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  1. Nathan hesitated at the door of the house. This was one of the few times he went to something like a party without any of the boys with him. In fact this was the first time he'd gone to a party without the rest of the band. He had been told by his friend who was hosting the party that he could just let himself in. Once inside, it didn't feel too much like a party but more so a gathering. He headed into the livingroom, where the sound of voices came from.

    He saw a few people he didn't know, and a few he did know, but mostly he only noticed one person. One person with curly brown hair and eyes that were the perfect shade of emerald green. He didn't know if he should feel irritated Harry was there or secretly happy. He might have been glad on in the inside.. deep down inside but on the outside he felt he had just been smacked in the face after seeing who Harry was with. Taylor.. And not just Taylor.. The Taylor. Nathan would never wish bad upon someone but he thought they made the worst couple.. He thought this because he was secretly jealous. It was hard for him not to be when the couple were always on TV and in the tabloids, it was as if Nathan couldn't escape.

    Nathan just stared, silent. He didn't know what he should say.. Make some playful joke about Harry or just say hey and then take a seat and act like everyone was just dandy.
  2. It was a normal Saturday night. Harry was out at another party, this time only with Zayn and his current girlfriend Taylor Swift. They got together a few months ago and their relationship has been going okay. The tabloids were all over them, saying that they were the worst couple at the moment. At first it didn't bother him because he truly did love her but now, he didn't really love her. She honestly was just a beard, a fake girlfriend to hide that he was gay. He's dated numerous women but only because management forced him too. He just wished he could be himself and start looking for a boyfriend instead of being forced to be something he wasn't. No one knew he was gay, not even his fellow bandmates and close friends.

    The truth was, he had a major secret crush on a member of his rival band. He had a crush on Nathan Sykes from The Wanted. Ever since he met the lad, he's fancied him. He knew that he had no chance because well, The Wanted was their rivals. Plus he knew Nathan wasn't gay, so why would he even try. He was sitting on the couch, Taylor beside him, drinking and having a great time. He looks around, seeing Zayn flirting with a member of Little Mix. He then spots someone he wasn't expecting to see at this party, his crush... Nathan Sykes. His heart skipped a beat seeing the sexy lad - his silky brown hair, hazel eyes and flawless god-like body.

    Zayn then walks over with his arm around Perrie's waist - the Little Mix member he was flirting with earlier - a beer bottle in his other hand. "Hey guys, who's up for truth or dare?" He offers with a smirk. Harry couldn't help but smile. He loved truth or dare, always ending up kissing some hot girl every time. He was hoping to get lucky tonight, who knows maybe Nathan would play. He sure hoped so, he could get even luckier with the dirty dares Zayn always came up with. "I'm definitely in Z." He replies with a smirk.
  3. The second Harry's eyes met his, Nathan quickly looked away. He was never going to admit out loud that he was attracted to Harry but he was. It was sort of impossible for him to be. His hair, his eyes, his smile..everything about Harry was enough to make Nathan melt on the spot. Nathan would be content just staring at him all day. Nathan took this time to greet the host of the party and see who else was here. Harry wasn't alone, Zayn was there too and Nathan was not about to protest. He found both Zayn and Harry attractive. But they both seemed to be taken right now and either way they were in a rival band. He never cared about his bands fued with One Direction but his bandmates did. There was no way he could ever date someone from One Direction if he wanted to or even date another male at all. His band mates had no idea he was gay and he didn't plan on telling them or letting them find out anytime soon.

    He sat down on the couch, taking his chance to sit next to Harry. It was the only empty seat anyway. He pretended not to pay him much mind. At the mention of truth or dare Nathan hesitated. He knew of course everyone else was going to play so why shouldn't he? He just didn't like thinks he couldn't back out or being dared to do something he really didn't want to do. But he wouldn't be having everyone think he was scared. "I'm in to." He said with a grin.
  4. Harry was ready to face whatever dares Zayn gave him this game. He notices Nathan sit next to him, nearly making his heart stop. His secret forbidden crush was right next to him. The silky brown hair, hazel eyes, heart-stopping smile, god-like body.... he wanted Nathan so badly. He was actually praying that Zayn dared him to do something with his crush. He was hoping to get lucky tonight if possible.

    Zayn smiles and clears the coffee table, placing the empty beer bottle in the middle. "Okay. I'll go first." He says with a smirk. He spins the bottle and the game starts. The bottle kept landing on everyone but Nathan and Harry. He laughed at the crazy dares the party goers were doing. Finally it was his turn again and spins the bottle. He smirks when it finally lands on Harry. "Haz, truth or dare mate?" He asks, looking at the lad.

    Harry smiles when the bottle finally lands on him. "Dare of course. Give me your worst Z." He replies, smirking right back. He was prepared for anything Zayn dared him to do. Zayn nods, thinking about what to have the Cheshire lad do. He couldn't help but notice the glances Nathan was giving Harry and gets a mischievous smile. "Okay. I dare you to go upstairs in the guest room and do 7 minutes of heaven with Nathan." He says with a smirk.

