up but she could at least make a good impression by making the fight a draw and show better skills than the other man.

    But to Eris surprise she was actually able to get him down on the ground two times during the battle, the first time she had confused him be making him think she were going for his stomach but then changing to legs. But at that time he had been able to get up fast. The second time she were able to get him down she had tricked him towards a spot with mud so when she attacked him he slipped in the mud. At that point she were able to point her sword at his throat and he gave up immediately. They weren't allowed to kill people in the competition but a sword to the throat while lying down meant that you had lost and it would be more honor for the person if he just gave up instead of just loosing.

    Now she just had to hope she had impressed the judges enough to get into the next round, after all archery was what she was best in. She never missed.