I can resist anything but. . .

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  1. Come on, what are those soft spots?

    I can't resist a good argument/fight/debate/arms race/brawl. Also, snooty foreign films with an offbeat female lead.
  2. I've actually declared my love to men I barely know for chocolate. Then again I love everyone! Well everyone that hasn't earned a reason for me not to. Those poor miserable souls.
  3. Tegan's favourite movie must be Amelie!

    Cashews. Freakin' love those nuts. Anything Star Wars.
  4. Oh there is one other thing I can't resist.... working on community projects that Diana is running. WHY! I TRY TO RESIST!
  5. <_< Surprise, surprise~ Yaoi.
  6. Coca-Cola. If it's offered to me at an hour I shouldn't be having caffeine, well... That's too bad for me. I can't say no.

    I also can't resist anything adorable. I bought so many Girl Scout cookies last month because those girls are just too cute! My cat has that effect on me, too. If she wants to sit someplace that's inconvenient for me, she can go right ahead! :D

    Oh. And yaoi. *geegle*
  7. Cigarettes, weed, and your mom's vaginases.
  8. Food when I'm hungry, water when I'm thirsty, air... all the time.

    Surprising as this might be to some, I say no to weed quite often. Either it is at an inconvenient time, or I'm already high and it's a wasted effort. I have no other vices.

    By far the most difficult thing to resist is lending a helping hand. Particularly if I know I can help, then I see no reason and therefore won't say no. Plus, I like the feeling I get from helping. So that's probably my thing.
  9. ... Cellphone charms.
  10. I dunno. Don't really think about it.
  11. A challenge.
  12. *Looks deep into Rory's eyes.*





  13. I think we all know my weakness.



    Really? It's モーニング娘。
  14. I see that you are drawn into the power of my emotionless face and autistic eyes.
  15. Weeb.
  16. I saw that coming. Yes, I can read it too.

    The best way to fight the weeaboos is to be one.

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    Video games and rage fuel. Note that rage fuel varies and is subjective.
  17. Video games. Can't stop. Don't really want too.
  18. A work week, and giving drunk people a ride home.
  19. What the hell does this even mean.

    Also; I can't resist Tegan's sweet sweet ass.