I hate your swarthy snatch

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  1. WARNING: vaginas will be mentioned. All retards please proceed to the logout button (open)
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  2. That's infuriating. I think that if someone has a problem with the way women's vaginas look, that someone can just avoid situations where vaginas occur. Most women will probably not find it a great loss to lose such a person from the dating pool.
    I also think that goes for any other body parts - whether belonging to male, female or neutral creatures - someone takes it upon oneself to have a problem with. (With the exception of one's own body, which if someone wants to modify, that's his/her/its own right. Right, not obligation. Somebody who can only be pleased by modifying myself isn't worth pleasing, I would think.)
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  3. This reminds of a family friend who was disappointed with his baby daughter's dark skin.

    Horrible fathering skills aside - I can't imagine the health risks by smearing that stuff on your vagina. =/
  4. Thanks for the morning rage. My coffee wasn't bitter enough.
  5. Obviously you need more milk in that coffee, Ocha. The whiter the better.

    And at least we have gangsta white kids trying to fight the other corner. God bless them.
  6. I'm trying to understand this, but I lack information. Where do gangsta white kids enter the picture?
  7. The joke being they're trying to be more black, hence the opposite of all this white/fairness racism.
  8. Ah, I see now. Thank you. (So the information I lacked was cultural, I suppose.)
  9. Wooooowwwwww.

    That was midly disturbing and weird!

    By the way, I'm curious. Does snatch mean vagina? o-o
  10. Nothing new. Porn stars and sluts have been doing this for years.

    I should know.
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  11. Oh wow, look at all this


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  12. Ironically, even most fair skinned girls have darker colored vaginas. But that's OK, so long as brown guys bleach their cocks, too.

    And calling bullshit on the whole lighting thing Mr. McToolbag uses. Even fair skinned people need spotlights for film/photos, it's kind of a given. And then there's the whole MAKEUP ARTISTRY thing, you know, contouring and highlighting faces to make certain features stand out for film and theater.
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  13. Porn stars bleach their bums, too! But for different reasons, I think.
    Anyway, this is stupid! I disapprove and boo it wholeheartedly and am with Zen in being terrified about what this might do to sensitive lady parts. Even scented soaps can mess up the pH balance there and cause problems, so this is... not promising. Striving toward the "perfect sex toy" ideal means crazy modifications for some, which is sad and can be seen in a lot of procedures and the like that do the body no favors.
    e ___ e
    Enjoy! :D
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  15. so long as it's not diseased it's fine the way it is!
  16. As much as I hate to be the voice against the crowd I'm actually not all that horrified by this.
    That having been said, my ability to be horrified by fashion trends is pretty numb after I realized there were people who literally wanted to become Barbie dolls. :c

    Compared to drastic surgery to become prettier, a little bit of bleach doesn't seem that horrifying. Boobs, butts, waists, and especially faces have been fair game for serious, sometimes harmful modification since the dawn of civilization. I don't find the fact that we've taken our obsession with aesthetics to our ladybits at all surprising.
    I'd also like to express doubt at this being a practice started or particularly encouraged by males. Generally speaking they seem pretty thrilled to just see a vagina- it's women that tear other women down most of the time. I have a tiny chest and I've never been told by any dude that I ough to have bigger tits- but if I had a dollar for every time another girl has suggested I get bigger boobs or be forever ugly, I'd have enough to pay for college by now. While I'm not saying that it's not misogynistic, I think that one of the saddest things about these products is that the pressure to use them will be coming from your own sex. Much like implants & facelifts...
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  17. Amen to that. I think a HUUUGE part of modern capitalism is constructed upon female peer pressure. The competition to be the "correct" kind of mother, protector, homemaker and sexual object is enabled, if not downright perpetuated, by women themselves.

    And I have it on good authority that many men prefer variety in their vaginas.


    I think it's partly a distorted attempt by women to achieve empowerment. If they are the ones criticizing and amending themselves, then they are the ones in charge of the zeitgeist.

    And I'll stop talking now before Koori attacks.
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  19. I agree with several points and I do think that there is a lot of pressure on women from women to be attractive.
    However, while other procedures been around longer and are far more invasive, I think that this vagina bleaching is a special type of awful.

    Mumbling and complaining (open)

    There are some compounds designed to inhibit melanin that are not actually bleaching. These are likely culprits in skin-lightening creams. One compound has produced leukemia in mice and the compound I'm referring to is banned by the European Union. Another common substance is a carcinogen. The list goes on. They're advocating putting these things on sensitive skin. For the purpose of looking whiter, which goes right into dabbling with self-esteem associated with racism, etc. in addition to the usual self-esteem and beauty involved in nose jobs and the like. Plus, it's common enough to have entire commercials. Sure, there are adverts and the like for cosmetic surgery, but there aren't any for those women who remove ribs to emulate dolls.

    Tl;dr - vagina whitening vexes me.

    It's not as if there's any real way to end it though. Vanity is part of the human psyche and whenever we discover something that might make us look more like some ideal, there are always plenty of people willing to shoot for it, even if it was an unintended side effect of something else. Discovering how botulinum toxin works as a neurotoxin that paralyzes muscles? Botox. Compounds that inhibit melanin? Skin whitening.
  20. ^^^

    Agreed with the women on women pressure. My mother's probably the best example of that to be honest. She's gotten a tattoo on a birth mark because she felt like it was ugly. In the car she glanced at my breasts and then made a comment about how she wanted to get breast surgery to make them bigger. She has also questioned why I got the bigger breasts and not her. >_____>

    But anyways...

    On the bright side I'm glad there are people - not just women or men - who are advocating to love yourself. I understand that insecurities will always be there concerning our physical bodies but I can at least be happy to know that in my life time there is a vast majority of people who don't buy into the media and make a stand against it.
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