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  1. Ok, so I don't know how many of you believe in supernatural, but I am FULLY awake now. I was laying here not really asleep just kinda watching youtube on my laptop, and my grandparents are in the next room. My bedroom is in the dead center of the house and you have to move through it to go to any room in the house, and I was kinda in the focused zone of not paying attention around me, but something caught my eye and I looked up. I saw someone walking through my room and into the bathroom beside my room. I assumed it was my granny. It looked like her. Then I realized. They never turned the corner at the bottom of my bed to go through the door. Which in essence meant they walked through a wall. I know you're going pfffft That's bull shit, but trust me, if anyone doesn't believe in supernatural it's me. I think ghosts are the biggest load of phooey that ever existed. But I wasn't even sleepy. I KNOW I SAW SOMEONE! I waited and waited and waited going it was a trick of the light she went to pee but she never came out. I started to panic and got up then and checked their bedroom. THEYRE BOTH IN THERE ASLEEP! I checked the rest of the house and the doors they're locked and it's empty. I checked the bathroom and there's no one there. HOLY SHIT. I am not one to post something like this, in fact, I never have because I have always dismissed weird things I've seen as tricks of the light or something because i'm sleepy, but this time I am so sure that I saw something that I just can't dismiss it. I am confused and scared as fuck, and I wanna know what the hell just happened....
  2. It never happened...no, IT NEVER HAPPENED!! Just continue watching YouTube and don't ever think of it again...or at least don't say it out loud. Otherwise, you're gonna get possessed XD

    At first, I was joking but now I'm completely serious, you really may want to refrain from looking for answers. Not all answers are free and some come with a terrible price. Plus, I mean do you hear yourself? Trying to find out whether or not a ghost or some other entity is roaming around the house is one of the silliest things I've heard. And even if you manage to find out the truth, I'm pretty sure that ghost/ethereal being will turn your life into a living hellhole as a result so it's best to ignore it as if it never happened. If you look at almost any movie revolving around ghastly supernatural creatures, you'll find out that a huge percentage of those people wouldn't have died or been possessed forever had they just turned the other way. The rest well...they never seen it coming XD
  3. Yeah, but in my defense most of those movies involve pet cemeteries lol
  4. Best thing to do is not to panic yourself. If you panic, you make things worse. Keep calm and keep going about your business. If you are really concerned (I know it sounds weird) put salt around your room or around you. I'm a believer and that's what I do; if anything it just provides some calmness). But don't keep yourself awake at night trying to figure out what you did or didn't see, or what it could have been.
  5. Thank you. I didn't post that to get hate or anything because if there's someone who never believed in that kind of stuff trust me, it was me, and that's why it freaked the hell out of me so bad.
  6. I was not offended. You have to get up pretty early to figure out how to offend me, and even then it is really hard.

    If you find it hard to sleep put some music on and just listen to it; don't think, just listen. Listen to the lyrics, the beat, maybe even come up with a good story of your own relating to said song. Get your mind off of everything.
  7. Am definitely trying. *goes back to watching youtube*
  8. I second this ^^
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  9. Btw for curiosity, what does salt do?
  10. I second what was said before. Don't pay it any mind, block it out completely and don't look back.

    Those who go looking to deep have a hard time finding their way back. Not to creep you out further or anything.

    Personally, Whenever something like this happened to me, I just kept the lights on all night and read until I fell asleep. Not very healthy physically, but it helped.
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  11. Salt is known in occult circles as a symbol for purity, and it is believed that demons and other supernatural creatures can't cross it for that reason. He's not talking about kitchen salt though as that is often lower quality salt that includes some other minerals.

    Using salt risks pissing things off that are used to right of passage.
  12. In my beliefs, it wards off bad spirits. It purifys the spirit of any negative ailments, and cleanses the thoughts and mind. That is what is in my beliefs. I am sorry if it comes as little to no help to you, but I do hope that it brings you comfort in some way.
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  13. ....Glad I didn't use salt....
  14. That's not always the case, but I guess in many ways you are right. It all really depends on what you believe, or what method of use it is. I'd say skip the salt unless you are sure of what you are doing.
  15. I was going to name a scary movie that would probably fit your current predicament but I'm not gonna. Partially because I should be lightening the mood, not darkening it and because it's not a movie that even I can't handle mentally thinking about...it's Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen XD
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  16. Set up a camera and sell the footage to those Paranormal Activity movie people. Might as well make a few bucks off the one the Ghostbusters missed. ;D
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  17. >.>

    Anyone here (maybe @Myrnodyn or @LogicfromLogic ) with advice what to do if you wake up the same time each night feeling watched from a specific room? I've tried closing the door to said room to see if that helps, but doing it sort of makes it worse because then I feel like the source of it has to be closer to me by being in my actual room and not just the one across from me >.<
  18. Personally, I would burn some sage and cleanse the energy of the house. It could be as simple as that.
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  19. Should I be asking if anyone else in my house feels that? Or is that not needed?
  20. Sage might piss it off. For some spirits it calms them, but for others it enrages them.

    It would help me to help you Ebell to know the feeling you get when this is happening; does it feel negative?
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