    Harry couldn't help but feel his heart skip a beat. Zayn gave him the best dare he could've gotten - 7 minutes of pure heaven with Nathan. It was his dream dare and he got it. "Okay, I'll do it. See you guys in seven minutes." He says smirking. He gets up off the couch and walks upstairs, Nathan following him. He couldn't believe he was about to have a seven minute snog session with his secret forbidden crush. He noticed Nathan's glances at him, already figuring out the lad had the same feelings. He lets Nathan walk into the guest room first, closing and locking the door behind him. He couldn't help but smirk slightly, looking at Nathan, his heart already starting to pound and butterflies erupting in his stomach.
  5. Nathan was actually relieved to not have the bottle land on him, but when it landed on Harry he turned his attention to the One Direction member. As soon as his name was mentioned, his heart began to pound so fast he thought it might just jump out of his chest. He kept tying to tell himself he did not like the idea of getting seven minutes alone with Harry Styles but then he would be lying. His face flushed slightly as now eveyones attention was focused on the two of them, and he was trying desperately not to look so effected. Inside he was excited and nervous all rolled into one. There was no way he could refuse or any way that he would refuse. This would probably be his only chance to kiss Harry Styles and he was going to take regardless of knowing that he shouldn't. He didn't hesitate, egtting up and following after the taller yet younger curly haired lad.

    The closer to the guestroom they got the more nervous he became. Once there, he entered first taking a second to glance around his surroundings before he heard the door lock. He turned around to look at Harry, noticing the look on his face. He gave him a shy smile, and didn't say anything. There wasn't anything for him to say anyways. As nervous as he was he was pretty calm. Though he refused to make the first move, and sat down on the edge of the bed, his smile slowly growing wider as he waited.
  6. Harry couldn't put in words how he felt. He finally had a chance with Nathan. Thankfully Zayn gave him the dare he had been dying to get. He was alone, for seven minutes, with his secret forbidden crush. He knew one thing - this was going to be more than seven minutes. He wasn't going to let Zayn tell him how long he had with Nathan.

    He watches the lad sit on the bed. The look on his face almost inviting him to snog him senseless. Just the way he was looking at him, he somehow knew that Nathan had the same feelings. He walks over to Nathan, his heart starting to slowly race. This was the moment he had been dreaming of. He leans down and in, his eyes locked with Nathan's. He was going to cherish this moment, this night forever. As if time was in slow motion, his eyes slowly close as his face gets closer to Nathan's. Finally, he softly kisses his crush. He instantly feels sparks shoot through his body. He knew the moment his lips met Nathan's that this was fate that brought them together in this moment.
  7. Nathan watched Harry carefully as he came closer. For a second he thought about telling Harry no, that he couldn't kiss him or do more than kiss him. He was already feeling guilty about what was going to happen. He liked someone he shouldn't like in that way, someone his bandmates hated and someone of his own gender.

    His face went blank when Harry was finally inches from his face and his heart jumped in his chest. He didn't move, only closed his eyes and waited for Harry's lips to meet his. After a few seconds of Harry kissing him he responded, kissing him back with the same force and speed. It was slow and sweet and Nathan enjoyed it. His hands were behind him splayedd out on the bed the keep him upright.
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  8. Harry couldn't put in words how amazing this moment was. He was finally kissing Nathan Sykes, his secret forbidden crush. He didn't care if Nath was part of the rival band, that wasn't going to stop him at all. He knew he wasn't drunk so he wasn't going to do anything he would regret. All he knew he was going to do was snog the sexy man he was with.

    He feels Nathan kiss him back just as much. He takes a hand and places on the lad's chest, gently pushing him back onto the bed. He gets on top of Nath, not breaking the kiss. He starts deepening the kiss, letting the feelings he had been hiding out. Knowing that Nathan had the same love for him - if he didn't, he wouldn't be kissing him back - made this moment even better.
  9. Nathan hesitated before letting Harry push him down. He slowly wrapped his arms around his neck, kissing him back deeply. It was obvious that Harry had the same feelings for him. Nathan forgot everything else he had been feeling before, now focused on Harry. After a few minutes he had to pull away for a moment so he could breathe.

    He was still quiet, panting a bit before kissing Harry's chin and jawline as he caught his breath. His eyes were still closed as he sponged kisses over Harry's skin.
  10. Harry could sense Nathan's hesitation as he pushed the lad down. He let Nath wrap his arms around his neck, deepening the kiss even more. In that moment, it was just the two of them. No party going on downstairs, he forgot about Taylor and only focused on Nathan. After what seemed like forever, he reluctantly pulls away to breathe.

