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  1. Okay. So I joined Iwaku sometime last year at the request of my friend (Who had recently quit and allowed his unused RPCs to be reincarnated under my rule). I had been Rping since I was maybe 10. Not gonna' lie. That was around the same time I discovered hentai and began doing a lot of REALLY messed up things in Rps. But over the time, my tastes matured and RPing through texting after Myspace went to shit just stopped being appealing anymore. I couldn't pack in much into a text message (My post length back then was like: Whatsisname looked to her in amusement "Yer perty"). And then I started looking for new ways to Rp. I eventually used Yahoo answers to find a partner or two, who would RP with me via Skype, Yahoo Messenger (RIP) and, at one point, even Oovoo (Forgotten forever). After my partners, for various reasons, gave up on me (One had a fiancee that didn't like her even texting men that weren't relatives, another tried making our friendship more sexual than just RPing, and another person had quit), I was alone for quite a while. I eventually started acting out my RP ideas through Single-Player LARPing. Yes, it's pathetic. But I had no choice. I had all of these creative juices flowing through me. I must have had about seventy characters in my head at once.

    Then it happened. I made a group of friends at school. Which, for a fat, introverted, ex-pothead, nerdy boy like me, was a VERY big deal. We would play silly card games like "Ay, dark overlord", or cards against humanity, even UNO at one point. The most fun activity we did, however, Was Ninja battles. It was based on Naruto, but we added other anime combat styles as well. Basically, we'd all sit at the table, get a turn list going based on a dice roll, and we'd make certain movements, sticking to one attack per move. Whoever won would have bragging rights (and for puppet users, the corpses off all the fallen enemies) and we'd keep doing that for days. A single battle, depending on the strategy involved, could last from an hour, to several days.

    But then, I moved. We tried doing one-on-one texting battles with each other, but it wasn't as fun without the whole group at once. Eventually, I lost contact with my friends. Luckily for me, I had the internet. I began playing a whole lot of MMORPG games, making up stories for my characters as I played. Also, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Skyrim, and Dragon Age Origins helped me curb my creative interests for a while. Eventually, my friend (Aforementioned quitter) messaged me saying "Hey, you should join this site, I've been using it for a little while and I've had some good RPs going [link inserted here].

    So I joined. I got a slow start, since I was writing out all my RPCs into Character sheets, as well as being intimidated by the amount of vastly skilled players on here. Eventually, though, I made some RP friends. We RPed on Skype and on here until eventually, I moved again. This time, I didn't have internet for several months. I only recently got internet back maybe two months ago. But, since I've been back, my RP list, as well as my skill level, have skyrocketed.

    I've gone from only being able to handle 2-3 Rps at once, with post lengths restricted to a couple sentences, to an intermediate RPer who can type 1-2 paragraphs based on how much needs to be said, and I can handle several Rps at once.

    Recently, I've also began putting myself out there, joining in on discussions, and putting out a few of my own. I've had decent conversations with people like @Minibit, @Lea, and @Diana . I'm breaking out of my introverted shell, putting myself out there to talk to new people. And honestly, I place 99.99% of the thanks to you, Iwaku. Thank you for giving me a vast amount of new people who I can share great experiences with, even if it is in a made-up world, residing on immobile text on a screen.

    I'd also like to personally thank my current partners;
    @LunaValentine "Twin Dragons" and "Gemstones"
    @Second Best "Dragon, Unchained!"
    @Ghosty "Exorcist with a Secret"
    @Clear "This School's Full of Demons"
    @Austyn_cerys "DNA"
    @Oyoa "Secrets of the Wolf Clan"
    @Lewi "Fireborn"
    And @Aleta "The Memories that Torment us"

    And @Hana, I await our future RP ^^

    Please, everyone. Share with me your Iwaku Love story :D

    Edit: I forgot, I've never played Cards Against Humanity. It was "Sorry I haven't Playtested This" a very odd game that can literally end in two turns.
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  2. *huggle.* love you so much Ken! XD im glad that I could be a part of such a special friend life.
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  3. Shh, what would your fiancee think XD. Plz, Dante, she came onto me first XD.

    But thank YOU for being a part of my life :3
  4. Lol he said lets have a threesome LMFAO
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  5. I don't know how to respond to this >///<
  6. I honestly have been RPing since the LEGO Agents Forums went up in 2008? Then, I progressed to more forums on LEGO.com. Then, I started reading the 39 Clues, and found on their forums there were Roleplays. I went there. I joined Planet Minecraft, started Roleplaying there, and then Roleplaying there died, and everyone moved to RPGuild. I stayed at RPGuild for a while, and in January, I checked in here to Kidnap people, and take them to RPGuild. I started dropping off from RPGuild once I joined Family Fabularis, and got my RP started. Tehn, I just remained here and Planet Minecraft.
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  7. RPing on a minecraft help forum?
  8. My roleplaying started when I was 12 with Habbo Hotel.ca
    I was rather infamous in the Naruto and Star Wars community.

    Then right when I was starting High School I joined a Star Wars simulation site called 'Star Wars Combine', and when I went to join the Republic they pointed me to the forum roleplays to kill time while they processed me in.
    I got hooked, but the Admins were controlling ass holes. So much so I was able to make an alternative star wars RP site and convince everyone there to ditch the old site in favor of the one I made.
    That site then lasted for a few years as a Universe style RP.

