I love roleplaying because...

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  1. Roleplaying is great and wonderful and awesome! And we're all here to play for a huge variety of different reasons.

    So I ask you, Iwaku, to finish this sentence!

    I love roleplaying because...
  2. I love role playing because.....


    Because I love using my IMAGINATION!

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  3. I love roleplaying because you're roleplaying with me ;)
    And also because it does all these cool things in my brain and my imagination
    And it's good training for writing
    And it can make me look all popular and such, if I have enough luck
    And so many other thing that I might just edit in later.
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  4. I love Roleplaying because . . .

    Escaping the daily, living out my wild dreams, living vicariously through many many characters, and most importantly because it is FUN.
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  5. I'd say it's more like a love/hate relationship. I love it for reasons already listed in the above posts and I won't go into why I also hate it because that's not what this thread is about. :)
  6. I love Roleplaying because it's an escape from my daily routine.
    Nothing's better than to get everything settled down for the night after work and kids and just writing. It's one of my favorite ways to unwind.
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. I love roleplaying because it provides an outlet for the pent-up creative energies in my head. :D Keep them energies in, and I suppose I'd be crazy right now.
  9. I love roleplaying because it's a fun, creative escape from my life as a mother and student. I'm too stressed; writing might be the healthiest outlet I have anymore. :]

    Even when I'm feeling too fatigued to write, I like to lurk in others' RPs to help unwind. :D
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  10. I enjoy illustrating my own work, and others. I love to read and write and draw with an equal passion.
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  11. I love role-playing because…

    it allows me to deviate from reality, to create some semblance of control and intrigue in my daily life. It's a way to truly unleash one's creativity and to make something unique and special with others. And… it makes me a better writer.
  12. I enjoy roleplaying because...
    I love to tell a story. When I'm roleplaying, I can leave this world, and all of its troubles behind. When I roleplay, I can enter the world of my imagination, and craft stories and form bonds so strong that I could not even begin to comprehend how they would feel in real life.
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  13. I just enjoy creative writing!
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  14. I love roleplaying because I hate who I am as a person. I don't like the person behind the keyboard, so I put that person into the minds of other, more interesting people. Warriors from mysterious lands, exiled mages, or even something as mundane as a student at a school -- they're the masks I like to wear to forget about reality and just write.
  15. ... because the life I lead is uninteresting compared to my characters. Hey, I'm not complaining about it - I'm actually rather surprised how nice it's turned out considering the mess I can be sometimes - but I'll never get to experience intense gun fights, transformation in demons or developing supernatural abilities in the real world. So, yeah. I'm basically a child who pouts that reality is too boring for her and wants to live in a fairytale.
  16. The best part about roleplaying is to work with other people to make great stories. It's a continuous exercise in team-work and compromising to do what is best for the participants as a whole.

    When you read someone else's post and it makes you use your imagination - and everyone is working to create a universe together. With both elements from the real world and mysticism.

    I love the bonding-aspect of roleplaying.
  17. I love roleplaying because...

    I'm able to live through my characters and create magnificent stories. Roleplaying was such a crucial creative outlet for me, it always had my imagination turning. Sometimes, roleplaying can be a stress reliever as well when things got hectic in the real world.
  18. ...because I can be as unrealistic as fuck and nobody gives a shit.
  19. It's a lower-pressure way to do some creative writing, keep my creative muscle from atrophying, and meet cool people.
  20. I love roleplaying because..

    It is an escape from reality, when I roleplay I tune everything out and become my character for the time being, it helps me cope with things, sometimes forces me to cry when I really need to and just can't. When life gets me down or I just need a break roleplaying is my perfect get away.

    Its also just fun and I love it so much that I'm addicted.
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