I need a new phone and I have no idea what I'm doing. o_o

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  1. Because I am OLD and phones are DUMB AND STUPID and I never use them! D:< But my cellphone is starting to die and not hold a charge anymore. It's VERY old and doesn't even internet, if that gives you any idea of it's ancientness. >>;

    So I need to look for a new one. >:[ my service is with net10 and I wanna stick with that so I can easily just upgrade and transfer my number. And keep buying air time as needed, cause that's how little I use my phone. I never ever run out of minutes, only airtime.


    Look at all these damn phones. ;___; what the hell do I chooooose?! I JUST WANNA BE ABLE TO TEXT/CALL IF THERE'S AN EMERGENCY AND TAKE PICTURES ON THE RARE CHANCE I LEAVE THE HOUSE! T___T what the hell is an lg android buttmonkey bumble fuck lite!
  2. So you just wanna text/call and take pictures? Do you want a keyboard on it or not? If you don't the Motorola W408G will do just fine. My dad uses a similar phone and they work for what you wanna do! Nothing fancy just a phone! There's my suggestion from just looking at their phones.
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  3. Samsungs are awesome. I have never had a problem with any Samsung that I've owned. LG's are alright, but they're kind of laggy at times, and the one I have now always has a problem with the screen rotation. If you don't want to spend a small fortune, I'd suggest the Galaxy Mini.
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  4. LGG3 or nothing.

  5. I'd go for that Motorola W408G. :I Looks nice. I'm the same as you with phones. The simpler the better, because they confuse the fuck out of me. Also I hate making calls/receiving calls. I didn't want this stupid ass touch screen phone [the only redeemable quality, to me, is that I can use it to get on the internet if there's open wifi somewhere], but it was MORE expensive to get one WITH a keyboard... Makes no sense to me, because that phone I wanted had fewer fancy features I think.
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  6. Why is the Galaxy S3 $230??? I can get that for like $20 .-.

    That ZTE Z998 4G looks nice, but for classics...go with the one Fluffy said.
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  7. An iPhone is and will always be your best friend, Diana.
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  8. Until you drop it.
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  9. That's why you have protective cases out there on the market. Regardless though, dropping a phone is someone's worst nightmare no matter what the phone is. I am speaking on behalf of my own experience at accidentally dropping my iPhone numerous times on solid ground- no case, still no cracks or issues. Therefore, an iPhone is and will always be your best friend.
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  12. Personally, I prefer Samsung. I've gone with the Galaxy line for the last three years, and they've been extremely reliable. It's super weird how expensive the phones on that site you linked are. I only paid $20 for my Samsung Galaxy SIII, and that was over a year ago. Hm... Now that I think about it, it's probably because I bought mine with a two-year plan with AT&T, so I got a sign-up bonus, but pay-as-you-go phones don't have that discount.

    On Samsung phones, battery life is pretty decent. It takes pretty nice pictures and video for a cell phone camera. However, it's going to have a lot of extra features you might not necessarily want like the ability to surf the web. I've dropped it several times, and I only have one little chip in the edge (got like... thrown across the pavement face down at a comic con when someone knocked it out of my hand while I was walking by accident) and a slight scratch in the screen at the bottom that doesn't affect its usability.

    iPhones look nice, but they're easily broken unless you invest in a really expensive, durable case for it. Their battery life also leaves something to be desired.

    I don't really know anything about the other phones. I think your best bet might be to kind of find a phone you feel fits all of the requirements you want and then Google reviews for it. Negative reviews tend to be the most honest and helpful, and they'll tell you things like battery life, fragility, and quality.

    Some things to keep in mind: the higher the MP (megapixels), the better the pictures will turn out. 4G will give you faster internet when you're not connected to wifi than 3G will but only if the areas you're in have 4G coverage. The higher the MHz/GHz (1 GHz = 1000 MHz) number for the processor, the faster your applications will load when you click into them (unless they require internet, in which case they will take as long as your wifi/3G/4G is fast). MicroSD card capabilities will help you hold more information (pictures, contacts, apps, etc.) on your phone, so the bigger (space-wise, not physical size-wise) the card it can hold, the more stuff your phone can contain. The better quality your pictures are, the more space you'll need on your phone to contain them.

    Android is just a operating system like Windows or Apple OS. Personally, I prefer Android, and both it and Apple will have a lot more app capabilities than something like Windows because the two former operating systems are the most popular, so people tend to not make as many Windows-capable apps for phones. Android tends to be broader and more customizable than Apple OS.

    Your budget will also help dictate what you get. Obviously, if you have a limit of $100, neither the Samsung Galaxy SIII nor the Apple iPhone 5S 4G LTE will be the ones you want.

    I feel like I wasn't very helpful in this, but I hope that when you do make your choice, you'll end up loving your new phone.
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  13. Just don't get an apple product and you're good. Seriously, those guys evade taxes like Bonnie & Clyde evading the law, I really can't justify recommending them for any reason.

    I really like my HTC. It's sturdy as a brick but does nearly anything I want it to, even if it's a little slow sometimes. I can also heartily recommend Samsung.
  14. Obviously you need to get the iPhone 5s 4G LTE, because if you don't have the newest and most expensive phone possible you're not allowed to hang out with the cool kids.

    For real though, if you don't give a crap about the bells and whistles and just want to text, call, and take pictures then almost anything from that list would be fine, even the little Motorola flip phone. Just pick a model you like the looks of, go look up product reviews for them and make sure there aren't massive problems with it, and if there's not then go ahead and buy it. Nowadays you really can't go wrong if you just want a phone for basic phone functions. The differences only matter much for apps and things.
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  15. I'm 21 and I'm just as clueless as you Diana xD Phones are confusing
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  17. I've only ever had two cellphones, one was your old slide out keyboard and only text phones and then my current one which is a Nexus 5.
    So my experience is rather limited.

    But from what I understand anything Android is meant to offer a lot more features, but is also far more complicated/not user friendly.
    It's essentially the Linux/Ubuntu of phones.

    If all you want to do is take pictures and call?
    Most phones then would do the trick, just try to avoid Apple. They have tendencies to overprice their stuff because it was an apple on it.
    Also note that camera quality varies per phone, so pay attention to that if there's a certain minimum quality you want your pictures to turn out as.
  18. #LGG3MasterRace
  19. *Looks at all of these options.* =____= *nearly dies*
  20. Go Nokia, hold the ultimate power in your hands.
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