    Then when it reached it's end one of our admins discovered the Guild and we all moved over.
    Said admin and I were the only two to last long though, and said admin eventually faded out as well.
    Then after a good several years there the Guild was crashing too much to keep our RP's going, so the RP group I was with at the time decided to move to Iwaku.

    And I've been here ever since.
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  9. I've been roleplaying since I was around 11/12. I began with friends and we wrote our own stories. This continued til I was about 14? It was then when I began finding partners on omegle, which got pretty weird pretty quickly. I then went to tumblr and advertised for partners over there.

    At this point I had a collection of characters and ideas. I had about four long-term roleplayers and friends who have stuck. I was loosing track of Roleplays so I decided to see if there were any sites. Turns out there was so I began looking through them all, trying to decide on one.

    I decided on Iwaku, (It was mainly the layout and activity level which swayed me) and the community quickly made me stick!

    Yay for Iwaku!
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  10. The tale of the ancient sensei ferret begins long ago, within the misty fogs of Dungeons & Dragons. I didn't really have any friends to play with, so I started making a giant fantasy world within D&D parameters. Biospheres, cultures, societies, geography--AD&D taught how to do all of those things and more. Eventually I stumbled my way onto Warcraft III, and from there I found the role playing community within it. They (including myself) were all pretty much universally terrible. I loved it. It was a lot of fun. Then things got super serious, a couple people killed themselves, and I took off running to forums rather than deal with that kind of drama in what was already a pretty drama-filled life. There, I met @Tempest and struck off a friendship that's lasted eight years so far. Ups n' downs n' all that fun stuff.

    From there, me and Tempest wandered across a couple of small time forums. One was a Naruto forum with a shitty admin, then another general forum with a shitty admin, et cetera. It was frustrating me to run into a string of stupid (plus I was 14-15 at the time, so I wasn't helping) and decided to join a large forum. On this large forum, me and Tempest flourished, and soon after I met @Kadaeux as well as a few others. Started Legend of Renalta there when I was 15, and it's been going ever since, now spiraled off into its sequel: Legend of Renalta 2.

    After several years of being there and aiding in running writing contests, the site crashed and took four years of work with it. Instead of panicking, I gathered some folks to my side and recycled those four years of data back from Google archives. (Page caching. :sunglasses:) From there my popularity grew until I had over forty players in one role play at one point. The site was put back up in a barren manner, with no sign of care from the staff in question, and with blatant power mongering by others. So, rather than running up a riot or something else equally immature, after eight months of asking for changes that hadn't come, I packed up and left and took my role plays with me. Lo and behold, others followed me. A lot of others. (Keep in mind, those are only comprised of others who joined the group. There's at least 20-30 more people who ventured over tangentially.) I was gobstruck that I had apparently gathered that much support from people from my role plays.

    From there, I picked up a ferret motif which I've become known for, and have kept role playing. Same as I did back in my D&D days, same as I did back in Warcraft III, same as I did across small & large forums. I've spent over a decade writing: Growing and nurturing my skills with pen and paper, going out of my way to pick up materials to study, cultures and ideas to assimilate and replicate. Whenever I can I try to pass that knowledge along with my guides.

    That, I suppose, is the highly condensed tale of Sensei Astronaut Ferret. Suicides, several-year long friendships, and writing. Lots, and lots of writing. Lots of failures too, not that those weren't fun to learn from. :ferret:

    As for Iwaku... I like Iwaku: I can speak my mind and rarely have to worry about being punished for it. I like the way it handles adult content. I like the way it treats people as functioning individuals who don't always need their hands held. I plan on staying here for a long time, and to keep making new role plays and guides here.
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  11. I have @Novis and @Wolf-Anima55 to talk to, I rp with them the most. I'm sure that I have about 13 or so rps going with just them lol. I have them to go to if I'm sad or angry or just need someone to talk to, they are just really nice and I absolutely love them both!
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  12. I have been doing this shit for over fifteen years now, it's too damn long of a story and I don't remember half of it anymore. D:<

    I LOVE YOU TOO. >:[

    -stomps off in a huff!-
  13. What is a "roleplay"?
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  14. I think it's like playing with your food.
    But restricted to tootsie rolls, cinnamon rolls and sausage rolls.

    Don't quote me on that though.
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  15. A story in which a collective of people all attempt to be Luke Skywalker. Some are Luke Skywalker but with more angst, others are Luke Skywalker but with giant tits. In the end, nine times out of ten, none of the Luke Skywalkers are able to figure out how to pull the lever to open the door to start the adventure, resulting in all of them dying of starvation.

    tl;dr: Lots of dead Skywalkers.
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  16. XD I shall not admit to the fact that I have played one of the Luke's that you put up there...
  17. I played a 15 year old Jedi Grandmaster before.
    You performed a mid-flight TIE Fighter hijack at the age of 5.

    That was fun.
  18. Are we telling our stories of how we started roleplaying?

    Started on Gaia. Met my future wife. Quit for years. RP'd in WoW and GW2. Quit again cause people have terrible characters. Found Iwaku whenever my profile says I joined. Made people mad. Found some roleplay. Still making people mad.

    And here we are today.
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