    He couldn't help but just smile, his dimples showing, looking down at his possibly new lover. He never thought he would get Nathan but thanks to Zayn's dare he finally got him. He bites his lip, fighting back a moan as the lad starts kissing his skin. He didn't want this moment to end, he wanted to stay in this room on this bed snogging Nathan senseless.
  11. Nathan could feel Harry smiling. He opened his eyes, smiling a bit up at him now. He sighed softly, laying his head back and just looking up at him. He actually let out a soft laugh, his cheeks flushed. "What are we doing?" He asked, grinning a bit and still a little out of breath. For him this was all like a dream come true. Harry liked him back, and this made him have some faith that maybe they could work.
  12. Harry couldn't help but smile back, his emerald eyes meeting Nathan's hazel ones. He couldn't believe how sexy his crush looked all flustered. He softly laughs with him, his cheeks also slightly blushed. "If I remember correctly, Zayn dared me to have seven minutes of pure heaven with you during which we can kiss each other senseless." He replies with a grin. "To me, this isn't a dare. I was going to try to steal you away at some point tonight honestly." He admits, blushing slightly more.

    He leans down and softly kisses Nath, pulling away after a moment. "Right now though, I believe we just got together." He says smiling, his dimples showing. He honestly felt like this was a dream, that he would wake up in his flat. He knew that this was anything but a dream though, Nathan liked him back. He knew that they could be together and make it work, he wasn't going to let this fail.
  13. "Oh really? And how were you planning on stealing me away?" Nathan asked before returning his kiss. He then looked up at him again, grinning at the look on Harry's face. His smile alone just drove Nathan insane. When Harry said they were together he hadn't expected it to happen so quickly so suddenly. He was scared yet excited at the thought. But what about Taylor? She wasn't bad at all, and the only real reason Nathan didn't like her was because she was with Harry. But he didn't want Harry to cheat on her with him. "You have a girlfriend though.." He said softly, his smile had faded. What was Harry going to do about it?
  14. Harry nods. "Wasn't sure. I don't plan things out, I just do it." He replies. He loved seeing Nathan grin looking at him. Everything about him just drove Harry crazy. He knew that they wouldn't be officially together until he 'broke up' with Taylor. Thankfully she wasn't a real girlfriend and just a cover. He couldn't help but laugh a bit. "She's not actually my girlfriend. She's just a beard, management didn't want anyone to find out that I'm gay. We're just friends Nath. We only act like a couple when we know cameras are around us." He explains.
  15. Nathan looked surprised. "Oh, I couldn't assuming.." He said. But he was relieved as well. They weren't a real couple and that meant there would be a lot less drama. "So your band mates know that your gay?" He asked. "Mine don't know.. I'm afraid to tell them." Nathan knew there really wasn't any reason to be afraid. His band mates were his brothers and they'd accept him no matter what. But he couldn't help thinking what could happen if they goylt angry with him ot something.
  16. Harry raises an eyebrow at Nathan's surprised look. "You really thought she was my girlfriend? Well you can stop being jealous now." He grins cheekily. He was just relieved that he could finally be himself and be with the guy he's always loved. "No, they don't. I want to tell them, but I just don't know how to." He replies. He looks at Nath, listening to him. "You shouldn't be afraid to tell them who you really are Nathan. I'm sure they will accept you no matter what. If they don't then they're incredibly stupid." He reassures with a smile.
  17. Nathan snorted. "I was not jealous.." He insisted. "And I know. I don't know how to tell mine too.. and your right but its hard not to worry about what they might think." He toyed with the ends of Harry's hair, sighing softly. Nathan knew their time was almost up, but he didn't want their 7 minutes to end. But he also didn't want anyone downstairs to assume anything..
  18. Harry raises an eyebrow at Nathan. "Oh really? I caught you glancing at me like Taylor wasn't even with me." He points out. He listens to him and nods in understanding. "I understand. If you want I can help you gain the confidence to tell them." He replies, looking down at him. He couldn't help but smile as Nath toyed with his hair. He knew their seven minutes was nearly up but he didn't want to leave this room. "If you want, I can tell Zayn and Tay that I'm gonna leave early. You can walk out a few min later and then we can go to one of our flats to spend more time together." He offers with a smile.
  19. "Okay, so maybe I was a little jealous.." Nathan admitted in defeat, sighing softly. When Harry said he'd help, Nathan smiled. "Thanks." He said. He definitely wouldn't be telling his mates about Harry.. not anytime soon. He stared up a him for a few moments, grinning a bit. At Harry's suggestion the Gloucester boy nodded. "I'd like that." He said, moving his hands to Harry's cheeks and pulling him down a bit so he could kiss him again for a moment. He couldn't risk having the others assume anything and he was grateful Harry understood exactly what he meant by this. Not even management knew Nathan was gay, and he just didn't want the stress of having them find out and him having to explain.
  20. Harry can't help but laugh when Nathan admits he was jealous. "Anything to help you out Nathan." He replies smiling back. He was going to tell the guys that he was gay, he wasn't going to tell them about Nathan though. He smiles when the Gloucester lad agrees to his offer. He lets Nath pull him down and kisses his new lover back. He loved how their lips moved together, fitting together like puzzle pieces. He pulls away for a moment, taking his phone out of his back pocket. He checks the time and puts it away. "We still have five minutes of heaven." He says, smirking slightly. He gets of Nathan and gets on the bed, laying back where the pillows were. He was going to make every second of every minute count with Nathan.
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